My Thoughts and My Stuff -14-

myts 2

I cried so much today stupid stupid sulphuric acid. I’m talking about onions. *throws everything out of the window* I’m not cooking anything or I wished I did that.


What is wrong with me today? I did “datan” today and used it more than I should and now my mouth is burning but I like the color. *worth it*

You must be wondering what “datan/dandasa” is? Datan is a twig it was used in olden times to clean teeth. It is still used but not that much as toothpaste has taken its place. Datan works as an anti-bacterial, cleans your teeth and gums and give a nice brownish color which sometimes look like a lipstick. But it has a downside to it. The mouth burns and you can’t drink anything hot or eat anything spicy. I want tea T_T great I ate noodles T_T

Noooo the light went out while I was writing and I’m still writing thanks to my lapichi’s battery but no internet T_T time to stop writing and to save the battery.


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