Blade Man Episode 15


This episode was all about Tae hee and the decisions and sacrifices that she had to make and confusing Hong bin.

Episode 15

Hong bin knocks on the door and Tae hee thinks Se dong told him. She tells she didn’t and Tae hee believes her. Tae hee doesn’t want to see him she hides with Se dong in the closet. Hong bin breaks the door but the house is empty. He calls Hong joo to meet him and tells cutie to guard the house.


Tae hee packs her bag and Se dong tells her she won’t be able to leave. Se dong calls cutie and he falls for the trap and the two girls leave safely. Hong bin asks Hong joo about Tae hee. Hong joo says he gave a letter to the gardener regarding Tae hee for him. Hong bin calls the gardener and he lies that he lost the letter


Se dong took Tae hee to her house. Hong bin calls her asking if anything happened with Tae hee’s dad last night and she lies that nothing happened. Tae hee asks if Hong bin comes here and Se dong tells that he comes with Chang and cutie. She looks at the toys and Se dong tells her that they belong to Chang and he has started kindergarten.


Chang tells the stories about his father about how powerful he is. Tae hee watches him. The kids tell Chang to jump from a high place and they will believe him. Are the kids deaf? Chang clearly said, his father is like a superman. Tae hee leaves and Chang climbs on the top of a slide ready to jump. Se dong sees him and runs but Chang has already jumped. Tae hee reaches him first and catches him. Chang recognizes her and calls her “mom”. Se dong watches them.


Why does Hong bin like to sit on such high, dangerous looking places? He tells Se dong that Tae hee is alive and he has to meet him to get some answers. Se dong breaks her promise for not telling Hong bin. She brings him to her house and he sees Tae hee.


Tae hee walks back to her place and the door is fixed? She starts lying that she left to live a better life. He was a weak guy who couldn’t protect her so she found someone who would love her and protect her but he didn’t want Chang so she had to sent him. Hong bin tells her that he was ready to leave his father for her. He knows she is lying but Tae hee protests that it’s the truth. Hong bin knows that she wants to hold him in her arms. He raises his hand to caress and touch her face. She closes her eyes to feel him but his hand stops midair. Tae hee opens her eyes and says the feeling is mutual they both have fallen out of love. She asks him to take care of Chang and says that she likes his new girlfriend. Hong bin leaves and Tae hee follows him a minute later. She watches him leave and cries. Hong bin stops at the sound and Tae hee hides.


Hong bin reaches Se dong’s place. She stops him from explaining anything. She won’t think about anything. She tells him that when she saw Tae hee saving her child she realized that Chang has a mother and a father. There’s no place for her. Hong bin tells her that when he was Tae hee, he realized that he is in love with Se dong.



Hunter asks head maid to do something as they are having loss by not starting the construction. All that he had done will go to waste. Head maid asks her brother what is it that he has accomplished. He couldn’t even kill one girl. She gives him another chance but this time she doesn’t want to be disappointed.


Hong bin and Se dong send her gangs to help at Tae hee’s workplace since she has taken a day off. Se dong cooks for Tae hee and suddenly Tae hee starts having pain. She asks Se dong to leave.



Cutie and mommy Joo are nervous because Hong bin is talking to daddy Joo. Hong bin wants to know if its true that Tae hee had to pretend to die because of him. Her parents didn’t know that she was alive till now. He asks daddy Joo to ask for forgiveness and he will do the same. Daddy Joo says that he is relived that she is alive but he has no idea why she pretended to be dead. If he did something wrong to her, then she too took everything from him. And Hong bin asks what is it that she took. OHMYGOD Hong bin, he is talking about you. Daddy Joo says the best line a father could have said, “there was never a moment when you weren’t everything to me”. The words ring in Hong bin’s head as he walks in a daze.


Se dong tells Hong bin that she was afraid to tell him about Tae hee because she thought he would leave her. And then she tells him the reason Tae hee left. She is dying and everything related to him and Chang. Hong bin runs out of the room. Daddy Joo asks Hong joo about Tae hee’s address.



Tae hee gets abducted by the gangsters. Daddy Joo arrives at her workplace and Hong bin arrives at her house. They all get the news including Se dong about Tae hee because she sent a message asking for help.



Tae hee cries in pain the gangster doesn’t care. Hong bin somehow tracked them down. He stands in the middle of the road and the gangsters decide to run over him but too bad the car won’t move because Hong bin is stopping it with is one finger. He beats them and carries the unconscious Tae hee with him. Cutie pie helps his master as he will take care of the gangsters. Seung hwan reaches Se dong and she collapses. Hong bin runs and looks at Tae hee and remembers her reason for leaving. He jumps.




What happened to Se dong?

Even if Hong bin has said that he loves Se dong but there’s some guilt he is having after learning Tae hee’s reason for leaving.

Who told Tae hee’s parents that she is alive?

Will Chang stop his mother from leaving again?


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