Liar Game Episode 4


I’m completely speechless or I can always go on and on about how amazing the series is. Woo jin being a psychology professor plays with the mighty X. It was nerve-wracking and nail-biting and I think I forgot to breathe many times. Now that the rules are set and the round two is still going on so what are we waiting for?

Episode 4

I’m the betrayer X” is what X wants you to vote on. Woo jin and Do young have a stare down. The time limit is one hour, choose carefully. Do young asks meanie director if he told the contestant about the rules and he says, no. meanie director in return asks if he knows who leaked the pictures and this time Do young says, no. What pictures?



Pd asks Do young if Woo jin be able to identify X. Do young thinks that if Woo jin finds out, he can’t do anything and if he doesn’t find out who X is Do young gave him too much credit then.



Da jung has a speaker fit in her throat. Woo jin puts his hand on her mouth as the senator’s assistant passes by without noticing them. Woo jin watches his own team through the security cameras. Da jung asks about his earlier statement about not being able to win. Woo jin explains that there are three teams and one person is in all of them and that is the betrayer and he is planning to win alone. X isn’t eliminated yet and there are three people other than Woo jin who are safe. Chummy girl, assistant, nervous guy. Innocent Da jung doesn’t want to doubt on her teammates. Woo jin tells her that “in order to trust you need to suspect first”.


Woo jin gets to work and puts the eliminated teammates to follow the remaining three. Da jung is to watch them through the cameras. Woo jin meets the sunglasses guy aka X. Woo jin doesn’t think he is X. he wants to help sunglasses guy to clear his name. Woo jin asks him to take off his sunglasses and asks if there are more teams. Sunglasses guy gives a tip, that everything is not what it seems.



The team gathers back to decide who will vote what. Nervous guy as usual is nervous. He and secretary start fighting and Woo jin stops them. They are being filmed. Chummy girl is fine with anything. Woo jin and chummy girl will vote “yes” and the other two will vote “no”.


Chummy girl either has an addiction of drinking coffee or…. The voting begins and “yes” wins. The remaining four are Woo jin, chummy girl, sunglasses guy and random girl. Bull dog hits sunglasses guy and his glasses fall. Did the sunglasses guy stuttered? Do young gives bull dog a warning and he is taken out by the guards.


The next question is asked by chummy girl. She is nervous but states “ the last remaining person will be me”. The time limit is half an hour. Woo jin right there tells her that he will be voting “no”. Da jung sees sunglasses guy and asks what will they do. Woo jin thinks sunglasses guy holds the key to success.



Do young arrives at the parliament hall before the voting. Voting starts and sunglasses guy and random girl has voted “yes” and chummy girl has voted “no”. Chummy girl cries and leaves a message to her mother. Do young asks Woo jin since he knows the final vote, what is he feeling? Woo jin’s smirk is to die for. He tells chummy girl “we have won”. Chummy girl starts laughing at the word “we” its “she” who has won. Chummy girl removes her glasses and wig. She is Jamey, the betrayer X. She goes on and on how she did all that after getting the idea from Woo jin. All the participants curse her. She doesn’t care because she will be taking all the money. She asks Da jung, how she feels? Da jung doesn’t show any reaction because she knew about her real identity. Did you guys notice Do young had a smile all the time when this drama by Jamey was going on? Do young reads the final vote by Woo jin and of course its “yes” and the game ends in a tie.


Chummy girl can’t believe that Woo jin betrayed her. He says he had a feeling about her from the start and kept a watch on her. Her acting all innocent and not even complaining when other were fighting made him think she was the X. and she couldn’t just communicate with other players so she used coffee to interact with them. If she drinks then “yes” if not then “no”.



Time to re-vote. This time Woo jin gets a chance and he says, “money is the most important thing in life” he even tells that he will be voting “no”. The time limit is ten minutes and you better hurry up. Chummy girl is annoyed by this. The rest of the six members help us understand what’s going on. Now that Woo jin has cast his vote the other three are panicking. They all need the money and are not willing to trust because chummy girl has shown her real colors.



Chummy girl again tries to make a team with the other two. Sunglasses guy wants more share than her. Time is running out and they still haven’t made a decision. Chummy girl thinks they should vote first then they will later think about the money. Sunglasses guy doesn’t believe her so he takes the votes from them to put himself. The two ladies have voted “yes”. The voting begins. Woo jin has voted “no” sunglasses guy has to vote the same for the game to tie but he voted “yes”. Woo jin wins the second round.



Do young asks for an explanation. Indeed, it was Woo jin’s plan. Woo jin noticed when sunglasses guy touched his nose, which means he was not confident. Woo jin asked Da jung to talk to sunglasses guy, being an outcast is making him crazy. Da jung treated sunglasses guy’s injuries and asked why is he not saying he is not X. He asked her how does she know and Woo jin appears saying because X is chummy girl. Then they made a team so chummy girl can’t win and that’s how sunglasses guy changed his vote.


The seven teammates are introduced to their money bags. Chummy girl goes crazy. The money is her’s. She gets a warning and is taken out by the guards. Meanie director strikes again. He wants chummy girl back in the game. Pd argues that she didn’t use her name but meanie director doesn’t care because you are allowed to use nicknames. He says, he will handle the people who will criticize.



Chummy girl gets locked away and she screams her lungs out. Bull dog is there too. He saw how she revealed herself and back stabbed everyone. She tries to flirt with him but he is no mood for that. He wants to hit her for being a bitch. He grabs her collar and she tells him that she can save him. He lets her go.



Do young gives the bad news that the contract chummy girl made is valid and she will get her share of money, that’s how the producers have decided. Chummy girl walks in enjoying the moment. She gives bull dog some money as promised. The rest of the team wonders if they have to share with sunglasses guy too. They don’t want to do that. Before Da jung can jump in Woo jin gives his money since they made a deal.



The eliminated guy can get back in the game now that they have their money so ten people will play the next round. The rest of the eliminated people ask for help. Da jung almost opened her bag and gave some money to each but Woo jin drags her with him.


The participants think that winning the money in the middle has become a burden. They are not allowed to use the prize money because it’s not theirs yet. Chummy girl flirts with the staff guy and asks him about the next reinstatement round and how many will be disqualified. Even though he says, he can’t tell but still opens his trap and says, one person will be eliminated.



Woo jin watches as Da jung slurps her noodles. She asks him, if all the participants agree to divide the prize money among them then there will be no loser. He praises her brain’s uselessness. She can’t understand why it’s so difficult. Woo jin explains that it can happen if there are many people like her. But if people start suspecting each other that’s game over for everyone. According to Da jung if there’s a way to win then why fight? Woo jin tells her the bitter truth, if it was that easy the world would have been different. Da jung at least wants to try to show the world that it can happen. Woo jin tells her to wake up or she will end up in a never-ending debt. Da jung is one persistent girl. She reminds him what he said that to trust you have to suspect, but is he even willing to trust someone? She asks his reason for joining when clearly it’s not money. This makes Woo jin upset. He tells her that its none of her business and what she has to do is protect her money bag.



Loan shark asks Da jung how it went. She tells him that she won some money thanks to Woo jin. He tells her to be with him. His boss enters and loan shark ends the call. The boss starts hitting him. Nooooo, that’s the nicest loan shark I have ever seen. He wants the money back Da jung owes them and asks why is he so friendly with her?


Da jung is thinking where to hide the money bag. This intelligent girl didn’t even locked her house and loan shark enters all bruised up. She is holding the money bag and locks it with a bike lock with a table. Loan shark asks her to pay her debt from the prize money. He knows she will have to pay if she gets eliminated but she can pay them slowly. He looks at her and she is sleeping. Guilt is written all over his face as he looks at the money bag and leaves with it.


Do young leisurely sips his wine and Woo jin going somewhere stops in his tracks and looks behind.




Did Woo jin sensed Da jung’s stupidity or was someone following him?

Help me out here. If chummy girl’s contract gets a “valid” stamp, then what about the contract she made with other participants? Wouldn’t she have to share her money with them?

Sunglasses guy was at fault for wearing such a suspicious costume and then thinking people are making assumptions so what can he do. May be change your clothes that make you look less suspicious.

Meanie director is a bitch. Your participant doesn’t have what it takes to be a winner because Woo jin outsmarted her and you play such tricks, grrr.

Get ready for the next round with the things you need because it’s going to be one tough ride.


5 comments on “Liar Game Episode 4

  1. mochirochi says:

    I thought that Do Young would reveal that while Jamie’s contract is valid, her other contracts are valid as well. Unless, Da Jung’s team is the only one that made official documents. If that’s the case, then she doesn’t really need to share her earnings.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Jamey made legal contract with all the three teams so why only the contact with Da jung’s team is valid? they should have explained. or the other two contracts were not valid because those teams don’t have a lawyer who knows how to make one. great I’m finding reasons to justify the theory.


      • kimbonutter says:

        Perhaps the other two contracts weren’t made valid because Jamie didn’t end up as the ‘final’ winner. The contract could have stated that the winner of the final round must share the winnings with the rest of the group.

        On a separate note, I am so confused about the whole debt issue in this show. Which scenarios exactly would cause the contestant to be in debt?


        • Miss Khan says:

          Your first theory may or may not work because they never showed us the contract. Arghh they should have clarified it.

          In the first round the players had to return 100 million if they couldn’t then they would have a debt but in the second round no debt was mentioned but the eliminated participants were wailing, why? They wanted money?


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