Liar Game Episode 3


This show is getting better and better by each episode. Now that the first round is over with Da jung’s win its time for round two. Da jung will be back because she gave her money to her teacher and Woo jin will join too because he has his reasons. Of course we know a little about that but no one else knows. How come Do young knows about Woo jin so much? A new suspicious character has arrived looking very suspicious. Like he wants people to know that he is someone you shouldn’t trust but can we trust what we see? After all we are playing a game of lies.


Episode 3

Da jung did what she had to do and gets a scolding from Woo jin. She promised not to take part in the game again and she broke it. Da jung had her reasons. She knows the pain her teacher’s family had to go through, she feels empathy. Woo jin calls her stupid for not using her brain and not seeing the bigger picture. Da jung asks him, why can’t he see the pain when he is good at reading people?



Woo jin gets introduced to the audience. A young genius professor from the prestigious university, who saved Da jung. Da jung’s father watches her on the tv. Woo jin’s classmate and now a journalist thinks the show is staged. Her boss tells her to fish something out of Woo jin. Lo and behold, speak of the devil. Woo jin calls her. They make a deal. He will get what he asked from her and she will get the inside scoop from the show.



Journalist friend reviews Woo jin’s life. Woo jin’s mother was scammed and died. He then took revenge on the scam artist by ruining his company. The president of the company died and Woo jin was arrested but was released after a year because he was found innocent. He is back and now is appearing on the game show. She asks his reason for looking into the past. Woo jin silently listens to her as he goes through the file she gave him. He says, they are standing where his mother committed suicide. He is going to start from here to get all the answers. Woo jin looks at the paper clippings about him and remembers Do young asking him to join and to find the truth.



Some contestants leave the show and are not happy about how the show deals with people’s personal life’s. Do young is not worried. He tells the pd to raise the money. I love their facial expressions when the meanie director calls them. Meanie director is not happy, well he is never happy with anything. God knows if its hormones or the crankiness was inherited. Pd says she will take the responsibility for showing the debt collectors/violence on the tv. Meanie director says he is being pressurized. He has to either cancel the show or change her. Do young jumps in and says NO to both choices. Meanie director thinks they got success in the first round because of Da jung but she will definitely lose in the next round because Woo Jin is not there to help her. Do young asks, what if he comes? Do young listens to meanie director’s demand for the show to continue. Meanie director wants one of their people on the show. Pd asks why did Do young helped her and he replies that he did out of loyalty. They both know how true that is. She asks the real reason for making this show. Do young wants to make a Colosseum for this generation. Pd points out that the Rome government collapsed after that. Do young says, she will have to continue before it ruins.


Da jung has become a star. The place she works at has her banners. The manager praises her to the reporter. School girls ask for her autographs. She gets a call from liar game, congratulating on her win and telling her to come to the designated place and not to be late or she will have to leave plus she will have to pay the fine.


Before the round two of the game starts, Do young tells that twenty people have left and twenty remains and two more will join them and the prize money has gone up. We are not introduced to the special player send by meanie director but Woo jin gets a flashy entrance. Da jung tries to talk to him but he is cold to her. He says they are enemies now.



The players get transported to the different location for the game. Da jung sits with a girl and I’m not liking her. No one is talking to anyone and she sure is chatting sweetly with our naïve girl. And I don’t know her name. She herself says that she is not what she seems. She tells Da jung that a betrayer is among them and they call him “betrayer X.” Da jung scans the bus and sees a guy wearing sunglasses and for some reason thinks he is the one.


Once at the destination, parliamentary hall. They are given new cellphones and are told the rules to play the game. They are allowed to use the stuff in the building but one thing is not allowed that is stepping out of the place and of course violence. “Minority Game”. You are given a question and you have to answer either “yes” or “no”. The one who has fewer votes will win and will be eligible to play the next round and this will continue until they will have a winner. And if there are two winners they prize money will split. And of course the eliminated participants can come back to join the game. Do young gives a practice question. “Are you a woman?” Naive Da jung thinks its easy but is shocked to hear the results and wonders why did the men say “yes”. Someone, tell her that this is a game about lying and not telling the truth like an innocent person.



The first question is asked by one of the participants “bull dog” and he asks, “I have killed someone.” the time is two hours to vote and your time starts now. Meanie director watches the show and thinks Woo jin came because of the money. I want to throw this person out. Bull dog puts his hand on Woo jin’s shoulder trying to act friendly. He says he has heard about him from his cellmates and Woo jin says, he has no idea who he is. I lub Woo jin.



Da jung and what should I call this chummy girl? They think what should they do. I say, leave her Da jung. All the participants try to get close to the other. They all are wary of each other. Woo jin approaches Da jung and she reminds him that they are enemies. Woo jin tells her that to win the game you have to use your enemies and he has a way to win the game. He wants a team of eight people and asks Da jung to look around and pick the people who won’t betray. Of course Woo jin will give the final verdict if the person should be trusted or not. Da jung starts her round and keeps looking at Woo jin who instructs her, if she has to approach that person or not. Woo jin reads the people and decides on the eight people.



Bull dog approaches Da jung with the intent of harming her. Chummy girl saves her but they are no match for bull dog and thanks to Woo jin for coming with the filming crew to save the day.



Woo jin gathers his team and they vary each other vastly form senator’s assistant to a fake fortune-teller. Shucks how am I supposed to remember everyone’s name? Oh I know, I will name them. Woo jin, Da jung, chummy girl (Oh Jung ah), senator’s assistant, fortune-teller, lawyer, actor/gambler, paranoid nervous man. Done.



Woo jin tells them that to win the game they need eight people and mostly they have to avoid the betrayer X. senator’s assistant has taken his picture and it’s the sunglasses guy. Woo jin explains how they will win. He shows it with the help of baduk pieces. They will have to split in half every time a question is answered and keep doing it until one of them remains and wins. They will later split the money and the eliminated participants can join again by using the money. Nervous man asks, what if they are betrayed and the chummy girl says, they can write a contract and lawyer gets into action. Lawyer carefully avoiding the other participants writes and prints the contract. Woo jin sees on the security camera that lawyer is being followed by bull dog. Woo jin texts him but he doesn’t see and is at the door. Woo ji calls him in time and lawyer changes route and pretends he is talking to the crew. Bull dog opens the door and actor try’s is best to stop him. Bull dog enters the room with force but there is no one in the room except for chummy girl and she is buttoning her shirt. He thinks they were having fun and leaves. The rest of the team was hiding in the room and comes out after the coast is cleared.


The eight of them sign the contract and the witness is of course the filming camera. Woo jin splits the team in to two. He takes everyone’s phone, shuffles them and gives back. He asks them not to create suspicion by sticking together or glancing at each other. Bull dog sees someone and stops in his tracks. Is it the X guy?


Voting begins and ends with “yes” winning. Woo jin scans the room and something seems off to him. The winners get their cards for their next round. X has survived the round. Da jung whispers to Woo jin that the betrayer was indeed X but Woo jin has more important thing to say. Something is weird and Da jung has no idea what Woo jin is trying to say. Why participants other than his team are relaxed and calm, when they just got eliminated? There are other teams beside there’s. If X is behind, them then there chance to win just got slimmer.


The next question is asked by X aka Choi Sung joon and he asks, “he is the betrayer X”




So good, so good. I need to calm down.

Does Do young really know something about Woo jin’s mother or was he just bluffing because he wanted Woo jin in the game to keep the things spiced up?

Why is our naïve girl sticking with chummy girl? Why can’t Woo jin read her? She is not someone they should trust. As a viewer I can see something is off about her but the characters are so oblivious to her.

Who is the meanie director’s guy?

If X is not X then why is he giving suspicious vibes and not telling anyone the truth?

I really love the Minority Game. What if the drama asks, “do you like the drama?” what will we answer? What if the losers are not allowed to watch the drama? I think I should stop with my ridiculous assumptions.

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