My Thoughts and My Stuff -12-


myts 2Yes, I have a driving license and no I don’t drive. -pouts- my brother thinks I’m going to slam the car into someone or something. So for the past four years my license in sitting in my wallet T_T

I hate shopping actually I hate going outside. Eepp am I anti-social? Yes T_T

I don’t know if it’s my face or what but people usually hesitate to talk to me. Yes, of course I’m sitting with a serious face with an arched eyebrow, even I wouldn’t approach myself.

Today I saw a kid of three barely four and he had the latest smartphone, of course his mum’s or dad’s. Kiddo at that age I had only heard about a thing called “mobile.” We were never allowed to curse or swear and even if we accidentally said, “oh shit” my dad’s stare was enough to turn us into ash. And today’s kid don’t even know what fk means and they say like it’s a very normal thing to say.

Oh I have the same stare as my dad. Yipeee it can come handy because its scary. Oh no something is wrong with me. I’m happy people being afraid of me. Whatever I love my stare. Me is evil. Me needs power. Muhahahaha.



4 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -12-

  1. FF says:

    Mrs Khaaaan!!!!!! Why are we not best buddies! I swear we are fated to be besties. If I ever met you, I would be forever hapoy. Lol.
    I have been a silent reader for quite a while, but now my mouth no longer remains shut.
    I’m Pakistani too, though I was born in & live in UK. You live in some middle eastern country right? Which one is it?
    “I don’t know if it’s my face or what but people usually hesitate to talk to me” SNAP! Happens to me too:( Maybe it’s coz I’m short for my age, or maybe coz I’m a bit shy. Haha.
    I don’t have my driving licence yet even tho I’m in uni. I think I’m kinda scared of driving. I should probably take lessons before I develop a phobia lol. Otherwise my dad will have even more reason to say why men are better drivers than women 😉
    Love reading your Thoughts n Stuff. Keep em coming.
    Toodles x


    • Miss Khan says:

      yaar I haven’t found my Mr. yet so I’m still a Miss ^__^
      We can be friends if you want to. I’m from Qatar. Nice to meet you fellow Pakistani…yeh cheez merey azeez ^__^
      Why are men like that everywhere? girls can drive too you know, grrrr. men always say that women can’t drive and why is it that men get into accidents more than women. hmph don’t argue kyun kay jawab day ker muon thorna mujhe bhi ata hai. I had a fight with my brother and cousin. well lets just say no one got injured.


      • FF says:

        Yikes lol. Sorry, Jee, maaf kardiye, Miss!
        Nice to meet to you too.
        Bahahha. I am the oldest amongst my cousins and they’re all scared of me lol. I just give them the glare if they do something stupid.
        Were you born on Qatar? If yes, thn can you speak Arabic?


        • Miss Khan says:

          kya yaad rakho gi kis sakhi se pala para tha, jao maaf kiya. AHHAHAHA
          glaring is my specialty too.
          yes, I was born and raised in Qatar per hisab wo hai key “bara baras dehli mein rahey aur bahar hi jhonka.” T_T


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