Happy New Year ^__^


I almost missed the new year. 1436 Hijri has started. Happy New Islamic Year.

Islamic year also has 12 months and the days are always 29 or 30 depending on the moon. If two months are of 29 then the third will be of 30 and vice versa.


I was born in Rajab the seventh month of the Islamic calendar.

Names of the 12 months

1. Moharram

2. Safar

3. Rabi-ul-awal

4. Rabi-ul-thani

5. Jamad-ul-awal

6. Jamad-ul-thani

7. Rajab

8. Shaaban

9. Ramadan

10. Shawal

11. Dhul-qada

12. Dhul-hijah


3 comments on “Happy New Year ^__^

  1. Happy New Islamic Year, MK! 😀


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