Blade Man Episode 13


We can all thank God for one thing. The break up story didn’t drag. Se dong’s decision made Hong bin do the same for her safety because he is not a normal human. I swear cutie will die at this rate if he keeps taking his master’s anger. All the “what ifs” are answered and confuse our characters.

Episode 13

Everyone searches for Chang. Hong bin’s super power’s activates and he smells Chang. He sees a shadow of blade man on the wall and starts to step back in horror, not wanting to see what is coming. Hong bin is relived that it was Chang with the general’s son. They are wearing a cardboard blade man suit. General’s son tells that he and his friends have seen the blade man and they want to capture him. Head maid gets rid of the suit.



Se dong is not informed that Chang has been found. She gets the news from cutie. Chang is being scolded by his dad for leaving the house. Se dong comes to see Chang but he hides under the blanket. Se dong promises to come to his school. Chang asks another favor. He wants her to stay the night. Se dong leaves when Chang sleeps. Hong bin tells her not to go to the school. He doesn’t want her to think he and Chang are pitiful. He wants her to choose him because he is a good man and not because he is pitiful.


Se dong and Hong bin keep their relationship on a professional level as an employee and employer. Tae hee’s father complains Hong bin about his father. Head maid’s brother and daddy Joo has decided to develop something on that land. Cutie brings Se dong to Hong bin and asks her to help his master. Hong bin comes angry and asks daddy Joo the reason for taking their land. Daddy Joo acknowledges he knew that Tae hee’s parents live there and he did what was good for them. They will have compensation money that they will enjoy all their lives. Hong bin asks why daddy Joo always decide for other people. Tae hee’s fault was that she fell in love with him and daddy Joo sent thugs to beat her. Daddy Joo asks the proof of this nonsense. Hong Joo interferes and says, he has something to say but Hong bin is not listening to anything not even cutie pie when he says, Se dong is here. Hong bin’s blades start to sprout and Se dong hugs him.


Se dong lies in bed and her gang cleans the house for her. Hong bin and cutie feel guilty both blame themselves. Hong bin thinks he shouldn’t be with her for her sake. Se dong keeps her promise to Chang and goes to his school. Hong bin goes there too. Se dong tells him she doesn’t find them pitiful and she still needs time to come back. Hong bin tells her she doesn’t need to as he doesn’t need her anymore.



Chang cries because Hong bin told him that they will not meet Se dong ever. He gets angry at his father. Daddy Joo calls head maid. The moment she sees the number a smile forms on her lips. Daddy Joo asks about Hong bin’s accusation. He never did anything to Tae hee and asks if head maid was behind it. Head maid can’t believe he is saying it, when he was the one who wanted to teach a lesson to Tae hee. Mommy Joo is listening to their conversation from the other line. Why is daddy Joo using land line? At such crucial moments you need to use cell phone and hide in the closet so no one can hear.


Hong joo the love puppy bothers Se dong. She apologizes and tells him she isn’t comfortable with him. Hong joo calls her “noona” and starts doing strange things, like push-ups, dancing and singing. He thinks she is finally seeing him as a man.


Why is Hong bin sitting on such a dangerous looking place? Who built such design? Hong bin sits on a ledge with blades sprouting. Cutie pie asks him to think about Se dong. Hong bin tells him this is happening because of Se dong. He keeps sitting there and the day passes.



Se dong asks daddy Joo to apologize to her father. Daddy Joo has never said such things in his life and moreover it won’t change anything. Daddy Joo says he is in the constructing business and her father isn’t the only one who died. Should he go and apologize to everyone? Se dong says, he can always apologize and not ignore people anymore. Cutie pie takes his master’s beating so he can calm down.



The next day daddy Joo calls Se dong and apologizes in his own way. He was busy living his life and never thought about other people. From now on he will be able to see them as someone’s parents. Daddy Joo asks if its enough and Se dong is satisfied.


Cutie again takes Se dong to Hong bin. He tells her not to be shocked to see his form. He makes up a story that whenever Hong bin is in a bad mood he wears weird clothes. Hong bin sees her and asks her to leave. Se dong tells him, he should have worn something else instead of this horrible costume. She gives the handkerchief back to Hong bin. She knows it was him who gave her the handkerchief. It comforted her back then and she hopes it does the same to him. She asks him to return later. Hong bin remembers giving his handkerchief to a girl. He cries and the there are no more blades sticking out.


Hong bin tells Se dong that it was a day off for him and he decided to meet his father. He saw a girl begging to see daddy Joo but was not able to. He could have stopped his father and let her meet him but he couldn’t. All he could do was give her, his handkerchief. Se dong says, his father said he wouldn’t do it again and next time if Hong bin finds another girl like her, he can bring her to him. She asks him to return the handkerchief and he hugs her and kisses her.


Hong bin has gone deaf in happiness. Cutie pie keeps telling him that Hong joo is here and he pretends he can’t hear. Hong joo looks like he came after rolling into the dirt. He tells Hong bin that some people were following him where he and Tae hee works. Hong bin can’t believe what he said and keeps asking “who?” Hong joo says, Tae hee, Hong bin’s first love and Chang’s mother.




If Tae hee was alive why didn’t she contacted her parents and how could she leave her son? Was she afraid that daddy Joo would do something to her parents? Why did she never contacted Hong bin?

What would Hong bin do now that his first love is back? Will he leave Se dong or will Se dong leave him? What would Chang’s reaction be?

Daddy Joo is not completely innocent but head maid is something. She is so in love with this man that she will do anything for him without finding out what he really wants.

Mommy Joo knows something is going on with head maid and her husband. Will she use Tae hee’s beating as a leverage over head maid?

Does daddy Joo know that head maid and the hunter are siblings? I think he does.


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