Blade Man Episode 12


It was a day off for Hong bin’s superpowers. We have serious issues to solve. No one understands what Chang wants and Se dong has decided to take a step back in the relationship with Hong Bin.

Episode 12

Chang and Hong bin are so cute. I kept replaying the scene again and again. They look like a family. Hong bin and Se dong are parents, Chang their child and cutie pie an uncle. Hong bin lifts small stuff on Chang’s demand. Chang asks him to lift a truck and Hong bin tells him that the video was fake. Se dong tells him not to disappoint the child and makes up a story that his father has magic and it would run out if people found out about it. Hong bin wants some alone time with Se dong but Chang wouldn’t leave. Se dong asks him to go buy stuff and he happily leaves. Hong bin thinks he can get what he wants but gets hit instead. She wants to know if he made up with his parents. He tells her, he can’t but just for her he has decided to meet his father. Now that he has done what she wants. He wants a hug in return. She hugs him and he goes for a kiss but bad timing Chang comes home.



Se dong’s team watches Hong bin’s car lifting video. They think its fake. Seung hwan asks to look into it. The hunter is head maid’s brother. He is following Hong joo for his sister because Hong joo knows something about Tae hee and head maid wonders if she is alive. Hong joo notices that he is being followed.



Hong bin is grumpy because he doesn’t want to meet someone important. The guest is a child and he tours Hong bin’s company. We later get to know that the child is the son of a general. The general meets with Hong bin and daddy Joo. Daddy Joo says he is going to start a new business with the general and thanks Hong bin for his help. Hong bin didn’t like his father bowing to the general.


Se dong’s gang accidentally tells her that daddy Joo was the chairman of the company where her father worked. Flashback, Se dong asks to meet the chairman because her father got injured on the construction site. She needs his signature so that the doctors can operate him. She never gets to meet him and her uncle doesn’t help either. Se dong cries and a guy in the army uniform gives Se dong a handkerchief and leaves. His face is not showed but he is Hong bin.



Se dong starts avoiding Hong bin and he realizes that. He asks Seung hwan but he doesn’t say anything. Chang has started school. He looks happy. I wonder if anyone was that happy on their first day of school? The maids bow in respect and he asks them not to. He even tells the same to all his staff, not to bow.


Head maid bribes the gardener to keep his mouth shut about the letter. He should pretend he never got one. Se dong’s uncle and aunt shamelessly ask for money. Chang calls Se dong and asks her to pretend to be his mother for a day in his school. He gets upsets when she declines. Chang sees his classmates mothers coming to pick their kids and he gets servants. The children ask their mothers why a little boy is treated with respect and wonder if he doesn’t have a mother. This hurts Chang.



Se dong keeps avoiding Hong bin and he has no choice but to call her gang for a meeting and threatens that if anyone is missing they all would have to resign.


Chang quietly leaves the house and no one notices. The general’s son finds him. Hong bin finally gets to meet Se dong. She tells him, she needs some space. Hong bin asks reason for her strange behavior. She can’t say. Hong bin insists on knowing and she wonders why she isn’t able to say. Is it because his parents are right and she is a gold digger or she has come to love him so much that she can’t state the truth. If she does, there will be nothing between them. She asks for some time and Hong bin tells her, that he is a different person because of her. He is willing to wait for her but he is afraid of time. When we was waiting to hear from Tae hee, time was all he had. He doesn’t want to go through that again. Se dong stays quiet the whole time and silently starts walking. Hong bin asks her to hug him but she keeps walking. Cutie pie calls Hong bin and informs that Chang is missing.




Did Chang followed the general’s boy? Why wasn’t the door locked? Where was the gatekeeper?

Surely Se dong will help find Chang but will she reconcile with Hong bin? True it was not Hong bin’s fault what daddy Joo did. What will Hong bin do once he finds the truth?

Why didn’t we got more about Hong bin’s biological father? If hunter knows then head maid would know too, right? Will she threaten daddy Joo that she will reveal the secret to Hong bin?

How come Hong joo knows about Tae hee? Did she survive somehow and met Hong joo but they both had no idea who the other person was and Hong joo later realized and tried to tell his brother.

Hong bin indeed has changed. I liked how he told his employees not to bow down to him. I asked my teacher once, why should we stand when you enter? My teacher smiled and said, no one should stand for him.

Is Seung hwan suspicious that maybe Hong bin have real powers?

Arghhh hate shameless uncles and aunties. They should go die or something. Se dong sure will help because she is nice well I’m not.


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