Liar Game Episode 2


I need to stop myself from watching the episodes again. Episode two was as perfect as one. I need more or I will go crazy.

Guys if you are having doubt about watching it. I will say give it a try and see it for yourself and you can thank me later.

Episode 2

Da jung asks Woo jin for help at first he declines but her words “is it wrong to believe anyone” reminds him of his mother. His mother was naïve like Da jung and was betrayed. She had lots of debt and in the end she decided to end her life.


Woo jin decides to help her on one condition. Half of the prize money will be his. Da jung agrees but she has a condition too. Woo jin has to promise he wouldn’t betray her. She makes him do the pinky promise but he won’t do the rest that’s stamp and copy.


The game team discusses the viewer’s reaction and Da jung wanting a helper. They realize Woo jin’s background would cause an uproar. Do young meets Woo jin. Such an intense scene. They question each others motives and Woo jin wins this round.


Woo jin asks for loan sharks help. Loan shark gives the data of Do young. His English name, William Kang. A producer and a host and has done MBA. Loan shark says he has played basketball. Hahahaha face palm.


Woo jin tells Da jung tactics on how to win the battle. First she has to declare war on her teacher. Second, they need to watch him 24/7. The teacher gets nervous and calls the cops. Woo jin pretends he is on a date with Da jung and fakes kissing her. Da jung poor girl is zoned out. 


Da jung wonders what would come out of the surveillance. Woo jin shocks her by saying that the money is not in the bank but in the house and that’s the reason the teacher is not leaving the house.


Woo jin pays a visit to the teacher and reads him like an open book. Teacher thinks he can win but Woo jin tells him not to be sure because they will have the money in the end. Panicking, teacher chains the safe where the money is.


Da jung asks about the next move and Woo jin tells her the truth that he has none. This upsets her and Woo jin gets upset too. She should have been suspicious about teacher in the first place. He leaves her alone in the car.


The contestants get the call from the game. Tomorrow at 5 the game will end and the collector will give the money to the winner after checking the serial numbers. The day passes and Woo jin still hasn’t returned. Da jung panics, there is no time left. She begs the teacher to help her. All hope is lost as the collectors arrive. One hour later more collectors arrive and they are the real ones. The fake ones give the money to Da jung. Loan shark was one of the fake guys. It was all planned by Woo jin.


Da jung complains Woo jin for not being in the plan. He explains her that the reaction she had wouldn’t have come if she knew because she can’t lie. Da jung as promised gives Woo jin half of the money. Loan shark asks for his share from Woo jin for helping him. Woo jin says he will give his share back to Da jung because you have to pay the penalty fee if you want to quit.


Da jung feels sorry for her teacher. The debt collectors surround him. Do young asks Woo jin to join him in his fancy car. They watch as Da jung says she will pay the money to the teacher’s debt collectors. Woo jin knows it was all along Do young’s plan. Do young asks him to join and be a part of the game. Woo jin won the last round with Do young this time it’s his turn. He asks Woo jin if he is paying for Da jung because she reminds him of his mother and if he took revenge on the company. Does he not wish to know about the truth behind his mother’s death? Woo jin grabs Do young’s collar. Do young invites him to join the game and he will know the truth. Do young in his own hosting style asks Woo jin what would he choose. Protecting Da jung or taking revenge for his mother.



Da jung and Do young, names why you confuse me?

Drama why you so awesome?

Woo jin why you so swoon worthy?

Do young why you give evil vibes?

Da jung why you no take lessons on how to be smart from swoon worthy?

Woo jin and Da jung look so good together.

I’m confused on the part about stocks. It went straight above my head and that’s the reason I didn’t mention. The scene with the meanie director of the channel and the project director with Do young.

7 comments on “Liar Game Episode 2

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  2. aleilani says:

    Is this a good drama?It seems interesting.


    • Vafa says:

      I have watched the original. So, I could somehow guess how the stpry unfolds. And looking at this two episodes, I would say it is a good drama and as you said interesting too.


  3. Vafa says:

    Was looking forward to the remake and have to say that I got more than I expected due to past remakes that Korea have done this year. It was amazing. This drama has a lighter tone than the original which to me makes it even more interesting because the original was tough for me watch with all the…. Anyways, this episode was one of the first times I got super angry at a character of a drama specifically Da Jung. I was like Urgh!!!!!!DOn’tttttt!!!!! but if she did not do it, the drama won’t continue. I was frankly surprised at how fast things move along in this remake. The original had to build up quite a sum of episodes for it to reach the ending of this episode.


  4. I watched it too!! It’s quite good, it’s no where near the Japanese one as there are significant changes but this is freaking amazing! Well Done, Korea! ^_^


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