Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 24 Final


And they lived happily ever after.

Time to say farewell. In drama land everything solves in the last episode. Well why not after all it’s a drama and sometimes fairy tale endings are needed…to make sense.

Episode 24

In the first ten minutes the dragon is killed by Rin. He goes to hell to kill the dragon.


Sadam goes crazy because his plan failed. He goes to Ki san and asks him to make another temple though he doesn’t ask nicely or Ki san would have helped, maybe.


Evil minister and Soo hyun leave town as slaves. Do ha meets Soo hyun. She says she is jealous of Do ha who has Rin’s heart.


Ki san finally knows how useless he is. So he decides to kill himself. Dowager appears and stops him.


Rin needs to kill Sadam for the story to end but Sadam is stronger than ever because he took the eternal flower. Do ha decides to go with Sadam to save Rin.


Sadam enjoys the power from the flower but soon feels something is wrong. Do ha tells that this is what you get when you abuse the power. Sadam strangles Do ha and Rin appears to save her. He stabs Sadam and he catches fire and dies not before laughing like a maniac.


Rin gives back the seal to Ki san. Ki san has given up on the throne. He gives the seal to Rin. Rin calls him “hyung”. Ki san and Rin bow to each other.



Rin becomes the king. He ends the class difference and slavery. Everyone will be equal. Do ha leaves quietly without the wrist band Rin gave her. Ki san is now a commoner.



Rin wants Moo suk to become the head of military but he refuses as he wants to stay as a night watchman. He gives the wrist band back to Rin.


The trio bids their goodbyes to Rin. Rin realizes the little ghost is his mother. Minister ghost forgives evil minister. Soo hyun gets the news about the new king, that he has forgiven them.


Sang hyun is looking drool worthy as ever. He got married to the tavern lady and they are having a baby. This is so cute. Moo suk as promised is working as a ghost hunter. Rin asks him to stop because he made the deal with the reaper. Humans ans ghosts won’t interfere in each others world. They put away all the weapons as they won’t be needed anymore. Night watchmen will live only as a legend.


Moo suk has decides to guard the borders. He meets Soo hyun, now working as a nurse like before. They would have made a nice couple only if she wasn’t evil and not his cousin.


Rin finds Do ha as he have something to give her. He puts the band on her wrist and puts the ring on her finger and asks if she accepts. He hugs her.


In the end Rin gives us a quick recap. The temple was destroyed and the dragon was killed. Night watchmen were disbanded and the ghosts stopped existing in Joseon.




I liked the last episode because it was the last episode. No more Sadam and his weird hissing sounds. No more Do ha. No more silliness and randomness.

Rin was destined to be the king so it was obvious he will take the throne. On the other hand I felt sorry for Ki san. He was never an evil or a bad guy. It was just that he didn’t get the love Rin had. Just because he was the son of a concubine. Everyone looked down upon him. So naturally he developed the feelings of hatred and jealousy. I really liked his friendship with Moo suk. Poor Moo suk till the end couldn’t find a girl.

We or I thought Sang hyun would die in the end. I was so happy that he has a family. Tavern lady’s love won and she got the person she loved.

Love conquers all, Soo hyun followed this saying and became evil to get Rin’s heart. She did realize when she lost everything. Better late than never.

The drama seriously had potential but God knows what the writer wanted. Like everyone else I thought U-Know would be the weakest link in the acting department but Ko Sung hee disagreed with us and showed she can do worse. Jung Il woo is Jung Il woo nuff said. Kim Heung soo was amazing portraying two characters. Kim Seung oh, what can I say, no one can play Sadam like he did. Everyone’s beloved Sang hyun played by Yoon Tae young, thank God he didn’t die or their would have been a revolt. So Ye ji, I find her beautiful and it was my first time seeing her act. I think she did justice with her character. All in all it was a drama I wished it had more to it but I’m not the write so what can I do.


13 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 24 Final

  1. gdn says:

    Finally, it’s over! Thanks Miss Khan for your great recap over 24 episodes…you made it 🙂 Love your comments for this final episode. Yes, no more DoHa..hahaha


  2. Joy says:



  3. daisy says:

    Hi miss khan,

    Haven’t been here for a while. Night watchman is NOT a good drama at all but it’s over. From unbiased point of view, I would say Yunho’s acting was decent, not bad at all. that’s why he got praised by critics and netizens. Personal opinion= I think he’s kind of good. The female lead was very bad. Jung il woo is good, but not great. it’s funny how his die hard fans over-rate him. There’s whole bunch of A-list actors better than JIW. The girl who plays soo Ryun is pretty good. She’s pretty but I would not go too far to say she’s beautiful.


  4. Mallow:) says:

    i feel stupid.Y the hell did i watch this dumb drama?!?the ending sucked.Do Ha luckily improved at the last scene tho,n gosh,Rin look weird as king…i mean seriously.This ep was okay,no randomness,the writer probably change his major prob.
    Anyways,i enjoyed this drama like well,got me excited for mon n tues,overall,MBC’s historical dramas are getting worse.dong yi was great,moon embrace sun was a lot better,and comes gu family book that was cool but came out with a rotten ending.Night watchman came out as Random n weird but at least came out slightly better ending.
    overall,the drama is 7/10,JIW n U-know were awesome,doha?urr… i wont say she’s horrible,its not like everyone can look sad n teary right?


    • Miss Khan says:

      I know, I waited for this drama to air and this is what I get in return? I like sagueks/historical dramas but GFB and Nightwatchmen ruined everything. I never completed GFB it was blah.
      the main reason for me to continue watching NW was the bromance which sadly was toned down in the later half. acting is not for everyone.


  5. kvra says:

    thank you for your recap. i stop watching after ep 12. it is too slow for me. but hey, happy ending. 😀


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      it was slow that’s why in the end Rin tells the whole story in one minute. I think it was for those who never bothered to watch this slow poke thingy.


  6. Akai says:

    Thanks for the recap. Thank god it finally ended. I don’t even know why I started with this shit. It was so slow I had to watch it 2x the speed.
    GFB was so much better than this though. #justsaying


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