Liar Game Episode 1


I’m truly and completely speechless. This is how much I liked the first episode of Liar Game. Well I had my doubts when I first learned about the remake but….that’s it. The doubts end the moment the episode begins. I have watched the Japanese version and loved it. Sometimes I wanted to smack Nao with the chair for being so naïve but then if she wasn’t like that there wouldn’t be any Akiyama.

The Korean version made some changes. Liar Game is a reality tv show and our heroine a contestant of it. Let the game begin.

Episode 1

Never trust anyone. A line said by two people. First by Ha Woo jin a professor and by Kang Do young, the host of the tv show called Liar Game.

Ha Woo jin can read people and helps the cops solving the cases. He says he killed someone. He reads books upside down.



Kang Do young is the man behind the mask.



Nam Da jung a naïve college student. She gets chosen to play the game. Her dad left to make money so he can pay the debts. The loan shark’s minion is a nice guy. He was Woo jin’s cell mate at one point. He tells Da jung about Woo jin.



Da jung doesn’t want to play the game and decides to forfeit. But her teacher who also happens to be in the game and her first rival asks her to play. He has debts too and asks her to win and they will later share the money.


Innocent Da jung agrees and gives her money to the teacher and they put it in the bank. The teacher is one cunning guy he takes the money and Da jung is left with nothing but tears.



I’m so bad at maths I don’t know how I will deal with all these numbers.

I like the change and everything about the drama. I wasn’t sure if Lee Sang yoon would be able to deliver Akiyama. I was so wrong to doubt him. He has his own way of portraying Akiyama as Woo jin and its brilliant. Lee Sang yoon didn’t have much screen time in first episode but I think I’m in love with Woo jin.

Kim So eun is giving me Shin Se kyung vibes. No, not in the acting department but their features look similar to me. I’m liking her portrayal as a not so pure and naïve girl.

Shin Sung rok is amazing. His role was not in the original. In the J-version the masked men were never revealed or that’s what I remember.


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