Blade Man Episode 11


vlcsnap-2014-10-18-09h27m03s31Such a sweet episode. Hong bin is not like his father, he finally knows what being a father means. Why does Hong bin have many secrets and moreover he doesn’t even know about them?

Episode 11

Se dong is one weird girl she accepts Hong bin and his abilities without any questions. She has gotten strong enough herself to stand firm in front of daddy Joo. He wants her to leave his three boys. Se dong doesn’t want to leave Hong bin. Daddy Joo might be dying because he gets a nose bleed and gets hospitalized. Head maid seems like she is still in love with daddy Joo.



Daddy Joo has his own ways with kids. He sees Chang eating with spoon and fork and tells him to learn how to hold chopsticks. Chang wins his heart again by showing him, he can write the numbers.



Cops asks questions to Hong bin because of the incident happened in the amusement park. They found a broach made by their company and their business card and Hong bin’s picture taken by the camera. Hong bin dismisses the proof that it has nothing to do with him. Se dong calls him about is father being hospitalized. He gets angry at her for meeting him. Cutie pie keeps looking at Hong bin’s back and blades start to poke out. He sends the cops away and stops Hong bin from leaving. Hong bin calms down by thinking about Se dong.


Mommy Joo keeps asking what daddy Joo said to Se dong. Daddy Joo sleeps and Hong bin just looks at him and leaves. He sees mommy Joo trying to eat Se dong alive. He takes her hand and she cries in pain. Oops



Hong bin keeps apologizing and Se dong understands his strength. She states the bitter truth that he is like daddy and mommy Joo. They say what they want and never bother to listen what the other person has to say. She wants Hong bin to get along with his parents if he wants to protect her. Hong bin gets angry, she doesn’t know anything and if getting along was easy things wouldn’t have turned this bad.



Hong bin later apologizes to Se dong for losing his mind. She ignores him. Seung hwan gives an advice, he can act pitiful. Seung hwan shares his story. He loved Se dong and they dated, later he realized she was with him because she thought he was pitiful. Hong bin asks if Se dong was dating him because she finds him pitiful? Seung hwan tells him that she thinks her parents death was her fault. So she thinks if she doesn’t take care of people they will die. That’s the reason she took Chang with her.



Hong bin asks Chang about his day. He says he went to the dentist. Hong bin checks his teeth and they seem fine. Chang says it hurts and puts his hands on his face. Hong bin realizes what Chang wants. He caresses his face and tears form in his eyes. He hugs Chang. Chang pats him like Se dong did.


Chang can’t eat with his chopsticks. Hong bin feeds him and cutie pie watches them with a satisfied smile. Chang follows cutie pie who is following his master. Hong bin says they will go to Se dong’s later. Chang says he wants to say “bye-bye” when Hong bin leaves. Hong bin is all set to leave but Chang is missing. He jumps in front of him and says, “bye-bye dad”. Hong bin and cutie pie have a smile on their face.


Hong joo meets Se dong because he is leaving for states. He asks if the cops called her. They are looking for the culprit. Se dong gets a call from the cops and she tells what happened.



Hunter asks daddy Joo if he told Hong bin that he is not his son. Hong bin visits his father. He asks him he can do whatever he wants with him and not to torment Se dong and to stay healthy.



Hong bin with Chang and cutie pie go to Se dong’s place. Hong bin says, he was afraid to buy her a gift wondering if she would break up with him. Cutie pie gobbles food like he saw it for the first time. Hong bin tries his hardest to tell cutie pie to leave but cutie is not that smart. Cutie pie in apron is me falling in love with him more and more. He watches Hong bin playing with Chang. Hong bin asks him to leave with Chang and cutie pie shows a meaningful smirk. They hear Chang’s voice. Hong bin’s car lifting pictures have gone viral on the internet and someone has even recognized him. Hong bin and cutie pie look at each other. Oh uh.



Chang is so happy about his father that he runs out and boasts about his dad. Hong bin holds him and throws him up in the air. Happy Chang is happy.



Everyone knowing about Hong bin is not a good thing. But Chang was so happy. I hope Hong bin catches him now that Chang is up in the air. My mom always warned me not to do that to little kids. She knew I will drop them.

Hong bin is not daddy Joo’s son? Why? Whose son is he? Why did daddy Joo took him if he knew the truth?

Chang and Hong bin are so cute. What if Chang is not Hong bin’s son either? Everybody let’s do DNA tests. We all know what happened in Hotel King. The history should not repeat.


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