My Thoughts and My Stuff -7-

myts 2

I’m so sorry guys for not replying back. You guys must be thinking I have time to post my stuff and must be neglecting you. You are absolutely right…I mean wrong.

I’m so tired. I just slept 4 ½ hours Zzzzzzzzzz sorry I dozed off on my computer. So where was I? Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

I still haven’t watched the second episode of TC. And why does Three Musketeers airs once a week? I deliberately started watching it late and now what do I do? I’m sorry to Dal Hyang but I like princess with the prince. She is so cute and easy to read and I love how the prince teases her. Poor girl is not getting the affection she deserves. Stupid prince hurry up and get your act straight or I will send her to Dal Hyang. Prince’s bodyguards are so awesome. Where are mine? Love the bromance and the comedy. But the drama airs once a week and I’m stopping myself from watching the ninth episode.

What’s with the psychological related drama’s popping everywhere? Every other hero in drama land is a genius and now they will come with multiple personalities. I will probably mix the characters and story while watching.



2 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -7-

  1. I MUST watch The Three Musketeers too! Hehe, thanks MK! ^_^


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      let me tell you one more thing. TM will have three seasons and the first season is still going on. I don’t even want to think about the season finale and I don’t even know about how long the gap will be between each season. I hate to wait so I want the three seasons to air at once.

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