Blade Man Episode 10


We all thought how would Se dong be able to help Hong bin with his blades. This episode had the answer. She is like a calming pill to him. He thinks about her and the blades hide and when he thinks about the wrong treatment given to her, the blades sprout back.

Episode 10

Hong bin was never loved as a child and because of that his body couldn’t take the pain anymore and started to sprout blades. Hong bin stays silent for half of the episode because he accidently injured Se dong. They both miss each other and think about their times together. He wants to control his powers before meeting her or Chang. He realizes he calms down when he thinks about Se dong. I can’t see my cutie pie all inured.


Hong joo knows what kind of person mommy Joo is. He asks her to leave with him to the states. Head maid tells mommy Joo that Se dong doesn’t live in Hong bin’s house.

Gardner finally gets the envelope and gives it to a maid but head maid takes it from her and reads it. The letter has pictures of Tae hee and Hong joo has asked if she was Hong bin’s first love and he knows about her and tells his brother to ask him about her if he wants. Head maid burns the envelope.


Hong bin tries to avoid Se dong but still ends up near her house. He tries to leave when she sees him. She understands this was bound to happen. They can’t be together because of their difference in status and decides they should break up as she doesn’t want him to go through it again. Hong bin decides he is not the same anymore and will protect his love this time. 


Head maid was behind Tae hee’s attack and we are introduced to the guy who was in charge. I’m calling him hunter.

Cutie pie is all black and blue thanks to his master. Hong bin again dislocates his arm and then fixes it. Cutie pie asks him to buy a cellphone so he can reach him.


Driver sends the picture of Chang to 3 people. Se dong wonders who the third person is. Hong bin has no idea. Its daddy Joo. He smiles looking at the picture. Head maid stares at him. Hunter arrives to meet them.

Hong bin misses Chang but denies when Se dong guesses it. They see a car about to fall in the river. Hong bin uses his power and carries it like it’s no big deal. Se dong saw him and he saw her.




Se Dong saw Hong bin right? And there is no cutie pie to cover up this. Head maid saw too but cutie pie made her leave in time. Poor cutie pie injured all over but still stays loyal to his master.

Is Tae hee alive? Does daddy Joo know about the hunter? Did he ask the head maid to take care of Tae hee?


5 comments on “Blade Man Episode 10

  1. I’ve started to pity cutie ko and it’s not a good thing, right? Since, we are half way through the drama, SeDong has ‘probably’ finally seen the car-scene, Please tell me she has, MK! -.-
    Oh boy, I wonder what they will do for the rest of the 10 episodes?! You’re right, I think Tae Hee is alive, no wonder they never showed us any ‘beating up’ scenes whenever it was mentioned by HB and Daddy Jo never accepted it either.
    Let’s just hope she is, maybe she will be an interesting character? And, maybe she’ll end up with cutie ko? Ahahahaha just saying!


    • Miss Khan says:

      se dong is weird, how can you not have questions after seeing a guy lifting a car?
      if Tae hee is alive and if she comes back in the story hong bin will be confused. now that he has gotten over her and is starting new with se dong.
      NOoooooooooooooo cutie pie you can’t be with anyone except for us. I’m so selfish. i want him. he is so cute and sweet and a little harmless dork.


      • Haha, Sedong would be one of the weirdest k-drama characters I have ever seen. Seems like the writer does not like her much, as the other characters are so much more and have so much to offer, then there is the lead actress. WHY!
        Hehehehe, it’s alright to be selfish MK as long as it is KO THE CUTEST! 😀


        • Miss Khan says:

          the girl is weird no doubt but lets not forget the drama is weird too. their is no scientific or any kind of explanation why does the blades sprout. well no matter how much a person has been through pain and suffering, he doesn’t sprout blades. unless he is wolverine and he has an explanation.

          Liked by 1 person

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