My Thoughts and My Stuff -5-

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Today my dad suggested me to continue my studies. I think he is right. Instead of wasting my time like a lazy bum and waiting to get married I should study. And here comes the most important question. What should I major in? Arghhhh I’m going to yank my hair out.

English is the first answer that comes from everyone, though my dad gave me a free hand. I can choose what I want. I want….Great I don’t know. I’m panicking. I don’t want to waste my life. Studying is hard. I’m an average, below average student. I’m one of those people who try their hardest but still doesn’t get the result they hoped for. *looks at the college result* sigh

I watched the first episode of Tomorrow’s Cantabile. I have watched the Japanese and anime version. I can’t pin point but something was missing from the remake. It was fun but a bit boring. Maybe it’s because the “weirdness” which was the main part of the original was missing. Its been a long time since I watched the original and I don’t remember every other thing but I know one thing for sure. I enjoyed watching it.

I can’t believe I forgot sweetie and cowpi (full name cow print) from my cats. I’m so sorry guys.

Yes I’m that random. I think I should number my “thoughts and stuff” post. So I won’t get confused myself.



6 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -5-

  1. Go for English, MK! I’d say the same though- it’s your life so you have to choose.
    I haven’t yet watched Tomorrow’s Cantabile – I loved the Japanese version SO much that I am afraid the Korean one will spoil it for me as it did for Hana Kimi and To the beautiful you. The Japanese dramas/animes/mangas have a WICKED sense of humour, which cannot be there in the korean dramas, whereas Koreans have a bright set, mostly plastic but beautiful people and some sick clothes! I love the Japanese fashion sense more though. Well, I drifted completely 180 degree off topic.
    Rant over.
    Btw you’re not a below average student and I can tell that by the way you write the recaps, which are brilliant! ^_^


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much and be my teacher and I will study ^__^

      okay lets get hate. Korea usually destroys the drama when they remake. Hana Kimi was amazing and I never bothered to watch To the beautiful you. same with Hana Yori Dango I loved every freaking single thing and the Korean version destroyed it. I couldn’t even watch the first episode. and everyone on the internet was praising the drama and I thought maybe I’m wrong and should give the drama another chance. nope NO WAY I’m not going to watch that thing. the second attempt failed miserably. there is another Kremake coming Liar Game. I again loved the Jversion and I don’t know what the remake will bring.
      I did that too. I was talking about my studies and all of a sudden I started talking about drama. I want to watch TC. I will give it another try and will decide after the second episode.

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      • I would gladly teach you, if I knew any better than you do, MK! ❤

        I know! I tried watching the first few minutes of To the beautiful you and I could cry at the utter stupidity of it, the japanese version is GODLY before it, what were the koreans thinking? I know they were not, at all. And now with Nodame Cantabile – I won't even try to watch it. Korean should do what they do best – melo-drama and all – leave the comedies, heart-breaking and brainy tale for the japanese and DO NOT copy from them. I know, right? Liar Game? LIAR GAME – It's an EPIC series and the koreans are trying to remake it. NO WAY!
        I love K-dramas but somethings are best Japanese.
        Tell me after you've watched TC, I can't risk it at the moment 'cause I am wathcing Higashi no eden and it is brilliant!

        Btw do you have Kakaotalk? I am not a stalker…but just asking.


  2. an-naum says:

    Go for education, continue study. No need to be thes best, as long as u enjoy the process. I’ve read u dislike math, so sience is impossible for u.since u love writing, english than and later how about being a teacher? Ha ha .. On the other hand, Loving Nodame n chiaki senpai will never be bored. Will rewatched it to lift up my spirit!


  3. Lola Paloma says:

    Hi MK

    You love writing! And English Literature would be a fun major for you ( I can feel you are the type who would enjoy the course). As for average or below average … Those are just your execuses to continue with ‘lazy bum’ status :p

    Remember in learning is not just about the grade. It is not just about the destination but it is about the journey too. Don’t think too much – continue with English.

    Good luck MK 🙂


  4. I agree with the others take English and then become an even more fantastic writer.that way you will make sure that characters like Do Ha and Soo Ryun are never created. Good luck with all that you choose to do and I can tell from your recaps that you are definitely not average.Never ever underestimate yourself


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