Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 21


Yippeee, he is back. *wipes tears and hides the pile of tissues*

How can anyone scream and yell so much? Don’t you guys get a sore throat? Why are we still thinking on how to stop Sadam and evil minister?

I can’t write again and again the same thing that’s happening for couple of episodes. We have to stop Sadam. I lost count how many times this line has been said with, I have to save prince. Give me the seal. I need Do Ha and the temple and dragon for my plan.


Episode 21

Evil minister gives his speech on how he will become a king. Rin thinks he can stop him and I’m here wondering you need to save yourself before you can do anything. Rin and Do Ha get separated. Soo Hyun slaps Do Ha because everything is happening because of her. Do Ha knows that too. Soo Hyun tells her the way everyone can be happy. She has to die. Sadam doesn’t want Soo Hyun to hurt his shaman.


Evil minister orders killing everyone who speaks in favor of Rin. Soo Hyun asks him not to do it. She can’t see Rin getting hurt. She wants Rin like his father wants the throne. Evil minister puts his daughter under house arrest.



Moo Suk is still out and Sang Hyun watching over him. Moo Suk is with the reaper. Nooooooo. He looks back and reaper tells him it’s not a nice idea to go back. If a spirit meddles with the human world, their soul disappears. Moo Suk just has doubt about what he did. Reaper touches his soul and tells he has seen someone like him before. No doubt he is talking about Sang Hyun or I can be wrong. Ghost minister tells the bad news. Rin is in danger.


Rin goes to jail and Sadam is satisfied as he looks at the temple. Do Ha blabla something about stopping him. Evil minister asks dowager for the seal and he will save Rin’s life. Dowager knows how evil, evil minister is. She threats him that if Rin dies evil minister would have to forget about the seal.


Time for two Ki San’s to argue. They blame each other for killing Moo Suk. You are one, you idiot. Other Ki San has no use of the body so he gives it back to the real one. Other persona says, Ki San has no one by his side and Ki San thinks he can have another loyal man like Moo Suk.



Sadam brain washes Do Ha. She can’t be with Rin because of the difference in status. Once his rule starts there will be nothing of that sort and she will be with Rin. Her sister wouldn’t have died if she agreed. Do Ha won’t fall for his words. There won’t be any love in that world who only knows how to bully. Sadam loses his temper and grabs her neck. He wants her so he won’t kill her.


Evil minister is again asking for the seal. Dowager won’t give. He gives her a choice. Give the seal or Rin will die. This shouldn’t be hard on her as she gave up on her son before. He leaves saying, he will be back for the seal and if he doesn’t get it, he can’t be sure if she will remain the dowager queen.


Ghosts try to stop Sang Hyun but he has decided to go alone to save Rin. Tavern lady has set the table for him. He says he will eat later. Do Ha disappears according to Mojo Jojo. She is ready with her plan. She has poison with her. She tells Sadam that she was praying to God and he asked what was their answer. Do Ha gives him the bowl. Sadam doesn’t take so Do Ha takes a sip and gives it to him. Sadam drinks and the poison kicks in. just kidding no one can kill him. He can’t die but Do Ha can. She drinks more poison. Sadam wants her alive but she won’t take the antidote.



Soo Hyun’s maid won’t let her leave and Rin is about to lose his life. Sang Hyun comes to save the day. But there is only one Sang Hyun and a hundred of guards. Rin asks why is he risking his life for him. He thinks he can be hopeful if Rin becomes the king. Evil minister orders to kill Rin. Sang Hyun is stuck with the guards and there is no one who can help Rin. Little ghost comes out of nowhere and they teleport to somewhere else. Sadam feels it too. How come Sang Hyun tagged along? Sang Hyun says, only Sadam knows this magic but why would he help asks Rin. Rin has to save Do ha and Sang Hyun stops him. There is no guarantee he will be able to save her. Sadam needs her and Rin will die if he interfered. They need strength and for that Moo Suk needs to come back. Little ghost watches them and is relieved that Rin is not hurt. She looks at her hands and she is disappearing.



Sang Hyun thinks he needs to go to bring back Moo Suk but Rin volunteers. Sang Hyun gives him potion to drink. He will be able to enter the other world but it comes with a time limit of two hours. Rin’s spirit leaves his body. He sees Moo Suk ready to leave on the boat. Reaper touches Rin. He is not dead. What business does he have? Rin came to find someone but that’s not happening. More reapers appear. Rin fights with them and Moo Suk jumps to help. They run but no matter where they go they are running in circles. Reaper attacks Rin and Moo Suk. He asks why is Rin interfering. He is doing it for his country. Reaper takes a step forward and Moo Suk stops him. Moo suk has forgotten how to fight or reaper is stronger than him. Reaper wants Moo Suk to make a decision.



Times up but Rin is not up. Sang Hyun tries to wake him but no luck. He goes to Moo Suk and he opens his eyes. Yipeee and oh no, Rin is not waking up. Reaper tells Rin that he has to pay the price for interfering. Eunuch ghost worries about little ghost and she appears. She looks at Rin and faints.


Soo Hyun somehow got out and hears evil minister telling his minion that finding the seal is more important now that Rin has disappeared. Do Ha still refuses to have the antidote until she learns Rin is fine. Soo Hyun asks for Sadam’s help in finding the seal. Soo Hyun visits Do Ha and she asks about Rin. Soo Hyun won’t say and Do Ha knows that she cares about him so she wouldn’t lie. Soo Hyun tells Rin is fine but Do Ha needs to stay away from him. She should die for his sake. Sadam asks Soo Hyun if she said anything else to Do Ha. She thinks she has no reason to tell him. Sadam reminds her that they have to be on the same page. She can have Rin’s heart with the help of his magic.


Rin finally wakes up. Without wasting anytime they make a plan to find the seal. Which is actually not a seal, It is an item which has been passed from king to king. They have to find it before evil minister. Saving Do Ha comes later.



Sadam goes to see his beloved dragon. He slams the snake staff and spirits come out of it and reside in the dragon and Sadam chants. Mojo Jojo brings bad news. Evil minister has stopped the construction of the temple. Sadam leaves without seeing that dragon’s seal has started to break again. Sadam’s next stop is definitely evil minister. They had a promise but seems like Sadam has never heard that promises are meant to be broken. Evil minister won’t take orders from Sadam. Sadam loses his temper. He uses his evil magic and evil minister is now become one of his minions. Evil minister kneels to Sadam.


Evil minister’s army is searching for the seal. Ki San laughs in his chamber. They are looking for the seal when they don’t even know how it looks like. Flashback, dowager gives the seal to young Ki San. It’s a flute and only chosen one can play it. Ki San tries to play but it produces no sound, flashback ends. Ki San had no idea evil minister was in the room. He asks about the seal and Ki San says, dowager has it. Evil minister marches to dowager’s room. Sadam looks at him and says he will bring the seal to him.


4657965 time evil minister asks for the seal and this time he unsheathes the sword and swears to kill the brothers and anyone who favors them. A maid comes to stop and poor woman’s life gets spared as dowager yells at him. He once again threats her to prepare the seal when he visits next time. Dowager thinks evil minister is possessed.



Sadam laughs looking at his dragon and Rin looks at the ring dowager gave her. He finds something in it.




Do Ha drank rest of the poison and died, right?

Why is the little ghost disappearing? What was the price Rin had to pay for bringing back Moo Suk?

Why does everyone gets manipulated easily by Sadam? Why is Soo Hyun looking for the seal? Will she give it to Rin?

What’s on the ring that Rin saw? Only for women.

Why did Soo Hyun asked for Sadam’s help? Does she not know how good he is at keeping promises? Will Sadam give the seal to Soo Hyun?

Does evil minister not know where Rin’s hideout is? He ordered is soldiers to find him and no one thought he would be at the tavern? Or did he meant to look for Rin on the palace grounds?

Why is Rin using so much make-up? Just because Moo Suk has to look pale they applied his share on Rin?

4 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 21

  1. Andy says:

    Yes, Moosuk is back!!


  2. recaplover says:

    I know for sure that they can’t kill Moo Suk because this drama needs the bromance to survive
    I also know the answer for your last question. Moo Suk needs to look pale but the make_up artist couldn’t figure out he only needs a little foundation hehe. So she prepared too much foundation reserved for Moo Suk, and she didn’t want to waste it. Now, we already have couple-ring, couple-shirt, and now we were introduced to couple-makeup hehe


  3. shinta says:

    bisa gk pkai bhs indonesia


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