My Thoughts and My Stuff -4-

myts 2

What is this feeling? I’m feeling grumpy and sulky. The whole day passed like that. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I take a shower. Weird habit I know.

I will tell you the names of my cats

blownu = brown. When me and my sis were young, we couldn’t pronounce brown so blownu came into being. This was the only cat we had named the rest were “mano’s” which means “cats”.

In the new house we named every one of them

bari bi


bandariya (it means monkey because it looked like a monkey)


foxy (not because it was cunning but it resembled a fox)







and I’m forgetting some. Everyone who learns their names ask just one question. What the heck?

Half of the cats still live with us. Some died and some left and some were kidnapped by us and my brother took them to some other place because there were more cats living than humans in the house and it was my mom’s order.


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