My Thoughts and My Stuff -3-

myts 2

Sometimes your eyes and mind play tricks on you. Today I woke up and saw the time 4:40am *gasp* I jumped out of the bed and realized something is wrong. I again checked the time and it was 3:40. I jumped back into the bed and Zzzzzz.

Because we ate too much meat yesterday, Mom decided to have cereals or pulses, whatever you like to call. My 3rd brother doesn’t like pulses at all. I wonder why? The rest of the family slurps pulses like soup. So he had yesterday’s chicken.

As I’m writing this, I can hear my neighbor’s dog barking. I hate dogs and I hate when my cat annoys me because it is not eating anything. Eat and stop your “meows”.

For few days it’s my routine to walk in my compound. I usually walk in my room but since the weather is nice I go out and my little cat decides to follow me. I don’t give it any attention so it waits for the moment and bites me on the leg and then I take revenge by hitting it lightly.

Speaking of cats, we had them since I was a kid. We changed our house 4 years ago and there were no cats in the new house for 6-7 months. One day I was making breakfast and I could feel someone was staring at me. I looked behind and there was no one but dammit the feeling was there. I ignored the feeling and continued with my work. I glanced at the window and there was a cat sitting on the wall looking at me. After few days, it brought more of its friends and we had lots of kitties later.



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