My Thoughts and My Stuff -2-

myts 2

It all started when I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. At 5 I was in the kitchen to prepare breakfast and kept looking at the clock because it was almost time for my dad and brother to be up. 

I don’t usually have breakfast that early unless I’m really starving. After the breakfast and washing dishes I was thinking what should we have for lunch. So I took beef and chicken out and thought what if mom made veggies?

I was right. My mom was making veggies, not for us of course but for dad and herself. It’s not like me and my siblings hate veggies, actually we do and we don’t like the one she was making. Chicken was definitely for lunch and beef for dinner. Yup, we are meat lovers ^__^

Before leaving for work my brother gave me some of his office work. Why do you do this to me bro? I always get nervous. What if I mess up? My brother will surely kill me. I did what he wanted, phew.

Dad came home early at night and so we had dinner early and now I’m sleepy.



6 comments on “My Thoughts and My Stuff -2-

  1. I love reading your personal blog posts – they are so cute! ^_^
    But seriously, you usually wake up at 4:30 am?! O_O


  2. Miss Khan says:

    actually I don’t like to sleep much. maybe its a psychological thing or what I don’t know. I get a headache when I sleep more and my mood turns really bad. when I was young I used to cry because I wanted to complete my school work early and sleep took my time.
    why can’t you be an early riser?


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