Blade Man Episode 8


Why did it felt like an episode or so has passed between this episode and the last one? Hong Bin and Se Dong started dating? When did that happen? UWAH. And Hong Bin can fly, UWAH. Maybe I will get used to it if I start making this sound. UWAH.


Episode 8

A cellphone lies on the side of the road and a foot keeps smashing a guitar. For a second I thought I was watching something else and not Blade Man. Daddy Joo is getting is anger out on the guitar because of Hong Joo. He failed because he was busy loving a girl older than him. Daddy Joo wants his sons to walk the road of success like he did but he didn’t have any help and now even if he wants to he can’t go ahead because the ladder of success gave away. He wants Hong Joo to go to abroad to study. Hong Joo doesn’t want to but daddy Joo won’t listen. He tells mommy Joo to make preparations. Mommy Joo instead of talking to his son and asking why he failed blames the teacher. She asks daddy Joo, if she is the reason he couldn’t move forward? Daddy Joo doesn’t say anything and goes to his room. Mommy Joo takes the anger out on Hong Bin’s mother. Daddy Joo gets angry but mommy Joo has enough of it. Hong Bin’s mother was poor and she too didn’t help him in going forward. Daddy Joo still has her photo in his wallet. Mommy Joo tells him that if not for her, he would be living his life miserably. Mommy Joo asks Hong Joo about the girl and he remains silent. Hong Joo finds his cellphone and is relieved that it still works.


Se Dong and Hong Bin are going through the same stage of emotions. They both remember the kiss. To get their mind of it both go out for jogging. Hong Bin after some thinking asks, what is she doing? Se Dong ignores Hong Joo’s messages and goes through different replies and finally settles on, she is going to sleep. They bid each other goodnight. Hong Bin calls himself stupid for not ending the answer with a question mark for her to reply. They both are staring into their phones that they have no idea they are standing in front of each other. Hong Bin moves for Se Dong to leave and both stop in their tracks and look at each other. They buy late night snack and Hong Bin didn’t bring his wallet. Se Dong pays for it. I’m like Hong Bin here I have no idea what Se Dong is saying about transportation card. The only bus I rode was the school bus. Does the airport bus count?



Mommy Joo takes Hong Joo’s cellphone after he is asleep and goes through his messages with Se Dong. Hong Bin and Se Dong have a late night date. Are they drunk?She asks why he called the game trash but he is not interested in that topic. He asks her to call him “oppa” since you know they have kissed. But they both don’t say the word “kiss” because they are embarrassed. Se Dong tells her heart is beating faster since they met while jogging and Hong Bin stares at her. She asks him not to. Hong Bin wants to go somewhere dark and Se Dong is embarrassed. He drags Se Dong to a dark alley. Hong Bin winces in pain. She hit him in the shin. He changes tactics and asks if he can go to her house. She doesn’t want that either. Seeing them all cute and lovey dovey even the moon blushes.



Next morning Hong Bin is in a happy mood and whistles. Cutie pie has a smile too because is master has one. Hong Bin checks on Chang. He is writing Korean alphabets. Hong Bin tells him they will go to the amusement park. Chang asks if Se Dong will come too. Hong Bin tells him to call her, “noona” and not “wife”.


Hong Bin is going to office by bus and the driver is happy. The gardener asks the gardener to text a message to Hong Joo. He accidentally gave the wrong envelope to his son, thinking it was money. His son gave the envelope to his wife and his wife gave it to her mother and now the mother is sick in the hospital and he has no idea what to do. Driver can’t write this absurd message so he puts that he lost the envelope and young master should call him. Can’t stop replaying this scene.


Cutie pie gets the transportation card for his master and Hong Bin is so happy to have it. It’s so cute, cutie pie stands as a bodyguard and Hong Bin sits in the back seat thinking about UWAH. Cutie pie looks at his master and he is in lala land with his eyes closed. He suddenly comes back to his senses. He tells cutie pie not to follow him. He raises his hand and cutie pie gets scared because last time Hong Bin tapped his arm it broke. The weather is nice and Hong Bin’s mood is good so no worries for now. Cutie pie still follows his master. Hong Bin shows him a fist and poor guy stays back, and they wave at each other. May be cutie pie wasn’t following him but trying to tell that he has to use the bus card while leaving too.


Hong Bin has a date with Se Dong. He shows her, his transportation card and she smiles. She is looking for a house and likes the first one. UWAH. Hong Bin doesn’t like the house and tells her to see some more before deciding. They go to a fancy expensive house. Se Dong likes it but she can’t buy. Hong Bin tells her that she just has to live in this house. He will take care of everything. Se Dong goes silent. A suspicious woman is looking at them. Se Dong says she is embarrassed. Sure this house is nice to live. She suddenly says she doesn’t want to date him and wants the house she first saw and leaves. Hong Bin follows her and asks if he did anything wrong. He says he will apologize even it’s not his fault. Se Dong starts crying.


Hong Joo’s teacher calls mommy Joo to inform that his son is not at school and he is skipping it for some time. Cutie pie meets Hong Joo because he called. He gives money to cutie pie and asks him to buy soju. Cutie pie gives back the money and tells him to go back to school. Hong Joo asks about Se Dong and cutie pie tells him she had a day off. Hong Joo asks if he can buy him cigarettes. Cutie pie is not going to do it.



Hong Bin asks Se Dong what happened. She tells him that when she was in school, she wanted a computer. Her father couldn’t afford one. Seung Hwan gave his and her father for the first time hit her. He asked if she knows what it means to have dignity and honor. It’s the sense of feeling embarrassed for taking someone’s stuff. She took what was Seung Hwan’s and he was happy to give her but he doesn’t have other one. Her father saved money to buy her little things and her taking that computer made those things look trivial. So she felt embarrassed for wanting the fancy house because in her old house she bought every single thing. Se Dong tells, she understands why his employees look at her weirdly when she is around him. She feels she would lose her dignity if she dates him and she doesn’t want that. So she is buying the first house. Hong Bin watches her as she sign the papers.


Head maid bribes the driver to keep his mouth shut about her taking Chang out. Chang is with daddy Joo. Daddy Joo asks if he knows how to read and write numbers. Chang writes his name in Korean and shows it to daddy Joo. Instead of praising him daddy Joo tells him to learn numbers. Daddy Joo is secretly happy. Chang informally asks to write it and quickly changes to formal tone. He asks to write so he can copy and learn. Daddy Joo writes for him and head maid is surprised to see this side of daddy Joo. Mommy Joo tells head maid to meet her.


Hong Bin asks his two loser employees about the game they played with Se Dong’s gang. Losers say that Seung Hwan won and the lost the precious gadgets. Hong Bin says he will get them back but they will have to help him. Se Dong’s gang help her in packing the stuff. Seung Hwan holds a box and Se Dong tells Chang’s grandmother gave him. Seung Hwan is surprised Chang’s grandmother visited her. Se Dong’s gang happily enjoy the food. Se Dong’s gets a text but she doesn’t notice.


Hong Joo sits on the edge of the rooftop listening to the music. Head maid meets mommy Joo. Head maid gives the data on Se Dong to mommy Joo. Mommy Joo asks if Se Dong comes to the house and she works in Hong Bin’s company. Head maid tells her that she does. Mommy Joo can’t believe both brothers love the same girl. This is news to head maid and she confirms it but mommy Joo tells her that she has no right to ask questions. Head maid apologizes and mommy Joo tells her to leave and asks her not to act like she is a member of a household when she is just a servant. Head maid yanks mommy Joo’s hair and tells her to mind her words or she will tell daddy Joo that who she meets and about her selling his land on low prices.



Se Dong gets a text and her eyes grow wide in horror. She forwards the text to Hong Bin. It’s from Hong Joo. He is sitting on the tallest building. He once came there with his brother and father. Se Dong calls Hong Bin crying and worrying about Hong Joo. Hong Bin goes with cutie pie to find his brother. He keeps looking at the picture to remember the place. Cutie pie tells him about his meeting with Hong Joo. Se Dong keeps crying and running. Hong Bin calls daddy Joo asking about the tallest building they went. He doesn’t tell the part about Hong Joo. Se Dong regrets neglecting Hong Joo’s texts and cries. She tells Seung Hwan she doesn’t want to do through that again. Seung Hwan hugs and comforts her.


Daddy Joo tells it might be the first building he built. Cutie pie spots Hong Joo on the rooftop. Hong Bin runs in the building and as he climbs the stairs he remembers he was never a good brother to Hong Joo. He reaches the rooftop and Hong Joo takes a step forward. Hong Bin runs to his brother. Hong Joo looks at him and loses balance. He falls and Hong Bin jumps, flies and holds him.



Yipee. Hong Bin can fly? There was no stormy weather and Hong Bin was not angry either. Maybe he was angry at himself for not being there for his brother. Will Hong Joo know about his brother’s secret? I think he will be super ecstatic and maybe this will help them bond.

Why was Hong Bin climbing the stairs? What happened to the elevators? Does this building not have one?

Who committed suicide in Se Dong’s family?

Scary head maid is scary. Maybe she will do something to Chang because daddy Joo loves him and he never loved her son. Why is mommy Joo selling daddy Joo’s lands?

Daddy Joo and Chang, such a cute pairing. Does Chang know who daddy Joo is? Why doesn’t Chang never said anything to Hong Bin or Se Dong about meeting an old man?

Why didn’t cutie pie informed daddy Joo about Hong Joo’s behavior? Something was clearly wrong with him. Why was Hong Joo committing suicide? Is it because his father was sending him abroad or because Se Dong doesn’t have same feelings he has for her?

27 comments on “Blade Man Episode 8

  1. With every episode all that’s progressing is the number of “Uwah”s in the drama, what even…
    You are so right for saying that it seems like we skipped a couple of episodes – with all the ‘we are dating’ theory. I still see no apparent “love” between the two leads. The girl is so plain with her expressions! Ugh, and because of all this we don’t even get enough of HongBin and cutie Ko scenes. ALL the other characters are annoying apart from HB and Ko. All of them. 😐


    • Miss Khan says:

      sadly cutie and master are not a couple. they have such chemistry T_T. why is Se Dong fallen in love with Hong Bin? actually it should be “when” and “how”. UWAH. I think I’m going to slap someone the next time I hear this word. and what’s that weird sound Se Dong makes when Hong Bin grabs her neck to strangle her? use some force and finish her please.


      • Seriously, it’s more like WHEN? What the hell.
        I want to slap Se Dong! Ugh, really, you’re right HongBin should’ve strangled her for good and lived happily ever after with Ko. It’s totally possible considering the basic premise of this show – Blade sprouting out of a person.
        Episode 9 was even more stupid! She wants to get rid of his because of all the shitty computer and the guy-in-the-hat story? And, just cause she won’t take an apartment? UWAH, right? Idiot, Se Dong. And what’s with mum Jo randomly slapping a person on the street! Wow, this show is doing EVERYTHING possible.
        God knows how we’ll watch it till episode 20! I thought it was 16 but no! It is 20!
        Give me 20 episodes of IOTL but NO…it’s Blade man. =.=


        • Dina says:

          It is not coz an apartment or seung hwan , it is about respect and independence , SSD is confident and ambitious girl who never accept insult .she felt he looked down on her status and makes.her covet what isnot belonging to her and on the second time she was jokking coz he tried to be bossy ..


          • I respect your perspective, but this is not the first time that HongBin has belittled SeDong, he’s always been doing that, maybe now it matters to her that she’s apparently in love with him, she could have simply not accepted the flat instead of all the extra plot that we had to watch because of it, ah well, then again that’s the show for us, right?
            It really bothers me how her character has almost no substance to it and had it been a show on ‘extremist feminism’ I would have accepted it…but anyway we are free to opinions, to each their own. Thank you.


        • Miss Khan says:

          No way Blade Man has 20 episodes? T_T I too thought it had 16 T_T
          you are really in a bad mood. need cutie pie’s dose asap.
          our first impression was right. this one will be one messed up drama. I don’t know but I felt really awkward and weird with Se Dong saying,her hearts beating fast and Hong Bin wanting to go to a dark place and the date in episode 9 was super awkward.
          we can always say, its okay its just a drama. we can toss it anytime we want like Hong Bin did to cutie pie.


          • Yes, 20 episodes of awkwardness. I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to make it till the end.
            I was thinking the exact thing that our first impression was correct, it extremely messed up, and gets stranger with each episode. I know, right? Very very awkward – LDW is a brilliant actor and so is the actor who plays cutie Ko but the rest of the cast…no.
            Haha, that date…whoa, too weird to handle.

            Btw MK I have recently delved in the manga/anime scene, I noticed that you recapped Kuroshitsuji – book of circus so…I was wondering if I have to watch from like the first season of it cause book of circus is like the third anime series, right?


  2. Dina says:

    Hi again miss khan;
    Yes where is the elevator 😀
    It seems there is a turm over in HB power , it excerbate not only by anger but also by sense of protection of his beloved.
    Change & HB hardly spoke with other and chang never open his heart or pour out to HB why would he tell him now , the strange thing he feels comfortable with his harabboti and start learn korean alph as he told him befor .finaly i dont think hong joo was actually going to commit suucide but who blames him he is living with horrible parent 🙂 no communication .


    • Miss Khan says:

      in hurry he forgot to take the elevator or they had some time to fill so why not make the hero run on the stairs instead of taking an elevator or maybe that building really didn’t had one.
      it was nice to see Hong Bin trying to protect his brother even though they are step brothers. Chang did say he wanted to go on the ride with Hong Bin or he could have told Se Dong about it. he can surely ask daddy Joo. who are you? yes Chang is comfortable with him.
      who stands on the edge of the rooftop unless you plan on jumping? Joo family is one messed up family indeed.


      • Dina says:

        Chang already know that he is his grandpa , madam yoon already told him from the first time and he would never told him about the viking unless HB ask first , from the ep.7 SSD already said that she hasn’t gone for Chang for days and finally i think HB with his power is away faster than an elevator 😀


        • Miss Khan says:

          how can a child understand if you tell him that you are going to your other grandfather? I don’t think Chang knows that daddy Joo is Hong Bin’s father. maybe he does because he is smart and learns things quickly. how many characters Hong Bin is playing? he is wolverine and storm and now flash is added too. i almost forgot he is also a doctor. he fixed cutie pie’s arm.


  3. Ayesha says:

    And what’s weird is that after the kiss they go straight to them being home what happened in between? Did they kiss and she ran away or did they talk? was all really vague..


  4. Miss Khan says:

    @psychopathsgetbored28 that means you are leaving cutie pie? I wonder if I should follow?

    welcome to anime/manga land ^__^ kuroshitsuji’s three seasons have nothing to do with each other. season 1 half follows the manga and season 2 has nothing to do with the manga or the first season 1 and third season is fully based on manga. and yes kuroshitsuji: book of circus is the third season. I remember when I first watched many many years back, first few minutes in episode 1 and I knew I will be liking this.


    • No! Ah cutie Ko, I love him so much! I will watch it for him, YES! At least till he has some significant role, who knows what’ll happen till episode 20 right? -_-

      Aw hehe, thank you, yay!! I have watched a few mangas now like Death Note, Higashi no eden, Full metal alchemist, Naruto shippuden and i love them! I have read their mangas too, so it’s fun – another manga that i am reading at the moment is Dengeki Daisy – it’s lovely, you should try it if you haven’t! ^_^
      About Kuroshitsuji I am thinking of starting with season 1, I am sure it’s brilliant! ^_^


      • Miss Khan says:

        maybe I’ll write only about cutie pie and his master and boycotting the girl. 20 episodes T_T

        many many and many and some more many years back when I started watching anime I never liked reading manga and now I think that I was a moron back then.
        Dengaki Daisy YES YES YES. I LOVE that manga but I have stopped reading for few months, need to get back in the game. how much have you read DD? I so want an anime on it.

        Kuroshitsuji is amazing. I’m sure you will love it. its a bit dark but its shdfsdkjfhdsk. this means I have no words to describe how awesome it is ^__^


        • Ayesha says:

          Omg love dengeki daisy..wish they wouldn’t go so slow with the chapters coming out though

          Liked by 1 person

        • Oh my…Dengeki Daiky! You’ve read it! It’s the best shojo manga, ever! I love Kurosaki to bits and Teru is so cool unlike some other female leads. It’s complete now, the series, with some 73 chapters, i have read till 68 because the chapters after that haven’t been translated yet. 😦
          It DEFINITELY deserves an anime!
          I will start with Kuroshitsuji asap and then report to you! ^_^


          • Miss Khan says:

            the manga ENDED? when did that happen? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo T_T this can’t be happening. i love Kurosaki and Teru so much. what am I going to do? T_T
            I remember Teru said she hates rain because it was raining the day her brother died and Daisy replies that he likes rain because he met her on the rainy day. and Teru thought that his name was Daisy because it was her favorite flower but no it was his hacker name. and the guilt he had of Sojuirou’s death. WHY IS IT ENDING. I WANT ANIME T_T
            Waiting for your report on Kuroshitsuji ^__^


  5. Yes! It ended with 73 or 76 episodes. I know, it’s depressing, right? Ah well..I don’t know where to find the later chapters, it’s not there on Manga reader.
    Aw, yes, they are SO CUTE with all the Who is Daisy and then Soichiro is so sweet with Kurosaki when he was like a pro hacker and all! Soichiro and Kurosaki had the best bromance!
    And even with the hacker parts, it’s as easy going and funny as any other shojo manga. I too want an anime!!
    Alright, I will get to it. ^_^


    • Miss Khan says:

      I’m still crying for DD being over T_T everyone should go bald ^__^
      I read a manhwa one or two years back, its called “the friendly winter” give it a try I’m sure you will love it or not don’t sue me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh the irony of everyone should go bald. U_U ^_^
        I will give it a try, FOR SURE! And don’t worry I have been sued a couple of times so I don’t sue others. Hehehehe *_*


        • Miss Khan says:

          I have a story on going bald. I will post it in my thoughts post ^__^
          who sued you? who dared to do that? *starts making voodoo dolls of those who mess with my friend*
          I remember you asked me if I had kakao. nah I don’t. I just have viber and whatsapp because of my siblings. remember I told ya, forever alone here ^__^


  6. Miss Khan says:

    psychopathsgetbored28 “nightwatchmen” told me to use magic to get what i want, hence the voodoo dolls.
    stalker? have you watched “secret” the freaking amazing kdrama aired last year I think. that’s how you stalk. now where does my future hubby lives?
    I did it. what did I do? I downloaded koako now what do I do?


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