Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 20


Nothing much happened except for one thing. I thought the gang was made to capture ghosts and spirits not to get captured in every freaking episode. I wonder if two people die will the story be much smoother? The first is evil minister kill that bitch and second Do Ha. Sadam needs her so why not kill her before she creates anymore trouble for the good guys. So who is the bitch now evil minister, me or you ?

This episode was all about evil minister and how evil he can be.

Evil minister takes over the palace with the help of his army. He informs Ki San he will be controlling the throne. He tells the dowager to give the seal so he can be the acting king. Dowager declines and tries to scare him, saying, she saw the queen’s letter. Evil minister is not afraid because he was acting on dowager’s orders. All the ministers oppose of evil minister acting as the king. Evil minister calls his soldiers. From now on his words will be the royal orders.


Gang without Moo Suk and with two ghosts are still thinking to stop Sadam and evil minister. Otp moment aka time to skip the scene. Do Ha tries to leave but Rin stops her. He will protect her and they hug.


The two Ki San’s argue each other. The original one thinks its Rin revenge because Ki San used to be jealous of him since they were kids. Sadam visits him after visiting evil minister and swearing his loyalty to him. He asks Ki San about the seal and its with the dowager. Rin also meets his brother. First he is happy to see him and then he starts accusing him for trying to steal the throne which rightfully belonged to him. Sadam asks Rin to give Do Ha to him and he will have the throne and evil minister’s army. Rin swears he wouldn’t ask for his help ever.



Evil minister wants to find the seal no matter what and tells his soldiers to do so. Soo Hyun barges in. She doesn’t care what is father does but Rin shouldn’t be touched or she wouldn’t forgive him.



Rin goes in a thinking mode. Little ghost tells Do Ha that he was like that as a child too. Do Ha gets suspicious. Soo Hyun comes with a message from dowager to Rin. He can meet her in secret. Soo Hyun wants him to leave the country and she is willing to help him but he declines. Do Ha bumps into Soo Hyun and they argue. leave Rin, no, I won’t leave.


Rin secretly meets dowager. She gives him her ring and says, it will protect him. Evil minister arrives and Rin hides. He again asks for the seal and dowager still is not willing to give him. Rin can see evil spirits surrounding evil minister.


Sang Hyun fixes the compass for Moo Suk. Moo Suk gets a secret letter from Ki San to come protect him as he is alone and no one is protecting him. Sang Hyun tells Moo Suk that a night watchman’s job is to protect the king and not to get involved in the politics. Moo Suk has to make a decision either he wants to stay a night watchman or not. Moo Suk leaves his sword and compass on the table making his decision clear.


Moo Suk goes to evil minister and asks him to see Ki San and ask if he gave the order to evil minister to act in his place. Soldiers surround Moo Suk and he points his sword on evil minister. Ki San asks him to lower the sword. He betrayed Moo Suk. Evil minister told him that he would live if he called Moo Suk to the palace. Moo Suk has to die for Ki San to live. Moo Suk has tears in his eyes and he drops his blade and soldiers start slashing him and stabs him in the end. Moo Suk falls on his knees and bows one last time to Ki San and falls. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Rin and Do Ha get the news from eunuch ghost that Moo Suk is in the palace surrounded by soldiers. They are late and Moo Suk is already dead. Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Minister ghost says he is alive as his spirit hasn’t left the body yet. They take Moo Suk to Sang Hyun and he says, its difficult for him to survive. Rin asks his friend not to die or he won’t forgive him.


Rin tells Sang Hyun about the evil spirits on evil minister. He gives Rin needles to poke to evil minister. Rin asks Soo Hyun for help. Evil minister has gone crazy he sits on the throne and laughs. He goes to Sadam and asks for his help. Only those who can see ghosts can become king. He wants Sadam to make him see ghosts. Sadam chants his blabla to evil minister. Mojo Jojo tells his master that Soo Hyun wants to see him. Sadam tells evil minister to pull the talisman if anything goes wrong. Sadam leaves and Rin enters. He throws needles at him and they stuck in his body. Do Ha comes to help and Rin puts more needles and asks him to forget the greediness to become the king. Evil minister manages to pull the talisman and they land in the illusionary world. Evil minister runs and Rin and Do Ha gets busy fighting the previous night watchman’s ghosts. Moo Suk’s head slumps and he died. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo


Do Ha tells Rin to leave as she can handle this. Rin runs after evil minister but its Sadams he meets. He slashes one of them and the spell breaks and he is back in the palace surrounded by hundreds of soldiers and Do Ha is caught too. They both are being taken to different places. Rin asks him to release Do Ha and Sadam tells him, he should worry about himself. Soo Hyun comes stomping her feet. Sadam broke his promise. Didn’t he said that he would leave Rin once she gives Do Ha to him. Sadam tells that it’s not his fault as he is not behind all this. Evil minister appears and says everything is his doing. He tells his daughter not to interfere or she too will have to bear the consequences.



Evil minister announces that he will be the new king. Rin tells him to dream on as he won’t let that happen.




End on Rin’s face as usual.

Nooooooooo Moo Suk don’t die. He won’t die. He will either come back like Sang Hyun but then he wouldn’t be a night watchman. Or he will die and become a ghost and will help his friends, still not helpful to the gang. He will miraculously wake up and will be able to see ghosts or he will die and the fangirlsย will be making voodoo dolls of the writer.

Where is the tavern boss? Still locked? Everyone forgot about him.

Why wasn’t tavern lady sad about Sa Kong’s death? I know she never loved him but they were together for years or they didn’t show that she was sad?

Great now Rin would go sulking for half episode upon hearing that his grandmother ordered to kill his parents. These things should have come to light earlier. I don’t know if the climax of the story happened or not.

The ring that dowager gave to Rin, is it the seal evil minister is looking for? In the last episode Sang Hyun and Sa Kong went to kill the dragon and its Sa Kong who had to die. My point is, that’s it they are not going to look for the bow so they can finish that creature? Sure Sang Hyun couldn’t find at that moment. Stop wasting time and find the damn bow.

I don’t know how long are they going to stretch the little ghost’s identity. I’m kinda getting fed up from this drama. Now only if they have killed Do Ha I would have happily hugged Sadam.


13 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 20

  1. KDFan says:

    Moo Seok cannot die…ugh so painful watching him stabbed and slashed O_O
    U-Know’s acting was good though…tears, facial expression.
    soo ryun’s gone way too far to the dark side, no turning back for that girl
    lee run cares more about moo seek than do ha..ugh her blanks eyes, no emotion.
    need more bromance, don’t care for the OTP romance


    • Miss Khan says:

      yes, he cannot die T_T
      indeed u-know’s acting was awesome. the betrayal hit him hard.
      Soo Hyun will fight with her father and she will die in the end saving Rin.
      Moo Suk and Rin forever. Do Ha can die for all I care.


  2. Op says:

    MOOSEOK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANDWAEEEEEEEE DON’T DIE or imma totally stahp watching this crappy storyline. This drama is STUPID, like random bits of events fitted together without any continuity, I just want it to end at this point especially if they don’t bring back Mooseok. The only characters I was rooting for was Mooseok, Sang Heon and maybe Soo Ryun simply because I cannot stand Don’tha >…> All the actors are decent except for Don’tha. Lee Rin characters is rootable only during Don’tha’s absence, its like her presence brings out the stupid in him, I would say its love but chemistry at all.

    Oh God, Mooseok!!!! Kisan couldn’t even look him in the eyes when he betrayed him and Mooseok’s last bow and his sad vulnerable eyes…/wails/.Lee Rin’s grief at Mooseok’s death was kinda unexpectedly deep, I guess he really thought of Mooseok as a friend. If Mooseok doesn’t come back in the next episode, bye bye NWJ.


    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t think they will kill Moo Suk. no one will be watching the drama then.
      listen drama this is not a threat but its real, people will really stop watching this thing. i don’t even know what to call it. STUPIDITY.
      everyone agrees on one thing. they hate Do Ha and want Moo Suk alive. exchange them. Do Ha can die and Moo Suk can live.
      it was painful to watch Moo Suk looking at Ki san. Ki San why, why did you do that?


      • Op says:

        Yeah, it was really painful ;; Mooseok…;;


      • elena says:

        ditto ms. khan…if Moo suk dies, people really will stop watching this drama, regardless that JIW is the main lead, no offense, but Yunho’s star power and popularity is NO joke. they better not kill MS or else = huge decrease in audience members.


  3. Vafa says:

    Liked your recap… It’s hard to watch a drama when it goes really ridiculous that it’s hard to understand it.

    I was doubting about the romance that you supported but the more the story goes on I end up accepting that the OTP should be Rin and Moo Seok.

    Moo Seok can’t die for a beginner in acting, He is really great. Besides, for me, he is the person who is given more depth and is reasonable and understandable.

    And yeah, the writers tried hard to make Doha come to life and active but I still support DoHa go away or dead and Mooseok revived.

    Looking forward to see whether looking forward to next week is a right choice.


  4. osose says:

    I like Doha and I think she is a good actress. Why do you all want her to die? If she dies, what will be the essence of the drama? She is a major character.


    • Haylie says:

      Well that’s your opinion, but based on majority of comments I see on social network, everybody thinks do ha is a BAD actress. I’ve heard a bunch of viewers say her character is dumb, annoying and flat out. Miss Khan really does not like Do Ha and I can see why.


      • osose says:

        Maybe her character is dumb because she is following the directives on the script. We are not the scriptwriters and we don’t expect her to do something out of the story line in a bid to impress us. That’s what I think anyway.


  5. John Smith says:

    Once again thankyou for explaining your reasoning to me. Yes a lot of it makes a lot of sense to me now as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
    In regards to charts and what not. I have never bothered with them since they are mostly always in Korean I have no real idea what they are even trying to say. So I don’t care what happens. By the end of the show something totally different can happen from what originally started out. At this point I wont even bother giving an example I am sure you get the reference but if not I can tell you one.

    While I do agree that Doha was able to throw Lee Rin like that because he was not expecting her to do that. I mean after all who does that to a Prince and that to a mere common person. But then again I think that is the point. In all these dramas that I have watched (not that I have watched a lot of period dramas) girls really aren’t supposed to be the fighters and what not in that time period. So if we were to take a stat pol we will discover that for every 10 girls only one will be a fighter etc… If a girl wants to fight and all in the modern day it wont come as a surprise but at that time no one would really expect a girl to do so. Thus she would have a brief moment where she could have surprised her opponents and made good use of that. Granted she is not doing such a good job in that department currently. ๐Ÿ™‚ Getting captured in almost every other episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lee Rin not destroying the tower is a bit complicated. Yes I am sure that given the chance he can do something like that and he may even get away with it without arousing suspicion on himself and the rest of the group. He may even be able to divert attention of himself etc.. but that is only going to solve the matter in the short run. What Lee Rin need to do to solve this problem is to get to the root of it. This being Sasuke. If he simply destroys the tower only the people are going to suffer for his actions. They will have to rebuild the tower all over again, get taxed even more and grow tired all over again. Their frustration will know no bounds. Infact since Lee Rin is incharge of the construction and collection of taxes the people will first turn against him and demand his blood, after that if they are still not appeased they will then go after Kisan and the rest of the royals. Will this put a dent is Sasuke’s plan. Most defnitley. Perhaps he will make it seem that more ghosts and evil spirits attack and he will put the blame on the tower being destroyed and this is the wrath of the ancient spirits and all. etc… Thus Kisan will try to convince the others to get back to building it and all.

    Once again thankyou for your kind words. I am glad that you are sticking it out till the end. Also glad that you liked my suggestion. I am sure that you can come up with these thoughts as well. You are simply to busy to do so at the moment writing all these amazing recaps for all of us. It is therefore our duty to help you out as much as we can by offering our insights as well. I will continue to do so to the best of my abilities.

    In regards to them killing of Doha that is you joking correct. Atleast I hope it is. Though even the Blacksmith brought this up. Are you by any chance telling the writer what to do and they are considering your decisions. ๐Ÿ™‚
    She is innocent. Yes killing her would really solve a whole bunch of problems. No Dragon Resurrection and certainly no plots for World Domination can come to fruition. ๐Ÿ™‚ But she hasn’t done anything wrong. Is it her fault that she was born or is even a shaman. Infact I think that she is the key to break the curse on the throne. Just like she cured Lee Rin she has to purify the throne for whoever takes that place next. Otherwise there will be very short reigns for the people who will take the throne. ๐Ÿ™‚ No for whatever reasons there are we are stuck with Doha for the time being. Granted she doesn’t always think with her brain but then again I don’t think the others do so as well.

    In regards to the Tavern Owner. There are two things that can happen and we can find out hopefully by the next episode. Either he is still in jail or more likely he is dead. In one of these episodes after his capture and all we learn that he is tortured and all yet he remains loyal to his friends and all. He therefore hasn’t divulged any information to the Prime Minister and Company. So the Prime Minister tells his loyal henchman that he if he wont tell anyone his secrets he can take them to his grave. Well okay those weren’t the exact words but the intent was pretty much this.

    Moosuks death was awesome. He died without any regrets and in something that he believed in. No I doubt that he will come back as a ghost. The Team certainly doesn’t need another ghost to help them out of this jam that they are currently in. He needs to come back as a human. If he can see all these Ghosts that will simply be the icing on the cake. But for now his resurrection will only help the good guys as this can be used as an element of surprise. He can walk and sneak in certain areas and no one would expect him to do so. Thus since no one will be keeping an eye on him because they all think that he is dead he will be able to mount a successful rescue with the blacksmith for the rest of the team mates.

    Yep the Bow has mysteriously disappeared. Even I don’t have an explanation for that one. It was supposed to be that only the true ruler of the land could do so. Yet it has vanished ๐Ÿ™‚ I call that a glitch. The only explanation that I can come up with for the moment is that it is simply there. Sasuke has placed it inside an Invisible barrier and that is why the others can’t see it at the moment.

    They are going to drag the identity of the ghost till the last moment. I guess perhaps she will reveal herself when it is discovered that the Queen Mother was responsible for her death. He will go to confront her only then will the little ghost reveal that she has known about this or what not and that she forgives the Queen Mother for she understood her actions. Perhaps only then can Lee Rin forgive everyone and move on.

    Well that is all from my end for this episode. Atlesat this one was better than the previous one. That was the only good thing about it. I would love to comment more but since I did that already on another site I simply feel to lazy to do so again. Sorry about that.

    Anyway take care and thanks once again for these amazing recaps.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you for understanding my logic ^__^

      I leave the charts too if its in Korean. Yes, I understand and we can have night watchman as an example.
      Indeed in old times, girls were supposed to stay at home and they were not even allowed education. education part still happens and I hope it changes.
      if Sang Hyun trained them instead of giving them a tattoo then Do Ha could have learned how to fight.
      That’s why I like your comments. you give reasons why a certain thing shouldn’t happen.
      with all the night watchmen combined plus Sang Hyun no one could take care of Sadam. is he that powerful? yes he is and that’s the reason he is alive. is there no way to kill him?
      I just don’t like the actress so I though why not kill her. again sorry about my logic. this won’t be the first time the female lead dies, that is if she does die.
      awesome Moo Suk will come back to life and only his gang would know and he would sneak in like you said to get information and if anyone saw him, they would think his spirit came back for revenge.
      I remember seeing the bow in previous episodes it was with the dragon and Sadam was there and maybe his minion too.
      for me I would liked if Rin confronted his grandmother for killing his parents? I don’t understand/remember why she ordered in the first place. for saving the throne, like how? king was just possessed and true he killed but what was the queen’s fault? was killing the king the only way to stop him? grandmother then would give Rin the seal the evil minister is searching for but Rin has no desire to be the king so the little ghost would step in asking Rin to take it and fulfill his father’s wish. he wanted Rin to be an amazing King and in between somewhere the little ghosts identity will be revealed or not and I totally forgot about the grandmother’s forgiveness.

      Take care you too and thank you for your insightful comments ^__^


  6. Andy says:

    If they kill Moosuk for real i’m not watching. ;; He is the best character and i’m rooting for him. huhu Gotta give to Yunho he is doing really amazing in this, his acting in that scene was so impressive. He really surprised me in this drama.


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