Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 19


I can’t say for you guys but I found the first half of the episode really slow. I was looking at the wall and was feeling hungry and was thinking what should I make for lunch. Anyways, same old, same old was happening with noble sacrifice and what not and they finished a character which we were not attached with. Evil minister upped his game and Ki San once again sets his eyes on Soo Hyun.

Episode 19

Ki San wants to end his brother’s life. Ki San should get a wife or a concubine or maybe a girlfriend, so he would stop eyeing other ladies. Evil priestess goes on a killing rampage. Ki San is told about the beast and Rin is willing to help his brother. Moo Suk joins the party late. Rin and Do Ha meet him and Do Ha is still zoned out. Rin puts the bells on her and the spell breaks.



Time to kill the beast. Rin and Moo Suk point their swords at her. Do Ha sees her sister in it and walks towards her. Rin instead of pulling her back just tells her not to go. Evil priestess grabs Do Ha’s neck. Bye bye Do Ha but no, Rin has to step in. Do Ha asks him to stop. The shaman bells ring again and evil priestess comes back to senses. She leaves panicking and Do Ha follows her.



Ki San is panicking as usual. The original one this time mocks the persona for being scared. Persona says he is not. Rin will help him. Original laughs, all Rin want is the throne. Ki San goes crazy and stats slashing air and then people. He thinks Rin send them. Will someone call the psych ward? Moo Suk asks him to stop. Dowager comes too. Ki San has totally lost it. He wants to celebrate with Moo Suk. Dowager tells her maid to clean the mess and no one should know about this. Evil minister is standing at the back and dowager sees her.


Evil minister thinks times up for Ki San and asks to think what would happen if the military takes control. That can’t happen and dowager reminds the promise evil minister made to protect the throne.


Evil priestess finally sees her hands looking like a beast and screams. Everything comes back to her. She is a shaman and Sadam took her. She goes for another attempt to kill him and Sadam wins again. She blames him for everything. Sadam tells her the promise she made. She will have the heart of the guy she loves and he will have her soul. She has enough of it. She stabs herself but nothing happens. Sadam tells that the body has been dead. Mojo Jojo tells his master the arrival of Rin. Snake staff’s eyes glow red.


Rin and Do Ha roams around and evil priestess reaches them first. Rin points the sword at her and stops Do Ha from going to her sister. Evil priestess pulls the sword into herself. Sadam is late and he hates Rin for what he did. Do Ha runs to her sister and Rin follows Sadam. He counts the evil deeds Sadam has done. Sadam tells him noting is his fault. Its Do Ha’s sister’s fault. Rin doesn’t believe and attacks Sadam with his sword. There is a barrier stopping him. Sadam tells him to see it for himself if he doesn’t believe.


Do Ha cries holding her sister. Her sister wipes Do Ha’s tears and tells that the only reason she didn’t go completely insane was because of her. Do Ha tells her that she will save her. Rin reaches them but doesn’t show himself. Shaman wants to leave and tells Do Ha everything is her fault. She wishes Do Ha to find love and dies. Do Ha cries and apologizes for not recognizing her earlier.



Mojo Jojo asks his master what to do now that the shaman is gone. But no worries there’s other shaman. Evil-evil couple are going through a rough patch. Evil minister can’t see Ki San on the king’s throne anymore. Sadam asks him to wait. Ghost minister may have forgotten that Sadam can see ghosts. Eunuch ghost takes him away. Sadam asks evil minister what evil deeds has he done to get hatred from ghosts. Evil minister has a hazy memory because he doesn’t remember.


Rin thinks back to his father going crazy and the shaman admitting everything was her fault. Sang Hyun comes and Rin tells him about Do Ha’s sister. Sang Hyun asks about the future plans and Rin has no idea what to do anymore. Sang Hyun tells him that Do Ha might be in danger because she is the last shaman of the Mago tribe and Sadam needs her for his demon. Last? Did they stop making shamans?



Rin is at the tavern and Do Ha is at Rin’s place. Little ghost and eunuch are beside her. She wakes up after four days and asks about Rin. Speak of the devil. Wobbly Do Ha grabs Rin hand and tells they have to get revenge from Sadam. Rin is not friendly anymore. He tells her to go back to her mountain because her purpose of coming has been fulfilled as she already found her sister. Do Ha can’t understand his behavior and he yells at her to leave. He pulls his hand and exists the room.


Moo Suk visits Rin’s house with the shoes Rin dropped. He tells Moo Suk that he doesn’t need them anymore and Do Ha is going back home. Moo Suk wants the explanation on what’s going on and Rin tells her the reason his father gone mad was because of Do Ha’s sister. Moo Suk thinks rationally and tells that’s not Do Ha’s fault. Why is he making her leave for something that was in the past. Rin asks him not to meddle.



Ki San asks Sadam about the beast and he puts it on Rin. Rin doesn’t want his love to be taken so he made a commotion. Ki San orders to arrest Rin and his gang. Do Ha leaves and little ghost asks Rin, if he did it on purpose. Rin had no choice, he wanted to protect Do Ha from Sadam and for that he is willing to have a broken heart. Such noble idiocy. Ghost minister comes running to give the news about their arrest warrants.



Sang Hyun and Sa Kong count the options the have to take care of Sadam. They have to kill him but he is like a cockroach he won’t die. They can give Do Ha to Sadam. That’s definitely not an option. One and last thing to do is kill the dragon. They hear noise upstairs and soldiers are looking for the night watchmen. Sang Hyun and Sa Kong leave in time thorough a hiding place. Soldiers capture the tavern boss.



Sadam gives the guide to Soo Hyun on how to operate the evil priestess’ place. He tells her she would have control on all the goods in Joseon if she has the book. He makes her dream about her future with Rin. Soo Hyun takes the job of being the owner of the place and tells Sadam that he will not interfere in her business. Evil minister sees her daughter in the evil priestess’ place. Now I will have to give a new name to this place. Soo Hyun tells her father that since he was not willing to help her get Rin’s heart, she has taken things in her hands. She can have Rin and will help her father. Evil minister barges in to rip out Sadam’s locks. How dare he made his daughter the owner of this place. He wants to know what are Sadam’s plans. Sadam gives the money for the army and tells that he will provide more.


Do Ha lovingly looks at the wrist band. How come Moo Suk knew where to find Do Ha? She tells him she is leaving. Sorry but Rin already told us. Moo Suk asks if it’s because of Rin. Duh! Moo Suk. Do Ha knows Rin’s reason but she still feels sad. Moo Suk comforts her by saying, what Rin said is not what he has in his heart. He gives her the shoes Rin bought for her. Little ghost finds Do Ha and asks her to leave if she doesn’t want to be captured.



Rin reaches the tavern first. Tavern lady says Sang Hyun and Sa Kong are at a different hiding place. Moo Suk comes with Do Ha. They all go to the new secret room but Sang Hyun and Sa Kong are not there. They are at the palace to get rid of the dragon. Sa Kong watches guard and Sang Hyun goes in. The dragon is not guarded anymore. Sang Hyun tries to find the bow and accidentally trips the alarm. The door starts to close automatically and before Sang Hyun can leave, evil smokes gather around him. He disperses them but his wound hurts. Rin and Moo Suk to the rescue. Can I laugh? Rin and Moo Suk are wearing the night watchmen’s costume. They were getting ready before coming to save their friend. Moo Suk holds the door and they all come out safely. Bad luck for Sa Kong as Mojo Jojo finds him. He is no match for the evil minion and dies in vain. What? Moo Suk takes sang Hyun and Rin goes to find Sa Kong. He is dead. Yes, I said it twice. Rin screams and I was like you idiot, I know your friend died but you are not supposed to be here. Do you want to alert everyone?


Poor tavern boss is getting beaten up but he doesn’t tell anything. The gang mourns the death of their friend. Rin swears his death wouldn’t be in vain. Do Ha bids her final farewell to Rin as she won’t be able to see his again. She thanks him. Both of them have tears in their eyes. Moo Suk doesn’t want her to leave but she has made her decision.



Ki San wants answers from Rin. Did he use the beast and the watchmen so he could have Do Ha back? Rin denies that the beast has anything to do with them. Ki San wants the proof of his innocence. He knows the attack at the construction site and the beast are related to one person. He thinks if Rin was not behind it then it must be the evil minister and so he wants the proof of that or Rin should be ready to lose his neck.



Rin and Moo Suk makes plans on what to do next. Rin warns his friend about the danger. Moo Suk is not willing to forgive them so he is in. They spot Soo Hyun with Sadam entering the palace. Soo Hyun gives money to Ki San for the construction. He asks if she knew he wanted her as a concubine. She plays it cool. He would have more advantage in using the evil priestess’ place. Ki San laughs and calls her smart. He has taken a liking to her. He caresses her face.



Concern is written all over Rin’s face. He asks Soo Hyun, why is she with Sadam? He is a bad and a dangerous guy. Soo Hyun is happy that he is concerned about her but he should have done it sooner so she wouldn’t have to ask for Sadam’s help.


Do Ha still hasn’t left. She takes out a small knife. Unbeknownst to her little ghost is watching her. She runs to Rin. Genius Do Ha does the same thing her sister did. She quietly creeps into the room and raises the mini dagger and fails to kill him. She like her sister blames him for everything. He tells her about the human nature that they would do anything to get what they want. He uses his power and she faints and she wakes up in a forest, tied to a tree. Sadam captured her in a painting. Sadam’s sure no one will find her. So like a nice girl she will wait until the Youngshin’s spirit finds her.


Ki San informs Sadam that he is taking Soo Hyun as a concubine. Wait, why does this feel like déjà vu? Sadam again goes on how their energy doesn’t match and blabla bla. Ki San is a king and he dare talk back to him. He wants to have the upper hand on evil minister. Evil minister unsheathes his sword. If the king wants trouble, he will have it. He tells his minion to gather the army and tells them its time to remove the crazy king. Ghost minister is there listening.



Rin and Moo Suk enter Sadam’s place and Do Ha is not there. Rin is about to leave. He senses something and looks at the painting. He tells Moo Suk that Do Ha is in the painting. He slashes his sword and a portal opens and he jumps in. He frees Do Ha and tells her they are in a painting. She asks how can they leave. A tiger shows up randomly.



Evil minister enters the palace with his army and Ki San is informed about it. Evil minister goes to Ki San’s room so he knows that this is happening for real. Evil minister tells him that for the future he is leading the coup. Evil minister has gone evil as he is wearing eyeliner too. Why does everyone wears eyeliner in one eye or is it just me?


Rin and Do Ha run from the tiger. They have to get out of the painting. Rin remembers seeing a water fall and somehow they are out of the picture. Ghost minister comes running with the bad news. Evil minister has started a rebellion.




Oh well we all knew this was coming. Today as well it ended on Rin’s face. May be evil minster would have waited but we are running out of episodes and Ki San has changed his mind and decided to have Soo Hyun as his concubine. So many reasons.

I don’t understand one thing. The gang could have protected Do Ha if she stayed. Rin asked her to leave and it was an easy chance for Sadam to nab this tiny girl. And this tiny girl with her tiny brain thought she could kill Sadam? The whole gang couldn’t do it but a mini dagger can? Moreover, you can’t kill him. Where is Sadam’s original body?

How was Rin able to sense Do Ha in a painting? They should have made it more convenient for us. Like may be Do Ha’s bells started ringing or Rin and Moo Suk heard Do Ha. And why was Moo Suk just waiting for them to pop out? What if Sadam or his minion came back? He should have taken the picture with him to a save place but then Rin and Do Ha would have to spend an episode or so in the painting.

Was anyone affected by Sa Kong’s death? Poor guy didn’t wanted to join the gang first. So who should be blamed? The gang? Or Sa Kong himself for not being able to fight? But he did say that he only was a journal keeper.

Why is Do Ha the last shaman? I don’t know how shamans are made or do you have to be a born shaman?


8 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 19

  1. keiko says:

    omg, still don’t like the female lead = like others said she got dead eyes, staring into space & no emotion..her crying scene so fake, tears drop out, then she wails, and no more tears come out.
    Yunho’s crying scene WAY BETTER – he’s a good rookie actor = u can see his feelings from his eye expression; his dialect = he’s got stable vocalization. he’s very good at martial arts. luv his action scenes 🙂
    lee rin’s fun but no chemistry bwtn him and do ha at all.


  2. Vafa says:

    Btw, the last shaman thingy. Just my thoughts but could it be that the shamans are only of a certain family in the tribe. Like Doha’s sister was a shaman. Then, she became a shaman too. So, I think it is born and in blood as a shaman. But for Doha, according to timeline, she took some time to end up being a shaman for her tribe. So, may be specially made too.


  3. John Smith says:

    This was an episode where I ended up face palming myself more than once. It was people making stupid choices all around. Every thing that I enjoyed in this show was dashed thanks to this episode.

    Oh well let me try to attempt to hazard a few answers to your questions. How right they may be we will have to see.

    1. You want to name the place Soo Ryun is now in charge of. How about calling it the House of Vice or House of Greed etc. or perhaps add Stupidity as well with one of the previous names ie Vice or Greed etc…

    2. Doha in a painting.

    I do think that Lee Rin did manage to hear her and he figured out that she was in the painting. How that happened exactly maybe he read about similar stuff in the Journals of The Night Watchmen for homework and came across this fact. Since he was also aware of how to escape this makes more sense than simply shooting in the dark etc…

    3. Moosuk didn’t run of with the painting.

    It wouldn’t have really worked. Since when they would have come out they would have still come out in Sasuke’s room from the other waterfall painting. Perhaps if the former picture got burnt they might have to run and their surroundings would start to erupt in flames. But if anyone would try to set flames to that painting it would only be the Prime Minister and that to if he believed in any of this stuff. So in other words they were perfectly safe over there and Moosuk did the right thing staying where he was. Not that he could have done anything if Sasuke showed up. But if it was his minion then he would be able to take care of himself.

    Can’t really answer the question regarding Shamans. It is quite possible that the Shaman perhaps work on a Master and Apprentice system and perhaps there can only be one of each at one time. Thus in this case Doha’s Sister would have been her Master and Doha would have been the apprentice. But since Doha’s sister was abducted early on she couldn’t really pass on all her teachings to Doha so she is not a full master yet. Thus she has no apprentice of her own. Therefore if Doha were to die all their teachings would end with her.

    I don’t really blame anyone for the death of the current Night Watchman. In the end he chose to be a part of the group. I am sure he was well aware of the risks that were involved yet he chose to be there even if it was to make sure his friend didn’t die. I do feel a bit bad about his death but like I said he chose his own fate.

    4. Doha could be more safe if she staid.

    All that I am willing to say in this regard is that they simply have not heard the saying United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
    Also now more than ever they need her. Clearly no one has been thinking in this episode and almost everyone has been making dumb moves
    Lee Rin and Doha each confronting Sasuke on their own.
    Minister Ghost haunting Prime Minister infront of Sasuke when they are aware of exactly how dangerous he can be. Sasuke can not only see Ghosts but also control them as well.
    This is just a few points that I can mention over here.

    I am sure I brought up a few more points in some other post of mine.

    Either way take care and hope this post helped you. Also hope that you enjoyed your holidays as well. 🙂

    Please keep up the good work and continue to Recap this show no matter how bad it gets. 🙂


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You so much for replying ^__^

      I like it. House of vice/greed. definitely going to use it.
      even if Rin heard Do Ha’s voice we had no idea, who is going to tell us? so I was like -_-
      your theory seems right. Thank you Moo Suk for staying and waiting for your friends.
      if Do Ha is not a complete shaman then she will be useless to Sadam, right?
      the new watchman just died like that. he should have died a heroes death or something. it made me angry.
      this show is completely messed up. I swear I need a reason to stay and I think I got one. its you, I really like reading your amazing comments and how you analyze it. I wish I could do that.


  4. Tessie says:

    Is it just me, or is this drama getting more and more ridiculous?


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