Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 18


Don’t look at me and don’t ask anything because I have no idea what the hell happened in this episode. But I will try anyways, Do Ha got a twin. Rin got stupid. Evil priestess got evil and in trying to understand all this and other stuff I lost some brain cells.


Episode 18

Nobody liked my idea of keeping the fake Do Ha for Moo Suk. Poor guy will die alone. Rin stops the bitch fight that was about to happen and here I thought Rin was a fun guy. Sang Hyun and Sa Kong get involved to resolve the twin theory. Sa Kong asks if they are twins. I laughed so hard that I forgot to laugh. Sang Hyun asks the girls to show their tattoo. Both girls have that. They need to consider second option. Rin and Moo Suk with their respective Do Ha’s throw talismans but the girls are not affected. Sang Hyun later shares there is so spirit controlling the body so talismans won’t work. You could have said that earlier. They are sure Sadam is behind this. Well yeah we only have one villain. Sang Hyun tells the gang to find the real Do Ha or it will get dangerous.


Seriously what’s wrong with these two ghosts. They were at evil priestess’ place and now they are at the palace, sitting in front of the king. Ki San orders to increase tax because the money is getting scarce and the temple is behind the schedule date. He need more workers. Evil minister tells him do consider people’s feelings. Ki San doesn’t care, he wants a way so the people can sacrifice their families. Ki San leaves and ghost minister yells at the ministers for not stopping the king. Evil minister has started to feel the ghosts.


Sadam gives the money he collected for the dowry to Ki San. Ki San is thankful and labels evil priestess as a loyal subject. Sadam babbles about enjoying the wealth and evil priestess is zoned out.



Rin finds Soo Hyun. He wants to know why she called Do Ha. Of course she is going to lie. She wanted Do Ha not to bother Rin. Soo Hyun has more to add for Rin. She reminds him of the difference in his and Do Ha’s status. She is more suitable for him. Bla blabla bla she can die. She plays with the doll.


Sang Hyun shows a map to the gang. They have to burn the dead fury cat at one particular spot and Sadam will lose his transformation abilities and fake Do Ha will be revealed. Sadam looks at his dead fury cat. He is gloating that night watchmen won’t be able to end his transformation abilities.


Ki San is back at the construction site. He wants another giant rock to his head. He yells at Rin because of the slow progress. Rin tells that the workers are tired. Ki San wants more workers. If the temple isn’t finished in time Rin will be punished. Rin tells evil minister they have to stop Ki San. Evil minister isn’t bothered as Rin is in charge of the temple.



Moo Suk on his suspicions asks evil minister about the incident with the king. Evil minister gets angry, how dare he accuse him? He took care of him and the position Moo Suk holds his because of him. Evil minister questions Moo Suk’s loyalty. Moo Suk asks evil minister to take the duty back to prove his loyalty. Seems like Soo Hyun heard the fight. She tells Moo Suk not to tarnish her father’s name or she won’t forgive him.



Moo Suk is put in a tough situation. Ki San asks about the culprit, he thinks it was either evil minister or Rin. Moo Suk says, he doesn’t have proof. Ki San can sense the betrayal. He asks if he has joined them and asks about his extra curricular activities with Rin. Who told Ki San that Moo Suk is a ghost hunter? Moo Suk says the same thing he said to evil minister, to let him go if Ki San doesn’t believe him. Ki San is not going to fall for such words. He wants the culprit. Moo Suk leaves and Ki San stops him. He tells that in this whole world he only trusts Moo Suk.



Little ghost asks Rin to forget about the revenge and leave the city. Rin is hellbent on revenge. He will not forgive his parents killers.


Sang Hyun tries to be Moo Suk with the sword practicing and his wound hurts. Little ghost has come to ask him to stop Rin from becoming a night watchman. Sang Hyun tells her, what is bound to happen will happen. Like how she crossed the river. So she is Rin’s mother?


You would think they will take extra special care in locking up the two Do Ha’s. But no, both Do Ha’s share a room with the tavern lady. Fake Do Ha secretly leaves the room. Sang Hyun is at the meeting room and he sees Do Ha with the snake staff. He for some reason doesn’t suspect her to be evil and asks what is she doing. Fake Do Ha says, she wanted to ask what to so with the stick. Sang Hyun now knows she is fake as he already told what to do with the staff. He tries to get her but an evil energy comes out of the staff and hurts his wound. Fake Do Ha runs with the staff and Sang Hyun follows. But he is injured. He tells Sa Kong the fake one has the staff.


Tavern lady cries as she tends to Sang Hyun. His bleeding isn’t stopping. Rin and Moo Suk look in silence. Sang Hyun looks at the boys and Rin has tears in his eyes. Sang Hyun is satisfied he found the fake Do Ha. Rin is worried about Sang Hyun. Real Do Ha comes and cries. She says it’s her fault and Sang Hyun tells her that its Sadam’s fault. Rin promises to find the fake Do Ha.


Fake Do Ha is with Sadam. Sadam is happy he got the staff back. Evil priestess has a flashback of the shaman. She screams and touches the back of her neck. Yup, she is Do Ha’s sister.



Dowager and evil minister discuss Rin. Dowager wants Soo Hyun as Rin’s bride but evil minister doesn’t want that. Ki San arrives and asks what are they cooking? Is it how to return Rin is place? Well Ki San knows they want Soo Hyun for Rin but that’s not happening because he is taking her as a concubine. Dowager and evil minister oppose the decision. Ki San is the king and they dare oppose him. Ki San laughs.


Sadam is calculating his next move after learning the concubine situation. Evil priestess comes from behind with a knife and Sadam moves just in time. Mojo Jojo helps his master by hitting her on the neck. Her memories came back. Sadam has to find another body to contain the spirit of Do Ha’s sister.


Soo Hyun’s maid is more worried than Soo Hyun about the concubine thing. Soo Hyun still is singing the same tune. She loves Rin even though he keeps hurting her. Mojo Jojo must be busy because evil priestess’ maid tells that Sadam has come to meet her. Soo Hyun doesn’t want to see him but the maid says it’s concerning her future. Sadam tells Soo Hyun that he can stop her from becoming a concubine on one condition. If she takes charge of the evil priestess’ place. Soo Hyun thinks it’s a difficult task. Sadam thinks she can do it.


Now the situation has reversed. Ki San’s other persona has taken over the body. The orignal Ki San disapproves of him taking Soo Hyun and calls him crazy. Ki San isn’t worried about anything. Sadam comes and the original Ki San looks at him in sorrow, like he can’t be with him. Sadam has come uninvited and Ki San asks the reason. Sadam proposes to take a shaman instead of Soo Hyun and talks something about Ki San’s and evil minister’s bad energy. This Ki San won’t listen to whatever magic words he says. He thinks if spirits were powerful Sadam would be sitting in his place. Ki San insults him and calls him a bug. Sadam controls himself from exploding. He tells the shaman is Rin’s favorite girl and all of a sudden Ki San is interested.


Time to have some more weapons. Sang Hyun gives a mirror to Rin. Yup, he is handsome so he can look at it all day long. The mirror takes energy from the moonlight and ends the transformation powers. Moo Suk gets a ghost powder. He can spread it and he will be able to see ghosts. Sang Hyun, why didn’t you gave this to Moo Suk earlier? Do Ha wants to go on to the mission but there are no toys left for her so she has to stay home. Moreover, they are going to finish the other Do Ha, the original one tagging along will create trouble. Sang Hyun smiles looking at them. He is proud for creating the night watchmen team. Sorry to burst your bubble but you didn’t do anything. Rin pestered you to teach how to be a night watchman. You wanted more members and Moo Suk joined. We thought we will get awesome training but the team got a tattoo on their arms and some toys to play with.


Rin, Moo Suk and Sa Kong enter the palace. Sa Kong accidentally steps on the trap. It’s a barrier. Previous night watchmen for whatever reason have gathered to finish them. Rin worries about his buddy because he can’t see ghosts and Moo Suk tells him to worry about himself. He charges towards them and spreads the dust. He can see them. Sa Kong tells Rin to go ahead with the plan. He and Moo Suk can handle the situation. Rin slams the sword on the talisman paper to break the barrier and he is out. Wait, if you can do this why bother fighting with the ghosts?


Rin is at Sadam’s place. The dead fury cat and a hair pin is lying there. If not for Rin, I would have no idea that the hairpin belonged to Do Ha. When was her pin stolen? Did I miss something? As Rin is about to leave, Do Ha appears. Why did he stare at her chest? I’m pretty sure this is the fake Do Ha but Rin doesn’t know that. Why, God WHY? She takes the dead fury cat from him and pushes him. She runs and Rin follows her. He catches her in no time but she is strong. She chokes Rin and he takes something out. First I thought it would be the hair pin. He wanted to poke her but he takes out the mirror. The moon’s light reflects on it and blinds her. Rin takes advantage of the situation. He takes out the sword to finish her and she looks at him with puppy eyes, reminding of the promises he made to protect her. I’m pulling my hair out. He falls for the trick and lowers the sword. Rin you idiot, stupid moron. She closes in with the knife in her hand and thanks to Moo Suk, Rin is still alive. Oh and the dead fury cat gets burned because it also got hit by the moon light through the mirror. I’m wondering what if it was a cloudy day?


Sadam comes back to his room and throws tantrum. He swears to destroy the night watchmen. Sang Hyun praises his boys for the job well done and Moo Suk gets more praise because he can’t see the ghosts. Seriously if it was me I would have punished them for being brainless.



Do Ha sits alone. God knows what she is thinking. Rin finds her. He gives her the hair pin that got stolen God knows when. He asks if she is sulking because they didn’t bring her and says, that’s not the case. She thinks she is useless to the team and Rin teases her and agrees. He gives her, his father’s wrist band. So he can recognize her and it will help her overcome difficulties. Do Ha gives him, her shaman bells. They are precious to her so she is giving it to him. Rin hugs her. What? We are starting the romance again?


Sadam is chanting and trying to take the spirit out from evil priestess’ body but fails to do so. Soo Hyun wants to play with her dolly but its all burned. She wonders what happened to it. Do Ha pays a visit to her. And for some reason instead of hiding the doll Soo Hyun places it nicely on the table. Do Ha asks about her kidnapping and Soo Hyun pretends she has no idea. Do Ha looks at the doll and then Soo Hyun hides it. She tells So Hyun this is bad stuff. Did she make a deal with Sadam? This stuff is taboo and dangerous. Soo Hyun feigns ignorance again and tells Do Ha to work on the promise to leave Rin. Do Ha agrees but Soo Hyun has to promise not to go to Sadam. Are they talking about the promise that they made ages ago? After that Rin has hugged and kissed Do Ha. Their romance is speeding away with a snail’s pace.


Evil priestess’ maid tells Do Ha that she wants to meet her. Stupid Do Ha happily follows. Evil priestess is tied to the bed and Do Ha freaks out. Mojo Jojo is there to silence her and take her away. The maid sees him taking Do Ha. She checks on her master and freaks out too. Evil priestess is awake and asks to untie her. The moment she is free, evil priestess chokes the maid. Why, she helped you?


Sadam does something to Do Ha and once again she is under his control. He takes her to the palace. Eunuch and minister ghost see them and run to Rin with the news. Rin is with his best friend Moo Suk. Rin is holding a gift for Do Ha. Moo Suk asks about it and Rin teases him. He won’t tell. The two ghosts tell Rin that Do Ha is taken to the king’s room. Moo Suk stops Rin from going. Dude, now is not the time to be loyal to the king. Rin can’t lose a second. He leaves and the gift falls from his hand. Moo Suk picks up and its red colored shoes. Moo Suk runs after Rin.


Evil priestess has gone evil. She suddenly has long nails and her eyes change color time to time. She walks into the palace and the maids scream their lungs out. Ki San undresses Do Ha as she sits lifelessly. Rin barges in and Ki San does what he always does. He puts the blade on his little brother’s neck.




and we again end on Rin’s face.

Sang Hyun said the dead fury cat must be destroyed at a particular spot and its hard to find the place. Then how come the dead fury cat died on a random spot? Or I misunderstood something?

Why isn’t anyone talking about the bloody cloth anymore? Evil minister is roaming free and fearless.

What happened to the evil priestess? Why is she turned into a beast?

Now that the fury dead cat is gone how is Sadam going to put shaman’s spirit into Soo Hyun?

Why was Rin going to give Do Ha shoes? Does he not know the famous saying, “that your lover will walk away from you if you gift them shoes” or something like that.

Why is Do Ha’s defense system low? She is a shaman, she can cure the evil flower but can’t fight with the evil spells?

What happened to the plan of restoring the dragon? Are we going to wait until the temple builds and it will collapse at the last moment and victory for the good guys? yipee.

Why am I wishing for the drama to end on Monday?


15 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 18

  1. osose says:

    Wow! Everything is getting worse. I hate these situations. I hope the good times come back soon.


  2. amwa says:

    drama is getting crazy but here we stay binding in sadam’s spell … damn


  3. John Smith says:

    The Reason Lee Rin thought that the fake Doha was the real one (when he went to destroy the tail) was because of the Ribbon on Dohas hair. To help them identify each other one Doha had a Red Ribbon tied to her hair while the other had a Blue One. Since she this one was wearing a Blue Ribbon Lee Rin thought that this was the real one.

    The priestess in only now acting Evil so I really don’t know why you have been referring to her as Evil Priestess all along but I will respect your wishes.
    The reason that she turned out the way is that while Evil Dude tried to remove the Shamans spirit from the traders body so that he could place it in the new body (most probably) Soo Ryuns the Spirit got entangled with the original bodies owner (also I suspect that it had sort of become comfortable in this new body due to the long period of time that they spent together) thus I can only assume that this person has become a new entity (a combination of the shaman and the original soul of the trader) making her some sort of vengeful spirit. Though perhaps she still retains some of each personality and the reason she is heading to the Kings chamber is to save her little sister or perhaps she has become so twisted that she is going to kill her. Who knows what these writers are thinking at the moment. :0

    As to the answers to some more of your questions

    Why is Do Ha’s defense system low? She is a shaman, she can cure the evil flower but can’t fight with the evil spells?

    True she is a Shaman but it is more like she is in training. She left when she thought that she could find her sister. She didn’t even bother taking the training manual with her so she has to rely on what she knows or guesses. She can’t even tell Ghosts apart from real people at the moment. Also I believe she said that she wasn’t sure if she had completely cured Lee Rin and the flower. So that proves that she is not all that powerful and what not.

    What happened to the plan of restoring the dragon? Are we going to wait until the temple builds and it will collapse at the last moment and victory for the good guys? yipee.

    The plan is still in progress. They simply need the tower to be fully build and yes it is meant to collapse as well.
    The following things are meant to happen. Some more souls are needed to free the Dragon. These will be used at the last minute to awaken the dragon and he also needs a Shaman for the ritual. When the tower is complete he will use the Shaman and Souls to awaken the Dragon. The Dragon will then use the tower as a ladder and slither/climb up and into the sky. Since the Dragon is so big and powerful while he is going up he will destroy the tower making it crumble down.

    Now that the fury dead cat is gone how is Sadam going to put shaman’s spirit into Soo Hyun?

    I doubt that he really needed that it was simply a sort of medium that helped him channel is powers and I suspect that was needed for his transformation skills. Over here he was planning on implanting one soul into another so perhaps he didn’t need it. Either way I doubt that it would really matter since the trader has gone all vengeful spirit mode so I guess he is going to need Plan B over here.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the bloody cloth anymore? Evil minister is roaming free and fearless.

    Why would they be talking about it. Everyone is simply to busy to do their own things than worry about some message on a cloth. The people are busy and tired from the tower construction. As for Lee Rin he lost that Ace when he revealed to the Prime Minister that he had the cloth but fooled him by telling him that he doesn’t believe what the message said as it was done to drive a wedge between the two and that he believes him to be on his side and that he needs his help to get his throne back. (Rather Evil Lee Rin did this). So while the Prime Ministers guard is down Lee Rin and company are busy trying to solve more important matters such as stopping the Dragon from coming to visit the town and all. Though Lee Rin hasn’t forgotten what the Prime Minister has done he has simply put it on the back burner till the time is right to enact his revenge.
    Also who said that he is roaming free and fearless. He is being haunted by Minister Ghost. Though he doesn’t quite get it at the moment. Eventually he is going to pay the price for his actions. 🙂

    Hope some of these points help or else you already knew all this and I have simply wasted my time writing all this 🙂

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    • yin yang says:

      hope you can join the discussion of the night watchmen on Soompi thread, a lot of people will appreciate your insightful comment and your comments never a waste! really … please do drop by here again 🙂


      • John Smith says:

        Thankyou for your kind words. I would love to see and read your comments as well on that thread. I can only assume though that you are going by a different name on that thread because I don’t recall reading your posts over there. Though it is quite possible that I have missed your posts among the many that I have read over there. If that is the case let me apologize for that happening. In regards to me joining the group lets say that I can’t do that. Why because I just recently joined it already. So yes I am a recent member of Soompi and yes I also post over there every now and again for this drama and one other. I guess it would be pretty easy to figure out which user I am. In that group I believe I am the only one that tends to refer as the main Bad Guy as Sasuke. I think I may have explained my reasons in my first ever post as to why I do that. As you may have noticed if you have read any of my posts over there I don’t do that over here but then I do my best not to mention him at all if I can help it. I kind of wanted my posts to be unique and not blamed for stealing other peoples posts and all since I use a different name here and there. 🙂 I am not sure what the case is are we allowed to cut and paste our posts even if they are for different sites but the same topic or do they become the property of the place where you posted them in the first place.

        Either way now that I know that you are a member of Soompi as well I look forward to reading your posts over there as well.
        Till then take care.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much for taking out the time to answer my questions ^___^

      I had no idea two Do Ha’s were using different hair ribbons. shucks I need to pay more attention.
      I had no idea what her name was and she was close to Sadam and he is evil so I called her evil priestess. sorry about the logic.
      did Do Ha thought she would bump into her sister in the market place and they will go back home happily? she knew her sister was abducted so she should have done some preparations if she ever fell in danger.
      Sadam can control spirits so why doesn’t he order them to make the temple. it will be faster that way or the spirits don’t do labor work?
      Sang Hyun said they need to destroy the dead fury cat so it won’t be used for transformation anymore. true now that evil priestess has gone crazy Sadam has to think how to control her and seal the shaman’s spirit.
      few episodes before everyone was freaking out because of the letter that the queen wrote. Rin can still show the cloth and have evil minister punished. which will of course happen but later. I’m waiting for evil minister to freak out after seeing the ghosts of the people he killed.


      • John Smith says:

        First of all I want to wish you a Happy Eid Mubark. Secondly I want to point out that don’t feel bad about noting the little details because to be honest I am quite bad in that department as well most of the times. The only reason I even got that was thanks to the subs. When EC (Evil Clone) Doha stole the Snake Staff from the good guys and they tried to stop her the latest member of the Brotherhood went and said something along the lines that he always suspected, never trusted or knew that the Red one was the Evil One. Or atleast something close to this. Thus when EC Doha came in front of Lee Rin and impersonated the real one now that I knew what to look for (as they had the same clothes and all) I tried to see what colour difference that I could spot that was not Red. It was at that point I noticed the Blue Ribbon in her hair. Yes the real one did show up when they were all tending the Blacksmith but I didn’t really notice it at that point. But thanks to the pictures that you have posted as well I looked really hard and have indeed spotted the Red and Blue Ribbons in her hair. 🙂

        As for the matter of calling her Evil Priestess thanks for explaining your reasons to me. To be honest I have just recently started reading your recaps so I am unaware from when you started referring to her as an Evil Priestess. The fun thing is that I pretty much had a suspicion of who she might have been even before the first flashback but people told me that I was just imagining things. Well they said that the flashback came from Doha so I left it at that. Anyway I was curious as to the reason because before it was revealed that she was housing Doha’s sisters spirit in her why you were calling her Evil and a Priestess as well. Granted I got that she was with the bad guy but so far she hadn’t displayed any major signs of being Evil and a Priestess or any sort of magical nature so far. All she did seem was that she was a trader who was in cohorts with the bad guy. So if you had gone for a Evil Trader it was something I could go with. Yet you had been going on that she was an Evil Priestess and I thought that you might be saying that because you knew as well that she may have been Doha’s sister as well and that she was Evil. I never really considered Doha’s Sister evil till the last episode and to be honest I feel that she has become more corrupted than evil. Then Again that is something else to consider.

        In matters of Self Defense. While Doha was aware that her sister was kidnapped I am not sure she considered everything. While she was quite young when it happened I think she simply thought that the kidnapping was done by mere humans. After all the leader of that tribe was supposed to be dead and she must have assumed that they wouldn’t have any real magic users or what not with them. So in that regards she does have a bit of skill to take on one or two humans. She did toss Lee Rin so that shows that she does know how to take care of herself in a small fight. Also due to her skills she can fight a few ghosts and spirits as well. (Granted her fighting skills are nothing to brag about when considering her other team mates and all) I suspect that she may be a bit decent at archery as well but that is a speculation on my part from one of the photos that I saw (posters) Again I may be of mark and she may be totally bad. As for magic while she is a Shaman her skills are mediocre at best. She can see spirits but she can’t always differentiate between them being humans or ghosts at the moment. She does have a few other skills but nothing great at the moment. I was expecting more from her sadly she dissapoints in that department. I am not sure exactly what training she went through perhaps just simple meditation at the moment. She barely had the power to purify the power and remove the Darkness within Lee Rin and even that she is not sure if she got it all out.

        You say that the Villain can control Spirits why doesn’t he use them to build the tower. I gather that spirits need to have hosts to do that to an extent. Even if that is not the case what you have to note is that this relationship between the two is a give and take one. Something Like an Equivalent Trade or something. So for a Spirit to do his bidding he must offer something that they want. This is not always not made clear. For instance when he brought the Lady that spread Small Pox she wanted to have the Queen Mother as her host/victim. Once he agreed to do this she was willing to help him. I doubt that these Spirits would easily work for him for mere slave labour and would have felt insulted and tried to kill him. I guess he works out a bond between him and the spirits that is why their defeats effect him so much. Also you have to consider that no matter how fast Spirits work they would still take days to construct the tower. (I can only assume that many months have passed since the order was given not two days or two weeks as drama time works differently than real time) and if he were to use spirits to do his bidding he would have been caught and then he would have to flee town failing his mission to revive the Dragon. So just to achieve his goals he acts all weak and submissive to those around him that is why he is quite a dangerous adversary and people tend to underestimate him. I think I may have brought up a similar point sometime before so I may be wrong though.

        As I mentioned about the letter. Yes I do agree that it will be brought up at a much later time. But at the moment everyone seems to have their own matters that are of much more importance to them. The people are over worked due to the construction of the tower thus they are mostly tired and also taxed heavily. These things are more on their mind than worrying about some corrupt minister. Plus I doubt that at this point they would really care who murdered the Queen or not. They would really be irked at the Royal Family currently. As for Lee Rin he has to stop the Dragon from awakening because if he doesn’t it won’t really matter if the Prime Minister is responsible or not as the Dragon is a force of Destruction and will destroy all in its path. Once this matter is finally resolved he can focus is attention on the Prime Minister and see to it that Justice is finally done for his family. Yes the Prime Minister is slowly getting to the point that he can see Ghosts. At that point he really is going to freak out I can’t wait till that happens.

        Also perhaps the EC Doha isn’t really destroyed and may come back later on.

        Well that’s it from my end. Thanks for replying to the post. 🙂
        Keep up the good posts. They come in real handy if I miss an episode or to further understand something that I didn’t get or I can try to help others out.


        • Miss Khan says:

          Thank you ^__^

          I’m really bad at noticing things actually I don’t usually pay attention. I watch dramas for enjoyment. salute to you for finding that out.
          why I called her evil priestess is because. sadam is a priest and we first saw her with him. so I assumed she was a priestess.but she was not and I was too lazy to find a new name for her. I’m so sorry about my logic.
          never ever believe in the synopsis or the charts and posters. I never do. Do Ha was able to toss Rin because he was not on guard. how would he know a girl would randomly flip him?
          Sadam controlling spirits and ghosts came to my mind because of how Soloman controlled the ghosts and made them build the building.
          Rin is not doing anything to stop the construction. now that he is in charge he should have put some explosives and the whole thing would have come down or something like that. where he won’t be blamed. or he and gang can go and search for the bow.
          we can’t bear one Do Ha, though i liked the other one.


  4. EG says:

    ive been trying to be patient with this drama, but the story’s messed up, choppy, too random, and drags on too much. this drama had potential but after 18 episodes, despite situations getting worse, the story is still too slow. on social network, i hear mostly negative comments about this drama and i feel bad for the female lead too. A lot of people said she’s a bad actress.


    • Miss Khan says:

      I was waiting for the drama to start and it felt like ages have passed by and finally the drama aired. but we were not given what we were promised. the synopsis stated that the gang would go ghost hunting and will save the city from the evil. nothing of that sort happened and it makes me sad. its true that the female lead is not doing a good job. I want what I was promised T_T


    • gdn says:

      This show is still no. 1 in the time slot despite the negative comments. Seems people enjoy the crazyness random of the plot. That what makes it interesting XD Btw, how do you think of the female lead yourself? I think she’s improved slowly in the show or I just get used to with her acting. Feel the chemistry between the main leads?

      Hope they bring more BROmance of Lee Rin and Moo Seok in the remaining episodes.


      • Miss Khan says:

        I don’t watch a show because of its ratings. The female lead seriously has no chemistry with her co-stars. She looks more like a friend than a lover to Rin. Her being on the screen or not doesn’t make any difference to me. There is chemistry in male leads though. When Rin and Moo Suk are together seriously Do Ha loses her place. They can always kill the girl and have bromance but I don’t think the drama will have a sad end. My bromance T_T


        • Haylie says:

          Hi miss khan,
          I agreed with everything you said about the bromance and I don’t care if Do ha has a sad ending. This drama is a big mess the whole time and to make things worse, I heard that Moo Suk might get killed in the end. If anything happens to Yunho, there’s gonna be a huge outrage from the Cassiopeia fandom.


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