Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 17


There is a new girl in town. She has the charms and knows how to use her magic. OHMYGOD I love this Do Ha. She can totally be with Moo Suk. They match each other’s personality. Moo Suk is shy and reserve and Do Ha is bold and forward. Yipee happy end.

So much happened in this episode that I kept wondering if this was the last episode or second last. Sheesh Sadam has made friends to share his dolls. The love between our main couple vanished like last episode never happened. I freaking LOVE Moo Suk’s action scenes.

Episode 17

Nobody liked the kiss so they forget about it and start with the night watchman’s meeting. Rin apologizes for his behavior. I understand Rin, I forgive you for kissing Do Ha. Everyone in the room thinks they need to get rid of Sadam. Yeah like we never knew that. Rin has a plan. He tricks Sadam into believing that he is still under the spirits control. He asks Sadam to join him and to make him believe Rin says, he will give him a night watchman. He then fakes a headache and Sadam smiles.


Efff just happened because we are back to the meeting. Does that mean Rin went and tricked Sadam and came back to continue the meeting? The gang join heads to search for a way to capture Sadam. Sa Kong agrees to join them. How nice of you for wasting our time before and joining the damn team. Which for whatever reasons keep adding members.


Rin brings Sang Hyun all tied up to Sadam. Sadam removes his blindfold and Sang Hyun looks like he is on drugs. God knows what was Sadam up to, Sang Hyun tells him to remove his dirty hands from him and right on cue Rin pulls his sword. Sadam goes like, you tricked me and summons the black energy. Sang Hyun feels pain in his chest wound. Sadam gets the opportunity and runs. Rin right behind him and the rest of the gang just pops suddenly. Sadam goes in the chanting mode and Cullen appears. I don’t know why all four of them had to engage with one guy when Sadam is right there. What happens next is they slam the talismans on the ground and do something what they do with the swords and the talismans stick to Cullen like a magnet. Moo Suk’s turn to finish him and Do Ha helps and so Cullen died. The end.


Rin asks Sa Kong to help Sang Hyun and the rest of the gang follows Sadam. Who by the way ran when he saw four guys dealing with one spirit. Sadam for some reason is panicking and calling for Mojo Jojo. Out team soon catches up with him. Its day off for Rin and Do Ha because Moo Suk is doing all the work. He throws the talismans with daggers, not before twirling. Sadam twirls a few times and some more. Oh wait its me repeating the same scene. One of the dagger hits Sadam. Moo Suk changes hand for the sword and tries to bind Sadam. Sadam uses his own energy, plucks the dagger from his chest and tells them that the talismans are useless on him.


Do Ha woke up from the nap. Oh noes she has to help Moo Suk. Sadam easily holds her whip and pulls it. Rin holds her in time and gets hit by Sadam. Moo Suk again tries to slash him and Sadam easily hits him with what looks like small fire crackers. Sadam is magneto. He holds the sword to finish Moo Suk. Do Ha tries to stop him and he chokes her. Her shaman bells ring and shine and that make Sadam lose his magic. But that doesn’t stop him and he raises the sword to cut Do Ha into two and Moo Suk stops him. And here comes the scene everyone needs to watch. Lesson on how to flip and spin the sword by Moo Suk. Weeeee I can’t stop replaying this scene.


Sadam gets trapped by Moo Suk’s sword lock. Its time for Rin to shine. He stabs the sword into Sadam’s heart. Red alert. Sadam doesn’t bleed even though the sword dangles from his chest. The sword sucks energy from Sadam and he looks like a burned corpse. Yay Sadam is dead and it’s not even the last episode. Sang Hyun says, not to be happy. Sadam once came back to life so they have to end him once for all. Sadam’s body is burned and suddenly he comes back to life and I screamed. Moo Suk throws a dagger and it hits Sadam in the forehead and he goes back to burning/sleep.


The gang wonders what to do with the snake staff as it can’t be burned or broken. Sang Hyun thinks they should seal it. With the big baddie gone its time to rejoice. Moo Suk still can’t believe it was that easy to finish Sadam. Sang Hyun doesn’t think he will come back. Who told Mojo Jojo that Sadam is burned to death or burned after death? He finds the dagger/dart that Moo Suk threw at Sadam.


Ki San enjoys his life and Rin drops the bomb. Sadam is dead. He was a baddie. He wanted to take control of the Kingdom. Ki San laughs and asks if Rin is joking. Sadam enters completely fine. Eyaaaaaaaaaaa. Rin asks how the heck he is alive. Didn’t he die by his sword and fire. Sadam thinks Rin must be dreaming. Rin wants to know, how he came back. Sadam gives a news flash. He let Rin trick him. Why? Because he wanted to know the strength of the night watchmen. Mere humans can’t kill him because he has eternal life. He puts the dagger on Rin’s neck and asks him to join his cause. And Rin will get his true position that he deserved. Sadam even gives back the dagger. Rin won’t join him and he will find a way to remove him. Sadam respects Rin’s decision but he will regret it soon.


Rin slams the dagger on the table with the news of Sadam being alive. Moo Suk recognizes the dagger. Time to join heads and think what the hell went wrong. Rin tells what Sadam said, he has eternal life. Sang Hyun thinks he has ability to transform. Lesson on how to transform by Sadam aka Josean era plastic surgery. Take a dead person. Cover the body with the cloth. Take a dead fury cat. Chant blablabla. Remove the cloth and voila the dead person has a changed face and is even alive. Sadam made a fake Do Ha from a dead girl.


Don’t know why Sadam is taking money from evil priestess. For his dowry? Oh for the temple. Evil minister barges in and evil priestess leaves. Rin has changed his mind. Yeah about that. It happened because of the kiss, ah I mean Rin won against the evil spirit. Sadam tells if what evil minister wants he has to win over Rin.


I always thought the over protective eunuch and the minister remind me of someone. Laurel and Hardy. For some reason they both are at the evil priestess place. They see evil minister and minister ghost gets angry. He tries to hit him but fails. Evil minister mumbles about ghosts. Minister ghost pinches evil ministers cheeks and he can touch him. Evil minister felt it too. He dismisses it and minister ghost calls his name and tells him that he will rot in hell for his evil doings.


Little ghost is with Rin and Do Ha and the flower. Do Ha doesn’t think the flower is completely pure. Rin thinks to find Do Ha’s sister they first have to find the other woman, his father had. Their discussion gets interfered by Soo Hyun. She bought medicinal herbs for him. Rin has no idea what’s going on. Soo Hyun asks if he doesn’t remember. And he remembers that he hugged her. He breaks her heart again. Whatever happened then is just a lie. Why did you come out Do Ha? Soo Hyun sees her and leaves. She cries outside Rin’s house and Moo Suk sees her.


Evil minister has planted a spy somewhere near the king. I don’t know why does Ki San like to see the construction site again and again. Rin again voices peoples complains and Ki San doesn’t care. Is it me or Moo Suk is wary of evil minister? The spy is at the construction site and on cue he let’s go of the big boulder. Moo Suk sees it in time and saves the king. Seems like the shock was too much for Ki San as he faints. He is fine nothing happened to him. The moment he wakes up he accuses everyone in the room for the incident. Evil minister says, it was just an accident but Ki San knows someone was trying to kill him. Dowager tells him to calm down. Ki San’s other persona arrives. He wants Ki San to show his power or the people won’t stop harming him. Ki San listens to him and yells, he won’t let this matter slide.


Poor workers get beaten up including Sa Kong and tavern boss. Moo Suk follows evil minister’s minion. Evil minion kills the spy and leaves. Moo Suk is a step late. Ki San asks for his wife aka Sadam. His other persona tells him that he is weak and always looks for Sadam for help. A weak person can’t be a king. Ki San asks him to get out and he tells Ki San to get out. Other persona takes control of Ki San’s body and king Ki San has become the other personality. In short they swapped. Sadam comes and he didn’t notice anything right? He puts a theory in Ki San’s head. Sacrifice the workers for the temple and Ki San laughs as he agrees with the idea. Other persona, how are you different from Ki San? The new Ki San now is wearing eye makeup.


Evil minister and his gang worry as Ki San has ordered to bury the workers alive. Rin hears them. Poor workers are pushed one by one in a giant grave. Ki San comes drunk and gives a toast to them. Why is Moo Suk following him? I thought his duty was to follow Rin. Rin asks Ki San to come to his senses. Ki San gets angry and again accuses Rin for the accident. He takes Moo Suk’s sword to strike Rin but Moo Suk stops him. Ki San asks Moo Suk if he changed his loyalties to Rin. He wants Ki San to believe that he was loyal to him all along. Ki San isn’t listening to that anymore. He puts the sword on Moo Suk’s heart and stabs him. Ki San has a change of heart after listening to Moo Suk that he wants to stop him from what a king is not ought to do. Ki San leaves and Sadam for some reason makes a face like he is disgusted. Sadam, not fair, you get your bromance with Ki San. Can’t my puppies Rin and Moo Suk be together?


Do Ha treats Moo Suk and Rin isn’t jealous this time but he is worried on what Moo Suk did. Yipee bromance. Moo Suk isn’t afraid of death. But I need my happy ending with you and Rin together.


Sadam chants that if Ki San sacrifices the humans he will have power. Blabla bla leave him he is gone crazy. And all of a sudden he is having tea with Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun asks about her wish. She wants Rin. Sadam reminisces the past. There was a girl like her. She too wanted a man. Soo Hyun wants to know, if she got him. Well lets just say, that girl and Sadam got what they wanted. Who is he talking about? Do Ha’s sister or the evil priestess? Soo Hyun will do anything and Sadam and her has a deal. Sadam calls fake Do Ha but Soo Hyun doesn’t know that. Sadam shows her a new dolly he made. It’s freaking voodoo magic and its Do Ha’s doll. He whispers something to the doll and bends her. Fake Do Ha kneels in front of Soo Hyun and kisses her hand. Soo Hyun wants the doll and Sadam tells her she can have Rin by using this.


For some reason our gang has a costume change. Oh wait, they have separate costumes for separate occasions. Ghost hunting has different costume and saving workers from being buried alive has different. Rin, Moo Suk and Sang Hyun looking like ninja enter the construction site. They finish of the guards. Moo Suk’s compass fall. Okay buddy, why did you brought that thing? You went for saving humans not ghost hunting. They save the workers.


Soo Hyun’s maid comes to the tavern to fetch Do Ha. Are they going to play with the dolls. Soo Hyun offers tea. Do Ha asks the reason she was summoned. And Soo Hyun goes on how she has been with Rin since they were kids and now he is her fiance. When did the engagement ceremony happened? She asks if Do Ha has him in her heart. Do Ha doesn’t want to answer and takes her leave. The tea was drugged. Didn’t your mommy told you not to trust strangers and bitches. Do Ha faints and fake Do Ha appears. And why are they wearing same clothes? How did anyone knew what real Do Ha was wearing?


Our gang comes back to the tavern. Tavern lady is all worried and runs to Sa Kong? Yeah in his dreams. She hugs Sang Hyun and asks if he is fine. He asks her to take care of Sang Hyun. Other girl goes on about life or something. I’m not interested in her. A female ghost which resides in the tavern appears. Stop being so random drama or is she has anything to do with the babbling the other girl is doing? Rin looks around and can’t find Do Ha. She appears with the chirpy voice and stares hard at Moo Suk and then smiles at Rin.


For a second I thought Moo Suk suspected Do ha because of her weird behavior and that’s why he was holding his compass. But the stupid thing is broken. Awesome timing. Do Ha asks if he won’t be a night watchman anymore as he can’t see the ghosts. She goes in a seducing mode and traces her finger on his hands. Moo Suk pulls her hand. She tells him that she will be his ghost compass.


Back to the construction site. Everyone just loves being there. Sadam tells Rin, fully knowing that it was him about the rescue of the workers. Rin has heard about that too. Sadam thinks they were stupid but Rin doesn’t think that saving someone’s life can be stupid. Sadam predicts more will be sacrificed and Rin tells him that he won’t let that happen under his watch. Sadam gives a lifetime lesson. Somethings are bound to happen no matter how much you try to stop it.


Real Do Ha wakes up in a locked herbal storage room. She bangs on the door but there is no one to help her. Goddammit the door is made of wood. Slam something against it or use your body. It’s not like the door is made of teak wood?


Soo Hyun plays with the dolly. She orders her to separate Do Ha and Rin. Fake Do Ha got the message loud and clear. Moo Suk is busy with his sword practicing with a blindfold and Do Ha walks in. He senses a presence and stops inches before Do Ha’s neck. Freaking fake Do Ha is a masochist. It wouldn’t matter to her if she gets injured by him. She goes closer and closer to Moo Suk. Poor guy asks, what’s wrong with her. She hugs her and asks how come he never sees what she feels about her. Moo Suk asks her to stop being weird. She hugs him again and says, she never loved Rin. Moo Suk was in her heart all along. And of course Rin hears and sees it. Do Ha continues her act and hides behind Moo Suk. Poor guy says that it’s a misunderstanding. Rin is not going to believe it. And another Do Ha pops, asking, how’s it going guys.



The one who came in the end is the real one right? Fake Do Ha wears pinky make up. It’s so obvious something was wrong with Do Ha but they never thought that Rin was possessed how can they even think about Do Ha’s strangeness.

Both guys love Do Ha and we got two Do Ha’s. So how about it, take the doll from Soo Hyun and hide it but before that order her to fall in love with Moo Suk. Rin will have his Do Ha. Problem solved and everyone lived happily ever after. T__T my bromance. I’m gonna make voodoo dolls of Rin and Moo Suk and make them fall in love. Muhahhaa didn’t I say I was evil.

So how did Do Ha escape? and what a lame place to keep someone. So how are they going to prove which one is real. Simple, real Do Ha is innocent, duh! They will not stretch this right? Where are the spells and mantras and talismans to figure out this simple thing? The stupid compass broke, don’t they have a spare for emergency.

Usually when the couple kiss. They are shy and awkward at first but nothing like that happened. No heart fluttering scenes, no secret hand holdings. Is this their definition of love?

Soo Hyun should take lessons from Moo Suk. He loves Do Ha but he is not clingy and moreover he is BFF with Do Ha’s lover. Soo Hyun would go to any lengths to have Rin. She is even using her own cousin. Bitch he cared about you and told you countless times not to be with Rin. Stupid bitch doesn’t listen to anyone and she even joined the doll club of Sadam. I want to buy one doll are there any pretty ones?

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