Blade Man Episode 6


This episode should be named, “when superhero realizes his superpowers and knows the truth about his father. Which his father has no idea of and cutie pie Ko is so damn cute. I wuv him.” Too long, lets end on  “superpowers and I wuv cutie pie Ko.”

Episode 6

Hong Bin realizes he has no way to answer anyone if they see the blades. So he hides from Se Dong. Se Dong looks at the messy room and goes on a search. She is this close to find him, if she turns right or is that a left? Cutie pie Ko has to cross the river to reach his master. A kind soul tells him another way through the road. God bless that man because cutie pie Ko finds Hong Bin standing in the middle of the road. Hong Bin raises his hand to show cutie pie Ko the blades coming out of his arm. Hong Bin loses consciousness.


A new day and it’s not raining anymore. Se Dong cleans Hong Bin’s mess and he isn’t back yet. Did she read the letter while arranging the things? It was in her hands. She leaves with Chang and leaves a letter for daddy Kim. Telling him about her departure and thanking for the love they showered. She even leaves her number behind so mommy Kim can talk to her.


Hong Bin is lying unconscious in cutie pie Ko’s car. It has started raining again. Cutie pie Ko says, the rain will end soon and apologizes to Hong Bin for leaving him. Chang repeating her grandmother’s words and daddy Kim’s voices ring in Hong Bin’s head. He wakes up in his bed. Cutie pie Ko runs in the room and tells, driver will bring Se Dong and Chang. He asked Se Dong about the make up she uses so he can smell like her but she doesn’t use any. She only uses oil but it has no fragrance. Hong Bin looks at himself in the mirror. He says, he is getting angry. So why are they not coming out? Cutie pie Ko asks, what? And Hong Bin grabs his collar and yells, blades. Cutie pie Ko quickly covers it saying, master must be having a dream.


Hong Bin can feel something is wrong. He remembers that whenever he is with daddy Joo blade sprouts from his body. He takes a shower while again thinking about the letter. He slams his hand on the wall in frustration. Poor cutie pie Ko just watches him as he remembers daddy Kim begging. Hong Bin took a shower while wearing pajamas or trousers or whatever you call them?


Se Dong and Chang are back and Hong Bin passes by them. Cutie pie Ko does a cute hand gesture to welcome them and runs after his master. Hong Bin comes back a moment later and stares at Se Dong. He closes his eyes momentarily to smell her. Se Dong asks if he is alright and he leaves without replying. Head maid tells the other maids to give a bath to Chang and tells Se Dong that she wants to talk to her.


Hong Bin is trying his hardest to get out of cutie pie Ko’s grasp. They are at daddy Joo’s house and Hong Bin wants to have some words with his father. Cutie pie Ko is stopping him. Hong Bin surrenders and asks cutie pie Ko to release him. He does and Hong Bin head butts him and kicks him, which he dodges. Hong Bin realizes he can’t win against him. He leaves and hits his head on the wall, saying again and again, his father send thugs to beat her to death. Cutie pie Ko puts his hand on the wall. He is suffering with his master.



Daddy Joo wasn’t in the house as he looks like he is coming from a jog. Hong Bin starts to get angry and with much force pushes cutie pie Ko and he falls few feet away. Hong Bin sure is surprised by his strength. Without wasting any minute, Hong Bin asks daddy Joo, how could he send thugs to beat a thin girl. Dadyy Joo has no idea what he is talking about. He thinks Hong Bin is spouting nonsense. He wants to know how long will Hong Bin cling on her. He has followed her since he was nine and even now in her death he only thinks about her. Has he thought about his life? Hong Bin can achieve to reach the top, daddy can help him so why is he wasting his life. Hong Bin tells cutie pie Ko to take daddy Joo away or he is afraid he might do something to him as he clenches his fist. Cutie pie Ko finally listens to his master the third time and carries daddy Joo. Hong Bin hits his fist on the wall and it vibrates like emitting waves. Hong Bin looks at his uninjured fist. Cutie pie Ko watches in horror.



Head maid places her words very sweetly in front of naïve Se Dong. Head maid asks Se Dong what happened at the island. She noticed Hong Bin’s behavior and as a maid she has to know so she can look after him. Oh she is scary. Se Dong tells the truth. Hong Bin learned about Tae Hee’s death. Somewhere inside him he always thought she was alive but this came hard on him. Head maid asks if anything else happened and Se Dong says, no. She asks if something is going on between them, her and Hong Bin. Well it can be settled with money.


Hong Bin’s gardener stole expensive stuff from the house, red ginseng and mushrooms. He calls his son to take it from him. Hong Joo interrupts his call and asks for his brother. Gardner knows he is looking for Se Dong. Why does everyone love her? Do you have to be a male to like her? Hong Joo denies and gardener plays with him, only telling about Hong Bin and not Se Dong. Hong Joo asks if Hong Bin knows that he is stealing stuff from his house. Gardner gets scared and tells him about Se Dong. He takes the loot and Hong Joo comes back and gives him an envelope to give to his brother and leaves. Gardner again carries his loot and Hong Joo comes back again asking him to give the letter to Hong Bin when he is alone.


Hong Bin wants to test his strength again and he slams his fist on a pole. Cutie pie Ko quickly looks at the sky and his master. Hong Bin cries in pain. Hahaha he broke his fist.


Head maid, can I call her scary woman from now on? She sends the other maid out and tends to Chang. She asks if he misses grandfather and if he wishes to see him. Chang says, he lives far away. Head maid says, he is going to meet his other grandfather. She believes that arrogant high and mighty people are drawn to their blood too. Okay evil woman, what are your plans?


I don’t know if there is a GPS which can detect where Se Dong is or the driver knew she would be at the bus stop? He is running an errand for the witch. Oh nice nickname for the head maid. She asks Se Dong not to tell their conversation to anyone. Yup there must be a tracking device that can detect her because Hong Joo finds her too. Se Dong calls him Chang’s uncle. He warns her about the head maid. He tells her she is daddy Joo’s spy. Oh nice, even he knows something is fishy about her. Hong Joo asks if Se Dong is dating his brother. If not then can she date him?. Get in line, your nephew already calls her wife. Se Dong treats him as a kid and tells him to go to school. She gets on the bus and realizes she doesn’t have money. Hong Joo pays for her too. Okay so brothers are going to fight for one girl?


Se Dong comes back home she hurriedly had to leave. She changes for work and sees the texts and missed calls. She sure is popular. Without Se Dong her gang is nothing. The two losers are doing everything for the gang not to make a game. They stole the gangs’ music and won’t let them in. Seung Hwan asks about her disappearance. She tells that she had to go with Hong Bin because Chang wanted to see his grandfather. Seung Hwan gets upset because of her behavior she is gathering nasty rumors.



Hong Bin wants the truth now that he knows about his condition. When did he start to become a monster? Cutie pie Ko doesn’t want to answer. Hong Bin yells at him and cutie pie goes to his knees, apologizing saying this is his fault.



Se Dong goes to the company and the two losers are talking about her. Wondering what does Hong Bin sees in her. Should I mention the cup of the losers. Tsk tsk tsk their taste. The other mentions that he heard that Hong Bin does a tango with a game character he made. Se Dong can you please punch them? She asks them if they had breakfast, if not then they should have it and they shouldn’t forget to chew. She calls them thieves for stealing her gangs music.



Here comes my most favorite scene, starring cutie pie Ko and his master Hong Bin.

It starts with cutie pie crying and Hong Bin timing him because he asked for three minutes. Times up and cutie pie has to wipe the tears. Cutie pie says, it started that day, Hong Bin…Soo Kyung and starts crying again. Hong Bin is losing his temper. Cutie pie says, it happened when Hong Bin saved Soo Kyung. Hong Bin has no idea who Soo Kyung is. Soo Kyung is cutie pie’s sister. Still, Hong Bin has no idea that he saved her. Cutie pie’s sister was sick and dying. Hong Bin gave her, his bone marrow and saved her life. Hong Bin wants to kick cutie pie. What does Hong Bin saving cutie pie’s sister has to do with him becoming a monster? Cutie pie has a valid reason. The night Hong Bin left the hospital it rained. Hong Bin is suddenly interested. That night, Hong Bin found out that an employee took the money from the foreign company branch. Hong Bin threw the laptop in anger and fainted. Cutie pie happened to enter the room. He tried to carry his master but was pricked by a sharp thing. Hong Bin had a blade sticking out of his body. So whenever it rains and Hong Bin gets angry and blades sprout from his body.


Hong Bin chuckles at the nonsense. Does that mean whoever donates bone marrow would be abnormal? Cutie pie stands up. He has made a decision that he will even die for his master. No matter what comes from his master’s body be it knifes or forks. He will never let his master get hurt. Hong Bin tells cutie pie to wipe his tears and suddenly punches him. Cutie pie dodges it and apologizes. He says, he won’t do it again. Hong Bin tells him to dodge and hits him. Cutie pie doesn’t dodge. Hong Bin asks him to make him angry. Cutie pie says, it can’t happen because it’s not raining.



It starts raining one day. Cutie pie runs to Hong Bin. Hong Bin tells him to make him angry. He wants cutie pie to slap him. He doesn’t want to but its an order from his master. He slaps and Hong Bin falls. He is back on his feet. He looks at cutie pie in anger, getting ready for the blades to sprout. Cutie pie gives good news. Their new game is a hit even in the U.S Obama and Bill Gates like it. Hong Bin goes YAY and then realizes the absence of blades. Cutie pie Ko congratulates him and asks why is he not happy?



Se Dong and her gang is missing from the room. They are making a bet with the losers on stuffs with ping-pong. Hong Bin comes and asks Se Dong to come with him. Everybody is looking at her in the company as she leaves with Hong Bin. Gardner goes to his son’s place to give him the stolen goods. He thinks the envelope Hong Joo gave has money in it. So he puts that envelop in the loot.



Its raining. Hong Bin dines in a fancy restaurant and Se Dong just watches as she has no idea why he brought her. Hong Bin wants to ask what the Kim couple said. It can be anything and everything and it would be better if it angers him. Se Dong says, they said, my beautiful Tae Hee. Hong Bin remembers the trip and the stay at the couples house. He touches himself at the back. No sign of blades. He asks for more and smiles when Se Dong says, Tae Hee should eat a lot. Se Dong wonders if she should say what daddy Kim told her. Hong Bin tells her to go ahead or he will get angry. Se Dong tells the couple wants to keep Chang and if he is alright with it. Hong Bin checks his back. Still, safe. Hong Bin asks for more. Se Dong says daddy Kim said not to hate your father. He can understand after looking at Chang how daddy Joo felt.


Head maid is dressing Chang. Nooo don’t take him. Se Dong continues that daddy Kim thought it was harsh of him to steal the child but he understands. He must have loved the child too. Hong Bin asks who is “he”? Se Dong says, daddy Joo. Hong Bin starts to get angry. Daddy Joo stole Chang from his mother? Se Dong is scared and asks Hong Bin if he is alright. Cutie pie might have seen lightning and thunder outside because he comes running to his master. He asks Se Dong to leave.



Cutie pie throws Hong Bin in the gym. Hong Bin swears he is not going to faint not when daddy Joo knew about the existence of Chang. He wants to know what kind of monster he becomes. Se Dong is still at the restaurant. She sees the coat Hong Bin forgot and the cellphone. His spoon is bend.



Chang walks in the rain towards a car. Daddy Joo is inside. Hong Bin is still conscious and angry at daddy Joo for taking Chang from his mother. He jumps like crazy in anger and the windows break. He is out of energy and faints. Cutie pie runs to his master and he is up again. He stands in front of cutie pie and faints again. Cutie pie holds him and Hong Bin opens his eyes. He slashes the ropes to the ring though it’s a square. Hong Bin has gone crazy. He breaks the glass and destroys the cars. Dude you might be rich and everything but that’s not your stuff you are destroying. He is so happy for some reason. Se Dong brings Hong Bin’s coat and cutie pie looks at his master. Hong Bin jumps high in the sky and uses his blades to hang onto a building. He climbs it and sees his reflection. He remembers daddy Joo telling Tae Hee to leave his son and Chang repeating how Tae Hee was beaten and daddy Kim’s letter about Tae Hee’s wish to see him. He reaches the top of the building.





Se Dong didn’t saw Hong Bin right? Cutie pie can say, it was a kite flying. How come she knew Hong Bin would be at the gym and not at home?

Why was Hong Bin happy after finding out about the blades? Why isn’t he terrified? Something is wrong with his body. Normal person doesn’t sprout blades no matter how many inner or outer wounds they have. 

So how did Hong Bin became porcupine man? I’m not believing what cutie pie said. Well we got why he is so protective of his master because he saved his sister. The confusion got solved, weather controls Hong Bin not the other way around.

Did daddy Joo really had no idea about the beating or was he lying? How did Hong Bin and Tae Hee met? Did they meet in Korea or U.S?

Is the gardener an idiot or what? Why would Hong Joo give money to his brother? I mean Hong Joo gets pocket-money. He is in high school. Whereas Hong Bin makes money himself. Dude use your brain. Who is the gardener’s son? Is he going to play an important role?

Was it just me because I heard random sounds in some scenes. First was when Se Dong changed for work but again watching made me realize her elbow hit the cupboard. Next a CLING sound comes when cutie pie Ko kneels and says it’s his fault.


9 comments on “Blade Man Episode 6

  1. Omg! The bromance! Kill the girl and give me Ko and HongBin! I DON’T CARE!
    Alright! Wow, the bromance was so super-cute, i can’t. The girl is a completely unnecessary character. -.-
    The end scene where HongBin goes all woohoo-crazy about his super powers is a bit worrying really? As you said, why is he so happy about it? It’s not normal, mate! Ugh!
    Anyway the scene where HB asks Ko to hit him and then Ko hits him and tells him their product is a superhit in US or whatever (the HB’s reaction picture that you’ve posted as the first picture), is so histerical! AHAHAHA, I re-watched it a billion times.

    Overall I like the drama as long as it’s our OTP (Hong Bin and Ko) other characters are stupid. And WTH is the deal with the stupid gardener. Sheesh, plant some flowers, man.
    What absolutely distresses me is the SOUNDTRACK! WHY! After IOTL..this soundtrack is just killing me, even the abrupt ballad-y music that is playing throughout the freaking one hour is annoying! It just puts me off. :\

    Rant over.

    How are you, MK? ^_^


    • Miss Khan says:

      where do I have to sign to kill her? or should we do it ourselves?
      me too I FREAKING LOVE THE BROMANCE. I was sulking the other day and the only thing I knew would cheer me were these too and yup I was smiling in no time ^___^
      I don’t think a drama will come any time soon which can surpass IOTL. IOTL brings such beautiful memories. *in la la land*


  2. Lola Paloma says:

    MK, you indeed make me laughs .. and Ko is gorgeous! I watched him in Prosecutor Princess before and I just love him.

    Yup the chemistry between Ko and Hong is more interesting 🙂 Have to agree with “Psychopath” there ..
    Thanks MK


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re Welcome ^__^
      I think I first saw Ko in Chuno. damn that was a fine drama T_T feels
      lets chant BROMANCE so they can throw the girl out.

      remember we tried to kill Joong Goo aka the drama queen in HK and how our plan flopped and MY Loman helped us? and now we are thinking to finish the girl. dammit I forgot her name. *quickly looks at the recap* Se Dong.


      • Lola Paloma says:

        I just have to find to time to watch Chino then 🙂 Pity Se Dong .. I cannot feel their chemistry.
        Hahaha .. yup thanks to the YOUR cute Loman Lee who saves the day 🙂


        • Miss Khan says:

          I almost forgot, Da Hae is the female lead in Chuno.
          Se Dong and Hong Bin has indeed no chemistry but cutie pie Ko and Hong Bin has ^___^
          Loman saves the day yipeee hahaha. he came too late into the story and wasted half the time not telling the truth but its okay I still love him.


  3. ana says:

    Jim Tae Hyun (Loman) and Lee Dong Wook ( had chemistry. that even surpasses chemistry between cutie pie Ko and H.B. Those two were good together.

    I’ve been watching L:D:W dramas since forever, I even watched behind the scenes.
    He’s a looker and a good actor but he never has any real chemistry with his female counterparts.
    So he’s either gay (all of them actually,I can’t remember one of them kissing the leading actress or the supporting one with any passion) or he gets stuck with daughters/lovers of the director /producer/investor for the show and can’t help himself when all he feels for them is disdain.

    Why can’t koreans get it right? You choose and actor/actress and then you find the second lead checking the chemistry. It doesn’t have to be a famous trendsetter or a looker or someones cousin/lover/heir, just make sure they have chemistry.
    You produce superboring romantic drama’s, remember…we’re all dying to see them come together..we want to see feelings.
    I’m not supposed to feel like I’m watching a guy kiss his armpit or inside of his elbow.


  4. Dina says:

    Hello hello , Miss Khan,
    Here’s my thoughts about ur wonders
    Hb is a


  5. Dina says:

    Hb was more keen about what his dad did to KTH rather than himself , he was under shock at first but since i feel HB character is kinda of childman ,so he was enjoying his power as it is the dream of any boy to become spiderman ,etc 😉 but as man he thought it is punishment for his dad bad deeds and bravely asked to killed if he approached his dad .regarding the gardener i think he just put the wrong envelop , i dont think he is rude enough to take HB envelop intentionally .i dont think ur cute pie protect my cute pie 🙂 out of appreciation coz he saved his sister , he hide something .and HB’s dad seems innocent of KTH beating .anyway lets see


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