Blade Man Episode 5


There comes a drama which has a strange name and a weirder synopsis and you hate everything about it. Okay, not everything but the trailer and the heroine. You think about giving it a try and the first episode tells you to run and never look back but you still think you should give it a chance and BAM. The story little by little starts to make sense and even though you still hate the heroine and the male lead is a sweet jerk. You start to see the good things like cutie pie Ko.

I love the drama when it goes dark of course the bantering between the couple is cute and sweet and some might get diabetes from it but I need DARKNESS because someone is afraid of it.


Episode 5

Se Dong lives as Tae Hee in the house. She does all the chores like a good daughter except for slaughtering chickens.


Hong Bin asks about Tae Hee from her father and if he knew about Chang but he is silent. Flashback- Tae Hee’s father begs daddy Joo for Hong Bin. His daughter is dying and her wish is to see him. Daddy Joo doesn’t seem to care for anything. He calls for security and cutie pie Ko appears. Head maid send him because daddy Joo has something to give for her. Daddy Joo tells him to send Tae Hee’s dad back. Tae Hee’s dad says, daddy Joo is a father too, he must know how he feels.


Tae Hee’s mom has prepared a feast for her daughter. She tells her husband to get red peppers and Se Dong sends Chang after him. Daddy Kim sees the boy and asks him to come to him and holds his hand. Chang asks for the cards his mother used to play. Mommy Kim has taken the charge to feed Se Dong from her hands. She keeps feeding her and poor Hong Bin keeps looking in horror. I think someone is going to get upset and it will be a stomach. Mommy Kim later tells Se Dong that Hong Bin’s father doesn’t like Tae Hee and it was his son who fell for her daughter. And it seems like Tae Hee and Hong Bin were childhood friends.


Mommy Kim wants Se Dong and Hong Bin to give peppers to some guy. Se Dong with her stomach full and about to burst asks for his help. Hong Bin doesn’t care about carrying the bag of peppers. The female farmers laugh at them and tell Hong Bin to carry for her. He has no choice but to do it. The pepper guy is standing on the roof and falls breaking his back. Goody two shoes Se Dong has to help and even asks Hong Bin to carry the guy to his room. Oh no, she can’t leave the guy and has to help him buy the medicine. She tells Hong Bin to leave but he won’t. She thinks either he doesn’t know the way back or he will be alone in the house or maybe he just wants to accompany her. This girl sure can read him. He runs after her.


Daddy Kim gives Hong Bin’s toys to Chang. Daddy Joo never let his son play with them so he kept them. Mommy Kim doesn’t like daddy Joo and badmouth about him.


Hong Bin wants to go home now that the shopping is done. Se Dong’s “uwah” makes an entry again. She is fascinated by the things and is annoying the hell out of Hong Bin. She sees some undergarments and asks for money. He is such a nice guy. He gives his wallet to her. She finds a picture of Tae Hee in it. It was such an embarrassing scene. Se Dong shows the undergarments that she bought. Thank God the thief took the wallet or she would be buying some more embarrassing stuff and will be showing to the world. Hong Bin and Se Dong chase the thief. Hong Bin decides to give up on him but too late Se Dong is nowhere to be seen. She ran after the thief and he lost her. He stands alone for hours and goes to the police for help. Se Dong comes with the thief she caught and did she use her undergarments as handcuffs or is it a random piece of cloth?


Hong Bin doesn’t know what to say this crazy girl. Se Dong’s reason to get the wallet was because of Tae Hee’s picture. She even goes back to the pepper guys house to make him medicine and tells Hong Bin to leave. He won’t leave and she assumes that he is afraid of the dark. He says, he is not but I’m with Se Dong on this one. He bravely leaves the house only to run back.



Okay this scene is really dark, LITERALLY. At first I thought I have dimmed the light of my lapichi (this is what I call my lappy) but no. So bear with me as I can only hear what’s going on. Se Dong makes scary noises and Hong Bin is a scary cat. He tells her not to do it and ends up hugging her and randomly fireflies start to fly. Se Dong for some reason is grumpy all of a sudden and starts walking faster. Now can anyone explain what the hell happened? Everyone sleeps in one room except for the scary cat. Mommy Kim caresses Se Dong’s head as she sleeps. I still don’t know how people can sleep, when someone either touches them or is talking in the room. If you enter my room when I’m sleeping. I will be staring the life out of you. Hong Bin on the other side is giddy because he remembers the hug.


Daddy Joo has an appointment with head maid. Head maid tells him the house doesn’t have positive energy anymore and the shaman said to change the head and all will be well. So she wants the house and her son Jong Hyuk is coming to live with her. OHMYGOD head maid was daddy Joo’s mistress and they had a son together and he is older than Hong Bin. Eeppp. She wants the house as promised for not giving the surname to her boy. Daddy Joo says, he can’t help with the house as he is not the owner of it. Head maid knows that, she wants daddy Joo to buy the house from Hong Bin. The house is hers and Hong Bin destroyed it. She tells him that once he sent her to Tae Hee’s place and now cutie pie Ko asked for her address because Hong Bin is gone with the child and cutie pie Ko thinks he went there. Daddy Joo gets upset and asks, why no one understands him.


Se Dong’s gang has made the game and they rejoice but the two losers did something to ruin it. Cutie pie Ko comes and the two morons think it’s the end for them but cutie pie is busy with his cellphone. Cutie pie Ko calls the meteorological office and asks why is it going to rain when they before said the weather will be clear? What? I first thought that when it rains Hong Bin becomes porcupine but then drama said, no. Hong Bin gets angry and it rains and now we are back to theory one. Okay, I’m confused. Cutie pie Ko leaves to get his master. He thinks back when daddy Kim asked him about Hong Bin and he said, he doesn’t know. So did he lied or what?


I don’t know what Hong Bin is doing with the two bowls of water. Chang looks at the instructions to make his toy. Hong Bin sees the undergarments Se Dong has left for drying. He asks Chang about his grandparents and Se Dong. Grandparents went to the doctor and Se Dong the nicest girl ever has gone to fix the pepper guys roof. Hong Bin asks Chang to find his wife but he doesn’t want to go. He can stay alone. The kid can stay alone and Hong Bin is afraid of the dark. Seems like someone switched the roles.


It’s easy to find Se Dong. People are gathered and praising the young girl. Hong Bin sees her and his eyes plays tricks on him. He is looking at Tae Hee. He gets angry and tells her to come down. Se Dong asks the reason for being angry. Hong Bin pinpoints the clothes. They were Tae Hee’s. How dare she wear them. Se Dong starts to cry. She didn’t want to wear but mother gave her. Hong Bin yells at her. Tae Hee’s mother is not her mother. Se Dong tells, she will undress and asks if she can do at home.


Chang shows Se Dong the robots he made but he doesn’t get that praise he thought he would get. Se Dong silently changes back to her clothes. Chang repeats what he heard from his grandma. Daddy Joo is not a nice person. How dare he hit her child when she herself never touched her. He sent thugs to beat her to death. Hong Bin asks about it and Chang says, grandma said that. Hong Bin goes to his dark room. Chang’s words ringing in his head. Cutie pie Ko is on his way and it starts to rain.


Hong Bin finds a picture of Tae Hee and a letter. It’s a letter from daddy Kim addressed to Hong Bin. He tells him that Tae Hee is dead and his biggest regret is not fulfilling her wish. She wanted to see him. He asks Hong Bin not to hate his father. He couldn’t see him leave so he has taken his wife and asks to leave in the mean time with Tae Hee’s picture. Hong Bin’s hand shakes and so does the room. Like an earthquake is coming. Blades sprout from Hong Bin’s body. He looks at himself in the mirror and raises his hand as to believe in what he is looking at. He touches his cheek and a scar appears but it doesn’t bleed. Se Dong comes to his room with Tae Hee’s clothes. She opens the door.





I don’t think Se Dong saw Hong Bin. It’s too early for that.

Hong Bin knows the truth about himself. This was early too but its good he knows, so he can control himself from getting angry. So how does it work with the weather? Does the weather affect Hong Bin or Hong Bin affects the weather?

Daddy Joo is such a scary person. If he is the one who killed Tae Hee. Yes, you are rich and can have whatever you want but not giving your child your own name is harsh. I wouldn’t be surprised if head maid told her son to destroy daddy Joo. I want Jong Hyuk to come into the story to make it more interesting.

Where was Hong Bin when Tae Hee was dying? Why did daddy Joo said, no one understands him? Who is Jong Hyuk? I mean, we know he is the older brother but he will appear right and he is supposed to be older than Hyun Bin. Secretary Ko looks older but i read that he is younger, not that I believe in those things. Why did Tae Hee left the child to that witch instead of her parents?

Seeing Chang being comfortable with his grandparents made me envy. My granddad from my father’s side. He died when my father was young. I have no recollection of my mother’s father. He has seen me but I was really young. Same with both grandmas. My father’s ma got Alzheimer and before that she had an accident and lost both her legs. She is the only one I remember the most about. I have a memory of meeting my mother’s ma and that’s it. My classmates used to say, how their grandparents love them and dote on them and I just looked with nothing to add. Well, you can’t have everything.

2 comments on “Blade Man Episode 5

  1. The intro to this review is PERFECTION! The girl is annoying as hell and she won’t stop with the ‘Wyah’ thing maybe we need to sign a petition or something “Shut the f up, girl!” ugh! -.-
    If it were not for our cutie Ko and Handsome HongBin..still today we got so less of their bromance! Not fair! They better make up for this in epi 6.
    Seriously though what’s wrong with Daddy he a freak? Whoa, if he really beat Tae Hee to death then yes o.0
    I wonder who’ll play JongHyuk, if he ever appears that is.
    Aw, I am so sorry to hear about your grandparents, MK. Mine had a similar fate, I don’t even know what my paternal grandparents looked like or what was their names, my maternal grandfather got Parkinson’s disease and left the world in 2006, I only have my grandma.


    • Miss Khan says:

      ^___^ Can we sign the petition to change the love lines too. I want cutie pie Ko with Hong Bin, please.
      I LOVED episode 6. My Bromance ^__^
      I want the drama to air all the episodes at once. This suspense is too much for me.
      Thank you. I too am sorry to hear about your grandparents. Hope they all are in a better place. Amen

      Liked by 1 person

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