Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 16


Its true when they say, “history repeats itself”. Remember when Rin’s father went cray cray? and then Ki San is still cray cray. Seems like being cray cray runs in the family and Rin also got the disease. Yes, I’m a horrible person.


Episode 16

Cullen puts a magic spell on the sleeping beauty, I mean Rin. Rin wakes up and stares at him. Are they going to be a couple? Time will tell but for now Cullen leaves the residence and the trio of ghosts wonder why he was here. Genius. They realize and run to Rin, who is asleep? They wake him up to ask if he is alright and he is. Rin goes back to sleep.


Ki San shows Rin the temple being made. He is so happy and Rin tells him that the people are not happy. They are forced to work and pay taxes. Ki San has a solution for that. Court in session. Ki San makes Rin in charge of the construction. Rin protests and Ki San tells him the temple is the most important thing and of course a prince should be in charge. He tells evil minister to help Rin.



Dowager voices out her concern about the temple to the evil minister. If something happens to the temple the royal family will fall in danger. She thinks its Sadam’s doing and doesn’t want him near the king. Evil minister speaks in favor of Sadam. Sadam for now has Ki San’s trust so they shouldn’t meddle. When the time comes he will take care of him.


Rin goes to Sang Hyun for help. Sang Hyun asks him to calm down. The dragon’s seal will not break for a while. Rin asks Sa Kong about his decision for joining the night watchman. He doesn’t want to and tavern lady labels him as a coward.


Do Ha and Moo Suk goes to the evil priestess’ place because Do Ha is worried about her. She meets the evil priestess and she has no recollection of what happened and she is rude to Do Ha. Do Ha tells Moo Suk that evil priestess seemed like a different person. She thought of them as friends. Wait a minute lady. How many days did evil priestess stayed with you? One and a half day, I think. Moo Suk comforts her not to be bothered by her now that she is fine. Sang Hyun tells not to see evil priestess again as they will be in danger.


Sadam is still playing with his dolly. Dude I told you to find other hobby instead of chanting but what is this? Evil-evil couple are making a plan to destroy the brothers. Sadam says once the temple is made they will finish each other. Evil minister knows Ki San is in Sadam’s hand but can he control Rin? Sadam tells him to relax and watch the show.


Sadam and his chanting. Cullen appears and nods his head. Sadam understands the code word. Why doesn’t these spirits talk. Small pox aunty died without saying a single word except for the moans and now this Cullen.


Rin sleeps and he hears the voices telling him to kill Ki San because he stole the throne. Those voices make Rin go to the palace in the official robes. Ki San is having fun with the ladies. Rin comes with a sword in his hand, accusing his brother for taking the throne. Ki San begs and begs but Rin slashes his throat. Sadam emerges clapping and praising for killing a coward and tells Rin the throne is his now. Rin realizes what he has done and screams. He wakes up. It was a nightmare.



Sadam suggests having a normal wedding ceremony. Ehhh, sorry my own story jumped in. Sadam wants to have a ceremony in which the vengeful spirits will go to heaven and Ki San won’t have headaches again. Of course Ki San is ready to say, I Do.


Sang Hyun and gang discuss stopping the ceremony even though it’s an order given by the king. Moo Suk who always goes by the book doesn’t want to disobey the king and leaves. Sang Hyun asks him if he regrets being a night watchman. Moo Suk changed his thoughts about ghosts after meeting his sister. It troubles him for not following the king’s orders. Sang Hyun as a fellow night watchman tells Moo Suk that they are the most loyal to the king. To stop Sadam from his evil doings is the most loyal thing to do. Moo Suk is touched but what to do, he can’t see ghosts. Sang Hyun sighs and attacks Moo Suk with a sword. Moo Suk stops him and is forced to use his sword. They fight a friendly fight. Nobody gets injured and nobody dies. Sang Hyun tells Moo Suk that if he can block his attack, he can be a night watchman. Moo Suk isn’t sure. He can’t detect ghosts without the compass. Sang Hyun shares that at first he too couldn’t see them but the more he fought the more his eyes opened to these things and the compass became useless to him. Sang Hyun predicts that Moo Suk will be a night watchman of whom the ghosts will be scared.



Soo Hyun goes to the dowager with a box full of butter errr herbs. She wants the dowager to favor her. Dowager wishes her to be Rin’s bride. Soo Hyun is happy to do anything. Her dad sees her coming from the dowager’s place. He gets angry, Rin is not for her. Soo Hyun won’t give up on her one-sided crush. Now that Rin is possessed, can he kill this bitch?


Rin cleans his sword. Yay did my wish come true? He is cleaning the sword after killing that pathetic bitch or is he going to kill her now? Do Ha interprets, she is worried about him. She checks for his fever and Rin holds his hand. He is feeling already better. Sang Hyun sees them being lovey dovey.


Time waste on the stupid ceremony. Oh look the staff with snake wrapped on it appeared again. I thought it broke. Sadam goes with his useless chanting. The whole palace is gathered watching the clown. Sadam calls for the hateful spirits and suddenly black clouds gather. Okay I think Hong Bin is getting angry somewhere. Moo Suk’s compass starts twirling. Do Ha looks at the sky and says, these are not clouds but spirits and people start to vanish in front of her eyes. Okay wait. What? These are people not ghosts, why are they poofing? The snake staff sucks the spirits and the day is bright again. Ki San is happy and praises Sadam.


Rin and Moo Suk take a stroll in the palace while discussing Sadam. They have got to take the snake staff from him. Suddenly Rin gets a headache and Moo Suk decides to take him home. Rin tells Moo Suk to leave and keep an eye on Sadam. Moo Suk’s compass spins and he addresses the ghost that he has heard that there are three who protect Rin and asks them to take care of him.


Moo Suk is with Sang Hyun and Do Ha. Oi Rin told you to go to Sadam. Does Sadam live here? He tells Sang Hyun that Sadam gathered the spirits for the dragon. Sang Hyun asks about Rin and Do Ha is worried too.


Rin is sleeping and the spirit won’t let him rest. He opens his eyes. Nooo, my puppy has gone evil. Do Ha comes to meet Rin and he is not in the room. What kind of guards are these ghosts? They have no idea when Rin sneaked out.


Evil-evil couple are being evil again and newbie evil joins them. Its none other than my puppy Rin. Why do evil spirits use eye makeup? Small pox aunty had whole kit used on her and then they had little left so they gave some to Cullen and some to Rin. I need a black eyeliner too, so I could look like a bitch and then it will be easy to join the evil gang. Sadam tells everyone went to the same beauty parlor. He says, he called Rin and evil minister is surprised that Sadam has such authority to call a prince to his place. Sadam gives them both some quality time. Time to discuss the marriage of Sadam and Ki San. Dammit this nonsense makes my recap longer. But I can’t help it.


Evil Rin shows the bloody letter to evil minister. Evil minister is quick to say its fake and to everyone’s surprise Rin agrees with the minister. Someone is trying to come between their relationship. Noooo another couple? Evil Rin knows evil minister has helped in every way but it was out of his hands and Ki San became the king. Now he wants evil ministers help to get the throne back and he will be remembered as someone who saved the kingdom. And when Rin will marry his daughter he will play in riches and wealth. Noooo go wash that mascara or eye liner or whatever that is. Its making you cray cray. Sadam has a satisfying smile on his face as he looks at the spirit hovering over Rin. Rin gives a proposal to Sadam, ditch his brother and come to him.


Do Ha and Moo Suk are worried, they can’t find Rin. Moo Suk has an idea where he might be. Soo Hyun’s wish comes true as she comes home and Rin is there. He apologizes for neglecting her and breaking her heart. Soo Hyun is all teary eyed. She is happy to have him and will do anything for him. Rin hugs her with an evil glint in his eyes. Do Ha and Moo Suk arrive on time to see the romance blooming. Soo Hyun makes, I have got my man, face and Do Ha leaves.


Do Ha splashes water on her cheeks not face. Moo Suk tells her to leave him and she won’t be hurt again. Do Ha knows and that’s what she decided, not to fall for anyone and to go back with her sister but her heart is not listening. Moo Suk gives her a handkerchief. He tells that it hurts him to see her getting hurt. Ooo is she going to fall for the perfect second lead?


Rin comes back to his place and Moo Suk is there to take his class. Why is he hurting Do Ha when he said he would take responsibility and protect her. I’m not liking this evil Rin. He tells Moo Suk to take care of his own business, like how he is being disloyal to the king who trusts him so much. Evil Rin gets angry at the trio ghosts and tells them to leave and even pulls out his sword.



Evil Rin stares at his father’s wrist band. He again hears voices. They tell him that the king killed the queen because she was having an affair. He takes out the sword. Sang Hyun has an unexpected visitor, Rin. Evil Rin accuses Sang Hyun for having an affair with his mother and attacks him. Sang Hyun blocks the attack but he is at disadvantage as his wound starts to hurt again. He runs out and Rin follows taking a shortcut. Someone help Sang Hyun, he remembers how he once fought with the king. Somehow Do Ha and Moo Suk arrive. Moo Suk blocks Rin’s attack and Do Ha goes to Sang Hyun. Evil Rin asks Moo Suk to move or he won’t forgive him. Sang Hyun tells Rin is possessed. Duh! Did they just figured it out? I wonder why Moo Suk’s compass didn’t go crazy before. Remember when Rin’s father was possessed? Sang Hyun used the compass to know if it was hormones or he was possessed. Sang Hyun tells Moo Suk to use the talismans but this is one stubborn ghost. He doesn’t leave Rin’s body and Rin loses consciousness. Can we forget about Rin for a second and watch Moo Suk’s back flip again. Weee, I’m sure I will break my back if I just twirled.


Rin is not waking up and Sang Hyun tells more bad news. He won’t come back to his senses. The same ghost possessed the late king and he went crazy and made others crazy. Do Ha isn’t giving up on him.



Sang Hyun makes random doodling on Rin’s back and pokes needles into him. Acupuncture? Rin has a dream actually it’s his subconsciousness fighting with Cullen. Rin wants him to leave his body and attacks him. Cullen says, Rin is his. Rin can’t defeat him. Noooo I want Rin with Moo Suk not Cullen.


Sang Hyun says, there is only one thing to do. And they are standing outside of Rin’s house. That’s it, standing outside his house will make him better? Oops Do Ha is missing from the group. Sorry I didn’t realize. So apparently leaving a guy and a girl in a room makes you come back to your senses. Sang Hyun has told about the evil flower. Only the shaman of Mago can purify it.


Do Ha starts chanting and the evil spirit leaves the body and resides in the flower. The flower glows and after some more chanting it blooms into a beautiful flower. Do Ha checks on Rin. She is exhausted and glad that Rin is fine. She faints on him and he wakes up. Rin holds Do Ha and she wakes up. That was quick. He is thankful she saved him. They stare at each other and hug. Its time for a Joseon era kiss.




What kind of cliff hanger is that? Or Rin is hallucinating and it’s not Do Ha but Moo Suk he is kissing. Hahahahha I’m evil.

You saved me, I’m going to kiss you as thank you.

So the flower was hidden for this purpose and I thought the drama forgot about it. And the stupid snake staff too.

So now Rin is back to normal, what will happen between him and Soo Hyun? Soo Hyun and evil minister are not on the same page but evil Rin made a deal with evil minister so I guess doomsday is near.

Where did Ki San’s other persona go? I love him mocking Ki San and he is smart too.

Evil minister is playing a double agent. He is with dowager and with Sadam. If the royal family falls, who will be the king then? Why are we not thinking about that evil minister? You don’t want Rin or Ki San then who?

Poor Moo Suk, his love story ended before it could start. Someone get him a girl or I will pair him up with Rin.

No one calls Rin by his name. Except for the little ghost. You are his mother right?

Why no one realized Rin was possessed? So much for being a ghost hunter. That reminds me, we didn’t go ghost hunting today. I always laugh when they change their clothes. I get that, the costume is easy to move in but who does the hair before going on dangerous ghost hunting tasks?


12 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 16

  1. osose says:

    You are too funny. Omg!


  2. recaplover says:

    I was waiting for Moo Suk to rescue the evil Rin but nooooo, it has to be Doha, bleh! Why don’t they let Moo Suk help Rin, so he can be one step closer to become a real night watchman and strengthen the bromance, and save me from seeing the kiss I don’t wanna see. So, DoHa and Rin already got evil so when is Moo Suk’s turn? This time, I pray that Rin would be the rescuer and they can hug or….kiss 🙂


  3. gdn says:

    Don’t you guys think the kissing scene is beautiful? Can’t you feel the love sparks / their chemistry (still)? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. recaplover says:

    LOL, our ship will sink for sure, but we just want to live the moment. Rin and Moo Suk forever!

    Liked by 1 person

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