Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 15


Need more power, every power-hungry person wants more. The more power he gets the more hunger grows and he can’t stop it. Noting can suffice, even if he gets everything. The hunger doesn’t subside.

What’s with the serious intro?


Episode 15

Rin can’t help being angry thanks to all the lies evil minister fed him. Rin might had shoved the blood cloth in evil minister’s throat but little ghost stops him. She wants him to understand his mother’s intentions. He has to be careful against this man. Rin gets back to his senses and hides the cloth. Moo Suk and Do Ha remain silent. Evil minister asks why Rin came. Rin of course lies and says, there are ghosts in the palace and rumors say they have seen the maid too. Evil minster as usual feigns ignorance put he slips up about the maid and Rin catches him.



Soo Hyun wants Rin and asks daddy to win against him. She wants to use daddy’s power to have Rin. Yes, you can die early girl with your orange lipstick. Little girl hides from Rin and the ghost minister asks her about her identity.


Rin takes the cloth to Sang Hyun. Sang Hyun asks Rin to calm down but he won’t. He is in rage and fury. Sang Hyun asks a sensible question. What can he do, he should wait for the right time and strike. Rin leaves. Do Ha and Moo Suk look at each other and only Do Ha follows him. Rin tells her, he is fine. She is not dumb. She knows he is in pain and it pains her too. So she hugs him. Josean era back hug. Evil minister blows a gasket after learning, the blood cloth has been stolen. He remembers Rin holding a cloth.



Rin goes to his grandmother with the letter. Oh, he gave the letter to Sang Hyun and now its back with him? Sang Hyun might have given him back behind the camera. Dowager is calm after reading the letter. Rin doesn’t understand, evil minister killed his mother. Dowager tells him to shut it. She thinks the letter is not real and is accusing the evil minister. She asks him to leave and not to return until she says so. Okay granny, this boy here, your grandson saved you. I reminding you in case you forgot.


Ki San is there to meet the dowager too. He gets angry at Rin for upsetting grandmother. Well Rin wasn’t the only one as he tries to get something from dowager, she gets angry at him too.


Ki San is again having a headache. He calls Moo Suk for the updates on Rin. Moo Suk lies that nothing is going on. Ki San asks about the night watchmen and Moo Suk lies again. Poor guy is a night watchman himself. His ghost compass goes crazy and he looks at Ki San. He can’t see anyone but pricking maid is at work.



Dowager sure has lots of free time and this time she is meeting with evil minister. Hmmm this couple should have a name too. Anyways, dowager asks about twelve years ago. Evil minister again feigns ignorance. My God I’m getting tired of this now. What the eff happened then? Dowager says, she will do anything for the Royalty as she has already deceived her own son. This is all for the country and for its people. She wants evil minister to do his best too. Eeppp, so granny is calling the shots and evil minister is one of the puppets?


Court in session. Ki San is angry as always because people are opposing everything he does. He throws all the scrolls but one of them gets his eye because its written in blood. Evil minister nearly faints and is relieved that it’s not the one he was thinking it was. Other minister deliberately pokes to evil minister about a thing he heard. A letter in blood was found and wonders what was so important that it had to be written in blood. Rin happens to pass by and the both ministers bow. Muhhahaha I love that evil minister hates to bow down to him.


Rin goes on a quest to find the maid. He follows a ghost and reaches the library which has some more ghosts but not the one he is searching for. Over protective eunuch is safe for now. He is with the rest of the vengeful spirits. They are in the palace in front of the stupid dragon. There is this one creepy looking guy. Seems like a vampire, so I will call him, Mr. Cullen of Joseon era. Cullen is busy doing something to the spirits. Eunuch wants to get out so he crawls of the place and runs to his pals.



Little ghost stops ghost minister from leaving and haunting evil minister. Eunuch comes running and hugs them. He tells Rin he met the maid and she wants to say something to Rin but he ran away because he was scared.



Rin goes to Sang Hyun and Sa Kong with the new info. Sang Hyun tells that if the leader spirit goes to heaven the rest will follow. Rin is anxious to send the ghosts and get the maid but Sang Hyun stops him. Rin gets angry and leaves. Do Ha and Moo Suk follow him though they just arrived. They stop him but Rin is determined. Moo Suk and Do Ha look at each other and no one follows Rin.


Evil minister tells his minion to get the blood cloth from Rin’s place. So he creeps in at night and the trio of ghosts is there. Little girl recognizes him and strangles him. The rest of the two ask what’s wrong. She lets him go and he flees. Moments later Rin enters and she tells him that evil minister send his minion and Rin should run and hide. If my memory serves me right the minion was the same who slashed the queen.


Cullen is busy sending spirits to the dragon. Sadam tells Mojo Jojo that Cullen is an evil, hateful spirit and he takes advantage of the bad and angry memories of the vengeful spirits.


Our trio change into night watchman’s costume and wait for Mojo Jojo to leave. They go to the underground passage and open the door to the dragon. Someone pushes them and lo and behold its Mr. Cullen. They go back to Sang Hyun with their heads hanging. Sang Hyun warned not to go and they went against his decision. They tell him about Cullen and he has a drawing of him like small pox aunty. Sang Hyun tells them that its difficult to finish him as he takes control of mind. Rin asks, why Sadam called him?


Sadam goes to meet evil priestess with Cullen but she is not in her room. He orders, to find her. Evil priestess has gone crazy she wanders in the streets. Do Ha sees her and follows. Evil priestess notices Do Ha and asks not to follow her. Do Ha tells her that she has been wandering at the same place. Evil priestess has no idea who she is anymore. Do Ha brings her to her place. Evil priestess passes by Sang Hyun and he stares at her. Tavern lady sees this and is jealous. Soo Hyun has investigated about Do Ha.



Ki San and Sadam look at the temple being made. Sadam casually mentions about a rumor of a blood cloth written by the previous queen. Ki San runs to evil minister and he feigns ignorance. Ki San tells him that what he has done won’t just disappear. Evil minister calmly says, there is no evidence it was from the queen. Ki San says the same thing once evil minister said. The rumors will have people talking. They will say evil minister killed the queen. Ki San laughs on his win.


Rin and gang wait for the spirits to gather. They surround them and Rin throws talismans which stick on them and they disappear. Moo Suk and Do Ha stop them from leaving. Seems like all that blind folded training was useful as Moo Suk senses the spirits and sticks the talismans on them. Woohoo Moo Suk does a back flip. Maid ghost tries to run but Rin has made a barrier and she has nowhere to go. She tries to hurt Rin but Do Ha holds her with her whip. Rin asks, why did she became an evil spirit? She blames him. Moo Suk almost puts a talisman on her but Rin tells him to stop. He asks Do Ha to let the maid go. Moo Suk asks Do Ha, not to. Do Ha looks at them. One is a lover and the other, a good friend.



Do Ha lets the maid go. Rin is ready and the maid possesses him. We see through the maid’s eye. It’s after the late King came back and was gone crazy. Little Ki San whispered something to his father. Maid asks him, how can he frame the queen when she loves him so much. Little Ki San threatens the maid with her family. He later tells the evil minister about the maid. Evil minister tells him not to worry. After the queen died the maid left the palace but evil minister had her killed. His minion puts a bug on the maids head and she dies from its bite. The maid leaves Rin’s body and he collapses. Do Ha holds him and asks Moo Suk to put the talisman on her. Moo Suk looks at the compass but it’s not going crazy. He uses his sixth sense and sticks a talisman and its on the maid. Before leaving, the maid tells Rin to stay strong. Rin cries.


Sadam gets the happy news for us and bad news for him. The ghosts are sent to heaven. He checks on the dragon and the cracks start to heal. Yay for now.



Other minister tells evil minister that Rin is going to reveal a letter written in blood. Evil minister hurriedly goes through the scrolls and Ki San catches him. Ki San asks if he thinks, he is the king.



Evil priestess wanders in the tavern. This time Sang Hyun sees her and holds her arm. Josean era hand grabbing. He sees Do Ha’s sister in her. She asks if he knows her. Tavern lady and Do Ha arrive. Tavern lady is burning in jealousy.



Sang Hyun wants more people if they want to capture the hateful spirit as three are not enough. Everyone looks at Sa Kong. Mojo Jojo somehow knows that evil priestess was at the tavern or maybe he went to get Rin and saw her. Do Ha comes with the food and finds the room empty.



Sadam sits with the evil priestess and chants. And is that a doll in his hands? Don’t you think you are a little bit old for that? Cullen appears and does something to the evil priestess and she is back to normal. Sadam is still playing with is dolly. Evil minister reminds him of his promise to help. Sadam asks for his wish. Evil minister wants to get rid Rin and Ki San.



Cullen goes to Rin’s place and he is sleeping. He stares at him.




and we end on Rin’s face again.

See I was right to name him Cullen. He was staring at Rin as he was sleeping. Noooo is he going to posses him? Nooooooooooooooooo

How can dowager be against her own son and grandson? What does she want from all that? Granny you are gonna die one day and that’s it everything will change.

What does evil minister want? He used Ki San against his father. He manipulated the little boy and now the little boy has grown up and is a thorn to him. Evil minister doesn’t want Rin or Ki San. So he wants to be the king? I don’t think so. Maybe he will put all the blame on Moo Suk?

Rin just knows that evil minister was a betrayer but he doesn’t know that granny had a bigger hand in it. Though I think he might have suspected something when he was meeting her. Ki San has a spy on Rin and this will hurt Rin more because he thinks Moo Suk as a friend. Though Moo Suk isn’t revealing anything to the king but he works for him is enough for Rin to take a step back from their friendship. Poor Moo Suk, Ki San will probably give him a death penalty after knowing he was a night watchman with Rin.

Evil priestess is Do Ha’s sister. Either Sadam gave her a plastic surgery or Do Ha’s sister’s spirit is in the priestess. The little girl is the queen. I wonder how come Sang Hyun knew who she was? The two ghosts have no idea who she is. I wonder if she is not the queen but then who is she?

Sang Hyun’s hair seems new. Maybe he had a haircut? Or it’s just I saw him after a week.

Moo Suk’s ghost compass is useless. He is relying on his senses to finish the ghosts. He should go back to Sang Hyun for a refund or get another sword in return. Why did the talismans color changed. Maybe its nothing but the paper was yellow but this time its white. Does this have any significance?


4 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 15

  1. It was so much fun watching Sadam get rattled for once and the evil minister searching through the King’s mail that was a classic it was so funny it became a comedy scene I could feel his panic through the screen,What a good actor! I wish the lady who acts as his daughter was as good as him,she is not a very engaging character :-). as always your recaps are wonderful and funny,I especially liked the comment about Sadam and his dolly.Thankyou for the hard work.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      Indeed it was funny but if the bloody letter was there and Ki San saw in front of the ministers. exile is nothing, evil minister would have gotten the death penalty. well Soo Hyun acts better then Do Ha. no worries we can always watch Moo Suk and Rin together and can forget about the girls.


  2. Sonyeonim says:

    Mr. Cullen of Joseon.. Muhahahahahahahaha😂😂😂

    Anyway, great recaps Miss. Khan. Thoroughly enjoy reading them. Thanks for your hard work.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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