Blade Man Episode 4


Now that Chang has stopped crying will Se Dong stop saying “uwah” like in every freaking two seconds? I wonder why these small things bother me so much?

Episode 4

Hong Bin accuses his father of lying. He is boiling in anger. Somebody, lower the flame the pot is about to burst and it does. Hong Bin sprouts blades but not before his father goes on his monologue. Daddy Joo wants his son to understand him. No father in this world want anything bad happen to his child. Daddy Joo can we have this conversation later because….and the light goes off. There is thunder and lightning and the seat which Hong Bin was sitting is empty but someone has slashed it. Daddy Joo looks in the glass reflection and turns to his son, who is now looking like a porcupine man.


Hong Bin in rage is climbing the stairs with his legs not blades. He climbs a random tower. Secretary Ko is late to the rescue. He reaches the room. Breaks the door. Finds daddy Joo on the ground. Somehow he knows where Hong Bin is because he climbs the stairs to the terrace. Its raining heavily and he manages to spot his master.


Chang is with Se Dong in the bed. She is reading bed time story to him. He is scared of the thunder but Se Dong is there and so he wants her to continue the story. It’s a story of a grandpa and his grandchild. Chang gets an idea and asks Se Dong to write a letter to his grandpa. Chang wants his grandpa to take him or a monster will eat him.


Morning comes and Hong Bin wakes up from the snoring. He looks at his arms and his body. He is remembering something. Oh My God finally.


Secretary Ko is so cute. He drools in his sleep and he is the one who is snoring. Before Hong Bin can kick him he wakes up. Hong Bin notices a scar on his hand. He tells him to undress and there are more scars on secretary Ko’s back. Hong Bin asks when and how did he get them. Secretary Ko fumbles in his own lies but Hong Bin buys it anyways. Hong Bin notices blood on secretary Ko’s robe.


Hong Bin asks if he fainted again because he got angry at his father. Secretary Ko says, yes. Hong Bin asks about his clothes. Secretary Ko says, they got wet and Hong Bin asks if his got wet too because he is also wearing a robe. Hong Bin suspiciously asks, if he fainted in the room and was transported from the car to here, how come his clothes got wet? Secretary Ko desperately searches for answers. Hong Bin thinks secretary Ko has done something to him. Secretary Ko finally got a lie and says, he carried his master and so they both got wet. Hong Bin asks about the car and secretary Ko again lies. He took a shortcut and brought his master to the gym.


Hong Bin isn’t letting the matter go. He wants to know, how long did it took for him. Secretary Ko again lies and says five and half minutes. Hong Bin wants him to prove and so he hops on Secretary Ko’s back and tells him to run and reach the hotel in time or he will assume everything he said was a lie. It’s a race against time. Secretary Ko barely manages to reach the hotel and the poor guy slams in the door and falls. Security guy says they can’t enter as a maintenance is going on. Hong Bin thinks back to last night with his father. Secretary Ko wants to know if he reached on time but Hong Bin didn’t have a watch or cellphone, so secretary Ko has to do it again. Aww poor guy. Where can I get this loyal guy?


Chang and Se Dong are playing with a water hose. The gardener says, its nice when a house has a sound of laughter. Hong Joo is there too and he looks at Se Dong with mouth wide open. Don’t tell me, she reminds you of your love too?


Seems like Hong Bin has hired Se Dong, so now she is taking care of Chang as promised. Se Dong again gets creeped out because of Hong Bin. He keeps smelling her and she smells like spring. Poor girl runs out of the house. Hong Bin notices Hong Joo and little bro as instructed by daddy Joo has come to see if he is doing alright. Hong Joo runs after Se Dong but the bus leaves before he can reach. My God why everyone is fascinated by this girl?


The two beat up losers are upset because monstro project is not there anymore but Se Dong’s gangs. They plan to destroy them starting from Se Dong. The gang is happy they got such a nice place with cool gadgets to play with. Seung Hwan is upset because she spent the night at Hong Bin’s. Se Dong says, she had no choice because Hong Bin never came home. Seung Hwan smiles. My God do you have a crush on her too? He is so happy, he carries and twirls her. Hong Bin stares at them and they stop. He smells her again. I love how Hong Bin arches his eyebrow.


Daddy Joo is at the hospital, not anymore he is leaving. Secretary Ko is there to ask the detail what happened as he saw him on the floor. Daddy Joo says, maybe his time is up he is seeing things. At one point daddy Joo can’t button his shirt and secretary Ko helps him. Hmmm what is daddy Joo hiding? Daddy Joo asks secretary Ko, what is Hong Bin going to do with the child when he is not married? Secretary Ko responds every time with a “yes”. Daddy Joo says, everyone knows Hong Bin is his son. Is he going to drag his name too and secretary Ko goes “yes” again. Daddy Joo thinks Hong Bin has a loyal dog and secretary Ko says, “yes” again. Hahahaha this was funny. *watches the scene again and again*


Hong Bin has called Se Dong but doesn’t say anything to her and keeps smelling the air. Which makes him feel like he is at the ocean. Se Dong gives Chang’s letter to him. She thinks Chang doesn’t think good of him. Hong Bin reads the letter and storms to Chang’s room. Hong Bin demands if he saw the monster and Chang starts crying. Oh God not again. He wants Chang to draw the monster but in the end he draws it himself and asks if he looked like this. Hong Bin wants to know when he saw. Chang says, recently. Recently when, his dad demands and asks he if it was raining that day and Chang nods his head. Hong Bin asks if it was him and Chang shakes his head, no. Chang doesn’t know who the monster was and keeps crying. Head maid is busy cleaning with other maids. She has been in this house for a long time. This house used to have peace and positive energy but not anymore. She holds a decoration piece and it breaks in two. Oops someone sliced this thing.


Se Dong is making balls from newspaper. Her house is leaking because of the rain and she is using newspapers to absorb the water. Hong Bin comes unannounced with Chang to take her. Se Dong asks if they will come back soon and where the destination is. Hong Bin tells her Chang wouldn’t go without his wife, so she has to tag along. Hong Bin goes through Chang’s letter mentally. He wants his grandpa to come and take him or the monster will eat him. He wants to live with his grandpa and Se Dong after he marries her.


Daytime. Se Dong and Chang are sleeping in the car and no sign of Hong Bin. Se Dong wakes up. They are near the river. She admires the beauty. Her laughter reminds Hong Bin of Tae Hee. She wanted to live with him in her father’s hometown.


Hong Bin tells Se Dong that the car stopped. I’m no engineer but what happened to his car. Did it ran out of fuel or is there some problem with the engine? I better shut up. Hong Bin carries Chang and Se Dong carries the luggage. Who carries a child like that?


Hong Bin and Se Dong look like parents with Chang. They wait at the bus stop. Chang is awake but he sleeps again in the bus. I seriously don’t like sleeping. I get a headache if I sleep more. And here comes the scene I really, really hate. Se Dong goes freaking UWAH. I would tolerate if I see the scenery but they never show what Se Dong is looking at. So how would I know if the place is breathtaking? Poor Hong Bin wants to jump out of the bus. He squirms in the corner. He doesn’t want anything to do with this girl. Busybody Se Dong helps the ahjummas on the bus with their luggage. Chang is up again. He passes a remark on his daddy. Men should help with the luggage.


Secretary Ko is worried. He can’t reach his master. He asks Se Dong’s team about her whereabouts. Seung Hwan can’t connect to Se Dong either. Secretary Ko thinks they are together. He looks at the weather report. Its sunny everywhere. Wow the weather is like a tracking device. Hong Bin’s driver comes happily telling Secretary Ko that Hong Bin got into an accident. His insurance company called they found the car but there was no one inside.


Hong Bin and Se Dong finally reach God knows where. They are at a river which they want to cross. The boatman recognizes Hong Bin. Is he Tae Hee’s father?


Meet Madam or mommy Joo. This is a surprise. I thought Hong Bin’s mother was dead. Well I don’t know if she is the biological mother of the two kids. She is arrogant and seems like a bitch. Is Hong Bin and Hong Joo real brothers? The age gap is too much between them.


Head maid calls mommy Joo as she wants to talk to daddy Joo. Mommy Joo complains daddy Joo about how boldly the servants can talk to the master. Head maid clenches her hand. She wants to meet with daddy Joo regarding his son.


Hong Bin and Se Dong reach the shore of course Chang is with them. Hong Bin doesn’t bother to take Chang or luggage with him. Boatman walks with them as their destination is the same. Hong Bin is at an old-looking house. Boatman calls his wife. Hong Bin opens the door and an old lady is sitting. She doesn’t recognize Hong Bin and thinks he came to collect the rent. She comes out of the house, looks at Se Dong and walks barefoot towards her. She calls her Tae Hee and asks where she has been. Hong Bin doesn’t want to say it but he states the truth. She is not Tae Hee. Se Dong instead of agreeing with Hong Bin apologizes to the old woman for coming late.



I know Se Dong has a good heart and everything but I didn’t like that she lied. Maybe the old woman has Alzheimer’s or she has gone crazy because she couldn’t cope with her daughter’s death. What if she remembers that her daughter is dead? It would be more painful.

What’s with the head maid? What secrets does she have? Daddy Joo is suspicious too.

When did Chang saw the monster? Who is the monster that he saw? Are there any more porcupine men in this drama?

I so love secretary Ko. How come he knows about Hong Bin becoming porcupine man? Hong Bin knows something goes wrong with his body and I was jumping in happiness, finally he will know.

Hong Bin’s employees doesn’t like him one bit and then there is secretary Ko.


4 comments on “Blade Man Episode 4

  1. Oh my Ko, the scene where he carries HongBin on his back to the hotel and HB’s like “I didn’t time it. I have no watch or phone.” …ahahahaha precious, precious!
    What you said in the beginning, about the lead girl going ‘Wyah’ or whatever that sound was in every freaking two seconds is so true, it was extremely annoying and why were those ladies in the bus laughing I would have thrown her out of the window…like shut up lady! Ugh, the lead girl puts me off, tbh.
    The only scenes I like are the interactions between HongBin and Ko, so cute, I ship them! xD
    Also, why every ‘male’, starting from Chang to Seung Hwan (the guy with the hat) to HongBin’s kid brother and eventually it will be HongBin too, is AFTER the lead actress!! Is she that good? I give up on her.
    I really like the drama though. So looking forward to next week.
    Thanks for the lovely and hilarious recap, MK!
    Lots of love!


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re Welcome ^___^

      Hong Bin wanted a piggy back ride. not fair hmph.
      I would have slapped her face and slammed her head on the window. bitch stop making weird noises.
      Bromance yay. Not every male. OUR Ko is still safe and I don’t want him to fall for the girl because obviously he would back off. I’m thinking if I should call/write cutie pie Ko instead of secretary Ko?


      Liked by 1 person

  2. ana says:

    yes,he’s adorable. I guess he just proves what adorable is. It’s not a face or body…its’ just his face expressions I guess.


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