Blade Man Episode 3


Chang has to stop crying for me to continue watching the series. I know you found out you have a dad and dad found out he has a son. Dad looks scary and yells all the time but please stop crying. I HATE cry babies. 


Episode 3

Nothing much happened in the episode except Chang kept crying like I already mentioned. Hong Bin confirms if the child is his. Chang goes how Hong Bin’s eyes are like that he is in love. Tae Hee said the same thing and so this child is hers and his. No DNA test required. Chang says, mommy is dead. Hong Bin doesn’t believe him. Hong Bin tells secretary Ko to find Tae Hee.


Hong Bin gets to keep the child. He doesn’t want game or food or anything. Hong Bin gets annoyed and asks the child to stop crying. I would be happy if the child listened to his father. Hong Bin isn’t doing a good job either. He keeps yelling and ordering him. Hong Bin asks secretary Ko (who by the way jumps from the second floor and lands perfectly) about any news of Tae Hee. There is none and Hong Bin flicks his secretary’s head. This was supposed to be funny, I guess. The next scene just goes above my head. I think Hong Bin’s servant took Chang to the hospital.


Se Dong gives a job interview which she messes up badly. Se Dong’s gang is busy making another game or whatever. She gives them a treat and then drops the bomb. They have to go their separate ways or they won’t be successful. One of the guy asks if she alone got a job offer. Se Dong hangs her head. She did and then happily says, she rejected it and insisted they take her whole gang. Everyone goes crazy in happiness.


Se Dong is called to Hong Bin’s house because Chang is sick. She makes him eat by chanting a spell that will take his worries. We already have someone who chants all day long aka Sadam. Hong Bin looks at them. He pays Se Dong but she doesn’t need it. Hong Bin throws another card. She needs a job and he needs a babysitter and he will provide her everything she needs. Se Dong confidently says, she got a job. She and her gang was scouted. Another round of Hong Bin insulting Se Dong.


Se Dong only needs a simple “thank you”. Hong Bin all his life have never said thank you or sorry. Se Dong leaves the place in anger. She later realizes her bag is missing and her cellphone is in it too. She bangs on the automatic door and the alarms goes off. Hong Bin casually looks at Se Dong’s portfolio.


Hong Bin accuses Se Dong of trespassing. He gives her two options. Either be a baby sitter or he is going to the police. Se Dong chooses second option and calls the cops. Things are turning from bad to worse. Officers want the two of them to come to the station. Hong Bin has no choice and he drops the charges. Se Dong wants an apology and Hong Bin gives one unwillingly. Head maid faints listening to his master and the other servants and secretary Ko stare in awe.



Hong Bin can’t calm down. He just has too much extra energy. Go for a jog. He checks on Chang and he is sleeping. Hong Bin alone tries the chant and starts laughing. He quickly looks right and left if anyone saw him. He hides under his blanket and laughs again. Guys, he has gone crazy.


Se Dong and gang are ready for their first day of work but bad news is waiting for them. The company went bankrupt and why do I have a feeling Hong Bin has something to do with it?


The two employees who were beaten in the first episode ask secretary Ko, if Hong Bin is coming to work. Secretary Ko says, no, he will stay at home. They rejoice in happiness but its short-lived as Hong Bin enters. He tells secretary Ko that he is waiting for someone. A call comes to secretary and Hong Bin happily asks if its Se Dong and it is her. He wants secretary to say that he is not in the country. Secretary Ko reminds him that Hong Bin was waiting for her. Hong Bin wants her in his office and soon changes his mind. He wants her in the gym.


Poor secretary Ko is getting beaten up by his master and Se Dong is outside waiting for Hong Bin to end whatever he is doing. Hong Bin is doing all this because he wants to look cool and not so easy person. He comes out wearing polka dot shirt and gives her five minutes. Se Dong wants him to hire her team and she will look after Chang. Hong Bin declines and Se Dong leaves with her head hanging. Hong Bin calls her and says, her five minutes aren’t over yet. Se Dong starts crying because she used Chang and asked for a job. Her dream is to make a game not babysitting. Hong Bin is touched but soon snaps out of the trance.



Seems like Hong Bin is a nice guy or he just let Se Dong take Chang to an amusement park. Se Dong says Chang has something to say to his dad. Chang goes silent in front of Hong Bin and hides behind Se Dong. He starts crying again. Whatever he has to say has to wait as secretary Ko calls Hong Bin about the witch who brought Chang. She is at the hotel waiting for his father or him. Depends who comes first.


Hong Bin is late as his father is with the witch. She leaves but Hong Bin won’t let her. He completely ignores his father. Secretary Ko is hurrying to where his master is. He looks at the sky and his fear comes true as it starts to rain.


Hong Bin is with his father accusing him of lying that Tae Hee is dead. He just doesn’t want him to meet her. He gets furious and angrier. Secretary Ko reaches the hotel which is bright but the corridor is not. He bangs on the door but there is no response. He breaks the door and sees daddy Joo on the floor and no sign of Hong Bin. Said guy is climbing a tower as his blades are sticking out.




Okay I like the end and I don’t think Hong Bin was using his blades to climb.

Hong Bin doesn’t sprout blades when he was getting angry at Chang or Se Dong. It’s the second time and his father is the cause again. Or he was not genuinely angry at those two but he has hatred for his father in his heart and that is the trigger.

But my question still remains, how come secretary Ko knows about Hong Bin’s secret when Hong Bin has no idea about it?


2 comments on “Blade Man Episode 3

  1. ana says:

    I just love your reviews. Many try to be funny but you just drop honest comments on this drama and it cracks me up every single time. You have my love fot that. Sorry for almost never leaving a comment before this:*


  2. Anne says:

    agree with ana, ur reviews are funny but i can’t tell so did u like the drama or not?

    I thought Blade Man was crazy ridiculous too (not in a good way) but really liked the ending scene of this episode, maybe, just maybe i will give it another shot.


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