Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 14


I have just one question to ask before I write my review. When did Rin and Do Ha fell in well love? Some secrets are revealed to poor Rin, he always wanted to know them. About Do Ha’s hair. What braid is that. French braid? Fishtail braid? Egg bread?


Episode 14

Moo Suk’s sister strangles her one and only brother. Rin has finished the small pox aunty and looks at his friends. He ever so casually walks to her and sticks a talisman on her. He tells her she doesn’t need to be evil anymore and she heeds his words and becomes her original self. She isn’t wearing black clothes anymore. Rin updates Moo Suk on what’s going on. Moo Suk looks at the compass. It shows someone is there but he can’t see her. He touches her. This is his imagination right? She tells, his hands are warm. She wants her brother to smile and live happily instead of being a cold hearted guy. She leaves with a smile. Moo Suk looks at his compass and it’s still. Rin tells him that she left and delivers her message too. Oops, we almost forgot about Do Ha. She is still lying consciousness. Rin carries her. What about the dowager?



Sadam is late and small pox aunty is gone. He finds a talisman. Mojo Jojo spots Rin and yells like he found a candy. Sadam looks at Rin. Rin has no idea people behind are admiring him.


Dowager is escorted back to palace with Rin, Moo Suk and Do Ha. She is thankful to Rin as she expresses it through her eyes. On the way back Moo Suk tells Do Ha. He never thought he would be able to meet his sister. Do Ha says, if it’s in fate, you will meet that person. Moo Suk never believed in ghosts and black magic stuff. He thinks the king should be someone who has knowledge about them and looks at Rin. Who is at the front. Rin looks back and smiles. Shhh Moo Suk don’t say such stuff or you will be taken for treason. And smile back to your buddy.


Evil-evil couple is meeting again. Sadam tells evil minister about the gathering of the night watchmen under Rin. He tells evil minister, he has a plan to take care of the king and Rin and his mates but he doesn’t tell that evil minister will go down too.


Ki San is having a headache. He halfheartedly praises Rin for bringing grandmother back. A maid ghost shows herself and Rin stares at her. She is the ghost which also came in the previous episodes. When Rin was made the head of sogyukseo and he gave a test. A man had a headache and this maid ghost was the one pricking him. Evil minister comes too and the maid ghost stares at him. Rin is dismissed. He wonders why was she looking at the evil minister.


Evil minister tells Ki San about the previous night watchmen. They wanted to take control of power. He says some people who can see ghosts are gathering around Rin. Ki San gets panicky, he gives the order to arrest them.



Lesson on the dragon by Sang Hyun. The dragon is a statue and its seal hasn’t been fully broken. They need to eliminate the dragon before Sadam gathers more ghost and the dragon is resurrected. The bow is the key but Sadam surely has done something to it. Rin asks why Sadam wants the dragon to go to heaven. Sang Hyun says he wants the kingdom to become slave under his tribe. Do Ha gets a sudden current and she says, that can’t happen. Youngshin tribe is evil. They killed her parents and took her sister. They must stop them or pain and suffering will be the kingdom’s fate. Sang Hyun looks for Moo Suk. He bunked the class. They understand he isn’t interested in this stuff. Who says that? And Moo Suk joins the class albeit late.



The tavern is raided but our gang is safe in their hiding place. Do Ha decides to see what’s going on. Rin stops her. He will go and Do Ha stops him. She is a shaman and they are looking people using black magic. They look more suspicious. Whatever. The tavern is a mess and the soldiers are gone. Time to clean up.


King hears the maid talking about the maid ghost. Evil minister tells the latest news nothing was found. No night watchmen, no proof of magic or anything. Ki San wants them. What if they hear from the ghosts what he and evil minister did? Evil minister feigns ignorance.


A maid turns up dead. Looking like a burned up corpse. Definitely Sadam’s doing. Dowager tells her maid to keep it quiet and tell the others same. Maid leaves and ghost maid comes and stares at her. Dowager doesn’t believe in ghosts and if there are, the palace would have the most ghosts. She has done some horrible things but that was for the kingdom. Okay, granny who did you kill?


Sadam is again sending ghosts to his dragon. Mojo Jojo fears Rin and his gang will come for the dragon. Sadam has no worries because he has prepared something for them. The dragon statue gets a crack in it. Oh noes. Sadam is happy, the seal is going to break soon. Mojo Jojo asks what about the king. Sadam tells evil minister that by building a temple, people will isolate themselves from the kingdom and moreover it will be useful to evil minister for his plans.


Ki San can’t live without Sadam. He calls for him and tells him, the people he killed are after him now. So he has to help him. No worries, Sadam has a solution. Build the tallest temple. Point to be noted. Sadam sits cross-legged not in the kneeling position. Court in session. Ki San gives the order to build a temple and ignores whatever the minister has to say. They turn to evil minister and he sides with the king.



People doesn’t want a temple. They think king is trying to show off his money instead of helping people. Our night watchmen group of old and new are discussing the same thing. The temple will be made where the library is. Rin thinks Sadam wants to shift the dragon in the distraction. But Sang Hyun knows the real reason. The temple is made so the dragon can wrap itself around and ascend to the heaven. Do Ha goes on and on that they need to stop Sadam and eliminate the dragon and they don’t have time. Rin can’t hear her annoying voice anymore and asks to stop. He asks Sang Hyun if its necessary to take this over acting girl with them. Sang Hyun says, there is no choice after all she is the female lead. Do Ha speaks again about the reason she joined. Yes, she is the main lead and she has to stop Sadam. Oi someone, give Do Ha to Sadam. So we can move on. Sang Hyun asks Sa Kong to check on what’s going on in the library area but he doesn’t want to go as he is not a night watchmen anymore. Useless, then why are you here?


Out trio change into their new costume and enter the hidden passageway. Do Ha as usual wants to take the lead but Rin stops her and tells Moo Suk to go first. They realize something is wrong and they find themselves in the middle of the forest. It’s a barrier. Moo Suk has sharp ears. He senses the daggers and warns his friends. The old night watchmen’s ghost gather around. Moo Suk’s compass tells him they are there. The ghosts attack our trio and Moo Suk perfectly dodges the attacks and slices the ghosts. Now how did he do that? It’s not like the compass shows the exact location? Rin and Do Ha cut some ghosts too but they are ghosts they can’t die because they are already dead. Rin slams his sword on the ground and they find themselves at the construction site of the temple. Wow they can teleport now? Sa Kong and tavern boss are working there as workers to get information.


Sa Kong tells his findings to our night watchmen. Nothing is happening and leaves again. Sang Hyun had no idea Sadam would block them by a barrier. Our trio looks at each other. They are talking through eyes and Sang Hyun insists them to use their lips so he can understand. They saw previous night watchmen and they attacked them. Sang Hyun tells them the reason they were attacked is that sometimes the vengeful spirits, who can’t get vengeance get angry and become evil spirits. He hopes they haven’t become evil yet because if someone manipulates them, they won’t be able to stop them.


Rin asks if Sadam is the real reason Do Ha is here. His wishes he is the reason for her staying. Moo Suk hears them and tells Rin its time to leave as people are not interested in Rin’s and Do Ha’s romance. They would rather watch him and Rin stare and argue each other.



Moo Suk asks Rin, if he loves Do Ha. Rin looks at his friend and says, no you idiot its you who I’m fond of. I flirt with her to make you jealous. I seriously need to stop.

Rin is surprised because of Moo Suk’s question. No dear we all want to know the full detail of your love story with that girl. So we can understand what the heck went wrong. Moo Suk tells him, his behavior. He used to run from the responsibilities. She is a responsibility too and he should stop. Rin wants to start taking care of responsibilities starting from Do Ha. He has long fallen for her and there is no stopping now. Moo Suk thinks he should start from someone else. Who? Him?



Over protective eunuch has brought news to the other two. Ghosts are gathering around this man, who says, he can take them to heaven. He decides to check what’s going on. The other two try to stop him but they fail. Lots of ghosts are gathered around the gisaeng’s ghost. Who introduces them to Sadam. Sadam notices the over protective eunuch. Eunuch can sense something is about to happen. He tries to leave while making ghost sounds and bumps into the maid palace. Can ghosts bump into each other? He recognizes her and introduces himself.


Rin comes home and is happy that his ghosts are there to welcome him. Little ghost tells Mr. delulu that the over protective eunuch has gone missing. They reach at the meeting point but its empty. Little ghost sees the palace maid and freezes. Maid just stares at her and leaves.



Soo Hyun is with two random girls having tea. The girls have heard about a magician who can grant wishes. They decide to go too for their love luck. Soo Hyun doesn’t care about love. Yeah just because you are heartbroken, everyone else should take a hammer and should shatter theirs too. Soo Hyun leaves forgetting her coat. She goes back in and of course they other two are bad mouthing about her.


Soo Hyun tells her maid she loved Rin because not because he was a prince. I don’t think so lady. You ask why? Well your father plays a major role in controlling you, he made you fall in love with Rin by always sticking you with him. Soo Hyun doubts herself whether she really loves Rin or not.



Moo Suk is busy with his sword practicing. Do Ha comes and says Rin will be here too. Yay we are having sleepover at Moo Suk’s house. Moo Suk has his own doubts. He asks if the dragon really exists. His reason for joining the gang was he doesn’t want anyone to end up like his sister. Moo Suk said the thing we all were thinking. He is not sure what they are doing. Moo Suk I’m with you. Sometimes I really have no idea what you guys are up to, like the first ten episodes and even now if you don’t stop Sadam and took some more time day dreaming I’m afraid I have to abandon you. Noooo I won’t and I don’t want to abandon you.


Soo Hyun’s eyes pop out after seeing Do Ha with Moo Suk. She asks him, how did he let a lowly shaman enter his place? She insults Do Ha saying, shamans are harlots with a cheap background. Moo Suk asks her to stop. Soo Hyun is surprised he is taking her side. Moo Suk is not the only one as Rin comes too. Soo Hyun leaves in anger.


Soo Hyun goes to evil priestess but her maid tells, that she is sick. Sadam asks why is she looking for priestess. Soo Hyun has her own question. Is he the magician who grants wishes? Sadam asks for her wish. Soo Hyun wants Rin. Sadam doesn’t work for free. He asks for Do Ha. Soo Hyun gets Rin and he gets Do Ha.



Sadam goes to the evil priestess. She is going crazy looking at some documents. She doesn’t know anything about herself or her parents. All she remembers is meeting Sadam. She accuses him that he made her like this. Sadam asks her to calm down and stares hard at her. She falls unconscious in his arms.


Sa Kong and tavern boss are at the construction site. A worker finds a piece of cloth and gives to the officer. Sa Kong and tavern boss try to get something from the worker but he is illiterate and so he has no idea what was on that piece of cloth. The cloth changes hands and reaches to evil minister. He asks his minion who else knows and slaps him. Evil minister wants the cloth to be destroyed. Mojo Jojo is hiding and looking for an opportunity to strike and steal it and he does. He brings it to his master.


Ki San is having a conversation with his other persona. He tells him people won’t believe in a liar like him anymore once they know what he has done. Ki San yells at him to shut it. His other persona is not there and Sadam is standing in his place. Ki San tells Sadam, he trusted him when he said that he took care of the maid but why is she back. Sadam nonchalantly says, he has no idea. Ki San yells at him and Sadam tells him not to as he is the only one who can help him.



Ki San is as usual panicking and tells evil minister what if the night watchmen find the maid and she tells what they did that night. Evil minister again feigns ignorance. He has no idea what happened that day.



Sa Kong and tavern boss tell Sang Hyun and Rin about the cloth which had something written in blood but they have no idea what. Sadam gives the cloth to Mojo Jojo and tells him to give it to Rin. He quietly places at Rin’s doorstep. Rin, Moo Suk and Do Ha are coming together for whatever reason to Rin’s house. I guess this time its sleepover at Rin’s house. Rin sees the cloth and reads it. It’s about his mother. He is shaken after reading it and without saying anything he runs. Moo Suk and Do Ha follows him.


The letter is from Rin’s mother addressed to Rin. At her final time she wanted to see Rin and wanted to shower him with much love. We see that the queen leaves little Rin in her room and exists. A guard knowing who she is slashes her. He is about to strike her again when evil minister asks about the king and he leaves. Queen drags herself to other place. She tears her undershirt and writes with blood. She asks him not to hurt himself as she will be watching him. Her final words. Not to trust evil minister he is the one who killed his mother and he will hurt him too. The maid finds her and queen asks her to give it to Rin and dies. Maid quickly hides it behind a pillar before the soldiers arrive with evil minister.



Rin ran to evil minister’s house. Moo Suk stops him from going in. They want to know what’s going on. Rin is shaking in anger. He was told all his life that his father went crazy and killed his mother before killing himself but it was a lie. Evil minister arrives from somewhere. He asks if there is some urgent business. Rin yells, EVIL MINISTER.




The drama is ending on Rin’s face for how many episodes now?

Poor Rin, he finally knows the truth. But this is not the whole truth as Ki San is hiding something and so is dowager. How much Rin will get hurt before everything is over?

Where did the over protective eunuch go? Creating more trouble for Rin. Who is the little girl ghost? Why didn’t the maid ghost bowed to her?

Will the temple be built without Rin and gang stopping it? At this rate Sadam will win easily.

Will Moo Suk be able to see ghosts?

Soo Hyun, tsk tsk I knew she will try to have Rin back. Rin doesn’t want Do Ha to join them because he knows Sadam has his eyes on her. She is the shaman they need.


18 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 14

  1. recaplover says:

    Another funny recap, thank you! Imust be dumb because i feel this show confuse me more and more. The latest confusion is the ending of this episode. Why does Rin run to meet the evil PM after reading his mom’s letter? *scratch head* I also think it’s such that the two female leads here are really annoying that i can’t stand both of them. Poor Rin to have to pair with at least one. I vote for Rin to dump both of them and be with Moo Suk instead. Their scenes together are those that I really look forward to see. And I have to say U-Know’s acting is only good whenever he’s with Jung Il Woo, he has great chemistry with JIW i guess 🙂


    • Haylie says:

      “U-Know’s acting is only good when he’s with jung il woo”….LOL well that’s your opinion. It does not change that Yunho is getting positive reviews from critics and K-netizens for good acting overall in NWJ. You should check out netizen buzz article.
      They especially praise Yunho’s crying scene when Moo Suk’s sister died in his arms. Yunho’s crying was heartfelt and looked so real….his voice, eye expression, emotion, tears dripping constantly…even snot came out of his nose!


      • Haylie says:

        Yunho does NOT need to be with the leading actor in order to show his improvement and good acting skills.


        • Haylie says:

          Tbh, I love the bromance chemistry between Yunho and JIW. Their acting is good when they’re together, but I’m just saying Yunho’s acting is good when he’s with the other actors too and even by himself. He has chemistry with soo Ryun (even tho they’re cousins). Some people think do ha has better chemistry with moo suk than lee Rin. Despite being patient, I admit the main female lead is such a BAD actress. She cannot act at all.


  2. march says:

    recaplover. – Why does Rin run to meet the evil PM after reading his mom’s letter?

    because his mom told him PM is the killer …


    • recaplover says:

      Oh, so he wants to get the confirmation from evil PM? “Yes, I am the one who killed your mom”


      • march says:

        moo suk try to stop him but the drama end when he about to scream… wait till next week lorr


        • Miss Khan says:

          Guys I think he wants to ask “why”. why did the evil minister killed his mother? why did he lied about everything? why did he pretended to be his friend? WHY?


          • recaplover says:

            Oh, i know WHY, it’s because he’s evil hehehe. Well, I prefer the coward way to put down the evil PM without him knowing instead of running straight to him for a confrontation and allow him to hurt Rin some more. My poor Rin! I hope Moo Suk can stop him in time. Can’t wait for next week


          • Miss Khan says:

            @ recaplover- I’m sure Rin will not say anything though he is super angry right now. maybe Moo Suk or Do Ha will stop him. I don’t want my puppy to get hurt T_T
            Rin is not afraid of anything that’s why he ran to the evil minister, so I doubt he will use underhanded ways to take care of evil minister. I’m worrying what will Soo Hyun do now? she wants to take revenge.


  3. march says:

    if i have to choose, I’ll pick soo hyun any day she’s a better actor than do ha who annoy me all the time. I don’t like soo hyun for a good reason, she is the villain after all which means her acting is good! do ha can’t act!


  4. gdn says:

    Miss Khan, you’re hillarious 🙂 Your recap this eps cracked me up, especially the part when Sang Hyun, Rin & Doha’s discussion. Rin asked Doha to stop talking coz of annoying voice, he then asked Sang Hyun whether Doha is to be included coz she’s the female lead…hahaha… And when MS asked Rin to leave since ppl are not interested in the romance. We need more BROmance pleaseee…The Jungs are awesome!!

    Yes, MTE! How many episodes have ended with Rin’s face? I guess, since he is the male lead here 😉

    Thanks for your interesting recap and comment!


  5. I started laughing every time I read “Mojo Jojo” xDD Really funny xD
    Haha, I’m a MooRin supporter too xDDD


  6. Antar says:

    I just started watching this drama series and have been reading your recaps to get the synopsis of those episode that either have sound missing or subtitles that go either too fast or too slow and sometimes its all of the above.
    Miss Khan – I must say its more fun reading your blog than actually watching the episodes. Totally love your wacky sense of humour.
    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Keep smiling 🙂 😀


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