Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 13


The time has come for what we were waiting for. Woohooo time for some ghost hunting. I was losing hope and then the drama gave me this episode. See if this episode had come earlier the story would be more interesting. Anyways, our guys get a new look. I seriously think Rin should tie his hair and Moo Suk should change his ponytail into a different one. Of course I will still love them if they don’t. Which I’m sure they won’t.


Episode 13

Rin talks to the evil-evil couple. Evil minister informs Rin that Sadam is the new head of sogyukseo and the king appointed him. Rin can’t take it when he knows what kind of person Sadam is. He goes to his brother. But Ki San is waiting for Sadam and won’t entertain Rin. In fact he gets angry at Rin. The reason Rin was removed as the head was because he didn’t do anything when small pox aunty was spreading her virus. Rin acknowledges his fault but that doesn’t mean Sadam should get a chance. Ki San warns his brother not to come between Sadam and him.


Sadam is in his room trying different incense. Small pox aunty arrives and Sadam tells her she will get what she wants. Small pox aunty is impatient she tries to hurt Sadam. Sadam uses much higher force to injure her and warns her not to do it again or she will go empty-handed.


Ki San is like a high school girl who gets to meet her crush. He holds Sadam’s hand. He is fearing he would get small pox too. Sadam reassure him, he won’t.


Sadam is exiting the kings place and Moo Suk is entering. They have a stare down. I think the guys are taking turns looking at Sadam. Rin follows Sadam but soon loses his sight. Moo Suk again wants Ki San to not get involved with Sadam and black magic. Ki San gets upset. No one talks bad about his love. He throws an ink slab at Moo Suk which injures his cheek.


Rin alone tries to look for the dragon. He goes to the underground passage which is still blocked. No worries, he got ghosts to help him. He sees lots and lots of ghosts and follows them. He finds the room and there is Sadam with Mojo Jojo trying to revive the dragon. Mojo Jojo opens the trapped souls from the bottle and they reside in the dragon and Sadam chants as usual. The dragon’s eyes flash red color. Oh no it came back to life. Mojo Jojo is happy but Sadam is not. They need to be at the Youngsurim valley or they have to make a temple and then the dragon can go to heaven. I hope and pray every one of you rot in hell.


Evil minister’s minion is at the tavern, keeping an eye on everything. I hope he loses his head. Tavern lady has vowed to protect her man. Do Ha is with Sang Hyun. He thinks small pox aunty wants something from Sadam, that’s why she is not leaving.


Rin comes to Sang Hyun and Do Ha with a big news the dragon is awake and they have to learn to be a night watchman. Sang Hyun reminds them that two are not enough. Rin says, he can gather more. Easier said then done, bro.


Someone follows Moo Suk and he feels it but he doesn’t know the identity of the stalker. Its Rin. Rin updates his friend on Sadam but he knows that he is gotten back with the king. Rin wants to counterattack and Moo Suk asks how. Is he going to use black magic again? Rin says, desperate times call for desperate measures. Moo Suk shares his story that he had been desperate too. He lost his parents and sister and he couldn’t do anything. He wanted to use black magic and even wanted to sell his soul. Rin goes silent.


Evil-evil couple is happy that there is no one left to support Rin except queen dowager. She isn’t a threat either because she will die soon. Sadam tells his plan to his partner. They should tell people what kind of king Ki San really is. A weak king. They need to build the highest temple. And when the temple collapses so will the king.


Evil minister catches his daughter leaving. He tells that the prince she loved and the people she cared about did nothing to help her. Soo Hyun still thinks she has to look for herself to say anything further.


Do Ha and Sang Hyun wait for Rin and he comes back depressed. Sang Hyun understands that everyone is not up to par for being a night watchman. Do Ha comforts him and tells him to cheer up. Rin says he can’t because she is keeping her distance from him. Do Ha tells, she has to or she will suffer and will be heart-broken. Rin hugs her. He will never let her suffer. Soo Hyun watches them hug and vows to destroy her.


As we all thought Soo Hyun goes evil. She throws people outside the clinic who are poor and can’t pay and a doctor who was stealing. She has had enough of people using her. This stupid girl, Rin never loved you so why are you feeling betrayed? You had a one-sided crush on him. He tried to help so did the clinic people but your evil father has many enemies and not to forget he lied to you too.


Small pox aunty with her minions including Moo Suk’s sister are up to something. Oh they are going to perform acrobatics. Maybe not. Moo Suk’s sister is not under control of small pox aunty. She quietly leaves the stupid group. Small pox aunty notices her absence and goes looking with her minions.



Moo suk’s sister reaches the tavern. Do Ha is busy closing it. Moo Suk’s sister waits for her to sleep and goes to her room. Do Ha’s shaman bells starts jingling and Moo Suk’s sister possess her. Sang Hyun can feel the presence of a ghost. He goes to check on Do Ha and she is missing. He can’t find her and goes to Rin’s house. He causally asks the ghosts about Rin and the little ghost gets his attention. He bows to her in respect. Who is she? Just open the suspense already? Over protective eunuch asks why did Sang Hyun bowed to her and she stutters.


Rin wonders if Do Ha’s disappearance is Sadam’s fault. They decide to look for her and trio of ghosts is helping too.


Okay a weird scene happens. Moo Suk is with two guys. Hopefully they are not enemies but his partners who want to practice sword fighting in the middle of the night. He slashes them. Okay then they are enemies and suddenly he is blind folded and there is no one. So he imagined the straw dolls as humans? Or did I miss something important here?


Do Ha approaches Moo Suk with a sad face and teary eyes calling him brother and touching his face. She says she is In Hwa. Moo Suk doesn’t believe her and asks her to stop it. Do Ha goes inside the house and takes out a box which has In Hwa’s piece of clothe. Moo Suk follows her in. Do Ha cries and tells that she saw him. When she died, he cried holding her clothe. Moo Suk again asks her to stop. Why is she reopening his wounds. Do Ha cries and Moo Suk asks if she really is In Hwa.


Moo Suk remembers when her sister was dying. He told her not to leave him. She saw the small pox aunty and said she made a deal with her, not to take her brother. She dies in his arms and Moo Suk cries calling her name. Her spirit watches her brother.


Rin reaches Moo Suk’s house and recognizes it. How did he reach here? Did he follow the small pox aunty who was ahead of him? He goes inside and Do Ha is sleeping on Moo Suk’s lap. Rin doesn’t get jealous. True he has no idea what’s going on but he doesn’t misinterpret. How rare it is to see such guys. A round of applause here for this lad. Moo Suk too doesn’t get nervous either. He tells her that Do Ha says she is In Hwa. Rin sees Moo Suk’s sister sitting in the corner. She whispers something to Rin.



Moo Suk asks where her sister is and Rin tells her she is sitting beside him. She is bound to become the next small pox aunty. Small pox aunty reaches late and joins the part at Moo Suk’s house. She takes Moo Suk’s sister and Rin tells him what happened because as you know Moo Suk can’t see ghosts.


Rin and Do Ha again ask Sang Hyun, how to be a watchman. He again tells them two are not enough. Moo Suk surprises everyone by joining the gang. Time to get started for the epic stuff. Sang Hyun gives the four tigers sword, which can stop and block the disasters and ghosts to Rin. Moo Suk gets a mini sword as he is a better fighter and a ghost compass which can detect them because he can’t see. Do Ha gets a whip. Can I crack a joke? I better refrain. Don’t be so happy because the weapons are useless. Time for a refund. Not so quickly. Listen to Sang Hyun as he says they trio need to be branded so the weapon can become one with the soul. Time to see some painful expressions and some stamina and courage because nobody fainted. Sang Hyun tells them that it’s a dangerous and difficult journey. Every day will bring more pain but they should be proud of themselves. They will be the heroes in the shadow.


Rin and Moo Suk search for small pox aunty. Moo Suk’s ghost compass doesn’t show anything at the evil priestess’ place nor at Sadam’s. It’s so funny, Moo Suk keeps shaking his compass because it’s not moving on its own.



Evil priestess goes on and on how powerful and rich and amazing her father is. She wants the man to give her letter to him. He is known as, Mo. Mo? Mo Il Hwa? Memories of the emo guy came running. The guy breaks her heart actually gave her a heart attack. The man she is mentioning lived hundred years ago. Eepp. How old is she? This is all Sadam’s doing. Poor woman has no idea what’s going on.



Sadam got a good night’s sleep. He makes a weird sound and face. Yeah he is full because his partner is now a corpse. Our newly formed night watchmen are with the old ones. They can’t find small pox aunty. Sang Hyun says, they have to know what she wants and they can find her.



No need to think much about what small pox aunty wants. Sadam says, its queen dowager. He is willing to help the small pox aunty because she will bring him ghosts. Ki San is waiting for Sadam. He is told the Sadam went to the dowager’s temple. He wants her to make better. Ki San’s other person’s voice mocks him and Ki San says, Sadam went on his orders. Yeah right liar.


Rin is getting updates from his trio ghosts about the spreading of small pox. Little ghost comes with a big news the temple is being evacuated because small pox is spreading there. Rin solves 2+2 and gets to the conclusion. Small pox aunty wants his grandmother.


Out of nowhere our newly formed team has a new getup with a new hairdo. They go to the temple on horses but the fog is blinding them. Do Ha’s super eyes see a light. They reach a tavern and two women show themselves. They seem evil and shady. Our trio decides to stay there. They bring food for them. Moo Suk’s compass goes crazy. The guys unsheathe their swords and puts them on their necks. The evil twins are small pox aunty’s minions. They run and our trio chase them but the fog blinds them. Time for Rin to step in. His sword can get rid of it, is what Sang Hyun told him. He focuses and swings the sword and poof goes the fog. They realize they are at the temple.



Rin finds his grandmother. She is happy to see him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She strangles him. Small pox aunty has possessed her. Grandmother comes back to her senses and asks Rin to run and strangles him again. Moo Suk’s compass goes crazy. He holds the sword to the small pox aunty. Grandmother comes back to her senses and asks Moo Suk to kill her. Rin sticks a talisman on her and small pox aunty leaves grandmother’s body. They give a chase.



Small pox aunty has come with her minions. Yes, Moo Suk’s sister is there too. Moo Suk can’t see, his compass helps him. He looks at his partners taking out their weapons. He does the same. Two minions get to fight with Rin and Do Ha. Small pox aunty gives some evil energy to Moo Suk’s sister. Rin and Do Ha finish their enemies. Moo Suk can’t see and says there is a ghost coming and readies to strike her down, without knowing its her sister. Do Ha sees and jumps between them. She gets hit by the energy and faints.



This angers Rin. He fights with small pox aunty and dude she has some moves. But my Rin is handsome, young and husband material. Wait, I’m going off topic here. His sword also has blinding beam. He blinds her temporarily and throws talismans at her and slams the sword on the ground. With one slash Rin finishes her. Sadam gets a heart attack but decides not to go to the hospital. He needs to save small pox aunty.


Moo Suk’s sister has gone evil. She strangles her brother. Do Ha lies unconscious in his arms. Rin looks at his friends.





Rin single-handedly did everything. What the efff and Sang Hyun said two were not enough. True only one can do everything.

I hope Moo Suk can see ghosts too. Because it’s frustrating to see him following Rin and Do Ha. He has to save her sister before she becomes small pox aunty 2.0. Or he will kill her and would be sad for few days. Do Ha will comfort him. He will confess his love and she will reject him. He will get heartbroken again. And I think I should stop.

Do Ha’s bracelet were useless when Moo Suk’s compass went crazy or she forgot to wear them. They don’t match with the new costume.

Soo Hyun went crazy, yay. Good think it happened. I was starting to like the girl. Is she going to take revenge on Rin? Bitch needs to get small pox asap.

When Rin said to Do Ha, that he is not happy because she is staying away from him. Me: haahhahaha. I’m sorry Rin, actually I’m not. When did it happen? I mean you guys falling in love with each other. What was the time and day and what were you doing. I’m going to diagnose your love sickness.

Ki San needs to use some of his brains or let his other persona handle the things. Ki San says he is a puppet and no one listens to him. He then goes listening to Sadam and evil minister.

Why did Sang Hyun bowed to the little ghost? If she is not Rin’s mother then father? She is someone who used to hold high position or is a Royal, that much is certain. Who is she?


10 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 13

  1. osose says:

    You are so funny. The ‘acrobatic display’ stuff made me laugh hard


  2. march says:

    “Rin single-handedly did everything. What the efff and Sang Hyun said two were not enough. True only one can do everything.”

    “Because it’s frustrating to see him following Rin and Do Ha.” MTE


  3. gdn says:

    First of all, thank you for your recap 🙂

    I haven’t seen this eps yet but something bothers me. Every time I see Doha , I am like…sigh sigh..hmm I don’t know whether it’s her character or her acting that’s lacking and unsatisfying. Since her appearance is almost everywhere and she pops up here & there..I have been trying to get used to this…another sigh… Just like you said in your recap of previous eps…since Rin likes her, I try to like her too -.-


  4. recaplover says:

    Your recap is very very funny, I enjoy reading it more than watching the episode and look forward to read every week. Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Akai says:

    Thanks for the recap. ^^
    I came to watched the show when I saw this summary: “The night watchmen of Joseon patrol the darkest hours of the day to protect the people from the evilest of all enemies. Ghosts, monsters, and supernatural forces abound and those who can see them, fight them. Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo) is the heir to the throne but chooses to lives his life as a watchman, as his father had once before him, rather than live in the palace. But when he sees the plight of his citizens under the rule of his tyrannical father, he learns that his gift can also be a curse if he lets the evil spirits take over him, and battles his way to becoming the rightful ruler of Joseon.”
    This summary was crap and totally a mistake. I was expecting ghost hunting right from the start of the show but it only appears now. Urgh..


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