It’s Okay, That’s Love Final Episode



If someone asks to describe this drama in one word. PERFECT is my choice of word. Yes, it had its flaws and everything. Nonetheless, the hard-work done by the cast and crew was marvelous. I loved every single thing. The writing, acting, chemistry, psychics, biology, direction, osts and English songs, you name it and I will be clapping my hands in glee. To think that I had no intention of watching this makes me double happy that I gave this drama a chance and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Episode 16

Jae Yul and mysterious boy bid farewell. Jae Yul hugs his imaginary boy and cries hard. The boy vanishes and only the shoes are there. Hae Soo is outside his door looking at him with tears in her eyes. She comforts him.


Dong Min gets the happy news. He is dining with Soo Kwang and So Nyeo. Soo Kwang starts to have a seizure. He gets angry and hits himself. So Nyeo hits him for hitting himself. Dong Min loses temper too. He thinks Soo Kwang should praise himself as he is getting better. He hits Soo Kwang and So Nyeo pinches Dong Min’s arm. Don’t touch my boyfriend, written on her face. Soo Kwang and So Nyeo are having a sweet moment. They share a noodle so they can kiss. Dong Min breaks the noodle with his chopsticks. Why did you do that? I’m finally warming up to So Nyeo.



Jae Yul sees a boy in a school uniform. He is not mysterious boy. Hae Soo sees him on her rounds and they secretly hold hands. Hae Soo is not talking with his mother. So her mother comes to the hospital. They both go home. Jae Yul saw them. The schizophrenic woman and her husband meet Jae Yul. They tell him an important lesson. He shouldn’t always think about Hae Soo as he also has the right to be happy.


Jae Yul calls Hae Soo’s mom. He tells her that he will persuade her to leave. Jae Yul shows Hae Soo hoe well his books are selling. He tells her, he will be a guest on the radio show. Hae Soo thinks it’s a good idea and ignorant people will be able to differentiate between a criminal who feels no guilt and a schizophrenic patient who is hurting. Jae Yul asks her to take the leave she always wanted. Hae Soo’s face falls. She asks if they are breaking up again? He tells her, love is not all about sacrifice it’s also about accomplishing something. He asks her to forget about him and not to call him because he won’t pick. She asks what if she finds someone else. Jae Yul will give her, his blessings. He kisses her one last time. Its hard on both of them but Jae Yul has to do it.


Hae Soo’s mother asks if she and Jae Yul would meet behind her back. Hae Soo assures her they won’t. She wants her mother to believe in her. That she is a capable doctor, who can cure her patients. Mother gets what she wants to say. She will come back to Jae Yul.


Soo Kwang lights the candle for Hae Soo. He tells that he won’t ever let the candle go off. Hae Soo’s ex is there to take her to the airport. Hae Soo is surprised. This is all Soo Kwang’s doing. He says they can use him at such times and they won’t have to pay for the taxi. Till the end their house is lively. Hae Soo and Dong Min banter again and Soo Kwang laughs.




Jae Yul is being discharged for the day because of the broadcast. He knows Hae Soo is leaving. As usual the famous author gets the crowd. A school boy asks for his autograph. He is not mysterious boy. Jae Yul’s fan murmur that he doesn’t look ill. Maybe he faked so his books could sell. Jae Yul pretends he never heard them. The broadcast goes fine. The host asks him to say his signature goodbye because his fans are demanding it. Jae Yul takes a different route. He introduces himself and says he is fighting with schizophrenia. Which is a curable illness. He has to have hope for his loved ones. In the end he dedicates the good-bye to himself. Because he has always said goodbyes to others and none to himself. So, he wants you to ask yourself, if you are really fine and tell goodbye to yourself. He signs off by saying, goodnight Jang Jae Yul. Everyone is listening to the broadcast. Soo Kwang looks in the mirror and says goodnight to himself and starts kissing the mirror. So Nyeo, where are you? Your boyfriend has gone crazy. He is kissing himself. Dong Min looks in the mirror too and tells himself goodnight. Hae Soo is on the plane. She looks at her reflection in the glass and tells her goodnight. She closes her eyes and a tear falls.


Jae Yul is doing much better. Dong Min and ex think it’s about time they discharge him. Soo Kwang and Dong Min meet Jae Yul. Hae Soo has sent her pictures. Jae Yul doesn’t look at them. Soo Kwang wonders if Jae Yul has to take medicine even if he discharges. Dong Min says they have to do it for every illness.


A year has passed since Hae Soo left. Jae Yul is living with his family. Jae Beom has black hair back and he has a super crush on Dong Min’s ex. Soo Kwang updates Hae Soo on everyone. Jae Yul is doing fine and he is doing a group therapy session. Jae Beom is also doing the same. Soo Kwang’s parents and Jae Yul’s mother too are having sessions. Hae Soo’s friend the schizophrenic woman has a baby boy.


Everyone is watching tv. Dong Min and his wife. Ex boyfriend with the cheater girl. Soo Kwang with So Nyeo and Dong Min’s ex with a random guy. Dong Min is fighting because he wants to watch something else. The rest wants to watch football and they all go crazy once Korea scores.


Hae Soo is in Japan. She tells Jae Yul that she visited the places they went together and now she is coming back to Seoul. She is sure he hasn’t forgotten about her. Hae Soo comes back to the shared house. Dong Min and Soo Kwang don’t even bother taking a good look at her. Instead of surprising them, she is surprised by their behavior. The kitchen is a mess. She takes a glass of water and Jae Yul takes it from her. He tells her she is looking more pretty and goes back to his room. Hae Soo has no idea what’s going on anymore.



Hae Soo goes to Jae Yul’s room and asks about his, I don’t care attitude. Jae Yul clarifies that it’s because he thought about her every day. He tells her, he missed her and can he kiss her. Yes, of course why not. They kiss and Dong Min and Soo Kwang come with the puzzle they were making before. It says, they love Hae Soo and Jae Yul was waiting for her. Instead of leaving they sit on the bed and watch them. Jae Yul breaks the kiss and asks them to leave. Hae Soo can’t wait for them to go and kisses Jae Yul again. Soo Kwang watches with much interest and gets a slap on the head from Dong Min.


One year again has passed. Jae Yul’s camel picture of the bathroom is change. It’s a new day in the picture and the camel is roaming free. Hae Soo is in the bathroom with a serious look on her face. She looks at the pregnancy test result and its positive. Jae Yul sleeps on his bed and she lies beside him. Seems like Hae Soo is grumpy usually in the morning. Jae Yul asks what is it this time. She reminds him that five weeks ago she told him not to do it, if he doesn’t have the condom and shows the test result. Jae Yul quietly takes it with him. Hae Soo calls him honey. And we look the room is decorated with their wedding pictures. YAY


Hae Soo and Jae Yul are living in the shared house. Jae Yul tells Dong Min and Soo Kwang about it. They are happy for him but Hae Soo is angry. Jae Yul gives an excuse that Hae Soo looked pretty that day. Hae Soo takes the water hose and sprinkles water on them.


Jae Yul is looking after Hae Soo’s father. He tells him the good news. Hae Soo’s mother is happy too. Back to the shared house. Dong Min is not happy with the partner his ex is choosing and they argue about it. They decide to fight tomorrow. So there won’t be any grudges left. Hae Soo is angry because her PhD is going to be delay because of Jae Yul. She doesn’t want him in the room and tells him to sleep with Soo Kwang. A second later she changes her mind and calls her husband back.



Time to throw some tomatoes to forget the grudges. They all throw at each other and in the end at us too. Yup the tomatoes hit the camera.


Hae Soo and Jae Yul light a candle and pray and not to forget the kiss. Jae Yul narrates that just like that the light continued to lit in the cave. It is lit because of the lonely people who live outside the cave. For those who feel lonely, there is someone who has a candle lit for them. So never think you are alone and signs off by saying goodnight Jang Jae Yul.


Hae Soo and Jae Yul are on a date when a few girls recognize him and ask for his autograph. They push Hae Soo and Jae Yul asks them not to push his pregnant wife and he will give his sign later as this is his private time. Hae Soo asks what would happen if he loses his fans. Jae Yul doesn’t mind as he has Hae Soo. They talk about having another kid after this one. Hae Soo asks if he wants to fight and they agree on having three.




and they lived happily ever after with lots of kids. Mysterious boy never came back but Jae Yul still thought about him from time to time. It was not easy to erase someone but Hae Soo was there. Don’t ask me why I started writing my own story.

Beautiful, perfect. I’m in tears. When will such a drama come again?

I’m sad about one thing. Jae Beom didn’t get Dong Min’s ex. Oh well, maybe she will realize his love for her.

The moral of the drama for the life is not to lose hope no matter what happens.

So my future husband I know you will find me. Don’t you worry I’m going to light a candle for you every day.

Goodnight Miss Khan ^__^


12 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Final Episode

  1. rini says:

    thank you for recap this episode


  2. Taiwofash says:

    Miss khan thanks so much for d recaps, u are the best. Our actor’s and actresses great job done i love d drama so much and i can’t wait to watch more of your drama.


  3. readlead says:

    I love yout comment LOL so cute! ^_^

    “The moral of the drama for the life is not to lose hope no matter what happens.”

    so so agree with you! there is so many important lesson of life that IOIL teach me, and everything about IOIL is just perfectly my style πŸ˜€ thank you for your recap, hope it’s okay I share this link on soompi? πŸ™‚

    ah also this part,
    “So my future husband I know you will find me. Don’t you worry I’m going to light a candle for you every day.” so sweet! πŸ˜€


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      sure go ahead and share it.
      Me too, I love this drama so much. there are some really amazing inspirational quotes.
      I’m so not going to show this stuff to my husband, if I got one.


  4. Hello there, MK! I AM SORRY! I was so busy crying and crying and crying and listening to the songs, watching every freaking MV on youtube…oh my God! WE GOT THE PERFECT ENDING, MK! Our happy thoughts worked. Wheee! I will miss every character, this week feels so bloody vacant already. It’s like I have lost all reasons to live. Ah! Oh my, the withdrawal symptoms…the struggle my friend is real.
    But i am so so so so happy that through IOTL I met YOU! Oh yes, the wonderful you, and we shared our heartbreaks, obsessions, plot twist anger, feeling bad for JaeYul drama, everything. Oh it was so much fun. ❀
    I see you have started with Blade Man. I have like just started the video right now. Will get back to you!
    Much love, MK! πŸ™‚


    • Miss Khan says:

      hey*waves* me too, I’m listening to the osts again and again. yes, we got the exact ending we prayed for. PRAISE THE LORD. its Wednesday today and no IOIL. I feel like crying again T_T
      Thank you so much, I’m glad too that I met you *hugs* our Jae Yul *sobs* indeed it was fun going crazy with the drama and fearing how it would end.
      You are watching Blade Man too? do tell me your thoughts about it.
      *muah muah*


      • Hello! Yes, I watched it! Both the episodes…and I’m afraid of what I am going to say but it’s in it’s alright, can be watched, i look forward to the next week. I love the humour of the plot, it’s so not there that IT IS, you know what i mean, the dead-pan humor part? And also Secretary Ko/Go is awesome! :’D

        LDW is good, as always, the actress is bearable. I don’t know how it will go till episode 20 but still..the promos were much worse. The actual drama is alright. What do you say? And thank goodness there is not much of porcupine-property-illustration.
        *muah to you too* :’)


        • Miss Khan says:

          heya heya
          the only reason for me to watch is secretary Ko. I just love this guy, who for some reason his with the porcupine man. I can totally understand what you mean about the humor.
          I remember we bashed the trailer and the drama turned out alright enough for us to watch. I think I should delete that embarrassing post. oh wait, I remember I already apologized before hand. phew safe


          • I know, right? Secretary Ko is one cutsie. ❀
            Oh yes! You did apologise..ah I must say I was wrong. So much wrong about the drama. No wonder LDW took the role, it is so refreshing, specially his expressions when he is wacko-mad on people. AHAHAHAHAHA XD


  5. Miss Khan says:

    we are two and there is one secretary Ko. Even if we agree to share him, he won’t leave his master. My secretary Ko T_T Me too I love LDW’s expressions ^__^

    Liked by 1 person

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