It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 15


The time has come to bid farewell to this amazing….oh wait we have one more episode to go. I can happily say that this drama won’t be ending on a sad note. Because that’s what I gathered from this episode. What if it’s a sad end? Grrrr stop jinxing.

Note: don’t post anything about the final if you watch first. Its weekend on my side and most probably I will be watching it late.


Episode 15 aka second last

Because of Hae Soo meeting Jae Yul, she is reported at the disciplinary committee and is suspended until the final verdict. Who complained about her? Dong Min thinks it’s about time and decides that Jae Yul’s family should meet him. His ex wants Jae Beom to meet his brother first. As per the rules personal stuff is taken form Jae Beom. He has a pocket knife which he claims is for self-defense. Ex wants full inspection of him. Jae Beom flirts with her. Oh is she finally going to move on from Dong Min and be with Jae Beom. I totally don’t mind. Ex tells the nurse to be on stand by in case of emergency.


Jae Beom tells his brother he knows mother was the culprit and asks him, if Jae Yul though that giving money will settle the matter. Jae Yul apologizes and Jae Beom starts beating him. Jae Yul without defending himself takes it all. Nurses comes to stop him. Jae Beom says if he knew mom was the killer. He would have pointed at her and told the prosecutor that after the beating his mother went crazy and killed her husband. Ex passes by Jae Beom. Poor guy is wiping his tears. Jae Yul wants to be alone and ex cleans blood from Jae Yul’s face. Once alone, Jae Yul looks at mysterious boy and says that he is imaginary. He is not real. Mysterious boy is looking sad.


Hae Soo learns about the fight and wants to know what happened. Ex though she is talking to Dong Min about Jae Yul’s condition but she is also telling Hae Soo too. He seems fine like a burden was lifted from him.



Jae Beom is gobbling down the food. Mom and betrayer friend are happy. Hae Soo secretly sees Jae Yul taking a walk. He notices her in the mirror reflection. She is outside his door while he sleeps. Young doctor asks her not to be here. She leaves and Jae Yul opens his eyes. He was never sleeping.


This time mother visits Jae Yul. She tells Jae Beom after meeting him is at ease. Jae Yul tells her that he doesn’t see mysterious boy anymore and he is taking medicine too. So he wants her to take him home. Mother says she can’t, Hae Soo told her, Jae Yul can’t be released. Jae Yul says mother can keep an eye on him all the time. And he will take medicine. He tells Hae Soo got suspended because of him and he knows that she cries outside his door and asks her mother not to stop her from coming or he will end up waiting for her. He wants to leave because Hae Soo has her own issues to deal. His illness isn’t curable and he might have to be on medication for his life. He looks at mysterious boy. He says he will tell if he sees mysterious boy again and they will come to the hospital. Mysterious boy is looking sad again.


Ex stops mother from taking Jae Yul. Mother’s happy as her long dream is about to come true. Her family of three will be finally together. Hae Soo asks Jae Yul not to leave. But Jae Yul has made his mind. He won’t give any more pain to Hye Soo. Jae Yul tells her love of definition is one can show their weakness and be dependent to others but he vowed when his father used to beat him that he will never show weakness to anyone. Hye Soo cries and asks what should she do to hold him and he kisses her. He is breaking up with her. Now where did I put my tissue box?



Jae Yul is going home with his mother and betrayer friend. He remembers what Hae Soo said that she is real and mysterious boy is not. Mysterious boy appears riding his bicycle. He is smiling. Jae Yul keeps thinking back to Hae Soo’s words that he has to know that mysterious boy is imaginary. Hae Soo comes home and Soo Kwang gives her a hug. She quietly goes to her room. Jae Yul looks at the trip pictures. Mysterious boy appears watering the plants.


Hae Soo’s punishment has been decided. Two months suspicion without patient care but she is not bothered by it because she has Jae Yul on her mind. Family time. Jae Beom is watching tv and Jae Yul is reading a book. Mother brings Jae Yul’s medicine and sees him swallow it. Betrayer friend calls with the happy news that Jae Yul’s book is a success. Jae Beom gives his remark that maybe it is fun buying a psycho’s book. Jae Yul leaves for a walk and Jae Beom loses his shirt and temper because its hot. Mother is happy to give a scrub to his back.


Jae Yul is cycling. He gets a text from Hae Soo telling her that she is doing fine except she misses him. He wonders what to write and gets scared by Dong Min and Soo Kwang. Dong Min and Jae Yul do a fist bump. Soo Kwang goes for a high-five but Jae Yul doesn’t notice and Dong Min accidentally gets hit. Yay we are going back to fun days.


Mother is scrubbing Jae Beom’s back. He gets angry because she used much force. Jae Beom asks why does she always keep scrubbing and cleaning things. Mother tells her story that she and Jae Yul fell in the toilet. Jae Beom is surprised and asks about it. Mother says she hid in the toilet after her husband gave her a beating. She stayed there for almost a day and when she decided to leave Jae Yul came. They went to the river to clean. She wanted to cry but Jae Yul thought it was funny. That’s the time when Jae Beom saw them in the water. After that Jae Yul started to sleep in the bathroom and she couldn’t sleep without windows open. Mother thinks it’s because Jae Yul didn’t cry at that time. He is having this illness. Jae Beom doesn’t know how to console his mother. So he asks her to scrub his back. Mother notices that he is having black hair back.



Soo Kwang is playing in the water. Dong Min tells Jae Yul about Hae Soo’s suspension. She is not doing fine. He tells Jae Yul to go to the hospital and get back with Hae Soo. He knows Jae Yul can see mysterious boy or there won’t be any reason for the break up. It’s time to leave and Soo Kwang gives a kiss on Jae Yul’s cheek for making him the manager of the café. He calls Jae Yul, hyung and tells that he, Dong Min and Hae Soo are real and mysterious boy is not.



Hae Soo’s mother is selling the restaurant and wants Hae Soo to go abroad to travel or to study. Hae Soo calls Jae Yul. He picks up. She says, its Hae Soo and hangs up. She calls again and asks if he is happy after breaking up with her because she feels uneasy and hangs up again. She calls again and without saying anything hangs up.











Hae Soo wants to call again but doesn’t. Jae Yul calls her and she picks after many rings. Hae Soo makes him realize his mistake he did fourteen years ago by not trusting his brother and not consulting the lawyer. He is doing the same mistake by leaving her. Hae Soo says, she is calling him for the last time because he keeps believing in mysterious boy and they can’t go on like this. She says when she will hang up he will see mysterious boy again. And mysterious boy appears riding his bicycle. Hae Soo wants Jae Yul to look at him carefully to notice that he is not real but an illusion. She asks him to think about the time they spend together when he sees mysterious boy because that time was real and he is not. Jae Yul is persistent and says, mysterious boy is real. He exists. She tells him, he can do it. He can figure it out that mysterious boy is an imagination and when he does she will be waiting for him. She tells him that she loves her so much. Finally, she said it.



Mysterious boy tells Jae Yul that he is real. He is not him. He has his own identity. Jae Yul thinks to what Hae Soo said. He has to find mysterious boy is an illusion. Jae Yul looks at him and notices that mysterious boy is not wearing shoes. Jae Yul asks him when did they first meet and which grade he is in. Mysterious boy replies that they met three years ago and he is in 11 grade. Jae Yul’s eyes fill with tears. Mysterious boy replied the same he did three years ago.


Jae Yul rides his bike and mysterious boy follows him, asking what’s wrong. Jae Yul remembers the real memories he shared with Hae Soo. He almost gets hit by a car. Would you please stop scaring us? Jae Yul remembers mysterious boy’s accident. He was not wearing shoes at that time either. One by one he remembers the time he was with mysterious boy, he was not wearing shoes. Jae Yul sees his younger self running barefoot and mysterious boy who is barefoot too. They become one with him. That’s it he finally realized and he again has tears in his eyes.



Jae Yul comes to Hae Soo’s place huffing and puffing. She hugs her and tells her that mysterious boy is not real. Hae Soo is happy and she cries. Jae Yul asks hae Soo to help him. Mysterious boy looks at them with sad eyes.


Jae Beom gives the flowers he made with food in jail. He asks her mother not to cry as Jae Yul will be cured this time. Dong Min gives Jae Yul a sedative so he can sleep peacefully. Soo Kwang takes a picture with Jae Yul, so he can boast about it. He doesn’t call Jae Yul, hyung anymore. Jae Yul complains it to Hae Soo. Soo Kwang wants to sleep with Jae Yul and Dong Min slaps on his head. Soo Kwang kisses Hae Soo on the cheek and she hits him with the rubber thingy. Jae Yul this time complains to Dong Min but he says, he likes Soo Kwang more. They make kissy faces to each other and Soo Kwang hugs Dong min. Hae Soo is with her boyfriend and hits Soo Kwang with the rubber thingy again a few times and Dong Min also gets hits accidentally. Dong Min and Soo Kwang leave the love birds. Dong Min tells them not to so anything else in the middle of the night. Hae Soo covers Jae Yul and lays in his arms. Jae Yul is sleepy and looks at his side. Mysterious boy is there. Jae Yul says he won’t give him importance.


Hae Soo’s brother-in-law persuades her to come home. Soo Nyeo gives an encouragement shout to Hae Soo. When Soo Nyeo sees Hae Soo is feeling down. Soo Kwang is surprised by her out of character behavior. Soo Nyeo doesn’t want Soo Kwang to leave her.


Dong Min tells Jae Yul, in order for mysterious boy to disappear, Jae Yul has to sympathize with his younger self. Hae Soo’s mother texts Jae Yul begging to let Hae Soo go. Hae Soo and Jae Yul are going to the hospital separately. She tells him they have to pretend they don’t know each other in the hospital. Jae Yul tells her, he won’t get her fired because of him. They share a kiss. Hae Soo asks him to tell mysterious boy if he sees him that she is thankful he was there for her lonely boyfriend but she is here now so he can leave. She hugs him and remembers that she has a gift for mysterious boy. She tells Jae Yul that its in the car and to give him.


Jae Yul is at the hospital. He comes back to his room and mysterious boy is there. Jae Yul decides to watch his feet. Sneakers is the gift from Hae Soo and Jae Yul very lovingly puts it on mysterious boy’s feet. Mysterious bot starts to cry. He asks Jae Yul if he shouldn’t come anymore. A tear also slips from Jae Yul’s eyes.





I would have loved if this was the end. Though it would have been an open end and maybe I would have screamed my brains out.

Everything is going smoothly but I fear, Hae Soo’s mother doesn’t want them to be together. Will Jae Yul leave her? No, right? That’s why he is getting better.

Jae Beom may have some anger issues but deep down he is a nice guy. No, I’m not forgetting that he wanted to kill Jae Yul but that was before he knew anything. And even after knowing he just vented out his anger on Jae Yul and Jae Yul wanted that, so he can feel a little less guilt. Will mother never know the truth?

I just love Hae Soo and Jae Yul together. Nothing can come between them. Point to be noted there were no bitchy and clingy second leads, thank God for that. Illness’ were enough to make us crazy.

Now if we would have the nicest ending with smiles everywhere that would be perfect.


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