Blade Man Episode 1

blade man

So curiosity got the better of me and I watched the first episode of Iron Man/ Blade Man. Yeah it got a name change. I still don’t know what to call it Blade or Iron both are weird and so is the pilot episode. I haven’t watched such a strange episode before. I don’t know what the hell happened. But I will try to explain.

Episode 1

Look dragonflies we also call them helicopters. Weird opening. Things get slashed by someone or something. Paranormal activity going on.


This is the head maid of Joo Hong Bin’s house


This is Joo Hong Bin. He has some severe anger management issues. He is the owner of a game company. He beats his employees then visits them in the hospital and gives them promotion. His nose is acting up and he can smell things a normal human can’t.


This is Joo Hong Bin’s secretary Go/Ko. He knows something about Hong Bin. Which Hong Bin doesn’t know about himself.


This is our little miss goody two shoes, Son Se Dong. She meddles with the things she shouldn’t be concerned about. Hong Bin’s company was originally hers and her friends but a douche bag sold the company without telling anyone and ran to the US. She has the same smell as Hong Bin’s first love. She takes Hong Bin’s child to her house.


Meet Hong Bin’s daddy. Daddy and Hong Bin are not on good terms because of Hong Bin’s first love. Daddy never approved of their relationship because of the difference in their status.


This is Hong Bin’s first love. Tae Hee.


Meet little Hong Bin. Yup he is Tae Hee’s and Hong Bin’s son. I don’t know where is Tae Hee and I don’t think Hong Bin knows about the existence of the boy. He comes with a woman who looks like a witch. She abandons him at the airport and runs because someone was after her.


This is the witch. She seems like a shady woman.


This is Se Dong’s friend, Seung Hwan.


Se Dong wants to go to the company to get the game which she and her gang made. Seung Hwan stops her. There are bad rumors about Hong Bin. No one has ever seen his picture as he looks like a devil. Hong Bin hears everything.

It seems like when ever it rains something bad happens and secretary Go knows about it. He carries Hong Bin on his shoulder and runs. Later he gets beaten by Hong Bin.


Seems like Hong Bin himself has no idea that he becomes blade man when he gets angry. And all of a sudden he is lying on top of a building. Secretary Go re-enacts the scene from twilight. Hong Bin is sleeping and he stares at him. Hong Bin calls him a pervert.

Hong Bin goes to Se Dong’s house for God knows what reason. He sees her and calls her. She is piggybacking his child. She looks at him and he smells her. Don’t ask me about his weird posture.



I don’t know if I will be watching this weird thing again. Maybe it will get better but for now I’m confused. The whole time I was like this


and this


Joo Hong Bin is nothing like Cha Jae Wan. The memory of Jae Wan got ruined by this guy who screams and yells.

Se Dong needs to practice on her shriek-y scream. I don’t want to go deaf.

How come secretary Go knows about Hong Bin’s specialty? Since when blades are sprouting from Hong Bin? Why Hong Bin has no idea about it? Is it his other personality? He has MPD? Am I a doctor? Then why am I diagnosing him?


10 comments on “Blade Man Episode 1

  1. Jas says:

    i think it’s going to be hard on us with this change from the omg-so-handsome so prim and proper Mr Hotel King to this… erm… uhm… what again?


  2. Lola Paloma says:

    It has been a while I have been in ‘mynewpersona’ .. I miss your recaps. Last time it was Hotel King and few episodes of Its Okay That’s Love .. but I can’t do that drama ..

    But now its Lee Dong Wook .. so its a go 😀 But again I have trouble watching this drama .. But when I saw your recaps .. yeayyy at least its not going to be too painful to watch this drama .. lol
    Especially with your dramatic respond .. like those pictures above … hahahaha

    Thanks Ms Khan for the recaps and the laughs 🙂


    • Miss Khan says:

      heya, welcome back ^__^

      aww you didn’t like IOTL or *gasps* my recaps HAHAHAHHA

      you are not watching Blade Man? I try to be funny and thank God you guys like it ^__^


      • Lola Paloma says:

        I love the casting but got lost in the drama complexity, luckily I have your recap for references hahaha 😀

        I have watched the 1st & 2nd episodes but contemplating of moving forward .. probably I’ll end up reading your recap again .. 😉 thanks MK,.


        • Lola Paloma says:

          The first paragraph for IOTL, the second one for Blade Man .. 😀


          • Miss Khan says:

            You’re welcome ^__^
            IOTL was indeed hard to follow thanks to the medical terms and whatnot. So I only focused on the main story ^__^
            Blade Man seems crazy at first heck it is crazy but its crazy funny and I love bromance ^__^


  3. It’s hard to find experienced people on this topic, but you sound like you know
    what you’re talking about! Thanks


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