Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 12


Is it just me or the good guys are taking their sweet time to go against evil. Evil people are taking action while the good guys are in still thinking mode. Guess I have to like Do Ha because Rin likes her. My bromance T_T

Episode 12

Aung and Daung are arguing with each other again but all happy things must come to an end. Rin spots small pox aunty and follows her. Do Ha follows Rin and Moo Suk follows them both. Small pox aunty has spread small pox to the palace servants and now is roaming in the city and spreading it more. She got her minions at work too and they are contaminating the water.


The human trio (Rin, Do Ha and Moo Suk) walk around the streets. People are dying and sick. Do Ha says its small pox aunty. Moo Suk as always with his rational talk says, it is a disease why blame a ghost. Rin has no time to argue with him.


Tavern crew is busy with the nonsense superstitions to ward off small pox. Rin and Do Ha come for Sang Hyun. Rin and Do Ha go first telling about the locked door. Sang Hyun says it’s probably Sadam and they need to find him.



Rin goes to the palace and its in a panic state. Dowager refuses to meet him. Soo Hyun is taken for interrogation. She keeps going about whose daughter she is but she has no idea who will interrogate her. It’s the king. Evil minister’s comrades tell him that his daughter is being questioned by the king and he is surprised. Wait, I thought you knew? Wasn’t this already in the last episode that Ki San will interrogate Soo Hyun?


Evil minister arrives at the scene. He has much important thing to say. Small pox is spreading rapidly in the city. Ki San knows that but shouldn’t evil minister be worried about his daughter? Evil minister can’t when people of the country are dying. Evil priestess’ place has the medicine and they need it.


Moo Suk comes home and his sister appears. He star gazes for a while and she lovingly looks at him. He leaves to his room and she is sad. Moo Suk has a dream that he is walking and calling her sister and his sister keeps going ahead. She stops and turns. A smile forms on her face but small pox aunty appears beside her. Moo Suk’s sister this time for real is running from someone and its small pox aunty and she got her. Okay so if you dream about small pox aunty that’s not a dream its real. Same thing happened with dowager.


Small pox aunty has taken Moo Suk’s sister to Sadam and oh no he did something (chanting blabla bla) to her and has she gone evil now? I think yeah because she is wearing black. The black smokey things roam in the city spreading rumors that the small pox aunty came because of Rin. Sang Hyun hears people talking about it. He looks up and sees the evil black smokeys.


This time Ki San goes to visit his grandmother and gets the same answer. She can’t see him. Ki San gets angry, no wonder everyone looks down on him when his own grandmother does the same. He forcefully goes in and breaks the lock. He gets shocked to see. She has gotten small pox. Dowager asks him to leave. He asks why didn’t she tell him. He asks for the doctor. His other persona comes out telling him that he will get small pox too. Who would be most happy? Its Rin. Ki San tells him to shut it. He has decided to pray for his grandmother and his people.


People are gathering in front of Rin’s house. The trio of ghosts as usual is sitting in front of his house. Rin comes out and the people disperse. Trio tells him that they think he called the small pox aunty. Trio is worried and asks Rin to stay home. Rin tells them not to worry.


Do Ha is eating Sa Kong’s head about her sister. Rin saves him. Rin is not interested in Do Ha’s story. He asks Sa Kong that night watchmen used to drive away the ghosts then how come they can’t get rid of Sadam and small pox aunty. Sa Kong tells him that only Sang Hyun is left who can use magic and it takes a lot of people and energy. Sa Kong was just a journal keeper.


Sang Hyun is at his secret place. He holds the sword. It’s the one Rin asked about. The sword which can block disaster. No one is doing anything so Sang Hyun decides its time to take matters into his own hands. He lays the map of the city and pinpoints the place where small pox aunty will strike next. Rin goes looking for Sang Hyun. Tavern lady tells that he is sick. It’s a lie because mr. sick has gone to confront small pox aunty. He can’t do much because of his damn wound.


Sa Kong runs to Rin for help with Do Ha. Sang Hyun has taken the sword to slay small pox aunty. Do Ha and Rin are looking for Sang Hyun. God knows why are they together. This way it takes more time. One should go left the other should go right and then meet in the middle with the findings. Sang Hyun is still trying to finish small pox aunty. He sticks a talisman on her and Sadam feels the pain too. He is about to kill the aunty but Moo Suk’s sister stops him. Noooooo she has gone evil. Rin and Do Ha has great timing. They reach Sang Hyun and the evils flee. Rin after checking on Sang Hyun follows the small pox aunty and the girl. Do Ha for some reason does the same. What about Sang Hyun? Poor guy is in pain. These ghosts are running instead of flying or speed walking. They even follow the turns on the streets. My God you are ghost. You are supposed to go through things. Rin and Do Ha lose them but no worries without Christmas Do Ha’s bells rings and they find themselves near evil priestess’ place. There is only one conclusion, Sadam is here. We knew already its just you guys are slow.



Rin and gang are back to the tavern. Rin asks the way to be a night watchman. Finally, now we are talking. But not so soon according to Sang Hyun it takes lots of magic power and weapons and Rin and Do Ha aren’t enough to stop small pox aunty. Tavern lady brings medicine to Sang Hyun. Sa Kong is outside his room, listening to their conversation. He wants tavern lady to choose him as he will stay with her longer. Okay so who else knows about Sang Hyun’s secret? Tavern lady doesn’t care if she gets one day with him.


King is praying with the palace people. Rin and Moo Suk take turns looking at each other. Other minister tells Ki San about the shortage of medicine. Someone is hoarding it and they have no idea who. Ki San has a panic attack and thinks he got the disease from his grandmother. He orders kicking her out. Other minister asks Ki San to calm down. People are not blaming him but Rin so they should put all the blame on him. Rin was the one who called small pox aunty and is hiding the medicines.



Ki San get the confirmation that his grandmother has left. Rin also gets the news. He stops her from leaving and even asks her to live in his house. Grandmother asks her to close the window to the palanquin. Rin knows she is worrying about him. Aww Rin. Shame on you Ki San, you paranoid moron.


Moo Suk is busy with his sword practicing. Rin asks him to join his side. So there won’t be any victims like his sister. Stubborn Moo Suk asks what can Rin do with magic. Rin says, latest they can try.


People are again gathering at Rin’s place. This time with fire torches and sticks in their hands. Our trio are ghosts but they are still afraid. Rin’s timing sucks and he gets cornered by the people who accuse him for small pox. Tavern boss now believes in superstitions. Rin has run to their place. Aww again. He sleeps in Do Ha’s room. She sits with him. He is having a dream and she wants to caress his face but stops. Instead, she places her hand on his. He places his other hand on her. Do Ha tries to pull her hand and Rin wakes up. He says that her hands are warm and they stare at each other for long time. Time to play, LOVE IS DA MOMENT.


We got another couple. Its evil-evil couple of Sadam and evil minister. Sadam, you cheater, what about Ki San? Sadam tells evil minister to release the medicine. So this bitch was holding it and my poor puppy was getting blamed. Evil minister knows there must be something Sadam wants. Sadam only wants to fulfill evil minister’s dream. To remove Ki San from the king’s throne and many more ambitions that he have. Sadam says, Rin will be blamed for the current situation and evil minister will provide the cure.


Moo Suk can’t help but thinks what Rin said. He leaves for God knows where oh wait its evil minister’s house and he sees Sadam leaving. Moo Suk is straight forward to evil minister. One thing that was common between them was they didn’t believe in dark magic but now evil minister has changed sides. Evil minister accuses him for being rude. Moo Suk reveals evil minister’s true intention for supporting him. He wanted Moo Suk to be a sacrifice but he refuses to be one. Moo Suk warns him that if he ever threatened the king. He won’t let it go. Yay he is not scared of evil minister. Poor Moo Suk remembers when his parents died evil minister adopted him and his sister. He heard him talking to another guy that he will use him as a shield. Aww he knew from the start.


Evil minister tells Ki San that he has the medicine and he will act on his order. Ki San asks if there is something he wants but evil minister just says he was being loyal. And so the medicine is released to the people with a tag that it came from evil minister. Grrrr. Soo Hyun is released and her eyes tell that she is changed.


Tavern boss is at the secret place of Sang Hyun. He tells Sang Hyun actually tells us that Sang Hyun went to the treasury after he came back from the dead and brought the weapons. Which helped with his trauma. What trauma? Don’t ask me? I don’t know. Rin and Do Ha brings the news that evil minister released the medicine and he seems to be working with Sadam.


Ki San is suddenly missing Sadam and give orders to find him. The one who arrives is evil minister. Ki San tries to clear that he just asked for Sadam. Evil minister has no problem. Sadam is one of the loyal servants and he should be by king’s side. Ki San is surprised by evil minister’s new tune. Evil minister thinks that it was a misunderstanding between Ki San and Sadam and to mend things Ki San should give the position, head of sogyukseo to Sadam. Oi that’s Rin’s position. Ki San asks if he can do it. Evil minister says, of course he is the king.


Sadam enters the palace and goes to his quarter. The ghost bottles are still there. Ki San sends him a message to meet him. Sadam tells the messenger to tell the king, to wait. Rin hears the news that he is giving up the post of head of sogyukseo. He has no idea what’s going on. Rin enters Sadam’s quarters and the bottles are gone. He asks about them and the guy says the new head of sogyukseo told him to move them to the library.



Our new couple is together. Evil minister asks why he wants the library. Sadam tells that a dragon sleeps here and soon will ascend to heaven. Evil minister wonders if he is talking about Rin. Sadam says there is another dragon other than Rin. Sadam holds his hand and sends some sort of energy to evil minister. Evil minister feels something and looks at Sadam. Rin finds them and they look at him. LOVE IS DA MOMENT maybe.




Why isn’t anything happening? Do something good guys. Don’t wait for the end and suddenly win for no good reason except you were the good guys.

I wonder why Moo Suk stayed loyal to evil minister for so long? Evil minister never cared for him. Thank God they are going separate ways now. What does evil minister want? Throne? Or someone he can control like a puppet? If that’s the case Sadam will help pull the strings of Ki San. What did Sadam do to the evil minister in the end?

What will Soo Hyun do? Slap Rin for no good reason, because she is a selfish bitch.

How many days will it take for Rin and Do Ha to learn how to use weapons? When will Moo Suk join their gang? Soon I think. Moo Suk’s sister has gone evil and he has no idea. Someone save that girl? On to the other ghost girl who we thought was Rin’s mother, when is the mystery going to be revealed? The other two ghosts aren’t doing anything. I wonder why they came?

Why is the story all over the place?


8 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 12

  1. I know what you mean the story is so all over the place and I am just gritting my teeth watching Sadam winning all the battles. And I sincerely hope that the evil minister’s daughter will disappear into oblivion to me she is even worse than Do Ha,but I bet they will just make her an evil minion for her dad now.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Soo Hyun’s love for Rin is not real. She knows her father doesn’t want her to be with Rin and she still believes her father. yes, Rin reported her but it was her fault. her selfishness took the better of her. If she becomes a pawn in her father’s game just for revenge then no one is as stupid as her. Sadam knows how to use people for his benefits and stupid people let him control them. Good guys are busy taking a nap.


  2. Ami says:

    I really wish these good guys would do something. Moo Seuk kind of seems useless to me. All he does is walk around here, threaten people there, fight with Rin and glare at bad guys plus he cant see ghosts which is very weird cuz in the character profile they described Moo Seuk as one of the “nightwatch men” . What the hell is going on with this story? Just learn the rituals of the night watchmen and be a butt kicking team already! Come on Moo Seuk stop being such a stubborn ass and be a nightwatch men already! But as annoying as it is, I cant stop watching this series!!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      I agree but I think Moo Suk will soon join the team. He may not be able to see ghosts but he can stop Sadam and his minion Mojo Jojo. or maybe later he will be able to see the ghosts. Come on guys lets go for some ghost hunting already.


    • kaylie says:

      I see what you mean, but I would not say useless. lee Rin asked him to join his team b/c they need his help. Moo Seok is stubborn and serious. but still a cool guy, though. I like him better than the irritating do ha and annoying soo Ryun.
      Miss khan doesn’t like do ha for several reasons either. I don’t think the 2 main characters have that much chemistry either.


  3. kaylie says:

    Miss khan,
    Also, I wouldn’t say “threaten”, since that word has a bad meaning, and MS doesn’t wasn’t to harm anyone. Instead he gave a Warning to Lee Rin, Sadam, and prime minister that he won’t forgive them if they do something bad.


  4. kaylie says:

    I’m sorry, Miss khan. I typed your name by accident. I was talking to Ami.
    Anyways, I appreciate your summaries for each episode. Thank you.


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