Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 11


Looks like we are going somewhere finally and I would like some ghost hunting please. I hate Do Ha’s timing but I love the bromance. I want to push her out of this scene. I don’t know why but God she irritates me. See that’s why I like bromance more.

Episode 11

Rin tells Sang Hyun about Sadam but Sang Hyun already knows about him. Shucks no hand holding between Rin and Sang Hyun. The episode should have started from there. Pouts. Sang Hyun tells Rin about the first episode of night watchman. How his father went to greater lengths to save him and then got bewitched  because Sadam of the Yongshin tribe did something to the flower. Do Ha pops after hearing the word Yongshin. She asks if Sadam took her sister and that’s why he approached her too. Sang Hyun’s danger alarm starts to ring. It must mean one thing.


Sa Kong in his room is busy reading ahem ahem books. He looks for the next volume and finds the journal which happens to be written by him. Sang Hyun is busy telling bed time stories to Do Ha and Rin. Sadam is going to resurrect the dragon. Sa Kong tells Sang Hyun to stop. Rin notices the journal in Sa Kong’s hand.


Evil minister now knows that Sang Hyun is alive and is helping Rin. He wonders if ghosts told him something and then laughs at the absurd idea of ghosts. He gets a visitor and its none other than Sadam and evil priestess. Sadam tells him that he will soon come to ask for his help. God knows why evil priestess tagged along but anyways Sadam is happy things are going his way. He will use evil ministers fear to use him.


Sa Kong for some reason is now in the story telling group. Rin wants to know everything about his parents death. Sang Hyun says the same thing that he doesn’t know. Its Do Ha’s turn to ask about her sister. Sang Hyun still has nothing to say. Rin’s turn again. He asks about the woman who made the king crazy. Uh oh. Sang Hyun looks at Rin and Do Ha and is still tight-lipped. How can he say that you both are looking for the same woman. The drama isn’t anywhere near its end sheesh patience people. Sa Kong says that’s enough for the bed time story. It’s time to catch some sleep but no fast as nightmare walks in. these ninja people are sent by none other than evil minister and their target is Sang Hyun. Woohoo that’s how you kick ass. Sa Kong is a coward he hides while Sang Hyun fights ninjas. Rin and Do Ha help too. Tavern lady and boss wake up by the sound. Ninjas flee. Did you guys see of course you did if not then read. When the ninjas walk in Sang Hyun comes in front to protect Sa Kong and Rin does the same with Do Ha. Sa Kong seriously and you were a watchman tsk tsk tsk go in the corner and wait where is Moo Suk? Dammit he is not living with them anymore.


Rin is agitated. How many hidden enemies he has that won’t let him know the truth about his father. He gets angry at his own father. Sang Hyun tells him that it was for Rin that king traveled far at a dangerous place. Rin doesn’t believe because what he saw was a crazy king who had a sword to his son’s throat. He says if what he remembers is not the truth then he wont forgive who forced those fake memories on him be it Sadam or evil minister or the other woman.



Do Ha finally connects the dots. Rin is the boy the king was trying to save. I literally face palmed. Why is she so dumb? Why writers? I mean his name is Rin. He is a prince, what more do you want? I’m so trying to gather hate. Rin is not going anywhere still Do Ha tells him to stop. She gives him the king’s wrist band and says his father was worried about him. This touches Rin. He thinks back to when his father gave him the flower. He was in his senses and apologized to Rin. Do Ha pulls her hand back but Rin asks her for a few moments. Sa Kong and Sang Hyun watch them. Sa Kong is worried about the consequences. What would happen if Rin knows that its Do Ha’s sister he is looking for. For you to get the answer Rin has to know the truth which isn’t happening any time soon. So relax for couple of episodes until tragedy falls.


Sadam is chanting again. Dude you gotta have to find a new hobby. The candles go out and a creepy looking woman comes into view. Can I scream? Eahhhhhhhhhh she looks evil, she is evil she is the goddess of small pox. Let me check if I got the injection when I was a kid.


Dowager is having a dream. She wakes up and sees the small pox aunty. And she wakes up. This whole family has inception-ish dreams. Small pox aunty is strolling in the palace.


Court in session. King gives the order to arrest evil minister’s daughter. Moo Suk finally buddy where have you been. He is in a hurry most probably going to see Soo Hyun. Too late she is already arrested by the time he reaches the clinic. He can’t do anything to help because it’s the king’s order. Soo Hyun keeps calling Moo Suk for help. Girl it’s your fault. Don’t you dare blame anyone.


Rin is with is trio ghosts. He asks the minister ghost about his parents death. But he doesn’t know as he was not in the palace. Little ghost has something on her mind. Over protective eunuch asks if she knows something. She suddenly yells at him, how would she know. Moo Suk storms in and holds Rin by his collar. How dare he do that to Soo Hyun? Does he not know how she feels about him? He remembers Rin asking for his advice. Rin knows Soo Hyun is not profit hungry. He removes Moo Suk’s hand from his collar. Moo Suk asks why is he pushing her towards death. Rin believes there must be a reason for her and he will find out. Moo Suk again grabs his collar. He knows it won’t be easy. There is a feud going on between evil minister and king.


Rin goes to jail and evil minister is there. He won’t let Rin see Soo Hyun. Evil minister meets his daughter. She holds his hand and he tells her that Rin put her in. She asks how come he never came to see her. He did girl but your father is evil. Moo Suk has come to meet Soo Hyun. He sees her crying. Flash back, Moo Suk’s sister got small pox and the villagers wants her out of the village. Moo Suk is with her sister begging her not to leave him. Soo Hyun comes to help. Moo Suk has lost hope and she tells him to snap out of it. His sister will be fine.


Do Ha has a habit or a hobby to go into the marketplace and look for someone. This time God knows who is she looking for because Rin hasn’t vanished and she is not that close to Moo Suk to find him in the streets. Speaking of Moo Suk, she runs into him. Moo Suk’s sister appears beside him. Do Ha keeps looking at the empty space well that’s what Moo Suk sees. Oh so she is looking for Sadam. Moo Suk takes her to the evil priestess’ place. Do Ha again zones out and stares behind him. Moo Suk asks about it. Do Ha tells that the girl’s name is In Hwa and yes that’s Moo Suk’s sisters name. She has something to say to him. He asks how does she know about his sister. Do Ha tells him that she is behind him. Moo Suk turns and his face falls. He gets angry at Do Ha and leaves. His sister following him. Evil priestess got soldier’s at her place with king’s order to take everything related to Soo Hyun. Evil priestess has already burned the contract and so she has nothing to hide.


Moo Suk justs stops waking. His sister appears before him and calls him. He sees her and caresses her face and she disappears. Did he imagine her or somehow he got the abilities to see the ghost. Someone please give him a hug. Rin will you do the honors.


Do Ha sneaks in evil priestess’ place. Sadam has nothing else to do so he is chanting. Do Ha reaches his door but before she can open it evil priestess quietly takes her away. Sadam sensed something but he can’t see them. Evil priestess asks her reason for coming. Do Ha has something to ask from Sadam. Speak of the devil, Sadam comes and evil priestess hides Do Ha. They talk about soldiers, she tells there is nothing to worry about. She says she has something to give to him. Do Ha stupid girl can’t stay hidden. She is peeking. Evil priestess is looking for something. Sadam extends his hand like he is to kill her but no he does something and evil priestess’ face changes to Do Ha’s sister. Do Ha sees it too and ducks in surprise causing a noise. Sadam is not deaf, he heard but evil priestess gives him a gift. What is that a scarf? A shawl? Or something he can hang himself? She waits for Sadam to leave and tells Do Ha to leave quickly. Do Ha is concerned about him. She tells her to stay away from Sadam. Evil priestess asks why is she concerned even though she treated her bad. Do Ha is just worried.


In the clinic patients and doctors are writing petitions to release Soo Hyun. One of the doctor comes and tells them not to do it. He is bribed by the other minister. He goes to Moo Suk and tells him that Rin told the clinic not to write the petition. Soo Hyun’s maid comes crying to her with the bad news. No one is willing to help her. Soo Hyun clenches her skirt. She is going evil.


Evil minister is with other ministers. They are worrying about their necks. They better shut up or evil minister is gonna hit them with the ink slab.


Rin and his grandma. Dowager is sick and she tells Rin not to ask her anything. Rin sees the small pox aunty. Oh My God she looks like my economics teacher. Mrs. Ruby. Yeah she was scary too. Her eye makeup my God, little kids literally used to run away from her.



Sang Hyun is having a dream of the dragon. He wakes up and goes somewhere. Sang Hyun doesn’t sleep in the bed. He always sleeps in a sitting position. Rin comes looking for him but Sang Hyun is gone. Rin starts searching most probably for the journal. He finds it and looks at the small pox auntie drawn in the book. He goes searching for Sang Hyun. Sang Hyun is making talismans. Sa Kong wants him to stop. Oi he knows how Sang Hyun got his life. Sang Hyun again feels pain in his chest. He touches it and there is blood on his fingers. Sa Kong looks at his injury and gets angry. I understand him. He is worried about his friend. They come out and Rin is there and Do Ha comes too. Sang Hyun says he has something to say.


Sang Hyun tells the dragon needs to die. They need to find the way to the treasury palace. No worries, Rin already knows the way. Remember he accidentally found the way with Do Ha. Rin says there was no dragon. Sang Hyun says it’s there in deep with the bow. They must kill it with the bow. Rin volunteers to go and Do Ha says she will go too. She wants to stop Sadam’s plan.


Ki San is cackling in happiness. He finally feels like a king. Poor Moo Suk has something to say of course about Soo Hyun but Ki San is too happy to listen to anything.


Rin and Do Ha are silently making their way to the under passageway. Moo Suk sees them running hand in hand and follows them. They jump in the well which is the passageway. Do Ha lights the candle and both get scared because of Moo Suk. Moo Suk asks the obvious. What are they up to. Rin says, Moo Suk doesn’t believe such things but a monster dragon is here. Sadam can feel something approaching to the dragon. Our trio finally reaches the door but it won’t budge. Its Mojo Jojo’s doing. He gets praise from Sadam. Moo Suk calls himself foolish for believing in them.


Evil minister gets the news that the king himself will interrogate Soo Hyun. Sadam is with evil priestess. He asks her to add another cup as if he knows someone will come and lo and behold it’s the evil minister. He asks Sadam how can he help him.


Moo Suk is complaining and Rin asks him to end it. Do Ha says that’s why they are Aung and Daung. They both stop in their tracks. Rin sees the small pox aunty and follows her. I don’t think Do Ha saw her but she follows him and Moo Suk just follows the both of them. The trio, see the maids lying on the ground. Moo Suk takes a closer look at one of them and tells its small box.




Small pox aunty damn you.

I thought Do Ha was giving a cold shoulder to Rin after acknowledging the status and now she is back to normal.

It makes me so angry everyone is going to misunderstand Rin because no one is telling the truth and is using Rin’s name in every damn thing they lie about. Moo Suk is already doubting him and Soo Hyun’s love for him will fade away. I think she will still try to have him like a possession.

So evil priestess has the spirit of Do Ha’s sister. Where is evil priestess’ spirit? Two spirits are living in one body? Now that Do Ha knows what will she do? She hasn’t told anyone yet. Will Rin and Do Ha go their separate ways after knowing they are looking for the same person. Will Rin forgive Do Ha’s sister though it was not her fault? I do wonder if she really had no idea that the flower was cursed.

Rin and Do Ha telling Moo Suk about her sister and he is still not believing them. Then how come he saw her? He most definitely imagined her. He will do everything to help Soo Hyun because she was the only one when he needed help but how? No worries her evil father has asked Sadam’s help. He will truly do something to harm Rin.

I don’t want Sang Hyun to die. Do Ha can for all I care.


4 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 11

  1. hdmg753 says:

    thanks, ms. khan for ur recaps. I really don’t like do ha ~ flat out character, bad actress.
    2nd female lead = okay but don’t like her soo ryun character either.
    JIW = pretty good actor, funny lee rin
    U-Know = I must say has improved…more face expressions, emote better thru his eyes,
    teary eyed scenes convincing to me. okay/decent actor…didn’t think i’d say this but U-Know can act.


  2. Lynne says:

    hahaha Ms Khan you’re really funny you’re not a fan of Do Ha! I like Sang Hyun too! He’s so manly looking 🙂 Love your summary as always.


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