It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 14


Seems like we didn’t cry much in the last episode. Excuse me while I think where to hide the pile of tissues and the bucket full of tears.

Episode 14

Jae Yul asks about the thing Hae Soo said she will tell him later and if he said he loved her. She will believe him then.

Hae Soo says, one day at school she got the news about his father. That he is hospitalized but that was nothing new for her. It was happening for some years. She went to the hospital wishing for her father’s death but he was alive. She got angry and called mother’s other man and asked, why doesn’t he call or give money to mother anymore. Mother heard her conversation. Hye Soo starts crying. She sold her mother to become a doctor. Jae Yul hugs her and tells her that he loves her a lot.


Jae Yul has lot on his mind. Mysterious boy calls him and Jae Yul looks at the calendar. He has marked the fifth day. Jae Beom’s release date. Jae Yul sleeps on bed. Hae Soo quietly leaves the room and hides in the bathroom. Her sister calls. So Nyeo told her about Jae Yul being crazy. Soo Kwang snatches the phone and tells her, Jae Yul is sick and not crazy. Hae Soo hangs up. She texts Dong Min’s ex the address and calls her to come. Ex asks if she needs some more time with him. Hae Soo starts crying. She opens the tap as she doesn’t want Jae Yul to hear her cry.



Jae Yul gets a call from mysterious boy. Jae Yul says he can’t meet him but mysterious boy is being strange. Jae Yul leaves to meet him. Hye Soo calms down and thinks where he could be. Everyone is panicking as Jae Beom has been released. Hye Soo notices the dangerous roads Jae Yul noted down for mysterious boy. Hye Soo calls Jae Yul. He asks if he can call her later and almost gets in an accident. The line gets disconnected. Hye Soo meets with Dong Min and betrayer friend.



Jae Yul asks Jae Beom if he can meet him later. Mysterious boy calls Jae Yul and thanks for everything. Jae Yul can feel this is his way of saying goodbye. He apologizes he didn’t pay attention to him. Jae Beom is on his way to meet Jae Yul. Mysterious boy passes Jae Beom. Jae Yul sees mysterious boy passing by and getting into an accident. Jae Yul slams his car to the other car. He comes out injured and walks to bloody and injured mysterious boy. Jae Beom looks at his brother. Ex and Hye Soo arrive at the same time. Hye Soo hugs Jae Yul and cries. He wants her to take care of mysterious boy. Of course Hae Soo cannot see him.


Jae Yul is tied up and is sedated. He can see mysterious boy in the corner of the room. He is injured and coughing. Jae Yul starts coughing too. Dong Min is discussing the case with other doctors. Jae Yul’s Lou Gehrig is a delusional pain he is subconsciously sharing with mysterious boy. Various tests are done on Jae Yul.


Soo Kwang tries to cheer up Hae Soo. Jae Yul is seeing mysterious boy by his side. Dong Min says, Jae Yul after getting attacked by Jae Beom unconsciously realized that his brother’s hatred would never go away unless he dies. And so he made mysterious boy. He would die saving mysterious boy. In his mind it was better to die in an accident than suicide. It was his way of protecting his mother and a compensation to Jae Beom.


Jae Beom finally knows the truth. It was his mother who killed his father. He looks at the case pictures. He reads that Jae Yul has giving everything to him. He asks Dong Min to give the truth serum to his mother. Dong Min says this will not work because in her mind there is no memory of that time. He asks Jae Beom to go and tell mother the truth until she remembers. His bother is in the hospital. His mother has lived a life where she was beaten up. He is the only one she has. That is enough revenge for him. Jae Beom punches Dong Min.


Dong Min shows the cctv video to Jae Yul. And the video when mysterious boy got into an accident. He looks at Hye Soo in the video. Dong Min shows him his father’s case pictures. He says mother didn’t do anything wrong and Jae Beom is pitiful. Dong Min asks about mysterious boy. Jae Yul scans the room and there he is. Dong Min says isn’t it weird for mysterious boy to be in the room, where only concerned people are allowed. Jae Yul thinks its strange. He looks at mysterious boy and he is smiling. Dong Min says mysterious boy is Jae Yul an imagination. Jae Yul tells, mysterious boy is real.


Jae Beom is with his mother but totally neglecting her and watching tv. He gets angry when she tells him to eat. The way he is lying on the floor and hiding his face in his arm, he is feeling something about his brother. He can’t just blame Jae Yul and accuse his mother.


Soo Kwang is at Hae Soo’s family restaurant spying on them. Hye Soo asked him to do it. She has lain to her family that she has broken up with Jae Yul.


Jae Yul asks a nurse if he looks schizophrenic. She says he looks much better. Jae Yul remembers the schizophrenic girl, Hae Soo’s friend. How she was against their marriage and can’t believe they will be together. But now because of them she wants to believe in love. The boy who used to draw private parts has drawn Hae Soo. He tells that the internet is going crazy because of the news that Jae Yul is schizophrenic. Hae Soo says, he is her boyfriend. He tells her not to forget that she cured many patients. It’s his way of telling her not to give up. Hae Soo’s mother visits her and tells her she will wait until her shift ends.


Mother knows that Hye Soo is lying about breaking up with Jae Yul and slaps her. Hye Soo says, its true and she will have to apologize for hitting her. Mother tells her that if she is lying she will get more beating. Hae Soo gets another slap. Mother doesn’t want her daughter living like her. Taking care of a patient. She asks, why does she only remember that she was loyal to her husband. Why doesn’t she remember that she cheated on her husband. Why is she forgetting that she cursed her and telling her to give up on her dreams. Mother says she is fooling herself that her husband can’t talk but can understand everything. He is at the stage where he doesn’t even recognize his own family. She wants Hye Soo to end the relationship with Jae Yul. Hae Soo cries. Mother leaves the room and father is outside. He cries and she tells him not to and wipes his tears.


Hye Soo wants to meet Jae Yul face to face but his doctor says, no. Hye Soo is his sunbae and so she uses her authority and asks him not to tell anyone. He gives the consent. Hye Soo goes to Jae Yul and he keeps looking at her. She shows him, her phones background. It’s their picture. Jae Yul doesn’t say a word and Hye Soo keeps talking. She takes the book Jae Yul is reading. It’s a poem of sad days being over. She holds his hand and he places his other hand on hers. He remembers their time together. She kisses him.


With much difficulty Jae Yul speaks and tells her, he can’t walk and talk properly and he is sleepy. Hye Soo tells him it’s because of the medication. He wants her to make her laugh but he doesn’t know how. He wants to hug her but can’t. Hae Soo hugs him. He asks her to let him go from here. He isn’t feeling himself. He wants to get out. He looks at mysterious boy and says if he is his imagination he wants himself to lose it. He promises he won’t see mysterious boy again. He cries and asks her to let him go. Hye Soo kisses him. He asks if she is leaving. Hye Soo tells him, she will be back. He stops her and asks if he will get medication if he holds on to her. She nods and asks him to trust her as she is real and mysterious boy is an illusion. She tells him, in order to get better he has to believe that mysterious boy is not real. Medicine and doctors has its limits the rest is up to him. He says, he will do it at home. Hye Soo wipes his tear and asks him not to call her name. She leaves and Jae Yul keeps calling her name. Hye Soo cries. Mysterious boy is still with Jae Yul.


Hye Soo regrets meeting Jae Yul and asks the doctor not to lower the dose. He is seeing mysterious boy again. She looks back one more time and leaves.




Don’t tell me Hye Soo is leaving Jae Yul. Please he needs her but whenever he sees her mysterious boy comes back. So she is leaving because she knows about it.

We saw a different side of Jae Beom. He has forgotten everything about revenge and whatnot.

Why Hae Soo used to blame her mother for going to other man when she practically pushed her? True she saw her mother kissing him when she was younger but….

It is sad to see that Jae Yul’s mother has no idea that Jae Beom is innocent. I’m wondering if she will ever know? How would she react?

Please can we have happy ending? And no more sadness. My tissue box is empty. I don’t want the last two episodes crying and searching for happiness.


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