Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 10


Somethings are better if they are kept a secret. But what to do when the secret is out? Last episode Sadam and Mojo Jojo were hunting ghosts. This episode they were being hunted. Karma is a bitch ya know. These two are in love. No, not Sadam and minion but Do Ha and Rin.

Episode 10

Sang Hyun tells the watchmen ghosts to move on. They leave and Rin sees Sang Hyun. He asks about the day when his father lost his mind. Sang Hyun has nothing to say to him. Rin knows who he is, the one who stopped the king from killing his child. Sang Hyun thinks it was his duty. So he shouldn’t think much about it. Rin tells him, he has hated his father all his life. Thinking all was his fault but it’s not true. He asks for Sang Hyun’s help but he is not interested as it has nothing to do with it.


Rin comes back home and his loyal friends the trio is waiting for him. They are happy that he is free from the accusations. But he ignores them. Little ghost points it out. Rin quietly removes the barrier and ask if they are not going to come in. yay, this is so sweet but Rin removing the barrier means uninvited ghosts would come too ya know.



Rin finds the little ghost sitting alone. She says the other two are exploring the house. Rin asks her why isn’t she leaving. The other two have reasons to stay but she hates him so why? Little girl says, she doesn’t hate him. She likes him. He asks about the way she behaves around him. She tells him, so that he will behave and follow the rules. Rin lies down. She informs him that she may look like this but she has lived longer than him. She sings a lullaby and this reminds Rin of his mother and a tear slips through his eyes. Little girl very fondly touches Rin but she can’t. Still, she keeps doing it as if she is caressing his face. Mother? Is she his mother?


Sadam and Mojo Jojo are making their big evil plan for tomorrow. Ki San is ignoring his other persona and he tells him that the more he pretends, the louder he will get. He tells Ki San can see him because he is weak. He pities him as he is surrounded by the people he can’t trust. He says Rin is right and Ki San mutters him to shut it.


Sadam comes to mend the relationship with his love. But he didn’t do what love asked. The door isn’t closed yet. Sadam again goes blabla calm down, city, fire ghost. Ki San asks on whose behalf is he working on. Is it Rin or evil minister? Buuuu wrong, none of the two. He says Rin was right and throws the letter at him. Sadam tells him not to believe in them. But too late, Ki San calls the guards and just like that Sadam is taken away. Rin and Moo Suk watch him and Sadam is not blind. He glares at them. Mojo Jojo is busy as he is collecting the bottles in which the ghosts are captured. Too late again, guards are there to capture him and he runs. He sees his master being taken away. He waits for the opportunity and strikes. They run again trying to avoid the guards. They enter the evil priestess’s place. Mojo Jojo says they are on the run and she gets upset asking why are they at her place. But I thought you were friends. I don’t know if you have heard or not but there is a saying, ā€œa friend in need is a friend indeed.ā€



Rin greets his grandmother but she is cold to him. He only has one thing to ask. What happened twelve years ago. Grandmother reminds him not to speak of it again. Rin says he has been silent all this while but now he wants to learn the truth. Grandmother warns him again, not to mention that day again.


The tavern ladies worry about Do Ha. She is missing Rin. They wonder why are they not contacting them. Tavern boss says just because they stayed here and ate doesn’t mean they are friends. Their class is different. Poor Do Ha hears it. Talk about the devil. Rin visits the tavern and everyone treats him with respect. Tavern lady calls Do Ha saying that Rin has come to meet her. Her voice is so loud Sang Hyun hears it and turns away. But not so fast, Rin catches him. He asks why is he running. He asks about the woman and what happened that day. Sang Hyun sees Do Ha and tells Rin that he doesn’t know anything. Sang Hyun leaves and Rin says, he will come every day from now on. He spots Do Ha who was quietly leaving without greeting him. Rin is chirpy but Do Ha dampens the mood. She talks formally with him. She tells him she many things to do and she has to find her sister and what Sadam wants from her. Rin says they promised they will find out together but Do Ha says not anymore. She will deal with her business alone. Someone please hug this guy. Where the hell did Moo Suk go?


Other minister gets the news that the evil minister’s daughter gave the herbal rights to the evil priestess. Evil priestess passes by them and notices him. Other minister tells Ki San that Rin got his position back and Ki San is like, duh! This is so last episode. Other minister has made a plan to make Rin and evil minister fight each other. He tells Ki San about evil minister’s daughter’s doing.


Court in session. First of all Rin is praised for his bravery. Second he is made to investigate why the herbal stores are not getting the medicine. Ki San won’t hear anything from anyone. Rin is hurriedly going somewhere. Moo Suk asks where is he going and not following the King’s order. Rin stares at him and cleans the invisible dirt on him. Rin wonders if he would ask Moo Suk to take a look and then he thinks it wouldn’t work. How about you stop talking in riddles. Stop making fun of me, I’m not smart I know.


Moo Suk is showing off that he is a genius and tells Rin to visit the herbal store. Rin tells him that he has a brain too so shush. Rin misses Do Ha as he hears a woman selling dried radish because that’s what she used to call him. The store is empty and Rin asks the reason. The guy says, they used to import medicine from China but now there is an order to buy it from Meranbang (evil priestess’ place). But they sell expensive medicine so the stores are empty. Rin and Moo Suk look at each other.



Soo Hyun is halfheartedly cooking the medicine. She hides when Rin and Moo Suk enter the clinic. Moo Suk stops Rin from going after Soo Hyun. Rin asks the worker the reason from buying the medicine from the evil priestess. Poor guy is nervous and fidgets and says it was an order from higher up. Soo Hyun’s order. Moo Suk has super hearing skills. He barges in asking why Soo Hyun’s name was mentioned. Rin assures him that it was not and asks him to leave. Moo Suk doesn’t give up. On the way back he keeps asking about Soo Hyun’s involvement and Rin denies. Moo Suk considers Soo Hyun as a sister and he won’t sit still if she gets hurt. Rin too doesn’t want her to get hurt either. Moo Suk points his behavior towards Soo Hyun is hurting her more and Rin is he dense or what?


Sadam is again chanting something and one of the ghost bottles in the palace shatters. Rin’s servant complains about the change in Rin. He doesn’t need the heater anymore because he has welcomed the trio and the black pepper makes them leave. Servant feels a presence and gets possessed. Rin wonders what was Soo Hyun’s reason and asks his servant not to fan him anymore. The servant pulls a knife and attacks Rin. They take the fight outside the room. The trio says the servant has been possessed. Servant freezes midway in his attack and the ghost leaves his body. Rin recognizes him as the assassin. The ghost runs and Rin gives a chase. Sadam has used all his power for the night and faints.


Ghost disappears into a house without thinking Rin goes in too. It is the evil minister’s house. He is talking to Soo Hyun. He asks why didn’t she tell him that she met Rin. Did she hear his evil schemes. Soo Hyun asks how could he sent as assassin after Rin. Poor Rin hears it. He sees the assassin ghost trying to choke his murderer. Feeling betrayed by the man he trusted Rin wanders and reaches the tavern. He spends sometime at the doorstep. It’s his way of feeling closer to Do Ha. He leaves and Do Ha sees him but thinks it’s not him.



Evil priestess has got the medicine and tells her maid to store it. Maid says the other party is asking for the money. Evil priestess gets angry. A scream sends everyone outside. A maid has died, her face destroyed. Evil priestess looks at Sadam and he walks away like it has nothing to do with him.



A little girl walks alone in the night. Girl don’t you know its dangerous to be alone. Oh wait, she is a ghost. She enters a house and it belongs to Moo Suk. She quietly sits in the corner and watches him. Moo Suk is reading a book. He looks at his hand. Oh is he feeling goosebumps? No, he is looking at the hand where Do Ha applied the medicine. Great everyone is falling in love without me knowing.



Moo Suk gets a late night visitor, its Rin. He came with a bottle of wine and looks at the girl ghost. Moo Suk doesn’t think they are friends but according to Rin if he says they are then they are. Rin came to seek advice and Moo Suk chuckles as Rin hates getting lectures. But what to do Rin needs one. He asks what should he do when a dear friend does something wrong. Moo Suk who does everything by the book says, the friend should be reported and punished for the crime. But as a friend he will resign from the post to share the pain with the friend. This touches Rin and he looks at Moo Suk. Moo Suk doesn’t like the love stare. Little ghost appears by Moo Suk’s side. Rin looks at her while she stares at Moo Suk. Rin asks Moo Suk about his sister. Little girl notes that Rin can see her.


Rin reports Soo Hyun. Evil minister asks how can he do this. Does he not know, Soo Hyun only had eyes for him? Okay so evil minister doesn’t care if his daughter goes to jail but the king will dismiss him. Good going father. Rin leaves and evil minister grabs his arm asking if he heard something about him. Rin asks if he is worried. Ki San is having the happiest moment of his life because Rin and evil minister are fighting each other. Evil minister is with the dowager telling her, he has to think again about siding with Rin. This two-faced bitch evil minister.


Mojo Jojo sneaks into the palace to collect the ghost bottles and somehow Moo Suk is there to stop him. He recognizes Mojo Jojo. They are fighting less and chasing more. Rin sees them both leaving the palace. Rin finds the ghost bottles and wonders what’s in them. Not wine I tell you.


Evil priestess still has no idea what was the cause of death. She walks to Sadam’s room. Sadam is busy sucking out the energy from one of the maids and evil priestess sees and runs. Sadam has noticed her too.



Evil minister scolds her daughter for the stupidity she has done. Soo Hyun says she had to do it to save Rin. He tells her that Rin has reported her. She can’t believe and goes to his house but he is not there. She keeps asking why did he do? Does he not know that she did all this for him? No girl that’s called being selfish. You did for yourself. You thought you would get Rin but evil priestess outsmarted you.


Moo Suk the spy is with the king telling about Sang Hyun again. Evil minister’s maid gathers the information for her master and delivers to him. This maid bitch, Sadam should suck her energy next.



Rin true to his words is back again. Sang Hyun tells him that nothing will change even if he comes every day. He can’t be a night watchman anymore. And oops Do Ha hears it. She asks if he was a night watchman but why did he lied. He knew she was looking for one to ask about her sister. She kneels and begs him to tell about her sister and she will find her herself. Someone is peeking at them and tavern lady notices him. He runs and Rin and Sang Hyun follow him but they lose him. Rin knows the identity of the man its evil minister’s minion. Sang Hyun knows evil minister but that’s news to Rin.


Mojo Jojo runs back to his master. He failed the task. Sadam gets furious and strangles him. Does he not know how he got that ghosts. Mojo Jojo should be thankful to evil priestess, she barges in with her problems and Sadam lets him go. He tells her not to worry as he has a way for them to survive.


Rin and Sang Hyun instead of going home are taking a stroll. Sang Hyun asks if evil minister is spying on him. Rin has no time to answer as he spots evil priestess and Sadam enjoying the breeze. He takes Sang Hyun’s hand and hides. Sang Hyun’s heart is beating fast because Rin held his hand. He asks what is he doing. Rin is like goddammit this girl is pairing me with anyone and everyone. Anyways, he says that he has Moo Suk but that’s Sadam. King and him has something going on between them. Sang Hyun knows about Sadam.





Everyone knows Sadam is evil but no one has the power to stop him. Oh man Sadam and king didn’t get back together. Is this the end of their relationship?

Rin has no idea that the girl he is asking for is Do Ha’s sister. And Do Ha has no idea that her sister was involved in making the king crazy. Will Sang Hyun tell that Sadam was the reason they lost their family?

The little girl from the trio, is she Rin’s mother? Why did she come back in that form? Why isn’t she revealing her identity?

The other little girl, Moo Suk’s sister. Why did she come back? Will Moo Suk now believe in supernatural stuff?


14 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 10

  1. I totally would like to have a talk with the Prime Minister’s daughter,did she really think Rin would appreciate her bad decisions. She needs sometime in jail but I am sure her father will save her he is evil but he is clever. Moo Suk’s character is not very interesting he is pretty šŸ™‚ but he just sits around looking very very serious, I wish the writer could make him a little happier. By the way the evil minister is always evil in any sageuk I watch him in,he acted in Jumong as the evil Prime Minister of Buyeo,I like his acting.


    • Miss Khan says:

      She is like her father, trying to manipulate everyone. She will go evil and again will try to have Rin. It’s not writer’s fault. I’m sure I will get hate for this. Its just that U-know can’t act. So they made him a cold, serious person. Though Moo Suk smiles from time to time when he thinks about Do Ha. Actors who play villain and evil characters are usually really nice in real life.


      • ha ha really he can’t act? this is the first time I get to see him him in a drama so I did not know that. I wonder how he got past the auditions,


        • kaylie says:

          He never had to audition because he’s a popular Kpop idol. They gave him the casting offer because of his star power and huge fandom. The leading actor can act better but Yunho is more popular.


          • @Kaylie thanks for the Information. I like watching Sageuk dramas but I rarely know that much about the actors and actresses, so every bit of information is appreciated. However I do hope that Yunho’s acting will get better, for me it is not really about the character he gets to play but about how he projects it,compare him to the guy who acts as Sang Hyun is also a serious guy but he projects personality and you want to know more about him as the plot unfolds. It is hard to say the same about Moo suk and I think that has a lot to do with his acting. but I will trust your words and wait to see his acting get better as the show continues.


          • kaylie says:

            I used to think Yunho’s a bad actor, but now I think he is decent and I see improvement. His intonation and line delivery is sufficient. I know Moo Suk is a man of few words, but he still has more dialogue scenes than action scenes. Despite having a serious face, Yunho still conveys different emotion by his eye expression, which I think is pretty good.
            According to Korean news naver, Yunho is getting positive for improvement and decent acting in his first saeguk. You know, saeguk drama is more difficult than modern rom com. I’m surprised Yunho is doing better in a saeguk.


      • kaylie says:

        @miss khan
        Back then, Yunho used to be a bad actor, but surprisingly according to various articles on Korean news naver, yunho has been getting positive reviews by critics for improvement and decent acting in his first sageuk historical drama. The general audience in Korea is warming up to him. They think he is now an average actor. I think now Yunho can act, not bad but not that good.
        I feel bad for the main female lead. I heard many people online said she’s a really bad actress.


    • kaylie says:

      Yunho’s character Moo Suk is serious but he’s a cool guy. I don’t think he’s boring because many people like the bromance chemistry between him and Rin. Based on comments I’ve seen, fan girls are having second male lead syndrome and they want do ha to pick moo suk instead of lee Rin.


  2. recaplover says:

    I lol and have to jump in when i read your comment about U-know can’t act, so true šŸ™‚ but i enjoy their “bromance” so much, thanks to the other U-know who can act so well šŸ™‚
    Thank you for your recaps, i enjoy them so much.


    • kaylie says:

      Now it’s debatable. Some people still think he can’t act, but some people think he is now a decent average actor.
      At least his native country is warming up to him and support his acting career now. I saw other people debating online and they agreed that among the 4 main leads, the leading actress is the weakest link in terms of acting. I think she’s meh but I feel bad for all the hate she’s getting.


  3. kaylie says:

    oops…typo I meant to say Yunho is getting positive reviews from critics. Pardon me for posting many comments and having a long conversation. At least, I’m NOT spamming or switching usernames. I’m an honest person.


    • Miss Khan says:

      No worries, no worries. You are changing our view about Yunho so thumbs up ^__^


      • kaylie says:

        Oh okay, I’m glad you’re warming up to Yunho. Based on many comments I’ve seen online, people think he’s decent/okay. He’s NOT bad at all, not anymore. He’s very hard working and determined. There’s always room for improvement.
        I’m surprised that Yunho received good reviews from critics for decent acting in his First saeguk drama. He is brave because up until now, he is one of the FEW idol actors who accepted to make a historical drama, which is harder than contemporary rom com dramas.


        • Miss Khan says:

          I must say I was impressed by him in episode 11. He is indeed doing a decent job for someone who is acting first time in a sageuk drama.
          I’m one of those people who doesn’t like Do Ha for some reasons.


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