Are you sure you want to know?

Enter at your own risk.

Suddenly there was knocking on the door. Rachel was disturbed because she was sleeping.

Who is it?” She asked, but no one replied and the knocking didn’t stop either. She didn’t want to leave the bed but she had to. She furiously got up and opened the door. Just moments before opening the door the knocking stopped. There was no one behind the door.

These children, I’m going to teach them a lesson.” She thought neighbor’s children were playing. But she never thought what awaits her.

As she closed the door the knocking started again. Without any delay Rachel opened the door. Something passed through her but she didn’t notice. She got angry and yelled, “go to hell, I won’t open the door again.”

When she turned after closing the door, she was shocked to see someone. But who?

No one knows except Rachel.


Me as a teenager doodling. This was sitting in my school’s rough notebook. I wonder why we had those in school days?


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