Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus Episode 8


Look who is back.

Didn’t recognize? How about now?


Its been a long time since he saw Sebastian.


Okay so this guy is a crazy psycho. Who falls in love with nobility. He likes the way they carry themselves and he gets attracted to Ciel too. Pedophile loser just die already.


Oh look my wish was granted. Ciel shots him in the chest. Joker tries to harm Ciel but he forgot that Sebastian is one hell of a butler. Sebastian cuts his second arm. Joker begs for psycho’s life. Ciel won’t grant that.



Joker tells about his crew that is at his mansion looking for him. He wonders how many servants and innocent people will die. This make Sebastian chuckle and Ciel tells his servants are no ordinary beings.


Finny and Meirin maybe clumsy at household chores but they protect their master’s house. Finny kills the big bald guy.


Meirin kills the two midgets. And I can’t explain how amazing Finny and Meirin were.



Tanaka is not behind either. Elizabeth wakes up by the sound and Tanaka tells her that she was dreaming and as the camera pans out. Midget boy’s lifeless body is lying there.


Ciel’s father Vincent.



Ciel looking like a girl.


Look at the bear Elizabeth has. He is Ciel’s substitute.




One comment on “Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus Episode 8

  1. Nat Jago says:

    shit had me dyin “Midget boy’s lifeless body is lying there.”


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