It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 11


Yes, please give me a hug. I really need one maybe two. Jae Yul proposing to Hae Soo and betrayer friend finding that is friend is really sick and asking for Dong Min’s help. Why does this drama have to hurt so much?


Move Soo Kwang, I said, I need a hug.


Episode 11

Hye Soo and Jae Yul argue because Jae Yul didn’t bother to tell the staff that they are dating. But the background music is telling something else. Jae Yul decides to continue their bickering after the show. Betrayer friend texts Jae Yul asking if he gave the right number of mysterious boy’s. Jae Yul says, yes.



Betrayer friend calls once again and that number and no luck. He is in tears. Pebble girl comes to meet the betrayer friend. He very calmly asks her about the person who threw pebbles at her window. She remembers the day that someone came and she recognized him as Jae Yul. She finds it weird because it looked like he was talking to someone but no one was there. Betrayer friend quickly covers for Jae Yul asking about the clothes that person was wearing. Pebble call recalls that he was wearing a yellow colored shirt. Betrayer friend stutters and says it’s not Jae Yul because he wears suits.


Back to the broadcast. They talk about the Before series which I haven’t watched. Sits in a corner and sulks. It would be so much better if I knew what references they were using. Anyways they do kinda bicker Hye Soo almost calls Jae Yul a player but he takes the initiative and says it himself. They reconcile and hold hands.


Dong Min is giving a therapy lesson to group of people. They scream and fight with each other and Dong Min calms them down.


Betrayer friend without giving Jae Yul’s name asks dong min about his condition. Dong Min says the guy is schizophrenic and should go to the hospital. Dong Min meets with ex boyfriend who is with Jae Beom’s lawyer but wont say anything. Ex fills Dong Min about the case. The lawyer doesn’t want to talk about it because he had to leave that profession and became a professor. Anyways, he says the evidence provided tells that both the brothers are not the culprit but a third person is.


Hae Soo and Jae Yul are grocery shopping. He asks her not to buy much stuff. Hae Soo says they have a big family. She asks him to choose one of the two things, like which juice should she choose, apple or orange. Jae Yul says apple and Hye Soo picks orange. She keeps asking him and chooses the other thing. She is doing this deliberately and laughs. Jae Yul brings up the topic of marriage again, why again, because they were having this conversation at the broadcast. Hye Soo is tired of this subject. She asks if he does this with other women too. Jae Yul gets upset and asks her to meet someone else and come back. Hye Soo asks if she should do that and kisses him. Jae Yul says people are watching. Yes hundreds of us are watching you being cute.


Time for family planning. When you talk about marriage, babies have to come too. Hae Soo wants just one kid and Jae Yul wants three. Hae Soo thinks women’s life would be over by the time she raises them. She calls him selfish. Jae Yul grew up without a fathers so he wants to raise kids. He tells her he learned about breast-feeding on the internet. Hae Soo tells raising three kids for a professional doctor is too much. Jae Yul says she will be only do house work. Hye Soo isn’t happy with that. Jae Yul says he will buy the house and workplace far from each other. By the time he would be done with work and come home. She would have prepared a meal. That’s her only duty. He will wash the dishes and she will. Hye Soo cuts him, she will be breast-feeding the kids. Two on her each arms and one on her back. Jae Yul says they will have kids with a three-year gap. Hye Soo says, she will hit forty by then. Jae Yul teases her about her age.


Hye Soo says she is not interested in men like him. He says he is the only one and perfect for her. She wont be able to tolerate any other guy. Hye Soo says she doesn’t want to marry. Jae Yul says he never said they would get married just that he is the one for her. Jae Yul tells he need to pack. Hye Soo tells him she will find someone better as a roommate than him. Jae Yul tells her that it wont be easy.



Hye Soo picks the water pipe and drenches Jae Yul. Jae Yul tries to take the pipe from her hand and poor Soo Kwang becomes the victim and gets wet too. Soo Kwang puts water in his mouth and spits on Jae Yul’s head. The three of them play together.


Time for Jae Yul to leave the house. Soo Kwang wants a woman as a next roommate. Dong min says Jae Yul’s stuff will be with them for two more months. Soo Kwang says it’s an excuse because Jae Yul doesn’t want Hye Soo to have another man. Dong Min says only Jae Yul can handle her. Jae Yul says she is the only one who doesn’t know that. Jae Yul is leaving and there’s no sign of Hae Soo. Soo Kwang helps with the language. He shows Jae Yul that Soo Nyeo has posted about him. Soo Kwang tells about a saying in which the person who loves more is the weakest one. He doesn’t want to be the weak but strong. Jae Yul tells him that one doesn’t become weak its just that he doesn’t think from heart. Soo Kwang hugs Jae Yul because he helped him. Soo Kwang leaves and Jae Yul sits in his car. He notices something is his back view mirror.


Dong Min looks into Jae Yul’s room and bathroom because Hye Soo asked him to. What Jae Yul saw was Hye Soo hiding in the backseat of his car. Her face tells that she is about to cry. She holds her cellphone and she has written what she wanted to say. She is sad that he is leaving. She tells him the things he must do when he moves. Meet Hye Soo every Friday. Must eat and sleep in the tub. Hye Soo gets of the car. Jae Yul follows her for a while and drives away but not so soon as he almost hits a boy on the bicycle. He dodges it and Hye Soo is in front of him. He honks and she moves. He hits the pole.


Mom is worried because betrayer friend is not going for work. He asks her not to nag. Jae Beom calls his mother and she is happy that he did. He asks if he can stay with her once he gets out. Of course he can. Mom says, she will make him everything he likes and they will go on trips. Jae Beom says he will look forward to it. She tells betrayer friend about the call. He hugs her. She says only good things will come in her life.


Jae Beom is telling his plan to his friend. That he intends to stab Jae Yul and Dong Min will be the witness and he will tell the judge that Jae Beom committed the crime because of his feelings towards Jae Yul. Then he will be excused and he will sue them to get money and will take revenge on his bother. Warden tells him that Dong Min called for him. Jae Yul gives an excuse. Warden asks if he told him that he will be released on Friday. Jae Beom tells him to tell Dong Min that he will be released on Saturday. He wants to give him a surprise.


Betrayer friend checks on Jae Yul. Jae Yul is in talking to Hae Soo. They worry about each other. Yeah because he was in an accident and didn’t go to the doctor. Betrayer friend asks if it was mysterious boy. Jae Yul tells him it was Hae Soo. Jae Yul can’t concentrate on his writing because betrayer friend refuses to leave. He says he will leave once Jae Yul talks to mysterious boy. He dials the number from his cellphone and gives it to Jae Yul. And mysterious boy picks it up. He is all beaten up but doesn’t say anything to Jae Yul. He keeps coughing so does Jae Yul. Betrayer friend can hear the recording voice for the number being nonexistent. Jae Yul gives the phone to betrayer friend and he hangs up lying that it got disconnected. Poor betrayer friend cries and I’m going through the same thing he is. It hurts.


Soo Kwang has again decided to end things with So Nyeo. He gives her money telling her to go clubbing with her boyfriend and not to come back again as he fires her. So Nyeo asks if he thinks she is a beggar and Soo Kwang says yes. She raises her hand and he easily stops it. He advises her to receive love when someone gives it. Her father works for her and her mother even though she abandoned her gives money so she should be thankful to them. He tells her about himself that his father threw him out of the house because of his Tourette, but Soo Kwang still calls him once a week because he raised him. He gives her one more chance. Him or her boyfriend and gives her five seconds. She agrees to be sincere with him. He tells her they go clubbing after work. He turns around and has this big smile on his face. I’m happy for you but I seriously don’t like that girl.


Counseling time for cockroach couple. Hye Soo is with the wife and Dong Min’s ex with the husband. The husband liked to take public transportation and didn’t had a car. His wife used to wait at the bus stop. But to reach there she used the shortcut and her husband told her the road was dangerous. One day she was going through that road and two guys took her. Her husband called her, she didn’t pickup and he thought something was wrong. He took that shortcut and saw his wife lying in tattered clothes. She was raped. The husband says he was fine because her wife was fine. Ex says, he shouldn’t be alright. He should get angry and cry. The husband cries and says he wanted to kill them. Ex comforts him.










The schizophrenic girls came back with her husband. The girl who tried to drown herself and Jae Yul saved her. Hye Soo is happy for them.



Dong Min and ex boyfriend meet with Jae Beom’s lawyer. He tells them there is no way the brothers are the culprit. He says it was a wrong decision from the judge who was retiring and the prosecutor wanted attention and he, himself was a new public defender. He says, the knife has the fingerprint of both boys but the lighter was Jae Beom’s though it had no fingerprint. So he was found guilty. But their father didn’t die because of the stab. It wasn’t that deep. He died because of the suffocation from the smoke. The culprit is the one who started the fire.


Hye Soo is at Jae Yul’s house and he is concentrating on his work. She tries not to make any sound but fails. She looks at the board. Jae Yul has written not to take these dangerous roads for mysterious boy. Hye Soo asks if he likes mysterious boy more or her. Of course her. He tells her to wait half an hour as he is almost done writing. She tells him to take his time. She reads a book while lying in his bed. She looks at the time and Jae Yul isn’t done yet. She dozes off and wakes up on her own its dawn and Jae Yul is writing. She quietly changes and tries to leave. Jae Yul tells her to wait for thirty more minutes. Hye Soo tells him to keep writing and he looks at her. She says she is not leaving because she is angry and sits with him. She has a patient who needs counseling. She tells him if she stayed then they will make love and she wont be able to concentrate on work. So he has to understand she is leaving because of work. He asks for fifteen more minutes. She says, its alright and kisses him. Jae Yul can’t write after she leaves and he goes after her, but it’s too late. She is already in the taxi. He goes back to his room and laughs at the mess she created. He notices she forgot her wallet.


Dong Min thinks back to the rest of the conversation with the lawyer. The lawyer says they found the evidence of the third person being the culprit before the last hearing but the body was cremated. And above all Jae Yul pointed his finger at Jae Beom, just like that the case was closed. Jae Beom took Jae Yul with him and the fire started after they left. The only person in the house left was their mother. Betrayer friend comes to Dong Min and starts crying.


Hye Soo asks Jae Yul to take care of her wallet even though there is not much in it. She asks how much did he write and is glad that he wrote five pages. Preparing to hit the sack himself, Jae Yul asks what is she doing. Hye Soo says she won’t be able to meet her boyfriend so she has decided to sleep. She opens the night-shift door and there is Jae Yul standing. He asks her to sleep together. He open his arms and they hug. They both are smiling and I’m melting.



Dong min is looking at the cctv video and sees Jae Yul fighting with no one. Jae Yul drives while Hye Soo is resting because she is tired. Jae Yul says he has been thinking, this can’t go on any longer. Hye Soo asks if he wants to break up. He asks her to get married.




Noooo. This can’t be happening. Jae Yul has decided to settle his life with Hae Soo and I don’t think Dong Min will let this happen.

With the time ticking and episodes running towards the end, it’s about time for Jae Yul to know about himself.

Dammit when Jae Yul was coughing I was tearing my hair out. What the hell happened to mysterious boy? Why was he beaten up? Did his father come back? Why didn’t he tell Jae Yul about it?

Thank you betrayer friend you are a true friend. I’m sorry I keep calling you betrayer but it’s too late to change the name. Bear with it for six more episodes please.

How can a mother put a blame on her son? I don’t care that she is feeling guilty all this while. She is the reason Jae Yul and Jae Beom have this conflict. I hope this comes out soon, before Jae Beom attempts another stab at Jae Yul.

I swear I want a happy end or else….I will cry my eyes out.


4 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 11

  1. I just can’t…if this drama has a sad end to it, i will go on a freaking killing spree or something…oh God. This is frustrating. Just tell Jae Yul about his disorder, please will someone do it already?!
    Anyway, the proposal though ❤


    • Miss Khan says:

      Seriously they have to let Jae Yul know. We are out of time here buddies. OHMYGODIDONTWANTASADENDPLEASE *prays* T_T
      the proposal was sudden. he is liking this messy girl more and more. I don’t want them to breakup.


      • I know, right?! It’s high time already. I expected it to be revealed last week itself but here we are. I just hope it doesn’t have a rushed ending like many other K-dramas has been great until now and I hope it continues the same way through to the end.


        • Miss Khan says:

          Amen to everything. there are few dramas which keep the momentum till the end like……..oh God my mind is blank. you can be that drama that will remain in my memory for being perfect. so can you grant my wish please?


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