Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 8


Did we leave for ghost hunting today? Nah, just following people and ghosts but we got a dose of bromance and romance.

Episode 8

Do Ha bangs on Rin’s door and he comes out. Do Ha wants to see the book. Sang Hyun looks at Rin but he can’t see him. The tavern lady has something to say to him and in all this Rin goes back to his room. Moo Suk looks at do ha. Yeah because she asked Rin to show the book.


Tavern lady has decided to tell how she feels. She suddenly hugs Sang Hyun. She says she will wait for him to forget the person he has in his heart. He looks at her and hugs her. Everything is going well and good but this is tavern lady’s imagination. She tells Sang Hyun the same thing in real that she will wait. He asks her not to waste her time and leaves. She yells back it’s her life so she will do whatever she wants.


Moo Suk is bandaging his arm. Rin just look at him and says, so it was a bluff that he is the best swordsman. Moo Suk says he only got a small injury and the opponent and then he decides not to brag. Rin asks what will Moo Suk do now. Moo Suk says Rin shouldn’t have run and proved his innocence. Rin asks yeah like he would be given time for that. Do Ha comes complaining that they always fight like her Aung and Daung. Rin asks who are they, her dogs. Do Ha says, pigs. She takes Moo Suk’s arm and tends to it. Rin asks how can a girl just grab a guy’s hand. Do Ha says she is treating him as a patient. Moo Suk is embarrassed and pulls his arm but Do Ha is stubborn. Rin extends his arm. He is injured too. Do Ha reminds him that he was the one who broke the bottle of medicine. She grabs Moo Suk and Rin’s hand and make them handshake and leaves. My scene ends right here. And in actual they of course let go of each others hand. I kept watching this scene again and again and forgot that I have rest of the episode to watch. Rewinds one more time.


King meets the dowager. He is nervous and fidgeting. He apologizes for last night as he was drunk and asks if he did something inappropriate. Dowager smiles and says, no, and asks him not to drink so much as its bad for health. She notices his hand and holds them. She tells him she knows how difficult it is to handle everything. Ki San’s tone changes. He asks what is it that she wants and pulls his hand. He says he is not stupid grandma wouldn’t be nice to him for no reason. Does she think she is doing a favor by holding his hands. He wont grant her any wish.



Ki San storms out and sees evil minister. Evil minister says dowager is worried about Rin. Ki San says, he is a traitor and should not be mentioned again. Evil minister has advice for the king. Anything excessive is injurious to health, be it a drink or black magic.



Evil minister enjoys tea with the dowager. He fishes for the reason the king was upset. Dowager smiles and says nothing happened but her shaking hands are telling a different story.


Ki San paces back and forth in his room. His other persona pops out asking what would happen if they knew that he pulled a sword at the dowager. Ki San denies. He says he didn’t do it. His other self says, it is not a matter on whom he pulled the sword put he drew the sword in front of her and that reason is enough for him to get dismissed. Ki San says it’s not his fault. His other self agrees, it’s because of the dark magic that made him momentarily lost his mind. He should blame Sadam for this.


Sadam enters to meet the king. He tells that because of Ki San’s burning/hot energy the kingdom is being affected. Ki san asks for the solution. Sadam goes bla bla and Ki San tells him to shut it. He tells him, he wont be tricked anymore. So don’t he dare tell him about the things which are not visible. Sadam says some more bla bla and this time receives a slap. His face goes dark like literally black. Ki San says he wont fall for whatever he says. Sadam can see the game is slipping from his hand. He kneels and tells Ki San that he is loyal to him. Ki San says he kept him near and he couldn’t cure him. He has to think what to do with him. Once outside the kings room, Sadam’s face goes dark again. Oh noes our couple is fighting and breaking up.


Evil priestess gets Sadam as a visitor. Sadam can’t take the humiliation anymore and from someone who should be under his feet. Evil priestess asks if he wants her to console him. She tells him, more like us, that they had a deal. She would save him and he would grant her any wish. She asks if he really intends to do that. Sadam asks what is it that she wants. She wants the same thing she asked Soo Hyun. The sole ownership of the medical herb supply of the city. Sadam says, she will get what she wants. Sadam tells hairstyle. Oh his name is Ho Jo. Mojo jojo hehehe. Sadam tells him to release the fire ghost.


Rin is sleeping and having a dream. His oil lamp goes out. Someone comes in with the sword and strikes him and phew it was a dream. He was dreaming in a dream.


Tavern boss is reading a wanted poster not of Rin. Tavern lady has gotten drunk after the rejection. Tavern boss leaves the poster and Moo Suk sees it and takes it with him. He reads it when he is alone. And its Moo Suk’s poster for helping the criminal run away. He remembers the king’s words. Rin quietly stands behind Moo Suk and this startles him. He crumbles the paper and hides it in his sleeve and leaves but the poster falls down. Rin reads it.


Sang Hyun is looking at Rin’s poster. Do Ha comes to thank him. He asks if she is leaving for her mountain but she says no, not the mountain as there are things she has to do. She asks him about the night watchmen. Her tribe leader said to look for one. They will know something about her sister, but she had no idea who to ask and she couldn’t ask just anyone. Sang Hyun asks if she is from Mago tribe and her sister’s name. Do Ha tells that her sister was the shaman of Mago called Yeon Ha. Of course Sang Hyun remembers her. He advises her from personal experience that sometimes not finding the truth is the best thing. Do Ha can’t take this as an answer and tell Sang Hyun, that kids used to tease her when her sister disappeared that she is ominous, that’s why people keep leaving around her.


Rin again thinks back to the assassin. He remembers the smell on him. Flashback to Soo Hyun asking Rin to recognize the smell of something which is used in fireworks and armory. Saltpetre aka potassium nitrate. Flash back ends. Rin hears Do Ha’s voice. People blames her for her parents death and sister’s disappearance because she was ominous. Rin has suffered the same thing as he thinks back to how people blamed him for the happening in the palace. Do Ha says she couldn’t say anything to them because it seemed like it was her fault. If she had screamed louder or ran faster for help. She has been regretting for the past twelve years. Rin has enough of it and he comes asking he if she is stupid. Why is it her fault. Sang Hyun silently leaves. Where are you going? You are missing the chance to look at the person you wanted to see.


Rin tells Do Ha it isn’t her fault. She was just a child, she couldn’t have done anything. She should have said to others that it’s not her fault. Why is she pretending to be weak. Moo Suk asks Rin to stop and says this is the only reason he has no one because he keeps attacking on other people’s wounds. Rin shows Moo Suk his wanted poster and asks if this is what he gets from being faithful. They hear people screaming because of fire. Do Ha says its fire ghost. Sang Hyun sees the fire ghost and he clenches his chest in pain. This damn red smoke touches anything and it catches fire.


Do Ha, Rin and Moo Suk arrives at the scene. People are busy trying to put out the fire. Do Ha sees hairstyle and runs after him. Rin follows her and Moo Suk follows him. Hairstyle has called the fire ghost back to his bottle. Do Ha loses sight of hairstyle. She tells the two someone is using the fire ghost.



Ki San is told about the damage caused by the fire. Only commoners houses were burnt. Ki San is fixated on the word fire. He asks for more firemen to be on standby. Evil minister can feel something is going on. A maid tells him that dowager’s maid died due to a disease and she was twenty-three years old. Evil minister tells her to look more into it. Soo Hyun watches her father. She says when Moo Suk used to say, “ A faithful servant doesn’t have two masters.” she used to think he was inflexible. As she used to think its alright not to serve the unrighteous master. So she thought that was the reason father supported Rin. She asks him where does his loyalty lie and what are his intentions. But a father is a father, no matter how much he adores her daughter. He wont share everything.


Evil priestess meets Soo Hyun. She came because of Soo Hyun’s promise of giving her the sole charge of the herb thingy. Soo Hyun says she hasn’t fulfilled her promise either. Evil priestess shows her cards. She knows things are not smooth between evil minister and the king. Moreover, Soo Hyun wanted to save Rin. If king gets to know this, what will happen to the evil minister. Soo Hyun gets nervous and babbles. Evil priestess tells her to come to her once she makes the decision.



Rin is at the armory. He can’t look at everyone’s neck to find his assassin. Our ghost trio is still in front of Rin’s house. Little ghost keeps pacing back and forth. Eunuch ghosts asks her to stop and why isn’t she leaving. She came to this world like them because she too has someone she wants to protect. Little ghosts spots Rin and he waves at them. He is using the ghosts to look for the assassin but no luck. The said assassin leaves to buy some saltpetre and eunuch ghost notices him. Rin follows him.


Do Ha is at the burned houses. She touches one of them and sees a vision of whole city burning. She goes to the palace where shamans are and notices hairstyle and follows him. I don’t know if she is idiot or he is deaf. She runs after him and the bells jingle and they still jingle when she walks. She started following him at afternoon or maybe evening because its night-time and she is still following him. Rin is following his assassin. Do Ha almost gets arrested by the soldiers, who are arresting suspicious looking people to prevent arson.


Moo Suk meets someone in the forest. They exchange a code word. He tells Moo Suk that king put the wanted poster for him. So Rin can trust him. Moo Suk asks about the king and the priest. King has told him to forget about the priest and focus on the mission. Do Ha runs into Moo Suk. They both hide. He asks her why is she being chased. She says she was chasing fire ghost. Moo Suk is upset and asks why believe in things which are not visible? Do Ha tells him, she can see them and just because he can’t see does not mean they don’t exist. Do Ha feels the fire ghost’s presence.



Assassin is at the clinic’s storage house looking for saltpetre. He scolds the herbalist for putting coal and sulfur together. Rin reveals himself and they fight. Fire ghost causes fire in the storage. Assassin throws a cabinet on Rin and runs. Soo Hyun gets the news of the fire and she reaches the clinic and so does Moo Suk and Do Ha. Do ha hears the herbalist saying that saltpetre shouldn’t catch fire or it will explode. Moo Suk is trying to calm Soo Hyun and Do Ha runs inside the building.



Do Ha had no idea she would find Rin inside. He tells her to leave but she wont. She removes the cabinet from Rin and wooden planks fall down. Do Ha gets trapped in the fire. She asks Rin to leave with saltpetre or the whole city will burn. Rin brings the saltpetre out and pours a bucket of water himself and goes back in. Soo Hyun is worried and wants to go too but Moo Suk stops her. Rin finds Do Ha unconscious. He asks her to wake up and not to leave him. He tells her that if she dies then that those people would be right who called him ominous. He cries and begs her to open her eyes and not to leave him alone and of course she wakes up. Rin carries her out. People recognize him. It’s the prince. Soo Hyun and Moo Suk watch as Rin takes Do Ha with her.


Soo Hyun is jealous. She goes to evil priestess and tells her about the fire. Her wish came true she can be the sole owner now. Soo Hyun wants her to fulfill her wish, bring Rin to her. Rin is still carrying do ha but now piggyback style. He thanks her for staying with him. Poor Moo Suk is behind them. How far is the tavern? The building was torched at night and its dawn when Rin is till carrying Do Ha.


King gets the news about the fire and he asks for Sadam. That’s it, this was Sadam’s plan and he succeeded. The couple is getting back together. Ki San holds Sadam’s hand and apologizes for not listening to him. Sadam tells Ki San that too much energy is causing fire in the city. Ki San asks for the solution. Sadam tells him to open the Sukjeong gate which was closed for having too much dark energy. Close the Sungnye gate which brings too much hot energy and make a pound in front of the gate to stop the energy coming from the mountain. I didn’t understand a thing about the doors but to put it simply. I think the gates which bring bad energy are opened and the gate which brings positive energy gets closed.


Rin and Do Ha watches the ghosts crossing the gate. Do Ha says, fire ghost was just a bait. He wanted to fill the city with dark energy. Rin notices something in the ghosts and Do Ha asks what is it and he says nothing. I think he saw the uniform the previous king’s night watchmen used to wear.


Tavern has its own problems. The other girl doesn’t want men to touch her anymore. The guy gets angry at her and raises his hand and Sang Hyun stops him. He fights the two of them. One guy chooses a cheap tactic and throws the hot wine at him. Tavern lady sacrifices herself and gets burnt. Sang Hyun stops himself from killing the two guys. The other girl tends to tavern lady’s wound. She says she doesn’t understand her one-sided love. Sang Hyun quietly puts the medicine near her door. Aww, now will you fall in love with her?


Sang Hyun once again looks at Rin’s wanted poster and thinks back to little cry baby Rin. He remembers grim reapers words that he has to live as a human being. He throws the paper in the furnace. He leaves and sees Do Ha and Rin and hides. Rin shows concern about Do Ha. She says, it feels nice when someone worries about you. Sang Hyun suddenly holds Rin’s shoulder and makes him turn. They both stare at each other. LOVE IS DA MOMENT.




Why do Sang Hyun want to see Rin? Did Rin recognize him? Why did Sang Hyun came back from the dead? Actually the question should be, how did he come back? Why did the grim repaer let him lose? What was the price he had to pay to become human? Will he fall in love with the tavern lady?

Sadam and Ki San, sigh. Ki San has become a puppet in Sadam’s hand. Ki San’s other persona is quite intelligent but Sadam is more cunning.

Where is the staff/cane that Sadam gave to hairstyle. Which had a snake wrapped around. Did hairstyle broke it because he kept slamming on the ground?

And here I thought Soo Hyun was a nice girl and all but no she proved me wrong. She wants Rin to be hers. Even though she knows he doesn’t love her. This stupid love, it’s all love’s fault.

Do Ha and Rin share the same pain and this will be the ground for them to fall in love. But I don’t mind Moo Suk and Rin together. After all Do Ha gave her permission. She made them hold hands. You do know that couples fight and bicker and fall in love. That’s what Rin and Moo Suk do. They fight and bicker and the only thing left is to fall in love.

In the burning building I was screaming at Rin to take Do Ha out of there first and then tell her not to leave you. Or you both will leave the world together.

I don’t like Ki San’s plan to make Rin trust Moo Suk. Rin would be so hurt once he finds out the truth.

Finally, the little girl ghost has a purpose too. It’s interesting that she came to protect someone but who?


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  1. Thanks for the entertaining recaps. I also like reading your comments about the show.


  2. kareemat says:

    Thanks for d recap


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