Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 7



I’m angry with Rin. He read the ghost stories by himself. We still aren’t leaving for ghost hunting but instead we are treasure hunting.

Episode 7

Do Ha is furious at Rin and is calming herself. Sang Hyun asks her if everything is alright and looks at the pair of shoes. Do Ha quickly sits on them. Sang Hyun looks at the door then at her and smiles.- Oh My God is he thinking she is hiding a man? Which actually is the truth but he is thinking the other thing.-


Rin is sulking and brooding. He thinks back when the assassin came to kill him. He comes out and no one is present. He finds Do Ha sleeping. He throws a blanket on her. She wakes up but goes back to sleep.


Rin is now a wanted man and soldiers are inspecting everyone and everything. Evil minister has his own people looking for Rin. Ki San thinks evil minister is hiding Rin. Other minister says he is spying on evil minister. King gets the news, evil minister is mobilizing the army. Court in session. Evil minister says it’s the routine training for the army. Ki San asks if he is threatening him. Evil minister says he wouldn’t dare to. Ki San announces he will capture Rin and ask him who told him to put the curse. Evil minister wants the king to find the person who tried to assassinate Rin too.


Moo Suk and his friend are practicing archery. Moo Suk hits on the mark and his friend misses. He tells Moo Suk that he doesn’t like when things don’t go his way. Moo Suk says the feeling when you put everything to achieve something and they don’t go your way is the only reason they have to do this. And Moo Suk’s again hits the mark. Friend understands Moo Suk is going through a lot because of evil minister. Moo Suk says he deserved that because he was unable to do his duty and this time his arrow misses the mark.


Rin the genius decides to go somewhere and Do Ha stops him. Why hasn’t he changed his clothes and would you please wear something on your head or face to hide yourself? Take lessons from Sang Hyun. He is not even a wanted man and he covers his face. Tavern lady points a knife at them. She asks Do Ha if she is bringing guys too. Poor girl can’t explain and no time for that as soldiers come looking for Rin. Rin and Do Ha hide. Tavern lady gets a shock her beloved Sang Hyun didn’t make the knife but Sa Kong did. Tavern boss is looking at his stuff and locks the door. Do Ha asks if they can go in and he says, no. Soldiers ask if they have seen anyone suspicious and tavern boss says everyone looks suspicious to him. Sang Hyun enters with his hood on and officer tries to remove it but Sang Hyun holds his hand and removes it himself. Soldiers can’t waste their time with the crazy people and leave. Do Ha and Rin are this close to each other. Rin tells her to back off. This genius guy roams in the street. Do Ha keep reminding him that soldiers are looking for him. So he needs to stay still. Rin says he has lived his life like that but not anymore now that he knows he is going to die.


Queen dowager and evil minister meet in the library. There is still no news of Rin. Sadam is looking at the same building. Evil minister asks what is he doing here. Sadam says he can feel energy from here and wants to perform a ritual. Dowager asks if this is the priest who is beside the king nowadays and slaps him. Dowager threats him if he ever did something to make Ki San and Rin apart, she will rip him. Sadam feels humiliated. He gathers his energy to do something to dowager but it fails. Sadam goes to his room and throws a tantrum. Why can’t he control humans? He says he wont forgive the dowager ever and winds starts to blow. Hairstyle is standing behind him for no reason.


Rin is standing at a cliff/mountain. No don’t jump. Okay so he has decided to fly a kite. Great timing you got there bro. Dowager can hear murmurs. She asks her maid about it. Maid tells her a ghost light has been seen near some mountain. Dowager is an intelligent woman but seems I’m not. She writes the symbol/character for Rin which also means ghost light. Mountain is where Rin’s house is. And the light blinked six times. God she lost me there. Six means north, so maybe he is at the northern gate but that can’t be. He must be at a secluded place and yup she deciphers the code. Water near the mountain. She decides to leave.


Sadam is busy brainwashing Ki San. He asks about the treasury. Ki San says it used to be where the library is now. Ki San asks about the precious treasures of the royal family if they were really there. Ki San tells that there was nothing special. Sadam thinks otherwise, not anyone can enter the real treasury. Ki San gets angry. He is not anyone and he has seen it with his own eyes. Sadam plants the seed of doubt in Ki San. Queen dowager is behind it. She hid the treasure for Rin.


Queen is leaving to see Rin and Ki San come looking for her. He asks where is she going this late. Is she going to meet Rin? Dowager tells Ki San that he is drunk. He tells her, he needs to be drunk so he can live in this stuffy palace. He asks about his things that she has hidden for Rin. Ki San grabs dowager by the shoulder and asks what did he do that she favors Rin more. He pushes her and she falls down. He orders her to get up on her own. Maids help her and Ki San slices one of the maids. He realizes what he has done. He throws the sword and goes back to his room to Sadam. Dowager instructs her maids not to mention this incident again.


Ki San tells Sadam to keep an eye on dowager. She is helping and protecting Rin. Sadam tells him to calm down. Ki San grabs Sadam’s collar and asks him why isn’t he getting better. He has to bring the shaman to cure him or he will kill Sadam. Sadam puts his hands on Ki San’s shoulders. He tells him there’s no reason to live if he can’t cure Ki San’s illness. Ki San says he has no one to trust but him and falls asleep on his shoulder thanks to the smoke. -I swear no one can come between this pair. Match made in heaven or may be hell. Hell it is.-


Its dawn and no one has come looking for Rin. Do Ha wakes up and asks if he didn’t sleep. Rin stays silent and starts walking. Do Ha follows him. She comforts him and wants him not to be disappointed. Rin says he is not and she shouldn’t judge anyone. Do Ha spots haircut and says priest send him for her. Rin knows the story with the priest. He stops her and drags her with him. Do Ha asks how can he do that. Why does he meddle with her business. She tells him, she hates here and wants to go back after finding her sister. Rin says he is not crazy. Has she ever thought why he interferes, because he doesn’t want her to be in danger. Rin gives her the bracelet and tells her to depend on herself and he will do the same. Hairstyle finds Do Ha.


Soo Hyun visits clinic and Rin follows her. Stupid girl has a loud voice when she sees Rin and he tells her to keep it down. She hides him in her palanquin and takes him home. She tells him, her father would be happy to see him.


Evil minister is meeting someone and this someone is Rin’s assassin. Evil minister wants to find Rin. He says if Rin hadn’t run away the king would have been accused of killing him. Soo Hyun is about to open the door when she hears her father scheming to use Rin as the shield. Soo Hyun comes back to Rin. Rin is eager to meet the evil minister. Evil ministers voice is heard asking about Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun takes Rin away and lies his father is not at home. He catches her lie. She asks him to leave to china. Rin says he wants to meet evil minister. Soo Hyun tells him, he can’t take shelter in her house because the king is keeping an eye on them and it will get dangerous for her family. Rin leaves feeling betrayed and Soo Hyun cries.


Sang Hyun walks through the market place. Soldiers are still looking for Rin. Bystanders say that they heard Rin has been killed. Sang Hyun passes by his wanted poster and looks at it. He remembers saving little Rin from his father. Sang Hyun is again making swords. Sa Kong gets angry after looking at the Rins wanted poster. He tells they have nothing to do with him. Sang Hyun says he was curious how grown up Rin looks.


Rin comes back to his house and the one waiting for him is the trio. They worry about him and ask him to leave as its dangerous for him. Rin has tears is his eyes. He asks them not to say that. He is tired of hearing the word. He has no one but them. Aww


Do Ha follows Sadam to the king’s room. She asks if she can meet her sister after the prayer for king and Sadam says, yes. Ki San has special instructions for Moo Suk. He wants him to find Rin before anyone else. Ki San has more to say but we don’t hear. Moo Suk passes by Do Ha and Sadam. Do Ha has this big smile on his face when she sees Moo Suk. Seeing Sadam again Moo Suk has decided, king shouldn’t be attracted to the dark magic anymore. He decides to meet Ki San. Ki San is lying half dead in his bed. Moo Suk calls for a doctor. Doctor says, his energy was taken from him.


Rin is at Do Ha’s room and she is absent. He asks the tavern lady and she tells him, Do Ha went with a magician looking guy. Rin keeps hiding from the soldiers and somehow enters the palace. Do Ha is still with Sadam. She asks what other purpose they have if not to stay beside the kings bed. Sadam says it’s very important and asks her to lead the way. And this stupid girl does. I mean hello there girl. You can say I don’t know the way around here where do you want me to lead you. Do Ha can feel something is wrong. She asks if they have reached the place and keeps asking how behind he is while looking at his shadow. She turns around and no one is there because Sadam is in front of her. Before she could do anything. Sadam and his smokes. Do Ha faints after inhaling it.


Do Ha under a spell leads the way to the dragon. Her shaman bells start to shake and she comes back to her senses and runs from there. Hairstyle follows hier. Someone pulls Do Ha and fret not its Rin. They decide to leave but not so soon. Moo Suk has a sword to Rin’s throat. He tells him it’s the king’s orders. Rin isn’t afraid of anything. He asks Moo Suk to finish him. Rin notices hairstyle behind Moo Suk and warns him. Moo Suk and hairstyle fight. Moo Suk tells Rin to run. Hairstyle has a hidden knife with him.


Rin and Do Ha can’t get out without being noticed. They jump which looked like a well but its an underneath passage way. Rin is worried about her. Do Ha says she too has the same reason as Rin. She doesn’t want to stay still. She will find her sister. She asks him to do the same. Rin lights the candle with pyrites (stones which make fire if you rub them together) Rin extends his hand and Do Ha takes it. They go searching for the way to get out but they soon reach the dead-end. Rin places his hand on the wall to feel it and yes one of them opens a secret pathway.


Sang Hyun is sitting in a corner. What is he doing? Is he crying, sleeping or brooding? Sleeping is the right answer and he is having a dream. He is on a boat and a man tells him to live as a human being and not to care for ghosts but humans. He wakes up frightened and in pain. He touches his old scar.


Rin and Do Ha reach a room. It’s the same room Sang Hyun opened for previous king. Rin looks at the room and Do Ha’s bell starts to shake again. She wonders what is happening and a white smokey thing dances around her. Rin looks at her and walks towards her. He steps on a book full of dust. He can’t read anything on it and blows the dust. It’s a journal of the night watchman. Do Ha’s shaman bells stops jingling.


Rin and Do Ha are back somehow and no sign of the soldiers but they spot an injured Moo Suk. Kindhearted Do Ha has brought Moo Suk to her place too. Tavern lady asks if one wasn’t enough for her. Do Ha can’t explain. Tavern lady leaves saying doesn’t care she just wants the rent. Rin and Moo Suk looks at each other. He while walking to the room says, it’s his, so they should look for other rooms. Do Ha says, its hers. Rin tells her, she didn’t even pay for it. So that means it’s not hers. Do Ha asks about the book. She saw him hiding it. Mischievous Rin says it’s a book for adults but Do Ha has no idea what that means and asks Moo Suk. Poor Moo Suk clears his throat. Rin sits in his room and reads the journal.


Sadam has found the dragon. He tells the dragon that he will let him out of here and starts chanting bla blabla bla blabla. But his chants are not working. He checks on the dragon and removes the spider webs and spots something and goes nooooooooooo. Sadam is with his minion, haircut. Hairstyle asks they have the shaman and the only thing left is to wake the dragon and send it to heaven. Sadam tells him the dragon got an injury. Remember the time when king shot the dragon with the arrow. So what they have to do is gather dark energy. They have to fill the city with dark energy and that dark energy will cure the dragon and Ki San is the key.


Moo Suk is up early and what better thing to do to start a day. He thinks about what king said and we were not able to hear at that time. Ki San reads one of the quotes of Ye Yang that Moo Suk relates too. “Scholars dedicate their lives for their masters and women dedicate their beauties to the person they love. Scholars are prepared to throw their lives for someone who recognizes their ideas and women make themselves pretty for the person who love them.”

Ki San orders Moo Suk to make Rin recognize Moo Suk as his Ye Yang.


Sang Hyun enters the tavern. Moo Suk and Sang Hyun look at eachother and what’s with the soft background music? They are not a couple, drama. Rin has read the whole journal. He tells us what happened to the king was because of that women. Let me tell you Rin we have already watched the first two episodes. Do Ha bangs on his door. She says she knows the meaning of adult pictures and asks him to come out. Rin can’t concentrate, he hides the journal where anyone can find. Then again his room is not that big. Annoyed Rin comes out. Moo Suk and Sang Hyun look at him. Sang Hyun is more interested because he has never seen grown up Rin in flesh and blood.



Sang Hyun will help Rin and I hope he does. What was that dream that he saw. Did he die and came back to life and grim reaper told him not to meddle with the ghosts anymore. Why is the scar not healing?

I was confused when Rin gave Do Ha the shaman bells. Weren’t they with the king as the proof that rin cursed him or was that the other bells’ haircut hid?

Poor Soo Hyun, she became the bad person but didn’t tarnish her father’s reputation. Poor Rin, he was so heartbroken when he left. Look at the brighter side he acknowledged the trio, wait he is still alone.

Ki San’s plan is to make Rin trust Moo Suk. But I don’t think Moo Suk is that kind of guy who would betray the friendship just because the king said so. That’s it, he would do it because nothing means more to him than the king’s order.


4 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 7

  1. Sadam’s logic is hilarious how can he spend all his efforts on a god who needs his help to recover from injuries and needs assistance to get to heaven. I thought to qualify as a god one need to be invincible,all powerful and self sufficient 🙂 just saying the guy could use a more fulfilling hobby,seriously!


  2. yeon u says:

    I don’t really feel the love between our main leads.. but I love sang hyun!!


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