This is a story I really love. I read it first in my brother’s high school Urdu book. I forgot the name of the author but the story still remains with me. And I will try my hardest to translate it into English.

The name of the story is “Dastak” which means “Knock” in English

It’s a story of a retired doctor who keeps hearing a knock on his door. Okay wait, why does this feel like a creepy horror story? I’m sure it was not when I read it. Blame my English.

Anyways, it’s one winter night and the old doctor is lying on his bed covered in blankets and surrounded by pillows. His wife after checking the fire-place sits in her chair where she is reading a novel. The doctor hears a knock and tells his wife to check. She doesn’t want to because she knows it’s her husbands imagination. Seeing her not get up. The doctor decides to open the door himself but his wife stops him and finally goes to check and of course there is no one. But her husband asks if she checked properly, dejected she says, yes. She looks at the clock, it’s getting pretty late and wonders if her husband’s doctor will make it since it’s snowing real hard. They both praise the kid.

The storm is getting stronger and there is a knock on the door again but this time the wife hears it too. She goes to check and it’s the young doctor. The wife says he shouldn’t have come but he says he made the appointment. He checks up on the doctor. Notices empty bottles of medicines and takes note on bringing in the next visit. The wife complains to the young doctor about her husband’s condition. The young doctor asks him why does he experience this. So the old man shares a story of his old times.

He says, when he was a resident he had a lot of workload and whenever he came home he used to drop dead and told the servants not to disturb him. One day he came home and straight went to sleep. His servant came to tell that an old guy is begging to see him. He told his servant to make the old man go away. But the old man stayed and kept knocking on his door but the young doctor was asleep. The next day the doctor felt bad and searched for the old man but couldn’t find him. So from then on he keeps hearing the knock.

The young doctor tells the old man to rest. There wont be any knock on the door anymore. The old man asks him why. The young doctor says he is the grand son of that old man who knocked on his door.


It was the old mans guilty conscience that was knocking. And look at the fate his doctor is the grandson of the begging man.

Thank goodness this was not a revenge story I almost made it look like one with my amazing translation skills. It still seems creepy though.


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