It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 9


Seriously what is this creepy looking thing? I almost smacked my screen. Now if anyone would pass me an insect killer that would be nice. *psshhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Don’t get me wrong I still love the drama and everything in it. Love Jae Yul’s and Hae Soo’s relationship, though it’s fast paced. But the rest of the story is not moving ahead. We are almost reaching the end and no one knows about Jae Yul’s illness yet. When will he get his treatment? Jae Beom’s claim he was not the one who killed his father.Who is the killer? still remains a mystery. The biggest mystery is the mother, who knows something but is hiding to protect someone, maybe herself?

Episode 9

We start with the kiss then laying on beach kiss. Oh look moon and listen to the waves of the ocean and yup they are done. I thought someone was watching tv on my side but no, Hae Soo is crying and I was like, what? Why? You are crying because you did it or didn’t do it. Jae Yul wipes her sweat and can’t let his love cry alone so he cries too. Hye Soo touches the scars and wounds on Jae Yul’s body and asks why does he have many. He says he has no idea why. She asks him not to get hurt.


Hye Soo asks Jae Yul if he loves her. He answers, yes. Hye Soo doesn’t believe him and she dosen’t love him either. He says, she will and asks her why was she crying. Hye Soo hides in his chest and says, she will tell him later when she will fall for him for real and she will believe him then if he said he loves her.


Hye Soo sleeps and Jae Yul works on his novel. Eeeyahhhh and there is this creepy looking spider kinda thingy and Jae Yul tells it to keep quiet as Hae Soo is sleeping and covers her. I swear if I was him, I would have screamed and ran while trampling Hye Soo under my feet.


Mysterious boy happily rides his bike and get hits by a car. It’s only Jae Yul’s dream and he wakes up sweating and panting. Jae Beom stabs him. He wonders if mother will feel sad if he dies.jae Yul has a flashback of his mother burning something. Jae Beom’s gone but Jae Yul is in pain. He wakes Hae Soo and tells her, he is stabbed. Hye Soo asks if he had a dream. Jae Yul looks at his hands again and there is no blood. She hugs him and apologizes. He sleeps in the bathroom and she forgot. She tells him to breathe. Jae Yul tells her they should leave. Hye Soo want him to calm down some more and Jae Yul tell her people are coming. They quickly wrap up and leave the place. So this is how they make a heavy scene into a light one.


Hae Soo is setting the bath tub for Jae Yul to sleep. Jae Yul wonders if Hae Soo will break up with him after she sees him sleeping in the bath tub. He can understand if she does that. Hye Soo just stares at him. Jae Yul tells her to go to sleep too but she has decided to help him sleep. She caresses his hair and he says he doesn’t want to break up. They hold hand and Hye Soo keep looking at him as he sleeps. 


Hye Soo’s sister asks Dong Min if JaeYul is a reliable guy and worries about her sister. What if they break up and it will be hard for Hae Soo. Dong Min isn’t much worreid about her. He is getting impatient as his ex-wife isn’t attending his call. Ex wife attends the call and he asks about her sister. Cut it in short, ex-wife says she got them for consultation.


So Nyeo is getting on Soo Kwang’s nerves. She wants him to buy shoes or take the dress back. Dong Min yells at him to buy her shoes. His feelings will go empty once his pocket goes empty.


Our couple is holding hands and they take a stroll on the beach. Hye Soo wants Jae Yul to treat his OCD. He asks if she will treat him. She can’t, keeping in mind the relationship they have. He teases her, she can’t treat him because she has fallen for him hard. Hye Soo let goes of his hand and calls him a player. She asks why doesn’t he drny when she calls him that. Jae Yul tells he wants her to think whatever she wants. She asks him if he is not a player then why does he stare at women’s chest and even now he was looking at the girls. He admits to both. He says the woman was showing her chest because she was confident and satisfied and he was looking at the ladies at the beach but then realized Hae Soo is much better. She asks if he was comparing her to other ladies. Jae Yul doesn’t think anything is bad about it and asks her to do the same. Compare him to other men and she will be surprised by his charms.


Hye Soo again asks if he loves her and he says yes. Hye Soo thinks this is going fast and early. Jae Yul asks when should he say it then. They have kissed, hugged and slept together so when is the right moment to say that he loves her. She doesn’t know her self and says it’s too quick. Jae Yul then decides he doesn’t love her. Poor girl gets a shock. She tells him she wants to sleep in a bed with him and wants his OCD to be cured. He agrees for a later time and tells her mysterious boy is coming at the airport.


Hye Soo says, she will come again next year, alone and will travel the world. She doesn’t want to bring Jae Yul with her because he spends too much money. She asks him if he will stop her. He tells her to go. She is a psychiatrist who has gone through many experiences, she treats her patients who suffer from pain. Jae Yul steals a kiss and Hye Soo gets mad for grabbing every chance.


Soo Kwang buys So Nyeo a pair of shoes and she is happy but I’m not. She asks him to date her. Can I slap this two timing bitch? Soo Kwang bumps into a cart. So Nyeo recognizes the man and acts super rude. Soo Kwang asks if that was his father and yes he was. He tells her not to act like this towards him. So Nyeo tells him to mind his own business and he raises his hand. Her boyfriend arrives and So Kwang gives her last of his money in the wallet. His feelings for her are over. So Nyeo says, him saying all this wouldn’t affect her. Her mother abandoned her too, so what Soo Kwang did the same.


Jae Yul is grumpy because he wasn’t able to write. Mysterious boy isn’t at the airport. Jae Yul asks Hye Soo to go alone as he has to stop by mysterious boy’s house. He runs and almost gets hit by two cars. Mysterious boy was waiting at the parking lot. He gives his novel to Jae Yul. He is curious if Jae Yul did it with his girlfriend. Jae Yul tells him if Hye Soo gets angry with him it will be mysterious boy’s fault.


Hae Soo comes home and what comes before her isn’t a welcome back suprise but Soo Kwang singing and crying and Dong Min hugging him. He tells Hye Soo about the break up. Jae Yul comes early. Hae Soo asks him and he says, he missed her. He tells her to do something about Soo Kwang. Hye Soo agrees and hugs Soo Kwang. Aww poor boy stop crying.


Soo Kwang asks a favor from Hye Soo and she declines. He wants her to teach So Nyeo about sex education. They keep putting on each other to talk with So Nyeo or she can learn it on the internet. Dong Min tells Hye Soo, does she not know how men think, they cause trouble without thinking twice and looks at Jae Yul. Jae Yul asks him why and he says he just did without knowing. The sitting is adjourned with Hye Soo admitting she is a bad person and so won’t talk to So Nyeo. Dong Min is sure she will talk to So Nyeo. Jae Yul and Soo Kwang are the only one left in the room. Jae Yul asks if he feels bad but Soo Kwang has better question to ask. If they slept together? Jae Yul says it doesn’t suit him living with other people.


Betrayer friend is taking mother to see Jae Beom. He gets a call from the police again. They have Jae Yul’s wallet with them. Betrayer friend tells mother that Jae Yul must have gone to his old neighborhood. Police watches the cctv footage and as we expected Jae Yul is punching and fighting with the air.


Jae Yul can’t seem to write. He decides to read mysterious boy’s novel. Hye Soo calls him and someone rings the door bell, its ex boyfriend. Jae Yul ends the call with Hye Soo because he is busy but he makes sure ex boyfriend knows who he was talking to. Ex boyfriend says he is waiting for Dong Min and looks at Jae Beom’s trial case.


Jae Beom will not meet his mother but he sends her a book. She in return sends him a book too. Jae Beom is making flowers and he throws the book is mother send. Mother thinks back when her husband died. Jae Beom was taking out the knife and Jae Yul was unconscious. Jay Beom says Jae Yul killed this man. Mother finds a letter in the book Jae Beom send her. He asks her why didn’t she believed in him that Jae Yul killed that person. He tells her to wait and watch how the son she abandoned do to the son she loves. Jae Yul calls his mother because he wants her to listen to a song.


Patient’s treatment aka some medical talk which usually goes above my head. There’s a couple who hallucinates cockroaches. The male seems to be schizophrenic.

Dong Min’s ex-wife and Hae Soo’s heart to heart talk. Ex wife admits she was the reason for her divorce. Dong Min wanted a child and she secretly took birth control pills because her carrer was more important. Dong Min found out but never said anything. So now she wants to apologize to him and wants to remain friends.


Hye Soo tells her story too. She slept with Jae Yul. Ex wife asks if she thought about her mother and Hye Soo starts to cry. She finally understands her mother.

Hye Soo tells ex-wife she has something to say to Jae Yul. She asks if he is her fate and Hae Soo says, maybe. Ex wife they will get married at this rate. Hye Soo thinks living alone suits her better. Soo Kwang texts Hye Soo that he knows she is harsh but she is kind too and gives her So Nyeo’s number.


Hye Soo invites So Nyeo at her family restaurant. So Nyeo is envy of Hye Soo and her family earning money. Hye Soo says they are still paying for debts. So Nyeo asks why Soo Kwang wanted Hye Soo to meet her. Hye Soo tells her to call Soo Kwang, oppa. Hye Soo asks about her boyfriend and if she received sex education in school. So Nyeo says, she did learn from the internet. She thanks for the food and leaves. Hye Soo’s mother shows her husband Hye Soo’s picture. Her son-in-law tells her about Hye Soo being there. Hye Soo tells her mother not to contact Jae Yul behind her back. -Oh she knows but how come?-


Hye Soo comes back home and her ex boyfriend is there. She goes to Jae Yul’s room. She asks him what does he feel about her ex coming here. He says Dong Min called him. He doesn’t in the mood to talk. He is busy writing. Hye Soo can’t believe he is telling her to leave. She slams the door.


Dong Min doesn’t want to use Jae Beom as a subject which shows he changed for the better after the consultations. He asks ex boyfriend if he obsessed with this because Jae Beom and Jae Jul are brothers. Ex doesn’t deny. -Can he die early like right now please- Dong Min calls the prison to get the permission for the truth serum interview with Jae Beom.


Hye Soo asks dong min if he can stop her ex from coming here. Dong min says it’s because of work. She asks Soo Kwang what does he think about her ex coming. He doesn’t vote in her favor because she didn’t give her best with So Nyeo. Jae Yul says he wants to talk to her. This time Hae Soo is grumpy. She tells him to go and write. And all of a sudden everyone starts screaming and shouting at each other. Our couple fights because they don’t have time for each other. Dong Min tells them to take their quarrel somewhere else. Hye Soo isn’t happy with any of the three guys. Dong Min asks how can he stop her ex from coming. He wants her to answer a question truthfully. Her time with ex did she fell in love with him. She didn’t and she haven’t even apologized for that to him. Soo Kwang too has something to say, he asks her if she used her ex for her disorder.


Dong Min advises Hye Soo to break up nicely so say people can’t call her a bad woman. Hye Soo asks how, like him. Giving other person the false hope like he is being doing with his ex. Hye Soo says she is not scared whatever people say behind her back but this is how she deals with her ex. She tells Soo Kwang she thought about giving a second go to So Nyeo but not anymore.


Soo Kwang asks Jae Yul if its hard to be with Hye Soo. He promises it will remain between them and Jae Yul admits its hard.


Hye Soo talks about Jae Yul’s rule and asks if she has to behave like him when his ex girlfriend comes. Jae Yul says he was jealous but he controlled because he thought she wanted to hear from her ex how amazing she is. Hye Soo warns him if she saw his ex girlfriend she will grab her hair….and Jae Yul gives her a quick kiss. She decides to stop for the day and asks Jae Yul to put a sign of “I’m working” when he is busy writing. So she won’t disturb his anymore. Jae Yul thinks it won’t be necessary because he is moving soon. The construction of his house is almost done. This is news for Hye Soo and she can’t seem to believe.



I almost forgot that is until Jae Yul said he will be leaving soon and I remembered. He was temporarily staying in the house.

I like how their fights ends quickly. Actually Jae Yul kisses Hae Soo to change the topic and it works

The most awaited scene happened but the non important people saw it. Jae Yul fighting with the air.

We still have no idea who killed Jae Yul’s father.

I was worried what if mysterious boy was actually at the airport and Hae Soo saw Jae Yul talking to no one. I wish it happens soon because I’m sure Jae Yul will deny that mysterious boy is not his imagination and he doesn’t suffer from mental illness.

Hye Soo saying that she will travel alone, why does it feel ominous?

Who doesn’t look for the lost wallet. It doesn’t matter how rich you are but a though sure crosses your mind and maybe you want to cancel all your cards. Then again Jae Yul is rich. He doesn’t care about money like we do.

I don’t want So Nyeo for Soo Kwang. She is a no-no in my book. I don’t like her attitude, it doesn’t matter if she is suffering from some disorder or her mother left her. This doesn’t give her a free pass to fool around and hurt Soo Kwang’s feelings. But I think they are going to end up together. -sigh-

2 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 9

  1. Sabreena says:

    Wonderful review thank you.
    I’m totally loving this show 🙂
    I’m sooo into it I tend to watch raw these days lol
    Still dont know who killed the stepfather but for some reason I believe Jae Bom that he didnt do it.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you
      Yes I love it too. ^__^
      Maybe Jae Beom did it but he keeps saying he didn’t. He is believing in a lie because now it seems truth to him. oh well we get the answer in episode 10 from Jae Beom’s perspective


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