Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 5


We are not having any romance so yay for bromance. We have another couple and no it’s not who you are thinking about. I’ll reveal it later because you know who that is. I swear the children’s voice saying la la la la in the background is creepy. And oh no, the secret is out.

Episode 5

Rin is floating in the river of course in a boat. Out ghost trio can’t go into the water. Except for the little girl both guys are worried about him. Little ghosts says, he doesn’t want to see them that’s why he is lying there so stop worrying about him. Rin can’t get a moment alone as water ghosts plane to drown him. Rin rows his boat to get away from them.


No way, no scene of king and Moo Suk’s amazing sword fighting from the last episode? Moo Suk has given a command from the king to be a bodyguard for Rin. Moo Suk wants the king to take back the order as he can’t serve anyone except the king. King tells him that he trusts him that’s why he orders him to attack in sword fighting. King doesn’t want him to think that guarding the prince is unworthy but a chance to change unworthy into something worthy.


Moo Suk’s friend asks if the king has lost his mind for assigning him to be a guard for the prince. Moo Suk grabs his friends collar for using such words for the king.


Rin can’t sleep he keeps thinking and it gives him a headache. His servant is dosing off and Rin shouts at him that he is feeling hot and he fans him.


Soo Hyun is sneaking out of her house and runs into her father. Soo Hyun makes it clear that she only has feelings for Rin and no one else. She informs her father, she is going to the clinic. Okay she seems like a nice girl helping people. Oh no, I’m changing my opinion of her. There is a man who complains he is having a severe headache. Rin visits the clinic because he has a headache. Soo Ryun gives him medicine and wonders about the patient with a severe headache. Rin gets an idea, he tells her, his pain is gone. Soo Ryun laughs because she gave him tea and not medicine. Cheerful Rin comes out saying he is like that, after looking at the medicine he feels better same as he looks at eel and finds strength. Soo Hyun is embarrassed and I laughed.


Rin recognizes a voice saying, “he is rude and arrogant and looks like a turnip.” it’s Do Ha. The moment she looks at him, she demands her bracelet. He tells her about the class law where no one like her get punished for talking to nobilities like him. Do Ha asks if it’s a crime to ask what is hers. Rin says yes, everything is a crime including her not bowing to him. She doesn’t care about anything except for her bracelet. Rin asks her to bring the evidence. She tells him she is busy with sogyukseo exam. Rin tells her to watch it if they know that she has no abilities it will be the end for her. Moo Suk comes in asking Rin, how would he know if she has spiritual abilities, if he can’t see the spirits. Soo Hyun asks his reason for coming and he says he was assigned to be Rin’s bodyguard.


The woman who has a crush of Sang Hyun, let’s call him tavern lady. Yeah there is this scene and no Sang Hyun so I’m skipping. Important thing is Do Ha can see ghosts too. She is furious wit Rin and takes her anger on her bag pack. She notices the previous king’s wristband. Rin finally sees the bracelet after stepping on it.


Sang Hyun yay. He is busy making swords. And it would be so much better if I knew the name of his friend who tells him to drink with him. -It’s Poong Cha hyung. Oh wait, why am I calling him hyung? Anyways hyung, your good boss is being a bad brother in “It’s Okay, That’s Love” actually “Nice Guy” reunion is going on there.- His name is Sa Kong. He once fought with Sang Hyun and killed people. He wants Sang Hyun to forgive himself as it’s not their fault the people died. Sang Hyun finally speaks that until his scar vanishes he will not forgive himself. Sang Hyun goes for some sword practicing by himself. Sa Kong watches him and gets scared when Do Ha comes with her hair down. They leave chatting and Sang Hyun feels the pain, where the scar is. The scar is given by the king, when he stabbed Sang Hyun. He touches it and is that blood?


Time for Rin to don the garb and become the head of segyukseo. Of course Moo Suk is there as Rin’s bodyguard. Sadam bumps into Do Ha and the look in his eyes, creepy. Do Ha can’t believe Rin will be the judge and Rin smirks. Moo Suk notices Sadam. Rin gives a speech on why king wants to rebuild sogyukseo. He wants a place where everyone lives happily.


Rin gives a test to the participants to cure a person who has migraine for ten years. Do Ha can’t keep her mouth shut and Rin tells her to leave if she thinks this is a trick and nonsense. Some people say that they didn’t come to work for the clinic but for sogyukseo. Rin tells them doctors can’t find what is wrong with him. So that means his problem is not physical. If you succeed in curing, you will become the head priest of sogyukseo.


King gets the news of Rin and he laughs. Ministers argue with each other. Another minister asks why is Rin who doesn’t know anything about soghukseo is the head. Evil minister says, Rin must have a plan. King asks, does that mean Rin is eyeing the throne or is the minister hoping he would do that.


Soo Hyun is happy with what Rin is doing because her thoughts are different from her fathers. She doesn’t want him to come to the spot light yet. He should prepare more. Rin says, she is misunderstanding something. He is not what she thinks. – I think he is implying he has no power what so ever.-


Do Ha and Sadam go together to see the patient. Something about Do Ha’s birth day makes Sadam more interested in her. They see a ghost in maids clothing pricking the patients head. She moves away when she notices they both can see her.


Rin is taking a nap and Soo Hyun is reading something. A cry of help takes them both outside. Moo Suk stops Sadam to go near the patient. Sadam informs Rin that the patient is a murderer and Do Ha agrees with him. Rin disqualifies them as they were supposed to cure him not to put false blame. Do Ha says, she saw a woman wearing a green and blue colored dress and at the same time Rin notices the ghost too. He asks her to stop but it looked like to other people that he stopped guards for taking Do Ha away. Rin recognizes the maid from the palace. Sadam very keenly looks at Rin.


I don’t know how they found the place where the body was buried. Anyways they find a coffin and a skeleton inside. Moo Suk says she was assassinated. Rin asks whose grave is this and the ghost maid appears. Sadam says a woman’s. Rin says she was not an ordinary woman. -and here I’m screaming my lungs out, telling Rin not to dig his own grave. A blind person would know too, he is looking at something.- Sadam is quick and asks Rin what does he mean. Rin just makes up that may be that woman was young or old or was married. Sadam says she was an ordinary housewife. Rin asks Do Ha and she says the same thing as Sadam. The patient is arrested. He begs for his life, saying he only did what he was told. This get Rin’s attention and he asks who ordered it. Before the patient can reply Sadam control’s the maid ghost and makes her kill the patient. Rin looks at Sadam and so does Do Ha.


Sadam is standing on some building for some reason. He says, that child will find the dragon. Is he referring to Do Ha? Do Ha hasn’t left her room, since she has failed her test. Flashback- Moo Suk tells Rin is judgment was not fair. Rin gets angry saying it’s his decision. Do Ha tells Rin that she can see ghosts then why was she the only one who was disqualified. Rin asks her if she doesn’t understand her reason for failing. It’s because she is disrespectful to the nobility. How can she become the priestess when she doesn’t even know the rules of the country. Do Ha says, she can learn so teach her. Rin mocks her saying, she is illiterate it would take longer to teach her. Moo Suk can’t believe Rin just said that and stares at him.


Can you guys guess who he is? I think it’s the staff guy. Sadam’s minion who had this weird hairstyle. What should I call him as I still don’t know his name? Hairstyle? Staff/cane guy? Anyways Do Ha follows him. We have no idea what he said to her.


Rin is at a creepy looking place. It was his mother’s. He remembers his childhood. Our second otp is finally together. Sadam and the king. Sadam tells him about the happening at the exam and how he took care of it. But there seems to be a problem, Rin has seen the ghost. Ki San says it’s not possible as Rin can’t see them. Sadam asks him if he wants to see if Rin is suitable to be the king.


Rin is praying and he senses something and calls out the maids name. But it’s the king, who accuses Rin for lying to him. He takes Moo Suk’s sword and puts it on Rin’s neck. King is informed of the shamans. It’s Sadam and Do Ha. Sadam tells the king that this shaman will cure him. Rin remembers hearing the conversation between Sadam and Ki San. Sadam said that he will put the king’s bad energy into the shaman and will give her pure energy to the king. Rin kneels and says he just came because he was missing his mother as this place has many memories of her. He asks the king to trust him. But the king has lost his trust in him and swings the sword and Moo Suk blocks it. Ki San asks how dare he and strikes again. Moo Suk tells him that this is for his sake. His dynasty can’t be tainted by the blood of prince. Sadam tells the king to calm down. Ki San throws the sword and orders locking Rin.


Moo Suk brings Rin to some room. Rin asks Moo Suk to let go of his arm as he dosen’t like when a man holds it. Moo Suk tells Rin he would be staying here for sometime but Rin dosen’t think the same. He says he will be out once the king’s temper cools down. For Rin it’s exciting to sleep someplace else other than his room. He asks Moo Suk to leave and wears a serious expression. -I wanted the trio to pop and make my puppy forget everything for a while.-


Sadam and Do Ha takes a walk in the palace. I don’t know if Do Ha is deaf because she can’t hear Sadam right behind her talking to his dragon through telepathy. He is about to drug her and gets called by the king. Do Ha asks him what will happen to her and sogyukseo. Sadam says he will tell her.


Ki San is panicking because Rin can see ghosts. His other persona pops out saying, there is a rule who can see ghosts will become the king. He must be the rightful heir as he can see the ghosts too. Ki San’s other self gives an advice and tells him to kill Rin. Ki San says he won’t be a mad king and kill in his own family. Sadam’s voice brings him out of the trance. Ki San tells Sadam that people will ask him to release the rightful heir and will talk about his shortsightedness for trying to kill his own brother.

Sadam sits beside Ki San and tells him to defend himself by making something up. He picks up the smoke thingy and tells the king that the prince cursed him. Hairstyle is busy trying to frame Rin by hiding cursing stuff.


Dowager is told about the curse on king by the prince. She can’t believe it and decides to meet the king. King is having fun with shamans? That’s what he called them when he was explaining to his grandmother that Rin has cursed him and he trying to remove it. Dowager asks him to come to his senses. She tells him, Rin isn’t the one, king should know he is not capable of doing anything like this. Ki San tells her to stop it. He knows grandmother always pretended to worry about him. Her affections were only for Rin. Dowager wants him to understand and Ki San says he hates her saying “My King”. She notices Sadam in the room behind a curtain. She tells the king’s eunuch to remove the women before evil minister learns about it. It will be a disaster for the royal family.


Curse thingies are placed in front of the court. Evil minister speaks in favor of Rin, saying this doesn’t make him the culprit. This was done by people who want to frame Rin. Other ministers want Rin to be punished. Evil minister doesn’t want them to believe in some low level priest. King tells him that Moo Suk, his nephew was there too at the time of incident. Sadam gives the yay I win look at evil minister.


Rin wakes up from his disrupted sleep and he feels that something is not right.



Is evil minister not evil? How can that be? I’m sure all this is a part of his plan.

Why am I not liking Do Ha?

Sadam and his tricks. King is already half crazy and he made him full time crazy just like his father.

Why does Ki San see his other self and it’s always mocking, telling him, he is not the true heir. That means it’s his guilty consciousness. He knows it’s Rin’s place but won’t give to him because he wants people to bow to him. As a child he wasn’t given the respect Rin had and even now as his other persona says, no one believes him as their king.

Moo Suk doesn’t like Rin because of his personality, right? That’s why he stops Soo Hyun for falling for Rin. Ah! this one sided love.

Moo Suk and Rin first otp


Moo Suk and Ki San second otp


Ki San and Sadam third otp


So yeah no place for girls, bromance all the way, yay.


4 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 5

  1. Helene says:

    I’m shipping Moosuk + King and Moosuk + Leerin so hard. lol Thanks for the comments, i like it.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      there are more couples
      Moo Suk and fangirls. Rin and fangirls. Ki San and fangirls and Sadam can die alone.
      I almost forgot, Sang Hyun and fangirls.


  2. rania says:

    thanks for recapping this


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