Kuroshisuji: Book of Circus Episode 6


but I’m a lady my Lord

Everything is going to end tomorrow. Keeping that in mind you have to live today “fullest”. Yes, I’m rambling. Though the first part is true because everyone said so in this episode.

Poor Ciel is still sick and he dreams of season 1. I’m not joking he dreams about the death of his family him being taken to be sold, his desire to kill them and his contract with Sebastian and the death of his aunt. He wakes up and freckles aka doll is sleeping next to him.


Sebastian teases Ciel that he won’t say anything to Elizabeth about him sharing a bed with another lady.

Me: sure Sebastian just because you don’t have a lady you can do whatever you want, coughbeastcough.

Joker doesn’t want to see Beast’s love for him. He is living for father and Beast wants to leave that world. Sebastian takes advantage of her and gets the information.


Sohma and Agni are worried about Ciel and they use their friendship to persuade Sebastian for Ciel’s rest.


Doll gets a slap for being naïve and trusting a stranger because Smile is missing and so is Black and Suit. Joker has gone to see Father and Doll is sent after him with the info. Beast is feeling guilty but doesn’t say anything.


Don’t they look sweet. Sebastian is angry because I’m disrupting his master’s sleep.


Young Ciel


Awww little boy looks so cute


As you wish my little Lord


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