It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 8


It’s almost time guys, get ready as we need to forget how to smile. This episode followed Jae Yul and Hae Soo on their trip doing nothing to everything.

Episode 8

Jae Yul is grumpy because they are not going on the trip thanks to Hye Soo. He takes her to his mother’s house and of course she is surprised. His mother says he feels bad because he didn’t come with his brother. Hye Soo tells her that she knows. Mother says she must be close to him and tells her she is the first woman Jae Yul has ever brought home.


Hye Soo goes sight-seeing alone. Jae Yul tells mother that she won’t get lost. Mother sighs and tells him that she thinks about the past. When Jae Beom came home after his juvenile detention. He was gulping down the food and she got angry at him and cursed and beat him for eating his brother’s food. She saw a bottle of kerosine oil and asked why did he bring it and he yelled to burn the house. But later she realized it was her birthday gift. She tells Jae Yul his brother is not bad and he says he knows. Mother wants them three to live together.


Like Jae Yul his mom has a habit of sleeping in the living room with windows open, even in winter. Mother stops his from saying anything. Jae Yul says she is a psychiatrist, she understands. Hye Soo leaves the room and his mother tells him to stay together with her for a long time. He asks what if they get tired of each other. Mother tells him to think about it instead of changing woman time to time.


Jae Yul asks Hye Soo to go on a trip. Hye Soo pretends she didn’t hear what he said because she thinks he is not serious. She tells her wish is to be a travel guide so that no one would ever interrupt her life and she will live carelessly. Jae Yul again suggests going on a trip and asks for her passport. He says they’ll go to Okinawa. She asks if he is serious and yes he is.



At the airport Hye Soo is double minded whether to go or not. Jae Yul runs to buy tickets. Hye Soo follows him but trips and somehow falls and breaks her arm. Jae Yul has decided not to go for Hye Soo’s broken arms sake but she wants to because they are not getting a refund on the ticket. Jae Yul says it’s his money. Hye Soo tells him she earns money too so she can pay for her own. Does he always pay for other women too? Jae Yul asks why are other women coming into the topic? She tells him not to spend money on women unless he wants to get married to one and then smiles thinking about their first trip together. She holds his arm and he asks, does she know how weird she is? She says she is not more than him and he tells her she is.


Trip to Japan. They made a deal, Jae Yul will write and Hye Soo will rest on the plane. But Hye Soo keeps talking and talking and Jae Yul is trying to concentrate on his writing. Seeing Jae Yul not responding. Hye Soo calls him selfish and rude. He tells her, he didn’t want to say that he couldn’t write because of her. Hye Soo to get attention like a child tells Jae Yul her arm hurts and he raises white flag. Hye Soo takes a glass of wine but didn’t let Jae Yul have one. Why? Because he has to look after her.


Dong Min has a patient who is eating his head and ears over a small problem with her husband. Ex wife comes for a consultation for her sister and brother-in-law. His conclusion they need to understand each other instead of suspecting and thinking the other person is delusional. Dong Min invites her to eat and she asks, if only them and no, ex boyfriend of Hye Soo enters. Ex wife leaves angrily. Dong Min chases her. She asks if it’s that difficult for them to be alone. He tells her, he feels the same about her. He needs her too. He knows they both still have feeling for each other but nothing can be done. Should he get a divorce and leave his kids for her.


Soo Kwang calls Jae Yul and gets a shock learning they are on a trip alone. He calls Jae Yul again with a question and of course he’ll call him hyung if he helps. So Nyeo has other man should he wait for her or move on. Jae Yul tells him to move on and he is doing this for his own sake. Soo Kwang asks So Nyeo about tomorrow. She says she’ll sleep. Does he want to date? Will he buy her stuff? She doesn’t mind dating two guys. – I don’t know about Soo Kwang but I want to slap you. How does that sound?-


Time to find a place to stay which has two rooms and doesn’t cost much, Hae Soo’s idea of course. They keep changing hotels and rooms to find the place which satisfies Hye Soo. And not to forget the arguing. Hye Soo hates Jae Yul’s habit of throwing money and Jae Yul hates Hye Soo for not considering his feelings. Jae Yul’s publisher reads a letter from Sang Sook. His first love. She tells him some man threw pebbles at her window and she thought he looked like him. Betrayer friend gets a call from police, they are looking for Jae Yul.


Finally, settling down on a place. Jae Yul goes to buy some stuff and by the time he is back Hye Soo has already showered. Jae Yul says he would have helped. According to Hye Soo she wouldn’t have asked even if her leg was broken. Hye Soo puts her head on Jae Yul’s shoulder. She notices his hand shaking and asks about it. He jokes that she is heavy. It’s because he writes or he is nervous with her alone. She asks him to get it checked.


Time for sex education

Hye Soo asks why hasn’t he showered yet. Jae Yul asks if he should and she tells him not to. To put his fears to ease Jae Yul asks, they didn’t come all the way just to sleep in separate rooms. Hye Soo puts his hand on his thigh saying isn’t it enough that they are next to each other. Hye Soo wants Jae Yul to answer honestly, why do men always want to sleep with women? Jay Yul says its desire and love but Hye Soo thinks they are confusing it with sex and love. He asks her a pure way to prove love between a man and a woman. She tells him to go to bed before she calls him an animal. He admits to be one and honestly tells her, his desire to sleep with her because its human desire. She asks if she should understand him. He tells not to because if he forces her then that’s against law but just thinking about it is natural. He tells her, what she is doing is unfair. Hye Soo asks what if she dosen’t want it then. Of course Jae Yul has to go back to his room. Hye Soo asks him to do so. Hye Soo kisses him and before they can proceed to next step, she stops. She holds his hand and caresses on her neck asking she is not sweating that much. -Jae Yul’s face….I’m sorry but I’m laughing so hard.- Hye Soo hugs him and Jae Yul asks if they should sleep and Hye Soo interrupts by patting his back.


Hye Soo and Jae Yul continue their trip and sightseeing is the next stop. Jae Yul takes pictures of Hye Soo. At the beach Jae Yul sees a man water skiing. He wants to go too but refrains himself for Hye Soo’s sake. Hye Soo tells him to go and he runs like a small boy. Hye Soo shouts to him not to do stunts but he does and goes underwater. She gets angry at him for doing something dangerous and getting hurt. He back hugs her.


Dong Min tells Jae Beom, he wants to know why he is angry. Jae Beom says, he hates his mother to death. Jae Beom tells that there are thousands of people in jail but they don’t want to get out because it’s a scary world. It’s scary for criminal like him who was framed. He asks Dong Min that someone who is a thief, do they always murder someone? Dong Min says not always and Jae Beom asks then maybe he didn’t do it either. He asks Dong Min to give him the truth serum or don’t bother coming back again.


Soo Kwang cleans So Nyeo’s house. He asks her what will she do with the money she earned. She says she will go clubbing with her boyfriend and informs her she is officially 19 as her birthday was yesterday. Soo Kwang gives her a dress and she kisses him on the cheek. He tells her he came for a reason. He is going to get rid of his feelings for her. Soo Kwang is about to leave when her boy friend enters. Soo Kwang asks him if he likes her because she earns money. The boyfriend asks So Nyeo if he is the guy she was talking about who has Tourette. Heartbroken Soo Kwang thanks So Nyeo for making him lose all interest in her. Aww someone needs a hug.


Jae Yul answers Hae Soo’s question, what if he isn’t able to write anymore. He tells her, he will probably live as if dead or he might kill himself like Hemingway. Hye Soo asks why die when he can do something else. Its Jae Yul’s turn, he asks when did she decided to become a psychiatrist. Hye Soo tells him, when children used to make fun of her father she decided to become a doctor. She was curious about human mind and wanted to understand her mother. Hye Soo’s turn again, she asks why does he always write cruel novels. Jae Yul says, he doesn’t write them, cruel situations are given to them. Like God give human beings such situations that they can’t handle. Jae Yul says he likes having such conversation with her. Hye Soo teases him if other women only praise him by saving how handsome and amazing he is. Jae Yul teases her too saying she would be shocked if she learned what kind of conversation he has with other women. She asks if is writing is going well and he tells her, it’s not and this is making him frustrated.


Jae Yul suddenly picks up his phone and Hye Soo asks if the phone rang and he asks her if she didn’t hear. Its mysterious boy on the line. He says he went to the doctor and lies that everything is fine. He starts coughing and puts his hand on the mic. He asks about his progress with Hye Soo. Jae Yul and Hye Soo paint sculptures and are having fun and on the other hand mysterious boy is crying.


Jae Yul tells Hae Soo about mysterious boy. She is glad that mysterious boy is fine. She tells about a patient who had Lou Gehrig’s disease and his fingers were stiff and he had chronic cough. She says mysterious boy is young so he doesn’t have this. She asks when did he met him. Jae Yul says three years ago, when he was stabbed. She asks if they are close. He says mysterious boy reminds him of himself. Hye Soo says Jae Yul is a kindhearted man and she likes him. Jae Yul says he likes her too and puts his arm around her but she says no and puts her arm around him. He teases her again saying she is irritating and she jokes if they should break up. He tells her not to say such things carelessly.


Hye Soo laughs remembering about Soo Kwang’s first kiss. He was drinking soda and his girlfriend kissed him and he got angry because his nose was burning. The girl ran away crying. Hye Soo wonders while eating ice, why would that girl wanted to drink soda from Soo Kwang’s mouth and Jae Yul kisses her taking the ice from her mouth. Hye Soo gets angry and leaves and Jae Yul is confused.


Hye Soo’s mother shows her husband the pictures of Jae Yul and Hae Soo’s trip. Hae Soo’s brother-in-law tells his wife about her mother and Jae Yul being in contact behind Hae Soo’s back.

Hye Soo leans on Jae Yul’s shoulder and he moves away. She asks if he is angry about before. He tells her, he is adjusting to his rules. He will return what he gets. If she kisses him. He will kiss her back. He tells about the unfairness in the relationship. She can touch him but he can’t. Hye Soo asks if he dosen’t want her to touch. Jae Yul says, she can only if he can touch her too. Hye Soo justifies herself saying, she has boundaries but he doesn’t. One thing they decide to agree is eating. They feed each other like a happy couple. Hye Soo wants to have Jae Yul’s food but he tells her to eat hers. Hye Soo asks if he will keep calculating everything. She tries to use a tactic and tells him that her forehead is injured and he blows on it. She makes face and he asks if she doesn’t like the way he acts then they should break up. He tells her it’s okay for her to say but he can’t. Hye Soo tries to have her way saying, other men in this situation and this time Jae Yul interrupts her saying should he talk about other women too. The game is slipping from Hye soo. She shows her broken arm telling him it hurts. He blows on it and tells her to put it down and it will hurt less. Hye Soo eats her rice and some of it sticks on her face. Hye Soo asks Jae Yul to wipe it and he says he won’t because as she said he doesn’t have boundaries. They go Dutch for the bill too.


Jae Yul wants to swim late at night and Hye Soo asks him what will she do. He tells her to sleep. She asks what if something happens. He assures her nothing will happen and he is willing to talk to the manager to keep an eye on her room. She calls him rude and he says, yes, he is rude and she is cruel. Jae Yul says coming to a beautiful place and having a beautiful woman and still not able to touch her is cruel.


Hye Soo can’t sleep so she goes looking for Jae Yul. He is lying in water. She calls him and he comes out. He kisses her. She says she likes how he is care free and they kiss again. They sit on the beach and kiss. Jae Yul opens her robe and all of you close your eyes, of course I’m including myself too. Jae Yul asks Hye Soo if she is alright and she says she is and they kiss.



Guys please get a room or a tent or I can close my eyes. How many times have they kissed now?

Hye Soo getting the taste of her own medicine was amazing. Poor Jae Yul was enduring everything.

And what the what mysterious boy and Jae Yul has the same stiffness but Jae Yul hasn’t started coughing yet. So that means he has Lou Gehrig’s disease? I don’t even want to think but we are not having a sad ending, right?

Poor Soo Kwang, I don’t want you with that girl. Even if she comes back, don’t go to her. I hope he gets the nicest girl ever. So how about me?

I was right about pebble girl -yeah I never bothered remembering her name- mysterious boy and Jae Yul love the same girl. In Jae Yul’s case he used to love her.

Jae Beom keeps insisting that it was not him who killed the step father then who did?

Jae Yul says he first saw mysterious boy three years ago then that means he was fine before then? How come Jae Beom’s attack was the trigger of Jae Yul’s schizophrenia?

Jae Yul’s advice to Soo Kwang to move on to next girl if she isn’t into you. Has he lived his life like that?

I don’t understand Hye Soo’s band-aid on her forehead. There wasn’t even a scratch there. Yes, I’m being nosy.


9 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 8

  1. Okay. Please don’t think that I am creep or something, but I love you for recommending me this drama. I am madly in love with every freaking character, even the strange brother of Jae Yul…I watched all the episodes in two days. Don’t ask how. I am hooked and now I know that since the drama is half way through the sad part’s gonna come but I am ready for it! Thank you Ms Khan. You’re amazing. :’) ❤


  2. reynie8868 says:

    the band aid and the arm cast hae soo have is because she involves in a car accident last month. they incorporated her injuries into the show. that’s why they create a scene of her falling at the airport and suddenly broken her arm. the band aid on her forehead must be due to the real life car accident too.

    anyhowwww, thanks for the recap. this episode is sooooo much feel! i keep on grinning by myself watching their cute banters. and the ending scene where they kiss… my god, i’m not even the lead but my heart flutters like crazy!!! lol


    • Miss Khan says:

      I know about Gong Hyo Jin’s accident. Hae Soo’s cast looks fine but not the band aid, they should have applied some make-up to make it look she got injured.

      You’re welcome and I love their bantering too. We would probably faint if we were the leads. *in lala land*


  3. Taiwofash says:

    Hey guys when u want hav ur first sex plzz don’t do it at a beach cos when u want to break up it bcomes impossible to .kudos to our couple for finally thinking things through nd Miss Khan thanks alot 4 recap


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