It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 7


I’m afraid I’ll die of happiness and sweetness before the drama ends. Things are going smooth way to smooth for our couple and this is making me anxious for what is to come.

Episode 7

Jae Yul goes to surprise Hae Soo but gets surprised instead when Jae Beom stabs him with a syringe and drags him away. Hae Soo didn’t saw them. -Nooooooooooooooo- Jae Beom injects the serum into his system and starts jabbing him everywhere and kicks him. He asks if this reminds him of the past. Flash back, young Jae Beom is kicking Jae Yul bcause he ran after seeing his brother, flashback ends. Jay Beom wonders why the drug is not working and thinks of the brightest ideas. He crashes into the shop with Jae Yul and strangles him. Hae Soo keeps calling Jae Yul but he is not picking up. I’m amazed by the bystanders for not doing anything. The owner of the shop screams her lungs out and Jae Yul is quick to stand on his feet. He asks her not to call the police because it’s just a normal fight between brothers. He punches Jae Beom and asks him to play along or he this time he won’t be able to get out of jail.


Dong Min notices that Jae Beom has already switched the syringe. He calls the betrayer friend and gets angry at his ex-wife who just came to talk. Jae Yul calls the betrayer friend too. Jae Beom tells dong Min that he gave the drug to Jae Yul but it’s not working. Betrayer friend informs him that Dong Min knew something like this would happen, so he switched the contents. There was no drug but water in the syringe. Dong Min tells Jae Beom to leave before he calls the police. Jay Beom tells Jay Yul this isn’t the end.


Jae Yul’s mother calls asking for when they would be home. Jay Yul says they won’t be coming. Mother knows something is wrong but doesn’t ask because Jae Yul told her not to. Dong Min tells Jae Yul that Jae Beom is dangerous. But Jae Yul doesn’t think the same. He says if his brother is dangerous then three years ago he would have stabbed his neck not his shoulder and even this time too he would have used a knife and not a needle. If his brother is really dangerous they would already have reported him to a police. Dong Min tells him not to be emotional. Jae Yul tells him, he wanted the help when his step father used to beat him, when Jae Beom in self-defense killed their father and because of his previous petty crimes he was sentenced to 11 years of jail, not now. He would ask for help if he needs. Dong Min says he will stay with Jay Beom and send him back.


Hye Soo meets the boy who used to draw private parts. -yeah I forgot his name- he doesn’t draw them anymore. He now draws flowers and is taking is medication. Hye Soo tells him about her anxiety disorder and to cure it she took a step forward and asked a guy to date but he rejected her. He is not picking up her calls. The boy advises her to call him until he picks it and ask if he doesn’t like her. Hye Soo’s sister texts her. She wants Hye Soo to apologize to their mother. And she sends the picture of the picnic day of Jae Yul, asking to send it to him. Hye Soo smiles looking at them.


Hye Soo calls Jae Yul and this time he picks up. He tells her the truth that he met his brother and he beat him. -whose memory is this? Young Jae Beom after beating Jae Yul leaves his shoes behind for him to wear. Jay Yul’s or Jae Beom’s? -Hye Soo meets him at the park. She looks at the injury on his face. He tells her, he is fine. She comforts him by patting his back and he is not fine at all, he is hurting inside. Jae Yul walks backward and tells her he was coming to meet her. His heart fluttered when she called. He thought he wouldn’t be able to drive so he took a taxi. She tells him not to walk like that, he will get hurt.


He asks if she was scared and she asks him if he is feeling alright. He tells her that he is embarrassed a little and thought about all sort of things about how would she feel after knowing his family. She tells him she is a psychiatrist. She hears painful stories about people every day. She says she has read an article about him and his brother, she understands so he doesn’t need to explain. She asks if she is a nice girlfriend. Jae Yul is stuck on the word “girlfriend”. Hae Soo asks if she is not his girlfriend, after all they have decided to date and didn’t he said his heart fluttered when she called. He kisses her and her disorder kicks in. she is nervous and sweaty. She tells him it will soon pass. They come home. He gives her a glass of water. Hye Soo wants to end the awkward day. Jae Yul pats on her back. They both smile on their own.


Dong Min lets Jae Yul lose, to do whatever he wants and betrayer friend asks why is he doing this. Jay Beom just like a kid runs. Jae Yul’s words has affected Dong Min.

Soo Kwang gets brokenhearted. So Nyeo has a guy that she likes and he saw them kiss. And he starts having seizures.


Jae Yul jogs and thinks back to the kiss and smiles. Hye soo while brushing is giggling too. Mysterious boy appears. He tells Jae Yul he won’t go to school anymore because the teacher doesn’t want him to write. He says if he didn’t pass the audition this time he will die and mother will get the insurance money. His hand starts to act up but he covers it up saying everything is a joke. Jae Yul asks if the police came to check on them and he says, no. He tells Jae Yul that his father left the house and even if he comes he will fight him. Jae Beom goes back to jail and it’s sweet that Dong Min has decided to help him cure.


Jae Yul knocks on Hae Soo’s door to wake up but she is already up. I like their casual talk. He asks if they are going to continue. Hye Soo asks if he got fed up already but there is no turning back. They have to go till the end. Jae Yul notices Soo Kwang going in his room. He is using his somethingy and tells him that So Nyeo kissed the other guy and not him. He is cranky and yells at Hye Soo for putting her laundry in his room. He throws her clothes on the floor. Hye Soo is applying red lip color and Soo Kwang asks if something is up. She asks him to pull the zip of her dress. He says he is man too but help her nonetheless. Hye Soo is humming and Soo Kwang asks if something good happened. He remembers Jae Yul standing at her door and asks if she ringed him three times. Soo Kwang doesn’t like that he is the only one alone.


Jae Yul has made breakfast but Hae Soo is running late. She asks him if he is that kind of guy who keeps pestering when dating. She attends her call and takes a slice of bread. Jae Yul stops her and she puts her finger on his lips and asks for coffee. She spills the coffee and Jae Yul wipes her mouth with his hands. He puts the sandwich in her mouth and tries to wipe her face again but this time she stops him. He can do when she asks him to do. Soo Kwang all this time has a huge grin on his face. Jae Yul tells Soo Kwang, Hae Soo has a charm that once you start liking her, you can’t stop. Soo Kwang tells him the inside scoop that she will kiss him and touch him and she will watch erotic movies but that’s the end. Soo Kwang laughs at the upcoming misery for Jae Yul. He tells him the ex boyfriend lost weight, so he should eat up. Jae Yul with confidence tells him that he is not the ex but Jay Yul. Soo Kwang again gets cranky at his confidence.


Hye Soo tells the amputated guy to live and find hope in his family. Dong Min texts his wife. He wants to apologize but she doesn’t reply nor she attends his call. Hae Soo’s mother calls her to get the number of Jae Yul. Hae Soo says she doesn’t have it. Hye Soo’s sister asks her mother why does she do things Hye Soo doesn’t like. Mother says she just wants to thank Jae Yul for the day. Mother says she met that other guy because of her family and she will do anything for them.


Jae Yul is with his publisher. Betrayer friend still works for Jae Yul. Jae Yul has forgiven him because he takes care of Jae Yul’s mother. Hye Soo’s mother texts him thanking. He notices a picture. He saw the same one in Hye Soo’s room. After Jae Yul leaves, a girl asks if that was Jae Yul and introduces herself as her friend and betrayer friend recognizes her.


Dong Min apologizes to his ex-wife for being rude. Don’t ask me about his clothes, orange shirt and yellow or is it lime pant?. He has brought Soo Kwang too for some reason and poor guy gets scolding from both sides. Ex wife says, he is always like that, he wants her to except her apology. It’s the same when they divorced. It is a sensitive topic and Dong Min loses his cool. Ex says he is selfish and always thinks about his own feelings. He wanted her to quit being a doctor when her family was expecting much from her. Dong Min says he never told her to quit. He wanted her to take a break. But she didn’t listen to him and became a specialist after the divorce. He tells her, he needed her back then. She asks what if she still needs him. Dong Min leaves asking her not to contact him again.


Ex boyfriend meets Hye Soo and asks if she is meeting Jae Yul. Hye Soo asks if he is asking as a friend or does he still have feeling for her. He chooses the second option and she leaves. On her way back home Hye Soo calls Jae Yul and again they have this casual talk and I love it.


Jae Yul surprises Hye Soo at the bus stop with ice cream. He says he is waiting for his girlfriend. They hold hands and Hye Soo interlock fingers. Jae Yul looks at her and Hye Soo tells him not to because its embarrassing. He smiles and she asks why. He says he likes her. She dislikes the cheesy lines and calls him a player.


Hye Soo announces to the house that she is dating Jae Yul though everyone knows. Jay Yul is sitting on the sofa and she asks him to slide. She lays her head in his lap but wont let him touch her head. Dong Min and Soo Kwang start their hilarious commentary. Jay Yul causally asks if she is free on the weekend, so they go on vacation. Hye Soo asks if he wants to speed up the relationship by going on vacation. Jae Yul smoothly says they are going to see nature. He asks about the picture in her room. She tells she found it on the internet. She wants to go with her father. Its Okinawa. She asks if he would protect her and makes him promise to Dong Min and Soo Kwang. Jae Yul promises he would protect her if not he is a bastard who deserves to die by their hands. Hye Soo leaves the room agreeing on the vacation.


Dong Min criticizes Jae Yul for taking her on vacation only to protect her. Jae Yul asks what is wrong for a boy to protect his girl from mishaps and other guys. Dong Min asks why is he excluding himself. He is the biggest danger. Jae Yul innocently asks, if he is included too as in, why?. He leaves with a smile on his face.


Vacation time. Hae Soo and Jae Yul drive and is that a band-aid on Hye Soo’s forehead?



Awww such a sweet end, wait does that mean we’ll have a cliffhanger on episode 8? nooooooooooo

Are they falling in love? Not so soon, as Hye Soo doesn’t like anything which she hasn’t approved of.

Does that mean Jae Beom is not a bad guy after all? He just wants to kill his brother that’s all. Dong Min has decided to help him because of what Jae Yul said that he is not dangerous. Just like a puppy Jae Beom was looking at the city lights. Please become a nice guy.

The girl, great I forgot her name. The one who said she was Jae Yul’s friend. Is she the same girl where mysterious guy’s love lives?

When will everyone know about the mysterious guy? And what about the cctv footage?


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